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Our Souls Are Eternal And Even Button-Pushing Stan Goldstein, Psy.D. Won’t Be A DICK Forever – The Latest From Dr. Dan Burisch Crain (Part 2)

October 6, 2013

Stan is a dick Part 2

After the discussion D assigned him as temporary Attache to M. He knows the right languages. Along with security they have been enroute to Bali since early yesterday. Reach on satfone.


OK will do. D in Washington and M at APEC. That should cover almost everything! Everyone was holding their breath.

At least BHO found his excuse for how to not drag MLRO out in polite company near the grace of Xi’s wife.

M and Peng got along famously the last time they met – talking all things singing?

Makes total sense to me. Shutdown, then D appears to provide BHO a solution, but Majestic’s aims come first.

And thank G-d MLRO won’t have to go through yet another class on what fork to use first. It’s no wonder why BHO has been singing “Susan” for 3 years.


[Stan is a DICK !!!]

Hon. Dr. Dan Crain/fmr Burisch

Dr. Marcia Crain/nee McDowell

Stan Goldstein, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical)

Barack Hussein Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama

Susan Elizabeth Rice

Peng Liyuan China first lady
Xi Jinping, China president

APEC summit in Bali

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