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Coilguns – Millennials

July 26, 2019

via Coilguns – Millennials

Coilguns – Millennials

July 26, 2019

The RingMaster Review

For all their striking projects and releases, of which there have been numerous, it is as Coilguns that the trio of vocalist/guitarist Louis Jucker, guitarist Jona Nido, and drummer Luc Hess has most lit our personal fires and inspired further our love for instinctive sounds and creativity. Their new album Millennials, with synth player Donatien Thiévent in the fold shows exactly why; the ten track exploration of manipulative noise and physical intimation a beautiful predacious trespass.

Written and recorded at the beginning of 2016, the self-engineered sonic invasion instantly overwhelms with the senses ravishing Anchorite. Guitars entwine ears in a devious, corrosive web as the rhythmic ingenuity of Hess stirs and ignites body and spirit. As arousing as his boldly thrown beats are the Jucker and Nido spawned grooves and noise bleeding tendrils are corrosive, all uniting in a hellacious virulence which strings the imagination and…

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CLOSET DISCO QUEEN – Duo of geniuses

July 26, 2019




© Closet Disco Queen

Born from the incomparable know-how of Luc Hess (drums) and Jona Nido (guitar), I could not introduce them better than through Jona’s words for this interview: ‘For me, it’s my interpretation of a rock with a psyche-kraut tendency, sometimes progressive, sometimes hyper frontal, often very experimental. There are certain elements that one could attribute to the rock classic of the 70s even if, it is more something that is found in the attitude than in the music ‘. Closet Disco Queen, a project in the image of these two talented musicians!

Tell us about the birth of this project just incredible!
His creation is a combination of circumstances. A group was missing at a party where you had to play twenty minutes. We said yes, because I had some riffs in stock that allowed a little improvisation and therefore not a huge preparation work. After that we were invited to play five or six times on the end of 2014.

The band was born officially on March 10th of this year when the Americans of The Atlas Moth contacted us for our other group Coilguns to shoot with them about their performance at Hellfest. Coilguns being paused until further notice, they were offered Closet Disco Queen while we had nothing to present them. They said yes, the booking agency said yes. So we thought that to go on tour, we needed an album. Two weeks later we had written, recorded, mixed, mastered and sent to the press forty minutes of music. This is where the booking agency dropped us. Finally, I booked the tour myself (and damn I hate doing that) and ten days before the tour, The Atlas Moth canceled their trip to Europe.

I would like to add that the two weeks that we wrote and recorded this album, Luc was to be in the United States and could not get there at the last minute. I still do not know how to interpret this chain of occult events, which is sure, it is that we always drink blows in the eye almost every week-end thanks to that.

Closet Disco Queen, for me, is my interpretation of a certain rock with psyche-kraut tendency, sometimes progressive, sometimes hyper frontal and often very experimental. There are certain elements that could be attributed to the classic rock of the 70s though, it is something that is found more in the attitude than in the music.

Perfect and punchy influences battered with agility. Where does this magical composition come from?
This is a trend we have in all our projects. It was discussed recently and one wondered why, after so many years spent playing with a hundred different projects, one could not write a fucking hit just once. We then realized that in our creative process we always apply what we think is ‘obvious’, ‘relevant’ and ‘logical’. Instead, we’ll go get some twisted stuff and more simply shoot each other in the foot each time. It makes us laugh a lot and we live it well.

You were Luc have a lot of musical baggage. Did it work at once to be only two to achieve the desired result and rendering?
Luc and I have always worked ‘in a row’ since the first one together fifteen years ago. Coilguns is already a duo since our singer only beats people in concert and Luc already plays duet in Kunz. The format is so familiar to us.

Another secret is also not to want to achieve any result. We plug amps, we mount a battery and we play. The only things that change sometimes is that we add a tom, we remove a cymbal or we add amps because it is not strong enough.

The first disc and released last June 12 and you already have a dose of dates well hallucinating. The returns are so super positive?
Since our first shows as a ‘non-group’, there has been an enthusiasm that has very quickly pushed us to the desire to develop our purpose. But it still hallucinates me. All this really looks like a fucking alignment of planets (and probably also because we are not completely that alcoholics of sleeves to balls). With this band, I feel like I have become the guitarist that I always wanted to be. And frankly, if we can say that we did not do everything backwards, everything was done in an emergency and well with the ass, without having much to fuck and it’s true that we have rarely had so much positive feedback in such a short time with such a recent project.

Because of your various projects, is not it a work of titans to agree and find dates?
Not really. We all work with agendas and periods that we define in advance. The members of the other groups with whom we play do the same and suddenly the conflicts are only very rare. Working on news periods allows not only to have visibility on what you do but also to make room in your head for the said project when it’s time to do so. The opposite of the group looking for dates all year long. We decide to period and when it’s time we put all our energy in it and when we swing on another group we sweep all this and we put it aside.

The album is just perfect and we want more! Can we hope to have new wonders to submit to our ears very quickly?
We will work on a new track that will be released by early 2016 in the form of a 7 inch with the German group Heads which I recorded the album. We will probably turn the set as it is until the end of the year and then we’ll see. Of course we’re dying to make something new, but we’ll live this album a few months before tackling it.

So what’s Closet Disco Queen’s future?
Some dates in Switzerland in ‘off’ in September, then we will make an appearance at the festival of our German label This Charming Man Records on October 9th. We will then go on a European tour with our friends from ØLTEN from October 21st to November 2nd and we will be in Russia for a big tour from November 6th to 24th.

In December we will probably be like everyone else, the cock in the bottom of an old turkey and all the month of January will be dedicated to writing and recording the second album of Coilguns.


© Closet Disco Queen


© Closet Disco Queen -S / t

CD sheet
Closet Disco Queen
Hummus Records

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CLOSET DISCO QUEEN – Sexy Audio Deviance for Punk Bums 12” (CSR003)

CLOSET DISCO QUEEN. Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, CLOSET DISCO QUEEN is another fine project by Jona Nido + Luc Hess.




Blackmail: Maxwell threatened over spanking MP (28.10.86)

July 23, 2019

via Blackmail: Maxwell threatened over spanking MP (28.10.86)

Blackmail: Maxwell threatened over spanking MP (28.10.86)

July 23, 2019


Who tried to blackmail People publisher Robert Maxwell to stop coverage of the Harvey Proctor scandal?

A sinister phone caller said that if we continued with our “campaign” against the kinky MP he would reveal compromising details of an alleged relationship between Mr Maxwell’s daughter Ghislaine and the son of a Duke. The anonymous male caller, who tried to get through to Mr Maxwell, told his receptionist:

“I will produce a story about Ghislaine and Lord Granby at Belvoir castle with incriminating pictures of them in compromising positions.”

Coincidentally, Harvey Proctor is now employed as Private Secretary to the Duke of Rutland at Belvoir castle.


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Part 1 @CalciteAsh News #GOP #UNIDO Sometimes STUFF just piles up! July 2019 CalciteAsh Calcite Ash

July 20, 2019



Acinetobacter baumanni-Streptophomonas maltophila aeruginosa-S. maltophila inc formation amyloid and/or tau could play a role in the establishment of and the subsequent evolution of MD


Contact 2: Missouri class-action lawsuit takes aim at Monsanto, Roundup via @Mike_Colombo


Oceans Need Geoengineering, Not The Atmosphere

4 [Geez! What a year to graduate 8th grade!]



Westerman Covers Simon & Garfunkel’s “Kathy’s Song”: Listen via @pitchfork


NATO-linked document mistakenly reveals sites of American nuclear weapons

So, WHY are we bitching about other nation-states and their nuclear weapons? Perhaps we should look in the mirror

#GOP #UNIDO #detente #Gabbard #NATO #NuclearWeapons #Tucker #tcot


So, if you are a fair-minded person and NOT a religious fanatic, then you already know the nation-state of Israel is no angel

Conceived in original sin, but aren’t we all?

Israel is here to stay, but criticize her, she deserves it
#UNIDO @DrHananAshrawi


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Why ocean acidification could make some #Solargeoengineering schemes irrelevant

July 15, 2019

Why ocean acidification could make some #Solargeoengineering schemes irrelevant

Why ocean acidification could make some geoengineering schemes irrelevant

Ocean Acidification Could Amplify #Climate Disruption

Ocean Acidification Could Amplify Climate Disruption


#GOP #UNIDO #stratosphericaerosolinjection #Tucker

Ocean Acidification Could Amplify Climate Disruption

July 15, 2019

via Ocean Acidification Could Amplify Climate Disruption

Ocean Acidification Could Amplify Climate Disruption

July 15, 2019

The Extinction Chronicles

One of the more serious impacts of human-caused climate disruption occurs when seawater absorbs excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When this occurs, the carbon dioxide reacts with the water to form carbonic acid, which then ultimately reduces its pH level. For much of the marine life in the oceans, the consequences of this will be dire.

“Animals that have a calcium carbonate shell such as, corals, coralline algae, pteropods, bivalves…

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Maidan events and features, among other officials, Russian President Putin and Ukrainian opposition leader #Medvedchuk #REVEALINGUKRAINE OFFICIAL TRAILER

July 13, 2019


Maidan events and features, among other officials, Russian President Putin and Ukrainian opposition leader #Medvedchuk



#Biden’s Conflict of Interest on #Ukraine

Lev Golinkin: Joe Biden’s Conflict of Interest on Ukraine