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**Obama Bombshell** Blue Hawaii: Health Department falsified Obama’s birth records! By Polarik

June 26, 2010



Polarik’s YouTube Channel

Sometime between October 31, 2008, and July 27, 2009, the dates of Health Director Chiyome Fukino’s two press releases, Hawaii amended Obama’s birth record.

A brand-new Certificate of Live Birth (not Certification) was issued to him.

The DOH Director decides what goes in or gets taken out of birth records.

She went on record as saying that “President Obama posted a copy of his certificate on his campaign website” even though she has refused to authenticate it for the past two years.

This created a conundrum that could only be resolved by changing Obama’s birth records to match what is in that online copy – which is a stone-cold forgery and Fukino knows it!

That forged COLB also has its origin within the DOH: watch the video to find out the shocking truth.

Dr. Conspiracy in a foul mood.

Polland posts bullshit video (updated)

“Here is the damned thing, but first I spit on it. I hope Dr. Fukino sues his sorry ass. This video is clearly malicious slander.”

“Update: One of the points Polland makes that I haven’t talked about on this blog before relates to his claim that the State of Hawaii changed the form of their birth certificate just to somehow (and it’s vague to me for what purpose) legitimize the Obama posted Birth Certificate (COLB) that Polland claims is a forgery.”

“Therefore we would normally expect Hawaii to tweak the certificate around 2008.”


RosettaSister “Polarik” posts 6/30/2008 – 12/31/2008 (These are ordered by date, so some are more relevant than others. But you can choose your own parameters.)

Suppressed Ancient Discoveries

June 20, 2010

Gilbert de Jong – A nazcan Zodiac

Gilbert de Jong was himself in Nazca and measured the GGF by GPS. He obtained a length of the square side of about 54,7 Meter. In the formation he recognized a Zodiac.

More about at his theory you can find on his site

The high desert of Peru holds one of the most mystifying monuments of the known world—the massive-scale geoglyphs known as the Nasca Lines. Ranging from geometric patterns to “drawings” of different animals and stylized human-like forms. The ancient lines can only be truly taken in, their forms discerned, from high in the air, leaving generations mystified as to how these precise works could’ve been completed long before the documented invention of human flight. Are the lines signs left by an alien race? Landing strips for UFOs? Relics of a ancient people far more advanced—capable of human flight—then previously imagined?

In the article titled “Were we on the Moon in 2309 B.C.?“, Jonathan Gray documents that,

“Apollo II astronauts found the “a glasslike soil  –  and parts of it even paved with pieces of glass.”

Dr. Huntley in also documents that:

“Several television viewers wrote explaining that they spotted one of the astronauts pick up what appeared to be a glass bottle and remark, ‘My God, I don’t believe it, look at this…’ Then the television screen went blank.”

Alex Collier documents that,

“the glass that is abundantly spread over the moon’s surface came from the Domed cities that were once on this war carrier.” LINK.

Mr. Collier alleges that the ‘Andromedans’ told him that,

“many of the original structures on the surface of the moon were destroyed as a result of an Intergalactic “war of liberation” against the Moon’s alleged regressive aliens which left the artifacts reported by NASA Astronauts, Richard Hoagland, and by other learned researched.”

Dr. Huntley concludes that,

“A study of ET material of which literature today abounds, strongly indicates that the nature of the Moon has a sinister purpose, and plays a role in manipulating man’s evolution.”

Could it be the human’s apparent destructive path of self-annihilation, critically observed by Dr. Kevin Barrett in Twilight of the Psychopaths, may be conditioned by aliens that seek to control humanity in an ethos of “divide, rule and conquer”? 

If humanity does not begin in a timely manner to critically re-appraise its cosmic environment from apparent systematized manipulation, humanity may descend into the point on no return on planetary destruction. Humanity needs to wake itself to critically consider to what extent, if any, human quality-of-living is being undermined by a regressive alien agenda. LINK.

Is our very appreciation of what it means to be human, in relation to our growing acceptance of the alleged necessity of human atrocities against each other, including war and genocide, the result of an alien-induced psychosis?

Alex Collier wraps up his critical alleged reporting of alleged regressive aliens that he links to the Moon, with the following:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this time in which we now live is and will be known in our future as the end of the innocence. We, as a planetary race, must commit ourselves to the idea that truth must survive.

We have major challenges to face, and what ever is the truth, we must do all that is necessary to stick together. We have been torn and tattered, we have been betrayed. But please, let’s not give up on each other. We are capable of being heroes.

We can save the world, and our freedom. We must believe in each other, and in ourselves.

Explorer and archaeologist Jonathan Gray discussed discoveries that demonstrate advanced ancient technology. Because such artifacts don’t match current academic beliefs they are often suppressed, with evidence destroyed or hidden, he said, citing the Smithsonian Institution, and countries such as Peru, America, Israel, New Zealand, France, and Australia as being involved in covering-up evidence.

Some of the suppressed ancient discoveries he highlighted:

  • A kind of glassware in Egypt and Peru that can be bent like plastic.
  • Screen projectors used in Egyptian temples, with movement and sound simulation.
  • Artifacts and buildings left on the moon– Chinese records speak of trips to the moon.
  • The ‘Black Knight‘ satellite– ancient races talked about putting up satellites.
  • An ancient underground complex discovered in Southern California that included star charts on aluminum sheets.
  • Micro-techology found in Russia, with some objects as small as 1/1000th of an inch.
  • Maps of the ancient world that showed Antarctica as free of ice and populated.


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Rasa — Saffron Blue

the slave ship

June 12, 2010

“Liverpool Slaver”

One of Heine’s darkest satires


On average two a day will die,
Yet today we were seven shorted,
Four men and three women — I noted the loss,
‘Twas at once in my notebook recorded.

I inspected the carcasses carefully;
For often these rogues will fake it,
In hopes that we’ll toss them overboard,
To the waves where they think they will make it.

And of course, as usual, I removed
The irons that the dead were adorning,
I had the corpses thrown in the sea
Right early in the morning.

And then, in a flash, there emerged from the waves
An army of sharks to receive them,
They certainly love that negro-flesh;
My pensioners, so I conceive them.

They follow along in the wake of our ship,
From the moment that we are leaving;
The beasts pick up the aroma of corpse
With a snuffling hunger-craving.

It’s just the funniest thing to behold,
How they snap up the dead as they follow!
One grabs the head, one grabs the leg,
The scraps by the others are swallowed.

If all is devoured, they bustle about
Near the vessel, so charmingly reckless,
They gawk at me, in a way that appears
That they want to say, Thanks for the breakfast.”

Modern Poetry in Translation New Series No. 18 – 2001

Heinrich Heine

WD Jackson writes: In 1843 Heinrich Heine – who had been living in Paris for over a decade – revisited his native Germany, where he spent altogether about two months.

On his return he wrote the 2056 lines of Deutschland – Ein Wintermärchen. At the end of this poem he acknowledges Aristophanes as his master, but there is a lot more to Deutschland than social comment or political satire, and like many of Heine’s works – together with his life and opinions in general – it resists easy categorization.

Heine had moved to Paris in 1831, inspired by the July Revolution, which deposed Charles X, the last Bourbon king, and placed the citizen-king Louis-Philippe on the throne.

The complexities of Heine’s politics present, as JL Sammons expresses it, “a rather knotty problem of interpretation . . . Towards Louis-Philippe Heine could be very critical, but also very sympathetic, and he seems to have become increasingly sympathetic as the 1840s went on.

In Heine’s iconology king and poet were spiritual brothers, and this attitude informed much of his ironic view of the citizen-king.

‘Kings, like great poets,’ he wrote with a straight face, ‘cannot defend themselves and must bear lies circulated about them in silent patience’” (Heinrich Heine – A Modern Biography, 1979).

Heine, however, defended himself – usually by some form of attack – on every imaginable occasion.

In 1834 he met the almost illiterate 19-year-old French shop assistant, Crescence Eugénie Mirat, who was later to become his wife.

A further reason for staying in Paris was that his work had been banned along with that of other liberals by the German authorities – and while in Germany he was in some danger of being arrested.

Apart from another trip to Germany in 1844, Heine was to spend the remainder of his life in Paris, where he died in 1856.

Of the following poems, the first is a more or less literal translation.

“Hoffmann von F”, who is mentioned in it, is Hoffmann von Fallersleben, who was dismissed from his Breslau professorship in 1842 for his ironically titled Unpolitical Songs.

Hoffmann became a kind of 19thcentury beatnik poet, travelling about from inn to inn with his guitar and his popular songs, which Heine disliked intensely, regarding them as symptomatic of the beginning of the end of high art – one of the prices the world would have to pay for the rise of democracy.

The second poem, ‘Liverpool Revisited – A Winter’s Tale’, is developed from the first and also from other sections of Deutschland – Ein Wintermärchen, incorporating in addition translations and adaptations of ‘Das ist der alte Märchenwald’, ‘Abschied von Paris’ (or ‘Adieu à Paris’) and ‘Karl I’.

The Slave Ship

 The latter part of the poem alludes as well to Heine’s ‘The Slave Ship‘, published in MPT 8.

Van de Smissen is the ship’s doctor and van Koek its supercargo.

Heine spent some time in England in 1827 but did not, as far as I know, travel to Liverpool, although his father had once had business contacts there and Harry Heine himself (he became ‘Heinrich’ only on his conversion to Protestantism in 1825) had been named after a Liverpool merchant called ‘Mr Harry’.

In any case, for those unfamiliar with Liverpool’s topography, which comes into the poem, the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals stand at either end of Hope Street and the pub, The Philharmonic, is about halfway between them.

A “jigger” is a back entry.

As for Maggie May, she is treated here as a kind of tutelary deity of the city, much as Heine treats ‘Hammonia’ as the goddess of Hamburg in some of the most amusing – and scatological – sections of Deutschland (XXIII-XXVI).

In MPT 5 Daniel Weissbort wrote: ‘For many translators, it seems, a threshold has been crossed, an era of self-consciousness entered, making it increasingly hard to limit oneself exclusively or unreflectively to the work in hand.’

With this in mind, even a fairly loose imitation – which is partly what ‘Liverpool Revisited’ consists of – is a form of variation or commentary on its original(s) which may actually be going only a step or two further than what we usually think of as translation.

The tension between what a writer actually wrote and what he could have written is in any case a frequently enough productive one in all but the most literal of translators’ minds.

Furthermore, this particular imitation is intended, directly and indirectly, as a meditation as well on the question of “Why translate?”

Over the threshold, perhaps – but not out of the garden.

Finally, one or two notes on the subject of slavery – developed from ‘The Slave-Ship’ – in ‘Liverpool Revisited’.

As is well known, Liverpool grew to dominate trade not only in Britain but in Europe during the 18th century:

“Almost every man in Liverpool is a merchant . . . The attractive African meteor has so dazzled their ideas, that almost every order of people is interested in a Guinea cargo. Many of the small vessels are fitted out by attornies, drapers, ropers, grocers, tallow-chandlers, barbers, taylors &c” (J Wallace, History of Liverpool, 1795).

The enormous profits derived from the slave-trade were invested in numerous enterprises, including banking, and Heywoods Bank, which is mentioned in the poem, was one of the earliest banks to be founded in Liverpool – in 1773.

This bank was taken over by the Bank of Liverpool in 1883, which later became part of Martins Bank and more recently part of Barclays.

Translated by W. D. Jackson
p 57-58

Heine stellt auf sarkastische Weise die Geschäftemacher des Sklavenhandels an den Pranger. Ein LIVE-Mitschnitt von *Cherrys Band*, später *Saitenhieb*. Auftritt 1984 in der *Traube Durlach*

Heinrich Heine Das Sklavenschiff gesprochen von Gert Westphal aus der Reihe Jazz und Lyrik. Gemälde von Joseph Mallor William Turner : Slavers throwing overboard the Dead and Dying – Typhon coming on (“The Slave Ship”)

Three well dressed men were going to kill friends and family members of contactee Alex Collier

June 5, 2010

[We] are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races.

The Draconians and the Paa Tal 

The Alpha Draconians, a reptilian race composed of master geneticists, tinker with life – which from their perspective exists as a natural resource. The Draconians look at lifeforms which they have created or altered as a natural resource. Apparently, the Alpha Draconians created the primate race, which was first brought to Mars and then to Earth.

The primate race was then tinkered with by many other different races – 21 other races – resulting in the primate race having been modified 22 times. This primate race eventually became Homo Sapien Sapiens. – who we are on a physical level. Yes, we used to have 12 strands of DNA. Ten strands were taken out by a group from Orion in order to control us and hold us back. Why would they want to hold us back?

The reason the Orion group wanted to hold us back was because they found out who we were on a soul level. Again, according to the Andromedans, we humans are part of a group of energies that they know of as the Paa Tal. The reason that the Andromedans use the word Paa Tal, which is by the way a Draconian word, is because the Draconians have legends about warring with a race that was creating human life forms that were opposed to Draconian philosophy. The Paa Tal created life forms that could evolve on their own, with free expression. The Draconians, on the other hand, created races to function as a natural resource for their pleasure. So, you have two very different philosophies.

“I have shared the information that I was asked to.  I don’t sell anything.  I was told by the Andromedans not to make a business of this in any way. And so I haven’t.   I have tried very hard to keep a low profile and protect my family from hurt and prejudice, by those who don’t give a damn about my family. All they want is to keep their name in lights and beat their chest, by declaring they have the secret and they are the only ones with the truth.  That Mr. Billy Meier is the only contactee in the entire world. That’s the lie, Ladies and Gentlemen.  Billy is not and nor has he ever been the only one.”

“UFO Hypotheses featuring Alex Collier, Volume Three” 

An interview from April 9-10, 2009
 In the tenth DVD of the “UFO Hypotheses” series, Alex Collier, after fourteen years, again sits down with Rick Keefe for a discussion including inspired conversation on the current state of affairs in the United States, ET intervention on Earth, future challenges we are beginning to face now, the history of Atlantis, and individual purpose. 


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“That we, as a product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic heritage, and because we are spirit, the benevolent extraterrestrial races actually view us as being royalty.”

3. Extraterrestrial Races Outside of the Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex

On February 20, 1954, a delegation of ‘human looking’ extraterrestrial races met with the Eisenhower administration in an unsuccessful effort to reach an agreement on the US’s thermonuclear nuclear weapons program. [65] The apparent stumbling block was that these extraterrestrial races were not willing to provide technology that might be used by the military-industrial interests that dominated the Eisenhower administration and set the tone for subsequent extraterrestrial – human dialogue. The principled opposition of this group of extraterrestrials to being co-opted into an emerging military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) marks an important indicator of a large grouping of ‘human’ extraterrestrial races who lie outside of the web of interlocking interests that make up the MIEC in the U.S. and elsewhere on the planet.

This second category of extraterrestrial races is primarily ‘human’ and can easily integrate with human society in the manner described by Dean and others where they can be indistinguishable from the rest of humanity. [66] These races are described to be from star systems such as Lyra, Vega, Pleiades, Sirius, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Ummo, Andromeda and Arcturus who have provided some of the genetic material for the seeding of humanity on Earth. [67] According to Alex Collier, a total of 22 extraterrestrial races have provided genetic material for the ‘human experiment’. These include Reptilian, Gray and Anunnaki races described earlier as well as those races in this second group which Collier describes as ‘benevolent’:

That we, as a product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic heritage, and because we are spirit, the benevolent extraterrestrial races actually view us as being royalty. [68]

As a result of this genetic linkage, the extraterrestrials in this group outside of the MIEC apparently view humanity in much the way a protective parent might view an adolescent son/daughter in a dangerous environment. [69] The vital interests of races in this category are to ensure that global humanity evolves in a responsible way without endangering both itself and the greater galactic community of which it is part.

There are two parts to this grouping of extraterrestrials. The first are ‘extraterrestrials’ that have historically inhabited the Earth’s subterranean dwellings, and are described as remnants of ancient human civilization that followed a separate evolutionary path to surface humanity. The second are extraterrestrials that have ‘off-world’ origins but have humanoid features to the extent that some of them can easily intermingle with the rest of humanity without being easily identified.

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More on the history of the Zenetaen Civilization [DSG, Ch 6]:

Val: Has the Zenetaen skin color always been blue?

Alex: No. It was red at one time. Their original forefathers were red-skinned, and I am told that the Lyraens and Vegans were red-skinned at that time.

Val: How did the progression begin to where the skin color changed to blue?

Alex: Apparently it had to do with a pigmentation change caused by the ingestion of certain minerals…

Val: Copper based minerals.

Alex: It was in the food and everything they ate, and the double sun had an effect on this too. You have to remember something here. We are talking about fifth density beings, not third density, so you have the additional three color spectrums. I always try to take that into account when comparing them to us. They do literally live in another frequency.
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Charles Hall claims to have witnessed and interacted with a race of extraterrestrials he described as ‘tall whites’ while serving at Nellis Airforce Base as a duty weather observer from 1965-67.

We report.  You decide.