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A. R. Bordon – Extraordinary Times An Epoch in Which Humankind Grows Up – Nibiru Ša.AM.e Planet X

October 28, 2012

A. R. Bordon – Extraordinary Times An Epoch in Which Humankind Grows Up….pdf

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Excerpts from Part 1 – Worst Possible Scenario

Page 27 (Please see pdf for referenced images.)

The gauging used here at this juncture is level of immediate concern.

At this time [mid-August 2012] the incoming is approaching the solar

system from the south of the ecliptic, crossing the ecliptic between the

orbits of Pluto and Uranus. This will happen sometime in October,

entering in at increasing slingshot speed. It will reach perihelion

sometime in late December or early January. Once past perihelion, its

crossing speed will begin to diminish slowly. Its exit Nibiru point is

between the orbits of Earth and Mars.

Page 28

The position of the exit Nibiru point should be of severe concern to

everyone; it is to us. Weather is then the first major concern, and it

begins a cascade of problem needs: facilities in which to survive, food

and provisions (especially potable or drinking water), water for daily use,

sewage disposal, means for starting fires for cooking and keeping warm,

gasoline and transportation, oil for heat, and most importantly,

electricity. It should be evident by now that the electric power utility

matrix won’t be there for us. Either the incoming or the superwave (of

whatever magnitude), or both, will certainly overwhelm it and crash.

Environmentally speaking, consideration must also be given to the

increase in ultraviolet rays and cosmic high velocity particle showers

that would come from increased solar activity, as this phenomenon will

affect humans at the cellular and genetic level, causing cancers and

mutations; one can also expect that flooding and severe weather over sea

(cyclones on the Atlantic side, and hurricanes on the Pacific side) and


Given that we can expect the Earth poles to change repeatedly (both

physical and magnetic), we must also look at possibilities that strange

weather will manifest in unlikely areas of the world – like snow and

drastic drops in temperature in temperate and tropical zones. The Sun

would be obscured for days or even weeks as the huge comet-like planet

passes by and Earth’s temperature falls rapidly. Heavy rain would turn

into snow and cover numerous parts of the globe, forming glaciers.

Animals would be quick-frozen into these glaciers and would be

perfectly preserved for thousands of years to come.

The severity of effects will depend on the position of the Earth in

relation to the path of the passing comet-like planet as it cross the

ecliptic between us and Mars. Now, according to the ephemeris worked

out by the tracking team at LPGC, in collaboration with scientists from

South America, Russia and Europe, its path can be represented by

approximation as it is on the following seven images.

The first image corresponds to the approximate position on 17

October, 2011. The second focuses on its approximate position on13

December 2012. The third shows the incoming’s approximate position

on 21 December 2012. And the fourth image represents it s approximate

Page 29

position on 20 January 2013, past perihelion. Three other images have

been made to represent the incoming’s departure from the solar system.

Page 31

In October, 2011, its location is slightly over one astronomical unit,

or roughly 93 million miles from Earth to the Sun. By the middle of

December a year later (2012), the planet that acts like a comet is in

slingshot around the Sun, still not reaching perihelion. By 21 December,

the object is near perihelion and reaches it sometime after Christmas

2012. This is the point at which it reaches its maximum velocity in

slingshot around the Sun, after which it begins to slowly decelerate back

to its normal orbital speed once away for at least five to ten astronomical

units from the solar system. But meanwhile, the planet passes perihelion

and by January 20 it is on its way back down toward the ecliptic and its

exit or return Nibiru point between Earth and Mars.

By early March the object approaches the ecliptic and comes into

position for a close encounter with both Earth and Mars. By March 13,

Page 32

2013, it is in line of sight of both Earth and Mars, cutting through the

ecliptic sometime around the 19th to the 20th of March. The period from

mid-February to the end of March is when the Earth will be open to

close-by maximum effects, already mentioned and describe above.

These effects will continue throughout the period mentioned, extending

into an after-passage cascade of effects well beyond March, April and

May 2013. By May 30th the planet is by then at least one astronomical

unit away from the Earth. And yet, they would likely continue. The

image on the next page represents the return of the incoming back out to



McCanney “Nibiru System”

Professor James McCanney Nibiru System Star-Like Main Object Central Object

Anonymous Coward

10/25/2012 01:14 PM

We are already on a different timeline which changed mid September 2012”

Now, LPG-C, the retired Quantum Physicists in southern California, are telling us that Ša.AM.e is coming in much, much sooner than expected, and December 2012 is when it’s going to be closest to Earth.

I will give details about this in the Prophecy Paper very soon, but A.R. sent out an email to all members in his closed email group (in which I’m included), saying that actions are being taken to try to steer the planet slightly off course to prevent a catastrophe on Earth.

They say that without alien intervention and their willingness to assist, it would be as bad as the Deluge, 13,500 years ago.

They say it will still be bad, even in the best case scenario, unless we start doing something down here on Earth as well.

We need to prove ourselves to those ‘not from here’, they say, showing we are capable of taking care of our own business.

All this as a part of a bigger picture, where the Sirians (and other star races as well) supposedly are watching us to see if we are ‘mature enough’ to go from adolescence to adulthood, or if we still need our ‘parents’ (read the Sirians) to look after us.

Therefore, LPG-C, beginning on September 17, started a series of precise spiritual exercises, involving a few members of the group.

It’s being ‘supervised’ by Dr. A.R. Bordon, chief scientist of LPG-C, being in direct conversation with the involved persons.

After a certain amount of time, these meditating people will be exchanged for a group of others in a rotational pattern.

These exercises are supposedly helping in steering Ša.AM.e off course and save Earth.

Those people involved in these sessions apparently also get to see that the Ša.AM.i are real, and not some made-up alien group.

“The above experiment was a success!”

[Me: Since this is an anonymous source, I would have no way of checking who is making this claim that intention experiment was successful. God, Let’s hope so! Rose]