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Politicians Protect Japanese and South Korean Children — U.S. Politicians Do NOT Protect Your Children From ALL genetically-modified food (GM, GMO)

June 30, 2013

hope shand

Politicians Protect Japanese and South Korean Children — U.S. Politicians Do NOT Protect Your Children From ALL genetically-modified food (GM, GMO)

“Japan and South Korea, the two largest buyers of soft white wheat grown in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, have suspended wheat purchases. Both countries reject genetically-modified food, and do not want to buy transgenic wheat.”

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Who Wants Biotech Wheat?


Japan and South Korea reject ALL genetically-modified food (GM, GMO)

First-Of-its-kind Testing Shows Weed-killer Found in People Across Europe

Monsanto wheat Oregon GM GMO genetically-modified organisms

Monsanto glyphosate-tolerant glyphosate Roundup herbicide-tolerant wheat herbicide dicamba


If the EU approves GM RR crops it will come under pressure to authorise herbicides in Monsanto’s proposed “platform” to try and contain the inevitable appearance of glyphosate resistant weeds

flumioxazin sulfentrazone acetochlor pyroxasulfone


RR = Roundup Ready


monsanto dupont syngenta “bayer cropscience” “dow chemical” basf hope shand

The Big Six: A Profile of Corporate Power in Seeds, Agrochemicals

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Patience — A Dimension of Consciousness By John Van Auken

June 25, 2013


JOHN VAN AUKEN is a director at A.R.E.
and one of the organization’s
most popular speakers.
He leads tours to sacred
sites around the world. His
latest book is 2038: The Great
Pyramid Timeline Prophecy
( or 800-

Patience — A Dimension of Consciousness By John Van Auken


Edgar Cayce has a strange and fascinating
perspective on patience. To him,
patience is not just a virtue but also another
dimension. “Time, space, and patience
are those channels through which
man as a finite mind may become aware
of the infinite,” he explained. (3161-1) But
then, in the same reading, he goes on to
say, “There is no time, no space, when patience
becomes manifested in love.” He explains,
“Love unbounded is patience. Love
manifested is patience.” (262-24)
When patience becomes an active
principle in our lives, we rise above the
boundaries of time and space. Our finite
mind and our human side hold us in the
dimensions of time and space but we have
access to our infinite mind. Our Christlike
side can and will lift us beyond time
and space. “Self in the physical grows weary,
because you are only human, because
you are finite; you have a beginning, you
have an end of your patience, your love,
your hope, your fear, your desire. But
when these problems arise know you cannot
walk the whole way alone, but He has
promised in the Christ-Consciousness to
give you strength, to give you life and that
more abundant.” (3161-1) “In patience run
the race that is set before you, looking to
Him, the author, the giver of light, truth,
and immortality. That should be the central
theme in every individual.” (262-24)
Patience is not passive endurance and
submissiveness. It is active, transforming,
and filled with the power of God in action.
“Taking or enduring hardships, or censure,
or idiosyncrasies of others, is not necessarily
patience at all.” (262-24) “Patience is
active rather than passive.” (262-26)



The Unofficial Dan Burisch Chronicles Part Four – Novel Time Chatter

June 14, 2013
I would begin at the beginning, but I don’t believe anyone but God knows where to begin.
This is the continuing saga of Dan and Marcia, and their story is very much an ongoing concern.
But, for now, I want to focus on their relationship with one Gordon Novel, and where these two stories come together is … well, it concerns every last human here and gone.
Did you know we survived the Cycles Cross? The what? One may ask.
See … before you ever had a reason to be concerned about your future, about your children’s future, about the future of humanity … you are now being told that we collectively averted a catastrophe of biblical proportions.
So don’t worry about it.
Worry about other things, but don’t worry about the Cycles Cross. Because it came and it went.
But it left vestiges of itself behind. And that is what concerns us now.
A mark, a trace, visible evidence of something that is no longer present or in existence.
The powerful and the not so powerful would exploit these vestiges, were it not for the concerted efforts of a select few.
Where to begin? I pray the angel standing over my shoulder will whisper in my ear the correct and proper phrases to make for the greater understanding.
I am only attempting to explain a small but important part of … not the greatest story ever told, but certainly one of the greatest.
The story of humankind, God’s creatures on our beautiful blue planet, being visited by God’s other creatures.
God’s other children. I have been told, in a dream, “We’re all about the children.”
And I believe it.
Now this next part requires the suspension of disbelief, but bear with me for a little while.
Time is required here on our planet, in this dimension. But is by no means universal. And we have been visited by our future selves.
From wherever or whenever these vistors came … they came. And they come.
As our species evolved, we acquired the technological means to disable their craft. And we came into possession of, not only their ships, but of the ship’s inhabitants themselves.
A few survived, for a little while.
And Dr. Burisch became acquainted with, and then counted as a friend, a certain visitor from our future.
It is not my intention to repeat that story, even though I continue to learn new, amazing facets of that tale.
This is my intention.
Time travel is a reality. It is here. It came from our future.
A test of wills ensued to determine who and how and when this knowledge was to be disseminated.
Gordon Novel came into possession, I don’t know how, of … you know, I honestly don’t know what.
But Dan and Marcia and Eagles Disobey and, I think, Majestic, saw to it that Mr. Novel was disinherited of said knowledge.
And here the story continues …
Left to right: Christopher (Kit) Green, Pat Price, and Hal Puthoff
The Truth According to Mongrel Dawg
(I’ll start with the “truth” and then do some backtracking.  Unless otherwise indicated, the following words can be found at, which belongs to Dan and Marcia, husband and wife.  I’ve done some editing, but only for clarity’s sake.)
Dec 31, 2010, 10:54pm, Mongrel Dawg wrote:
THE TRUTH: (edited)
Here’s the truth! Dr. Dan, when he was speaking with Mr. Novel, suggested a working offer to Dr. Marci AFTER Novel approached the Eagles with an offer of a contract.
Eagles was going to offer the ability to complete ARGGO in record time, then D said he would help Novel in completing his propulsion system from plans he’s got buried in his head from the S4 days! (Dan’s leverage: something to help the environment, first!)
Novel wouldn’t hear of it. He wanted to build another version of ARGGO, almost a match to the Looking Glass and Stargates, to CONTROL TIME.
Dan would hear none of that, because it would be dangerous to everyone.
So, ARGGO is underway independently. It may take longer, but that’s the way it goes!




Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green

It’s Our Time

Gordon Novel’s “Public Masturbation” (or Stan Does Have a Way with Words) 


Re: Fw: Serious Business for Majic, DB, and MM.
Monday, April 20, 2009 9:55 AM
From: “Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.” <>

Gordon, I am going to explain something to you, you may not like it, and I am too old to care, and know from the surveillance video that you are probably too old for me to be concerned about.

Dan will not be employed by your company. Eagles Disobey is contracted for services. Contracts go two ways: performance = contractual obligation.

Dan is exclusively contracted to Eagles Disobey, Inc.

The fears of your cohorts are not the problem of Eagles Disobey, and the technologies which Dan has had experience with, will be built with or without your company permission, the acquiescence of its individuals or power structures behind them, or funds.

It was only a matter of whether your company had wished to benefit from his experience.

Industry is presently contracting Eagles Disobey, Inc. and none of them have come to you or your company, or its cohorts or measuring tools, and asked any kind of permission.

Dan will not be measured by you, nor your cohorts, as you do not possess the tools to do it.

He will not be “run up” any of your flagpoles or the flagpoles of your cohorts, because he is not going to be submitted to you as would a schoolboy to a headmaster.

It’s much more the other way around, but you seem oblivious to that reality.

A few days ago, you took exception at anyone, especially Dan and Marci, walking away from you in a public place because you made a fool of yourself with your unrestrained commentary in front of a lady.

It was no joke, no one was laughing, at least not with you.

You followed their departure with a letter claiming that an offer for 6 figures was already being made, and that Dan turned down money and power.

Your company missed the greatest opportunity it could have had because its representative didn’t or couldn’t practice minimal social skills.

Here is a wake up for you, Gordon: your money and power pales to the power structure he already has behind him.

Someone on your list of giants doesn’t believe that? No one on this side of the aisle cares. How dare he and she walk away from such a self-made “renegade” such a paragon of danger? They saw none.

They don’t come when called, as they have the independence of thought enabling them the humanity to disobey when their ethics and morals dictate a course of right from wrong, gentlemanly behavior from street trash talk.

Your company has been informed how to contact Dr. McDowell’s company because you sought them out, not the other way around.

They have the plans you do not possess, and the marketing of those plans is underway with other companies.

Those companies have shown the capability to offer business proposals consistent with the information I provided to you from Dr. McDowell’s company information.

The only things which we can conclude from your lofty letter is that you

1) are inconsistent with your story of what was going to be offered,

2) your company is not capable to compete with the companies who have already offered such proposals,

3) you selectively forget who was seeking who out when you wish to provide more stand up comedy for a larger list, and

4) you don’t like being told “no” especially by other’s who possess the ability to refuse to march in lock step. They can disobey.

Gordon, this is it. If your company ever rises to the competition, you have the contact address, but I will not engage any further with you, with your public masturbation, without billing you.

I will not return further letters from you, as I am even more disinterested in your comedy act than is Dan or Marci.

Stan Goldstein, Psy.D.

John Alexander (Los Alamos), Gordon Novel, and John’s wife Victoria

And Mr. Novel’s Reply

Re: Fw: Serious Business for Majic, DB, and MM.
Monday, April 20, 2009 12:01 PM
From: “Gordon xxxx” <>
To: “Danny B. Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.” <>

Stan or whoever you are:

We don’t buy pigs in a poke. We want to know what it is Dan is proposing or offering to sell having to do with TIME or xxxx.

When that is defined in business like terms and demeanor we can make an offer for his services.

If he has cut and bend rig plans please define what they are so we may evaluate our investment.

Since your associates took surprising umbrage at my jocular attempt to break the ice walls they were projecting, perhaps it would be better for us to substitute one of our other xxxx TEAM members Dan is more familiar and or friendly with to negotiate with THEM.

Those individuals are, 1) xxxx, 2) xxxx, 3) xxxx, 4) xxxx, 5) xxxx. Have Dan choose on of them and we will have him contact them.

Stan or whoever, I am not seeking conflict as is indicated in this e-mail I am reluctantly responding to, but I clearly know how to deal with such when confronted by it.

Minimal social skills consist of humor and the ice couple have none, so let’s end this as this is a cone head clash and no masturbating insults intended.

We await the return of rationality and ego control by the ice twins.

I wish to avoid the unnecessary, derogatory, and in validating back and forth conflict which now seems to be your objective from Jump Street whoever you are.





Phase II.

We Now Return to the Not Too Distant Past

Dr. Dan
« Reply #75 on Jan 2, 2011, 3:32pm »


As you for, the Aviary: do you really exist in any domain other than little emails anymore, or by way of “corporate wh/ores” (their words from above ) hocking up your alleged famous history?

As correctly detailed in the OMtv article, in 1953 the task was taken away, by order of the (then) Majestic 12, taken away from being AFOSI and CIA directed!

It was given to the side of Silent Operations, within the NSA “side” (if you will) WHO COULD HANDLE THE JOB, WHO COULD GET IT UP WHEN IT WAS REQUIRED!

(Just look at their flying ram if you think they can get anything up. )

There the job remained, on the NSA side where I was trained, and where it remains today.

Ufology wants a radio show and conferences, and you want what you lost? You have shown, via Eagles Disobey, that you couldn’t find your way out of a restroom stall by yourselves.

Just look at Doty, Collins, and Novel! They make the three stooges look like Nobel Laureates! Perfect for ufology!
You should be told, probably by this method as you have so few left: I have taken to limiting all your contacts, from all such allied older ops, to almost nothing now.

If you attempt to break by any barriers, you will be provided with the same disinfo you have been shoving at the public for all these years!

You will learn nothing. Those are my orders. I cut it off, cut you off, just as quickly as I cut the real whistleblowers off to PC. Yes, I know, it hurts as the bubble begins to contract, but you’ll get used to it!

There are plenty of people you can still lie to in ufology! “And how in the F could they be in control of what, and from where, we didn’t hear…?”

We know you didn’t know about us. That was our first clue you were out of touch, marginalized, not productive. It was at that moment we knew you would not see us coming! Watch out for trains!

Enjoy what’s left while it lasts, as my coming Directive Document will remove the rest.

You may be able to suck some from the public through the ufo-show, but your days of sucking funds from the American People as a whole, has ended. Get used to it: Access Denied!

DBC,ScD.,DotC, Maj

A “mini rig”

Jan 2, 2011, 1:35pm, Dr. Stan wrote:







Now Here Is Where It Gets Interesting!

Jan 2, 2011, 1:47pm, Owl wrote:


That’s we why have been telling the public that it won’t fly for the past 2 years. Steven, my bud loved saying, “I ain’t never seen a ram fly!” for a reason.

It was a DUMBO JOKE, “We ain’t never seen an elephant fly!”

Dan spoke with some people when he heard before the low level hearing and told them ahead of time what they were going to hear.

They heard EXACTLY what Dan said, and 1 of them had the plans from Dan a day before the briefing. It was agreed to let him go with his dog and pony show or he’d just claim some other good people were “evil.”

But, now that he’s had his show, it’s done. How did Dan have the plans?

On a March afternoon, 2007, in a hotel room, Novel and another prominent ufologist (J.M.)  invited D and M for a hearing of the Ram Project. Ohh, awww, ohh! THE RAM THAT CAN’T FLY!

Novel GAVE Dan the plans to the project, because he was too interested in what Marci was doing to pay attention to he was saying!

Dan, on tape we have, said,

“Okay, I can take with with me and do with it, as…”

Gordon said, (looking at Marci), “Ah, yeah.”

Now, there’s real “professional secret agent” behavior for you!  The man claimed he had the PLANS OF THE SAUCERS , but it was more important for him to stare at Marci!


(You don’t think they made me head of Sec Transport for nuthin do you? )

Yes, I was raised on a shrimp boat, but we can go to school too!

I can tell everyone, just like I told Dan that night after Gordon handed away the plans: IT WON’T FLY.

The thing that Gordon and the rest of the rammers  should be thinking about right now is that

a year before the hearing they received several pieces of software back from different people (including a man I work for) and

information from that software was ultimately, MINDLESSLY, integrated into Gordon’s final presentation!

Another copy of the material was given to Ron Garner, so he could copy and dispense it to EVERYBODY.

Truth is, we are the only ones with the first set of plans now.

They will be stored where they are safe.

HAVE A MAJIC DAY, GORDO! You can’t swing at what you can’t see.

And those who don’t have the right kinds of eyes to see, aren’t allowed such plans.

It would be unsafe for the public.

Really, somebody ought to at least tell him?  BC

Jan 2, 2011, 2:24pm, Fran wrote:

You do like sticking it to the Aviary, don’t you? ;D
Truth is Dan and Marci are PROFESSIONAL AGENTS. They are so good they were able to simultaneously operate around the Majestic and the Illuminati for 18 years, while no one knew what was going on. “The best of the best.” That was written for them!
Dan was waiting to walk out of that meeting with the plans, so they could be evaluated. The copying, switching, making little rams head with alien eyes was the easy part. He needed to have the plans handed to him, and have a tape of Gordon saying that he could do whatever he wanted to with them, AND HE DID IT! ;D That made what followed, disbursement, completely legal. During that meeting Gordon was all over Dan trying to get a meeting with the J1 at the time, at his office, and Dan was not buying the conjob.
The problem with the logic went thus ;D :
– Gordon said he wanted a meeting inside the DNI’s office.
– Dan said, “no.” ;D
– Gordon began spouting how his friend (R.P.) was already working as an assistant to the man in the DNI’s office he wants to meet. (This was a lie that D and M already knew, and knew they would be faced with, because we observed Gordon and another discussing it before the meeting! ;D)
– Then Dan asked, “Why do you need me for a meeting, then?” ;D
After the meeting was done, even after Dan said to him what he did, our hallway surveillance picked up Gordon saying to Dan as he was walking away, “Get me that meeting with xxxxxxxxxxxx if you can! It’s vital!”
The truth of all this is that Gordon jumps from one thing to the next, just like the rest of the business of ufology. It’s not real.
Where things are real, (I have it on GOOD AUTHORITY to say) it has been determined that Ufology and their perverted minions shall not go. They would destroy the world if offered a chance. They are just that lustful for power.

Dr. Dan
« Reply #85 on Jan 2, 2011, 4:47pm »

‘I am not in an American courtroom’ sir…  …but NOPE, I do not deny your allegations!

There was an attempted release of classified data, within the content of something they had, and that classified data is now where it can be protected.

Marcia and I were tasked with the completion of a set of clandestine orders, and we fulfilled those orders, as their fulfillment acted to protect the population.

When it was learned that Gordon went to the PRC’s government, in an attempt to sell the material, MAJESTIC stepped in…and then we stepped out…with the material.

If our “switchemz changemz”  professionals did their job right, and we believe they did, none of those flying ram believing loonies will ever be able to sort it out.

That’s how this dangerous game is played: there is a winner and a loser.

We won. D


« Reply #87 on Jan 2, 2011, 4:58pm »

RIGHT ON BROTHER! Yes, he went to the Chinese government and we have the emails proving it. Gordon is just another opportunist traitor!

And Fran is right they would destroy it if they got their hands on anything. Bri


« Reply #88 on Jan 2, 2011, 6:00pm »

I have a question and I have signed off on the content regulations provided on the 28th. by Andrew.

Do you honestly want us to believe that M’s idea to have D dissect the queen-94-109a document isn’t linked to the utter destruction of the Aviary?

Kit, an Aviary member, stated he had some East Coast unnamed Medical School Head who claimed “word salad.”

Collins, another member, backed it and derided the leaking of the document that D and Mostow wrote, George Knapp, another member, attacked D for what Kit said.

Now, D is going to dissect it and make them look like fools! I bet that stuff is going in the publication too! Your use of time is absolutely genius!

You think we don’t know what’s coming down? ha! Jeff

(I could go on, but I think you get the gist.  Gordon Novel was in possession of knowledge, which had something to do with anti-gravity and time travel, i.e., technology either given to us by the visitors or reverse-engineered from fallen craft.  The good guys with the white hats deemed this intolerable and suicidal, and stole from Novel what wasn’t his to begin with.  How Novel came to be in possession in the first place escapes me.)

RAM = Replication Alien Machine.

RAM/ARV Technologies Project = to build a Alien Reproduction Vehicle.
I include the following in its entirety as it is instructive in that it shows Mr. Novel’s state of mind, and alludes to a burglary at a “Desert Self Storage,” which I found intriguing.
On Jan 12, 2010, at 1:43 PM, Gordon Novel wrote:

Dear Dr. Pandolfi:

RAM GRAVIONICS Group is seriously entertaining the prospect of suing for billions in Federal Court the MJ-12 apparat and or Navy Space Command

for tortuous interference in what we collectively perceived for the last 7 years

since submitting the still publically secret “SCS REPORT” was the legal nature of our long business relationship and

their other perfidious criminal acts

to prevent the RAM GRAVIONICS developmental program and long 63 year over due UFO disclosure process.

We can prove MJ-12 exists with witnesses and documents as well as the potentially Utopian causing ARV anti-gravity and free energy condition for our world.

Proving our long close relationship with your “company” is easy.

Proving what we have been trying to do with you and others that this huge criminal conspiracy is blocking that we can and will still do is much easier.

You have not done anything I know of substantive to recover

my RAM data loaded computer,

my irreplaceable via Adm. McConnell personal property and

lots of other invaluable National Security RAM documented data

very clearly stolen in early December by fraud at Desert Self Storage,

my cars seizure with bogus Majic hack created parking tickets, and

lots of other personal property stolen by DHS PB CI operatives

in TEN unacted up on filed criminal complaints and

proving this all has happened is falling off a log.

Moreover, you haven’t followed through a scintilla on preparing Spielberg’s invitation to meet with you after a great expenditure in time, effort and money to prepare

our PB-EO film production Disclosure presentation plan to him and a retinue of famous film makers

we are now actively seeking to join

an unfixable and politically undefeatable alliance to make this film of the greatest story never told.

We would not have done this seminal production work preparation without your encouragement and support in doing so for the past few years.

The Murad, Boardman and Sarfatti attacks on RAM and myself in the last 120 days also could have been avoided had you so desired.

I made 3 trips to D.C. in 09 to meet with you in pursuit of objectives you encouraged that were objectives which were not attained at some serious costs and losses to RAM.

Murad is insidious, Boardman is deceitful and the last trip you arranged and then studiously avoided mediating was decidedly dangerous to me IMHO.

The Coast to Coast and Pippin TV shows I would normally be briefing you on beforehand are now going to be presented

in accord with our immediate legal plans instead of our appreciations of normal RAM based National Security considerations.

Spielberg will reportedly be back in a week or so from his shoot in Budapest.

We have the corporate jet use agreement to take him, George Lucas, Roland Emmerich, Ron Howard, Coppola, the Weinstein brothers, and James Cameron,

to meet with you, John Podesta and or Potus Chief of Staff Raam E manuel about the making of this film.

To restore our relationship to what it was

before Murad sold the now easily provable bogus Searl Russian rig scheme to Morgan,

we require our property be returned and the now overdue letter tendered to Steven Spielberg.

I now have the research science documentation by Astronautics Laboratory (AFSC) Air Force Space Technology Center

to prove what Paul is doing is fraudulent with Searl/Godin Roschin and that he knew it long beforehand.

Depending on the tenor of our next conversation and proof of prompt action taken on recovering my property

that Majic’s agents engineered, the theft of –

our long relationship is about to enter uncharted and obviously very controversial waters,

We CURRENTLY have NO INTENTION whatsoever in suing either you or the “company”.

Suing Murad, Boardman, Sarfatti, Desert Self Storage, Shaheen, DHS city and PD and MJ-12 as witting or unwitting co-conspirators acting

in combination in one hell of a lot of illegal criminal acts

is now a very likely foregone conclusion.

Rumsfeld’s statement about the missing two trillion at DOD can become a very big issue if the fix in the national media comes unglued on C to C.

I don’t expend a lot of money and obviously dangerous very hard work over five long years to watch it go down the drain over B.S., insanity and treachery and not strike back when I am ready.

I am nearing ready and will be seeing Ramsey and the rest of the RAM legal TEAM shortly to prepare our corporate Federal Court action.

I have found a benefactor to help support what could be very expensive and publicity wise more than extremely unpleasant litigation for all these defendants.

I recommend your first call to the thieves at Desert Self Storage be on the top of your agenda.

They are still refusing to disclose what they did with my property they stole including

the RAM/CIA related materials,

files and engineering blue prints

on the Nation’s No. 1 National Security secret.

These facts and what they portend for history should make for great interview information for the public,

some co-conspiring law enforcement and city officials in DHS and L.A. and other news medias on Coast to Coast Sunday Night.

See you in the funny papers.

Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

(I don’t know enough to know how to respond, except to wonder if this was written BEFORE or AFTER Novel learned he’d been had.)

In the course of my research, I chanced upon the following which referred to many of the same names which kept popping up. I just don’t know enough to discern the truth of it or lack thereof.


Alexander and C. B. Jones are members of the AVIARY, a group of intelligence and Department of Defense officers and scientists with a brief to discredit any serious research in the UFO field. Each member of the Aviary bears a bird’s name. Jones is FALCON; John Alexander is PENGUIN.

One of their agents, a UFO researcher known as William Moore, who was introduced to John Alexander at a party in 1987 by Scott Jones, confessed in front of an audience at a conference held by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on July 1, 1989 in Las Vegas, how he was promised inside information by the senior members of the AVIARY in return for his obedience and service to them. He participated in the propagation and dissemination of disinformation fed to him by various members of the AVIARY.

He also confessed how he was instructed to target one particular individual, an electronics expert, Dr Paul Bennewitz, who had accumulated some UFO film footage and electronic signals which were taking place in 1980 over the Manzano Weapons Storage areas at Kirkland Air Force Base, New Mexico.

As a result of Moore’s involvement, coupled with some surreptitious entries and psychological techniques, Bennewitz ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

Just before the publication of my first paper unmasking two members of the AVIARY, I was visited by two of their members (MORNING DOVE and HAWK) who had traveled to the UK with a message from the senior ranks advising me not to go ahead with my expose. I rejected the proposal.

Immediately after the publication of that paper, and with the full knowledge that myself and a handful of colleagues knew the true identities of their members, John B. Alexander confessed that he was indeed a member of the AVIARY, nicknamed PENGUIN. The accuracy of our information was further confirmed to me by yet another member of the AVIARY–Ron Pandolphi, PELICAN.

Pandolphi is a PhD in physics and works at the Rocket and Missile section of the Office of the Deputy Director of Science and Technology, CIA.

In his book, Out There, the New York Times journalist Howard Blum refers to “a UFO Working Group” within the Defense Intelligence Agency. Despite DIA’s repeated denials, the existence of this working group has been confirmed to me by more than one member of the group itself, including an independent source in the Office of Naval Intelligence. The majority of the group’s members are senior members of the AVIARY:

  • Dr Christopher Green (BLUEJAY) from the CIA
  • Harold Puthoff (OWL), ex-NSA
  • Dr Jack Verona (RAVEN), DoD, one of the initiators of the DlA’s Sleeping Beauty project which aimed to achieve battlefield superiority using mind-altering electromagnetic weaponry
  • John Alexander (PENGUIN)
  • Ron Pandolphi (PELICAN)

The mysterious “Col. Harold E. Phillips” who appears in Blum’s Out There, is none other than John B. Alexander.

John Alexander’s position as the Program Manager for Contingency Missions of Conventional Defense Technology, Los Alamos National Laboratories, enabled him to exploit the Department of Defense’s Project Reliance “which encourages a search for all possible sources of existing and incipient technologies before developing new technology in-house” to tap into a wide range of exotic topics, sometimes using defense contractors, e.g., McDonnell Douglas Aerospace. I have several reports, some of which were compiled before his departure to the Los Alamos National Laboratories when he was with Army Intelligence, which show Alexander’s keen interest in any and every exotic subject–UFOs, ESP, psychotronics, anti-gravity devices, near-death experiments, psychology warfare and non-lethal weaponry.

John Alexander utilizes the bank of information he has accumulated to try to develop psychotronic, psychological and mind weaponry. He began thinking about non-lethal weapons a decade ago in his paper, “The New Mental Battlefield”. He seems to want to become a ’Master’.

If they ever succeed in this ambition, the rest of us ordinary mortals had better watch out.

So, here we are. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? It’s not so easy to discern. Do they even know themselves?I have an angel standing over me. I have lots of angels. They seem to want this information to be more widely known.
But why? Why are they here? What do they want from us?

Is it as simple as just wanting to be acknowledged?

Just wanting to move forward? Tired of the deceit? Weary of waiting?

I have tried to keep my distance and my objectivity.

I believe in Dan. I believe he is honest in his words to us. But many words are never uttered by him.

Don’t count on disclosure from Dan and Marcia for as long as they are seated where they are seated.

Maybe after.

I’m not convinced Dan favors disclosure. And if he’s privy to knowledge of MILABs, he certainly doesn’t talk about it. He has fears of his own to contend with.


And if you want to know what motivates me, read this:

And to witness Dan and Marcia attending to the work they have before them today, go here:

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June 7, 2013

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June 3, 2013


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BTW, it was after I posted the following that I remembered what Dr. Dan Burisch Crain had put forth regarding Morgellons Disease. I didn’t understand its import at that time. I found it especially interesting that Burisch cited Stricker, a physician I am meeting with later this month (June 2013).

The reason I was looking at NewEaglesForum in the first place is I’ve been very concerned of late that the civil strife in Syria doesn’t escalate leading to even more bloodshed.

What I found instead can be read here:

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Dr. Dan Burisch Crain on connection between Morgellons Disease and GM GMO

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