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Agrobacterium tumefaciens is the only known species of microbe capable of infiltration of the DNA of not only plant species, but animal species as well — Morgellons

June 29, 2011



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Which came first?

Chem Trails > Infiltration of the DNA of flies > Host – Food Chain Parasite – Flies >

Host – Humans Parasite – Flies > Myiasis or Morgellons > Infiltration of the DNA of humans ?

I must confess, I didn’t come up with this theory on my own. I was “inspired” by my Helpers. Thank you very much. For awhile now, I’ve suspected flies to be carriers. But last night my Helpers were adamant! Thank you, Jesus!

This is what I was shown.

A lone fly settled on lettuce, which looked to be a salad prepared for human consumption. I took that to mean the food chain.

Then I saw very large text, “FINISH IT!” “FINISH IT!”

Okay, I get the message!

This morning, I googled “flies food chain morgellons” and found the following article.


Close associations: Micro-Myiasis & Morgellons disease.


Another possible link is that agrobacterium was tested and found in 5 out of 5 morgellon patient’s tissue samples (tests were negative on control group) (68).

[68. Stricker RB, Savely VR, Zaltsman A, Citovsky V. Contribution of Agrobacterium to morgellons disease. J Invest Med. 2007. 55 (1): S123-S123]

Some strains of agrobacterium are known to infect immunocompromised patients, but other strains are used in genetic engineering to protect plants from diseases, environmental stresses or pests.

For example, Agrobacterium tumefaciens is used as a vehicle to introduction foreign genes into plant cells for there to be subsequent regeneration of transgenic crops. The crops can be altered to be resilient to environmental stresses and crop pests.

This is called horizontal gene transfer. It has recently been noted that Agrobacterium tumefaciens is the only known species of microbe capable of infiltration of the DNA of not only plant species, but animal species as well.

In the usual process of reproduction, genes are transferred vertically from parent to offspring; and such a process can occur only within a species or between closely related species.

Horizontal gene transfer is the transfer of genetic material between cells or genomes belonging to unrelated species, by processes other than usual reproduction.

How could plant pests cause myiasis in humans?

Is it possible that gall midge larvae have been genetically modified through consuming the transgenic plants that they have always preyed upon?

Has this made them change their diet?

To complicate things, scientists do not know about the horizontal gene transfer capabilities of fly larvae (30)

[30. Stevens JR, Wallman JF (2006). The evolution of myiasis in humans and other animals in the Old and New Worlds (part 1): phylogenetic analyses. Trends in Parasitology, 22 (3), 129-136]

It is known that myiasis causing flies made an evolutionary switch in predation, at some point in the past. Why not other flies under environmental stress?

Could this be true of fungus gnats and other morgellon related flies too? Read on….


In one review of 25 myiasis cases, the scalp was the most commonly affected region (40%) (11).

[11. Quintanilla-Cedillo M, León-Ureña H, Contreras-Ruiz J, Arenas R (2004) The value of Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis in 25 cases of furunculoid myiasis. International Journal of Dermatology 44 (1), 34 – 37]

Often, the species causing the infestation prefer particular sites of the host. For example, in cutaneous myiasis the common sites for lesions are the scalp, face, forearms, and legs for the Myiasis causing D. hominis, and the trunk, buttocks and thighs for C. anthropophaga.

Over 50 species of fly larvae have been found in human intestine after surviving the stomach acid(43).

[43. Chartered Institute of Environmental Health]


What has Myiasis been known to cause?

Skin Lesions

Multiple furuncle-like lesions may occur with crusted, odoriferous, purulent, or serosanguinous discharge, caused by larva proteins and feces, which may also be bloody. There is sometimes a central punctum with movements of spiracles of larva or bubbles in serous larva discharge. The patient complains of pruritus and a crawling sensation within the lesion and some maybe painful (which is often nocturnal) (11).

The protein (enzyme) discharges may literally melt/burn the skin, causing scaring and hypo or hyperpigmentation.

There maybe satellite lesions near a central lesion and multiple larvae may aggregate together in certain places under the skin during cutaneous myiasis. Often more than one larva is present in a lesion (11).

[11. Quintanilla-Cedillo M, León-Ureña H, Contreras-Ruiz J, Arenas R (2004) The value of Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis in 25 cases of furunculoid myiasis. International Journal of Dermatology 44 (1), 34 – 37]

Protrusion of the breathing tube of the larva frequently can be observed with the aid of a hand lens (12); a small white threadlike structure protruding from the lesion (39). Lesions are occasionally accompanied by enlargement of the draining lymph node (12).

[12. Bhandari R, Janos D, and Sinnis P (2007) FURUNCULAR MYIASIS CAUSED BY DERMATOBIA HOMINIS IN A RETURNING TRAVELER American Journal of Tropical Medicine. 76 (3), 598–599.]

[39. Sharma P, Pai HS, Pai GS. Furuncular myiasis mimicking pyoderma. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2008;74:679-81]

The subsequent feeding activity of the larvae at the skin surface rapidly promotes extensive tissue damage, resulting in the development of inflamed, abraded and ulcerated areas of skin with progressive alopecia (hair loss).

These are search terms I used for additional research: 

flies fly food chain morgellons myiasis agrobacterium host parasite lesion

Uploaded by on Dec 26, 2009 Dr. Mae Wan Ho warned everyone about Agrobacterium.

See also:

The need to shield military, corporate and business communications was a higher priority than the well being of We the People.

Biofilm — Almost Like a Pseudo Skin

Vitaly Citovsky at Stonybrook in New York studied the fibers of 10 patients and said

they had Agrobacterium Tumafaciens in their bodies (the bacterium that causes crown gall disease in plants),

but what amazed him the most was that he found a biofilm on the skins of these people.

*** It is almost like a pseudo skin ***

We have to penetrate that biofilm and draw this stuff out of the body or these people will never get better.

If you don’t, it will stay in the skin and get worse.

“I would like to clarify the involvement of my research group in the Morgellons studies.

We are biochemists and cell and molecular biologists who study fundamental and diverse biological processes, such as genetic transformation, intercellular transport, and chromatin remodeling, using plants as experimental systems.

Because one of our model organisms, Agrobacterium, is capable of

genetically transforming not only plants, but also other eukaryotic
species, including human cells,

we were contacted by Dr. Stricker and MRF to investigate potential presence of Agrobacterium in biopsies from Morgellons patients.

A limited number of anonymous samples provided by Dr. Stricker were tested by PCR for the presence of different families of Agrobacterium genes.

Control reactions included samples from healthy donors provided by us.

Only Morgellons, but not healthy subjects tested positive in these studies.

This observation does not imply that Agrobacterium causes Morgellons or that Morgellons is indeed an infectious disease.

However, it does encourage future studies to determine

(i) statistical significance of our data,

(ii) whether or not Agrobacterium is not only present extracellularly, but also causes genetic transformation of the infected tissues, and

(iii) whether or not infection of laboratory animals with Agrobacterium can recreate at least some symptoms of Morgellons.

These are the immediate goals which may or may not be pursued, depending on

the available research funding

which is currently non-existent for Morgellons.”

Vitaly Citovsky, Ph.D.
Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Dr. Kalani said the fibers from Morgellons patients were fungal.

Because the body becomes like soil, fungus is attracted.

(Dear God, help us!)

The fibers are coated with the Agobacterium, which is a pathogenic fungus also known as Agent Green.

Whether it is

getting in the lungs,

being ingested, or is

vector borne or

transmitted sweat to sweat

is the big question.

I took slides to my friend who is an entomologist and we found fungal hyphae, alternarium, and pathogenic funguses on the slides.

These are not things that grow in humans. They are organisms that grow in plants.

So the human bodies of these sufferers are becoming like soil and what does that attract?

(the human bodies of these sufferers — become hosts to these parasites — if ALL are exposed, then why do only SOME become “pierced” become hosts?)

Fungus, mold and parasites.

Looking back on my earlier writing makes my heart go out to those who’ve recently acquired Morgellons. It really does make you crazy for awhile. If I’m less crazy now, that’s because I quickly figured out how to treat myself.

There’s a direct correlation between how sick one is and how angry one becomes. Like when I lash out at Dan Burisch Crain for not doing enough.

So, I still do not believe that elitists are making us sick on purpose, but they have royally f*cked things up!

Is there a connection between chem trails and Morgellons, probably an unintended one.

We needn’t prove that connection to force our elected representatives to put a stop to aerosol crimes.

We need to educate the medical community as to this Myiasis – Morgellons connection.

If I can help with treatment suggestions, leave a comment. I will see it.

Or, you can browse here:



Burisch, McDowell, Deppeller, Tenet, the Code of the 27 Blue Apples and the Great Pyramid

June 21, 2011

I apologize for the following not being in chronological order. It’s all very new to me.

I’ll start with a quote about Bill Hamilton, as I’ve long been curious as to why the parting of the ways between he and Burisch. “BJ” is Marcia McDowell.


Posted: Sun Apr 03, 20051:16 am

     Oh come on now kids. I am not one to betray ‘insider information’ but this lack of anything being put out for ‘public consumption’ is a bit weary.

Bill Hamilton was allegedly thrown out by BJ for overt disclosure relating to the ’27 blue apples’ and tonal manipulation of the ‘shiva’ for ganesh particle production.


BJ and Thessa

Posted: Jul 23 2004, 06:37 AM

Thanks, Thessa. I didn’t get too involved in the Burisch thread, but read your post here. One thing that caught my attention was the mention of “Blue Apples”. That became an interesting topic on the Azazel thread on GLP. I managed to save the first page of four that the generous GLPer posted before it got deleted, and now is no longer in the data base! Hmmmmmm.Here are some tid-bits from the Burisch thread, mentioning the Blue Apples:And yes, if I am called to testify…I will tell the truth, but for the sake of humanity, I will not divulge (under any circumstances) the key to the blue apples, which is the access point to the fruit of the Tree of Life.Met with Dan and Marcia at Rachel and Frenchmans. Much to tell. Got lots of it recorded. Dan even cautiously went over the blue apple thing. Got to unwind the road jitters. LaterThe apple question was addressed too.
————————————————-Now from a bit on the Rennes le Chateau in France, a mysterious place with an interesting history! The second parchment found has the mention of “blue apples”.After the death of Sauniere, hidden parchments were found, ciphered in Latin, with this message in French:”This treasure belongs to DAGOBERT II and to Sion and he is there dead.”A second parchment read:”Shephardess no temptation that Pousinn Teniers hold the key. Peace 681 by the cross and this Horse of God. I complete this daemon guardian at midday. Blue Apples.” Another strange phrase was found with “Blue Apples at Noon”. The “BLUE APPLES ” are decipherable only through the use of the “Knight´s Tour”, a game of chess.
——————————————————-It would seem to me from the Burisch thread that someone has deciphered the meaning of the “Blue Apples” inscription on the second parchment! Wonder what it really means? If Burisch knows, but won’t tell, it has great significance for all.BJ


Posted: Jul 23 2004, 10:21 AM

Hi BJ!

I did a search and found that on the Volume 11 (already in the archives) Dr Burisch himself talks about the Blue Apples. I’ll paste a bit of that post but the link is here if you want to read it all.


1) What is so special about the tetrahedron that Marci was supposed to
make for you (your work)? For instance, does this particular
tetrahedron (by means of its hexagonal symmetry) have something to do
with the Fire Letters, Ophanic alphabet, Hebrew?

—The entire group of 5 platonic solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron) have been studied and are currently under close scrutiny, relative the Lotus. I would refer you to Dan Winter´s work, ref the structure of three dimensional Divine Sephira with respect to where my interest turned into a project-wide “thing.”

The structures of the platonics can be observed as composing the 3 dimensional “tree of life” (sacred Kabbalah and sacred Geometry oriented). Early on in the research, we noticed certain small particles associated with the stream within which the GP´s were moving.

These particles later turned out to be what we named “Selkies”, the so called Class “C” particles that seem to act as directional guides in the electromagnetic river, and possess what amount to organically composed/encapsulated electromagnetic antennae.

We are of the opinion, at this time, that such particles receive directional instructi! ons from via the portal event. That portal event, may be classed as either (a) a micro-wormhole, ( a movement from the implicate to explicate (in a Bohmian sense), and/or © the transition point of the Daath.

I tend toward a combination of the latter two answers. In any case, the Class “C” particles, on video taped presentation, appeared to be rapidly revolving and morphing. Once significantly slowed (1/1000) and freeze frame subjected, the Class “C” particles appeared to be obviously changing from one platonic solid to another.

They were, in essence, moving through a patterned sequence that we could both document and relate to frequency modulations. You may be asking whether these patterns have been decoded as a possible understandable communication. The answer is a qualified “yes”.

Some of the communication we can understand, some we have not (to this day) understood. The particul! ar patterns and frequencies relate directly to the 27 Blue tones (the Blue Apples) and I am therefore not able to continue with those particulars.

You are probably already aware that there exists 27 spheres to compose the Metatron´s Cube, out from which all 5 platonics may be described.

—These platonics are observable, as well, in the flashes of light emitted during biophotonic bursts and have, therefore, also been the object of intense scrutiny as their patterns relate to both the sacred Sri Yantra of Creation and the 3 dimensional “tree”.

We have discovered patterns in the shadows cast by the platonic solids that correspond, directly, to the biophotonic burst data. In photography terms, we may be the reduced dimensional negative to the “other side´s” expanded dimensional positive.

2) Do you use dodecahedron and icosahedron pentagonal symmetry in your

—Yes, to the extent that we have data showing many regular pentagonal features, over a large range of size scales.

3) The 27 spheres (and the platonic solids) that you have mentioned
several times:

tauIX: tau stands for 3; 3*9 = 27

Is there hidden or direct relationship between the ´tau9´ symbol and
the 27 spheres´ model other than numeric?

—Comment reserved. Sorry.


If you interested in this specific subject do a search on that vol. by “apple” because there are several posts addressing the Blue Apples issue.

Note: “OpDirLotus” is the nickname of Marci (or Marcia).

I must confess it goes a bit over my head… I never really study Sacred Geometry and the Platonic Solids are not my favorite subject either…

I suppose there was another very good post about the Blue Apples by an AC at another volume. I’ll look for it and if I find it I’ll post it here.

The Burisch thread is now on its 18 Volume. This new thread does have “Burisch” on it but Catselas if you want to search it.



The following is a document I downloaded a while ago, but haven’t had the patience yet to comb through. Here’s a few related quotes.

“As of 03:00 hours UTC, Marcia Ann McDowell, M.A. has been directed by the Majestic 12 to have been appointed Operational Director of Project Lotus.”

“Dan even cautiously went over the blue apple thing.”

“She is being inducted into the fraternity of the few people that know the code of the 27 blue apples. Her precious family ties finally paid off for her.”

“It was later learned that Marcia’s father, then deceased, had been a highly placed Majestic courier, and due to those family ties Marcia was not to be …”

“… entire planet, becoming daily after Time Gate 99, where we had been positioned by OT Ptah inside the Great Pyramid of Gizah, and the “Tomb of Osiris “.”


This is as good a place as any to provide a link to Marcia’s YouTube Project Isis uploads, which I believe are directly related to the Code of the 27 Blue Apples.


This next part is where George Tenet comes in. Again, I apologize not chronological. I am working backwards from the last to the first.


Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 20:53:59 -0800 (PST)
From: “Dan Burisch”
Subject: Session Distillation
To: “Binah”


What follows is the distillation of the session conducted this morning, basically read to you over the phone. You may share it with the XXX as you wish. Pope [Burisch]
31MAR05 I/C Session J1 [J1 = McConnell ?]


1. Cause of Issued Untruth: Majority in the 12 was tipped by Tenet/Prodi, to prevent my disclosure by Illuminist Elements, 7/5 against.

2. Cause of Change: With Prodi/Tenet gone, shift has now moved to 6/5 in favor.

J1 advised that I can proceed with what I am doing under the assurance of no negative from the Maji, yet no vote authorizing. As the Maji have been informed of my intent and that I have now been told of the untruth, they officially sit in a “not convened, no actions taken against operator, no further presumption of wrong doing” status.

They (6 of 11) have signed on that, and that prevents future votes against me that could yield greater than a deadlock (6 of 12) with no action.

3. Import: Some disclosures are good and some are bad.

(Could feed Illuminist elements, ex. military disclosures.)

My particular history, truth to be told, and my orientation to it, will do nothing but act to hasten our survival and 2012 success.

The 33 (CotM) voted in 1994 that I should be the one to disclose (at an undetermined time) the relationship between the ETs and the timelines, as the received info from the positive ETs indicated it would hasten our ability to resist the negative influences as we approach that time.

J1 was unaware of that vote and it had been removed from the records by Tenet. J1 just became aware of the vote and the Illuminist Elements were exposed.

4. Possibles: If deemed appropriate from the data provided by me (and possibly others), the Maji may allow my (and others) exposure (Congressional) to “do the deed.”

end notes.

Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. H-6196-Maj-E ret.


A Brief Interlude – Ann is Marcia’s sister.


Dan promised that the ebook Emanation of the Solfeggio was the first project that would be completed. It will be completed.

You probably know that Dan and Marci were the first people ever to prove out hyperspace geometry on the Solfeggio scale.

This is no small discovery and never described before.

They found that the 6 tones of the Solfeggio scale, when added with the 3 suppressed tones, could be represented as a hyperspace cube that

through the mathematics of music continues to generate the Solfeggio tones

by the differences between tones created when the 2D numbers were raised to 3D.

This means that the Solfeggio may be natural and produced by the universe itself!

So if anyone ever says it was known before, ask them to give their research on the SOLFEGGIO TESSERACT.

When they look at you dumbfounded, you can smile at them and tell them to go away and do their homework.

If they stubbornly say any more, ask them to show the research they have on subtle matter that can restart cells.

(Dan’s Lotus promise will be fulfilled too.)

Dan was struck when he was finishing a special part of the Solfeggio which I am backtracking through hundreds of pages of his handwritten notes, for Marci to complete.

This special section could be considered very heretical and will show ancient knowledge about the Solfeggio maybe known before it was hidden or maybe never known before.

Marci is now tasked with making decisions what will be written because this ancient knowledge section was written in Dan’s handwriting:

This is a dangerous discussion he was (IS!) going to give to the world.

It’s worthwhile because it’s information believed to have been suppressed for centuries.

Dan’s private notes are littered with notes to self about giving healing to the world. I can promise that his work will not be stopped.

If one falls another will step up, and another, and another. This will be given to the world.

Blessings to all those of the heart-love, Ann


Back to the fight between Burisch and Tenet over the the Code of the 27 Blue Apples.

Don Deppeller and COMMAJ17

Now, here’s what “COMMAJ17″ had to say, before his communication to me was cut off back in 2005:

“George [Tenet, CIA Director] wanted Dr. Burisch to release the 27 tones to
workers at the Great Pyramid at Egypt’s Giza plateau.

The pyramid is being evaluated as a creation device.

Appartently the subterranean part of it is exactly
built to handle the 27 tones. Dr. Burisch refused.

The argument was reported to certain of the Maji, for
whom power is an everyday thing.

This added another
nail to the professional coffin, and soon George was
no more in power.

Porter took his place and was
openly questioned about a “rogue” unit within the
American D.O.D., during his Senate hearings.

The term
“rogue” was actually used. This was publicly carried

Porter did well and was confirmed as the
next Maji even before being sworn into his public


To which I replied, in part:

Was this a coincidental
> use of the term, or
> understood correctly by both questioner and Goss?


Well, please attend to the attached .wav files: they
knew exactly to what they were speaking.

1.wav is a
fragment of Senator Dick Durbin’s question.

2.wav is
a fragment of Mr. Goss’ response.

3.wav is a snippet
about the crux: the infighting and competition within
the Maji between the supporters of the American
Defence I.A. and the Nat. S.A. and those supporting
Central Intell.

Dr. Burisch is closely allied with
the former and that predisposed him to the
confrontation with George.

You may access the entire
transcript from the U.S. Senate if you require it.

The statements by Senator Hatch will be of prime
interest to you, as he whitewashed Goss into the DCI

Your friends, Harry/Sterling, believed they
could get his help.

This was an unfortunate case of
“naivete’ in extremis.”

Hatch is closely allied with
those exterior elements assisting to keep the overall
package, called Majestic 12, where it remains: under
cover for natsec reasons.


This next part is lengthy, but I think worth the time, as it has to do with Burisch v Tenet.

Dan Burisch 4/28/2007 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

A friendly message I expect will be carried aloft by old ops to my good friend, GJT: What’s wrong bunky? Do you feel yourself getting closed on? I know.

Even if you were a major PITA, Porter was worse! I just can’t let you suffer this way! Don’t worry over it. Call Dennis! Or…”60 Minutes” will be your swan song? Naaa!!!

When you reach Dennis [Kucinich], tell him the truth – I trust you still remember what that is? Let me GUESS?

James told you about the Uruk issue after you got upsourced by RBC when he went around J1 so a vote-down couldn’t occur in the newly spinning 12.

This was in the wake of the CotM falling apart?

You were told that the case to go into Iraq was already set “Slam Dunk Co-Op” to jump off from Afghanistan and into Iraq to get the ERB, which was then under Sunni control via Saddam.

Remember now? Of course you do! It was all arranged, right?

The funding was in place for the protection! 43 got revenge for 41, RBC sent the cut of the profits to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) who lined it up as half.

RBC took his cut and so did Karzai and the rest was split again for the protection inside Afghanistan and Iraq.

You just have to aching to tell it all? Let’s recount it a little more, continuing to guess about it.

You made the deal with SDC, via Karzai, who had another deal with RBC (unknown to the full 12) to slip Morning Glory profits out the back door to the Shiites

(without them knowing where the money was from),

and as part of the deal their kin wouldn’t oppose us on the ground when we took Saddam out, as they could regain their place in Afghanistan against the Sunni biased Taliban?

Your selling point was a done deal: restore the Imam Hussein’s memory to a rightful place, and to remove Saddam, in the place where the Karbala martyrdom occurred.

(Of course the Sunni’s in Iraq found out a few years later, which is why the Al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, named after the father of Imam Hussein, was bombed, but by then it was someone else’s problem?

You remember how that all came about? I can guess.

The blackops we had working inside Afghanistan told the aid workers with whom they had to blend in, because the aid workers were going to drop a dime on them once the legit workers started getting killed.

Then wet-ops in Iraq threatened to talk after hearing, so that forced you to run cover.

So you started “borrowing from Peter to pay Paul” after RBC turned you down for Plaus-D to J1.

Things got out of control right before you left.

You called me and tried to get me to make a trade for you…you get the tones which you hand as technology to the Egyptian Sunni’s for a peace offering, but the Shia in their country found out.

I called J1 and he checked with your liaison to Cairo, and so the cat was out of the bag! The pass of the message was slow but it made its rounds…especially to the bossman.

Then Pavitt told McLaughlin. You said you were leaving for ‘personal reasons,’ “nothing more and nothing less.”

But, by the time you were saying that, RBC had already told bossman who in turn told Dr. CR.

Dr. CR told CLP that she was aware, and soon she had leveraged his job, given State’s appearance as being the center of it all, because of the infamous “bugs-in-a-trailer” dog-and-pony show at the UNSC.)

Now you are trying to figure out how to explain why you used the term “Slam Dunk” and none of your explanations seem to be taking because the IC is circling the wagons and the worst possible person for you is in charge of it?

(Plus, the idea to charm the Shia by W has fallen on deaf ears with al-Maliki because he’s in tight with Cairo!)

Oh, man! You thought you were getting what was on the left, and now you find out the best you can get is on the right!

I wonder what I am going to tell everybody if I am placed in a chair after raising my right hand?

You know, truth be told, I don’t like whiners, but given all the water under our bridge, I will give you my best advice.

I want to be there for you when you find the need to pay for counsel: Call Keith.

I hear BAH is down one man and they are going heavy subcontracting to the DAV’s.

This way you can stay in the same business you were in, while playing “Slam Dunk” with real lives.



More Burisch v Tenet.

Dan Burisch 4/29/2007

GJT – You have to be asking yourself: How did we know that CBS would run the particular photo, above, in their expose’?

Could it be that CBS already spoke with somebody in our circle? Impossible, right? GJT – You knew instantly that 9/11 was UBL? “You listen to me!” “We don’t torture people!”

No one died in the interrogation program…excuse me…the Enhanced Interrogation Program? You didn’t read W’s State of the U?

What about your passing it around with J2 and J1 in the 12’s chamber before it was approved? Did you forget that? “It’s a Slam Dunk Case!” meant “We could do better!”


Your performance tonight looked like a Used Car Salesman trying to back-off an odometer reading!

GJT- You call your book “At the Center of the Storm”? It’s due in stores in just 4 hours!

Who and what is on your mind, man? Are you applying for membership? Sorry, our Think Tank, named “Eye of the Hurricane” for over 2 years now, is not accepting new members at this time.

You yelled the same thing at me

“Listen to me! I have the authority!”

when you wanted to steal my work and use it to fund your problems…I don’t want to sound cruel, but you decided to play near the fire!

Now that your trousers are burned, you only have yourself to blame.

Have a good night, GJT……but don’t come knocking.



Deppeller and Blackbird

The Florida thing was the worst of all. They used
some of Burisch’s stuff without his permission.
Burisch wouldn’t let it go and it got ugly. Shoving,
fist fights, throwing coffee. It was really bad
times. Got to hand it to
Burisch though. He’s a
small dude but he can stand toe to toe. One rep said
it was Burisch’s fault and accused
Burisch of being
responsible if the gps went world wide. It got loud
and the guy pushed
Burisch into his desk then Burisch
let loose and hit him with his coffee cup! This is
Burisch knew about the Illuminati plans for the
sea. The only one I can say for sure would have a
reaction over the Florida trip would be Lord Hill
Norton but he is dead.
Burisch and Norton got into a
screaming match in a teleconference and
Burisch called
Norton a pompus English son-of-a (you get the rest).
Right before
Burisch went silent, the day before, he
got into a similar argument with
Tenet. That argument
is on video and a close friend has Burisch’s side of
Burisch was wearing head phones to hear Tenet.
If I can get it without exposing myself I will.
Burisch to give away the 27 notes to a team
working at the
great pyramid trying to turn it on with


“DB’s concerns about “turning on” the Great Pyramid using the 27 ‘tones’; the name “Prodi” refers to Italian prime minister Romano Prodi”


More on Blackbird, COMMAJ17, DonDep and Dan to follow.

For the time being:

Dan didn’t want COMMAJ17 talking to me, so Ann (at Dan’s direction; Ann had been the former head of security at the Consistory – the masonic

I will send the office pictures in a different letter cuz the size is going to be way too big. Affadavits? If my name gets out I am dead. Blackbird


Is it any wonder?

I really do want to believe that this knowledge is in good hands.

But I keep asking myself, why?

Why can’t you stop these chem trail planes? Why can’t you cure Morgellons?

Power? Profit? Prestige?

Majestic versus Illuminati – I can’t tell the difference.

The very ones you are supposed to care for suffer.

And our world is a shadow world.

False light?

Who are these people to decide what is truth?


(I’ll update this post later.)


Dan Burisch, Marci McDowell, Don Deppeller, Majestic, Bio Weapons, SION or SCION and Chem Trails

June 7, 2011

Please see:

May 6, 2004 Vegas Microbiologist Implicated in Gulf War Syndrome — Friendly Fire WMD.


Dr. Dan Burisch seeks John Kerry’s help for gaining immunity to testify in Congressional Hearing about designer viruses and other black op projects.  Scientist behind providing backfiring immunity to the Gulf War vets now wants immunity to testify about his knowledge of this syndrome.


With all due respect, Mr. Deppeller, what you have put forth is far too important to languish in obscurity in a forum thread. More on that later.

First some background. Sorry, this probably won’t be in chronological order.

Today is Tuesday, June 7, 2011. Here in the Valley of the Sun these last few days have been heavenly. No chem trail activity that I’ve witnessed.

DonDep has a long history with Dan and Marcia and has chronicled much of it. While I do not always arrive at the same conclusions Don does, I very much appreciate his work and often find myself combing through hours and hours of information he has transcribed.

I’ve previously mentioned that until I read Dan confirming the reality of chem trails, I really did not want to “go there.”

But I had reason to believe Dan. And Marcia.

Don’t always trust their judgment, but I never doubted their veracity.

Then I read of the possible Chem Trail – Morgellons connection. Probably impossible to prove.

Getting sick has been a real turning point in my life.

And why am I repeatedly in the right place at the right time to photograph these evil doers? (That’s what I call the enemy tanker pilots.)

Strange things are happening everyday. I hear the music up above my head.

Strange and wondrous things.

Oh, where to begin? I’ll begin with information I’ve previously posted about these possible connections. Either in the actual post or in “Comments” section below post.

March 18, 2011 at 4:09 pm


We suppose we should begin at the beginning.

To that end, we start this out by taking you back to a portion of a now transcripted and redacted video teleconference which was held on March 29, 2007.

“J” is the former MJ1, “A” is Ann, “M” is Marcia, and “D” is Dan.

(For more on J, please see

The only changes made to this conversation are X’s I have added and the length has been shortened by removing the closings at the end.

That’s all.


J: How? Exactly what have you learned?

D: Jxxx, I have no choice but to say that while there is a possibility that Apophis will strike us, and that while this has been in the mainstream media,

that the appearance of the lack of consideration by the Maji was not the full story.

J: What does that do to help anyone? It will strengthen the idiotic claims of people like Dxx, who are waiting for the sky to fall! (yelling)

(Dxx = DonDep)

M: What it will do, is tell the truth.

D: Thank you!

A: For as bad as I’ve been, I agree that it should be told that the Majestic hierarchy has been watching the situation.

D: How can I say that? Is that what the group is called?

J: I thought it was Sion! (laughing)

D: Funny!

J: You were nicknamed S1 while you were in liaison with Nxxx.

D: Thanks for letting me know. I thought H1 held.

J: No. Separate classification for separate duties. We had to call you something.

D: Is there anything else you haven’t told us? Anything of such importance?

J: Dan, no.

(A hangs up.)


April 3, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Dan Burisch: Are you speaking of chemtrails?

DONDEP: Yes, I was. But That’s okay! We’re learning here!

Dan Burisch: Well..that is almost completely conceivable.

Dan Burisch: Almost…

Dan Burisch: The nefarious nature behind the chemtrails issue is of private concern to me. I have a reason…

When being asked to evaluate certain bp strands and give my perspectives as to how they may work under given conditions, I memorized many of the sequences.

DONDEP: Spoken carefully! go on….

Dan Burisch: A couple years after that memorization, when working (for a very short time, at mutual request ) under ground in New Mexico, I was asked to evaluate sequences placed into a papilloma virus subtype.

The functional sequences were the same.

This told me, together with the match to certain J-Rod sequences, that the Raindancer project may indeed be a b>>>io//wea///pon.

That weapon would not be one directed at the human species, given the surface coat protein structure.

It would be directed at the J-Rods, and I believe a specific subspecies thereof.

DONDEP: subspecies, as in hybrids?

Dan Burisch: Yes. Not hybridization as you may take it though. The rogues.


Dan Burisch: That is a nice thought…freedom. Yes, representationShould I be called

DONDEP: Legal counsel. Of supreme concern. Have you a name or names to start with?

Dan Burisch: before the Congress, there will be subjects brought up that a discussion of immunity would be requisite for the continuance of testimony.

Dan Burisch: I figure it this way…

HARRY: listening intently here..

Dan Burisch: If the impossible would occur…I would ask at the time of first sitting.

DONDEP: go on….

Dan Burisch: I don’t need representation without the occasion presenting where I would be forced, under oath, to testify about some difficult subjects. I am only concerned about one subject, but I would leave that issue to counsel.

HARRY: and that one subject is?

Dan Burisch:  Left to attorney-client priv.

ClearEyes: LOL

HARRY: of course.

Dan Burisch: You must have heard rumours…

DONDEP: We will need potential counsel’s address, since we won’t be able to reach you under many conditions. Should we secure potential counsel for you?

Dan Burisch: Counsel is useless unless called.

DONDEP: heard rumours of what?

Dan Burisch: If I am called…I would be placed under some type of subpoena…under the supposition that I would be allowed to honor that subpoena (you read correctly), then I would ask for counsel.

HARRY: Some of us feel that you are being denied some basic constitutional rights, how do you feel about it?

BOOMERANG: Some? lol

Dan Burisch: There have been rumours, letters, which make allegations concerning actitivities that are said to have occurred during Desert Storm.

HARRY: allegations your honor..

Dan Burisch: Hmmm let me see about that…only contact with the public is when covertly arranged…

HARRY: Can’t receive unopened mail..

Dan Burisch: Sure.

DONDEP: ….only contact with the public is when covertly arranged…..what does that tell everybody?

HARRY: We live in Cuba

DONDEP: I understand, Dan; the BCW efforts you were part of.

Dan Burisch: That either I know certain material that could be detrimental and must be controlled…or that I’m a baaaaad boy Abbot!

Dan Burisch: That is an unfounded supposition.

Dan Burisch: Be nice, Don.

DONDEP: Sorry!

security: Dano we have to cut soon…

Dan Burisch: Okay.

DONDEP: I just keep imaging you looking around to see if you were hooked up to the polygraph!

TRANSCRIPT BETWEEN J-1 and H-1 ON MAY 02, 2006 (between McDonnell and Burisch)

J1: You need to look at their whole safety issue. The LGlass says Mid month May the Illuminati are going to come at you. You don’t want friends hurt, do you? Then send them on their way.
H1: Well, they’ll think I am some asshole, huh?
J1: Which is more important? They’ll probably hate you, but you’ll keep them alive this way.
H1: Their safety, I understand, sir. You don’t need to convince me further.
J1: Has M settled on a route?
H1: To Colorado?
J1: Yes
H1: Yes, sir. If necessary eevac is standing ready for the children.
J1: Good man. Has the Xxxxx settled on the arrangements between you and suny? I want that off my soul.
H1: They are working it right now. But, I was going to have Don with an NDA on the evidence.
J1: Who else?
H1: BH
J1: He’s good. He keeps company with Harris. How about her?
H1: Fine, sir. Is there any other way on this?
J1: And them not be subjected to harm? No.
H1. Okay.
J1: Get over it. The prophecies say you and M have to walk this alone, from the desert. Danny, it will save billions of lives or you’ll have a friend or two?
H1: Yes, sir. Understood.
J1: Once the Illuminati come for you, the prophecy (I Believe the correct word in that spot was “LGLASS”, not prophecy.) shows the danger high and you and M fight and succeed in sending the word out. Just keep your ass behind doors!
H1: Well, it’s not like there’s much left of it.
J1: You and M are saving more lives by the simple knowledge of you two than anyone else in history. You two must walk the path alone to Sion. You know this. (The correct statement here was close to “You and M are saving many lives through your work. You should be proud.”)
H1: We are! I will not fail, sir. M will not fail, sir.
J1: I know you won’t.

The irony for me here is it was just this surviving the Cycles Cross scenario which prompted me to go looking for discussion.

That’s how I found Dan speaking to chemtrails, bio weapons, etc.

There has to be a moral to this story.

Curiosity killed the cat?!

Dec. 16, 2003

Transcript of a conversation between Dr. Dan Burisch and Dondep

Don asks Dan, “Do you know for a fact that your research did not result in bioweapons being produced?”

Dan’s reply was that GPs were used in Florida (Blackwater) and the Army was involved. This was unauthorized by him – and that “The unauthorized use of it in Florida would constitute as much [bioweapons].”

He goes on to expand upon characteristics of the Ganesch Particle, and how it has managed to remain hidden from scientists for so long and he just happened upon it by looking at the right place, at the exact right moment. It “decloaks” near the target cell, but only for a short time.

Dan makes the statement “I will put it directly to you- I am telling the truth as I know it. Period. No lies, no back stabbing bullshit, just what I know to be true… Whenever I say something, if I only know it to be via 2nd hand (like the triangles) or 3rd hand or rumor…I tell it that way.”
He lists:

  • The J-Rod – 1st hand.
  • The entity [Cherubim] 1st. hand.
  • PX (2nd. hand, info provided to me) haven’t seen it.
  • Stargate- Looking glass/natural one – 1st hand
  • Yellow Book (we called it differently, but same thing) – 1st hand
  • Components of the Ark- 1st hand, biospheric domes. I haven’t seen them.
  • And that “they” [Believed to mean Majestic] tried to erase his memory, but it did not “take”

Dan explains that Bill Hamilton came up with the “key” to the Ganesch Particles, THE PAVITRAKAS, due to his being a “damned good researcher”. He explains that each Pavitrakas comes in the form of a serpent, the inside of the serpent is a ladder, pointing out the connection, “Serpent – ladder – our ole friend deoxy-rna”.

S-I-O-N or S-C-I-O-N ?

DB: These days, these conferences, were never in consideration, never a thought of mine. I just wanted, and continue… and although I love every one of you… but I would want to continue just doing the research that we’re doing, and to back-engineer some of the devices that we spoke about. In the Lotus research that you will see, some of the images weren’t shown in any other places such as maybe even CalTech.

[brief interruption and chatter as new people come in; new camera set up]

In any case, I told him: You sent us out here and you needed to expect that the people would rightfully and rightly express themselves to us.

After a few more minutes of conversation and some tears between him and I, I told him to listen to the peoples’ voices that he heard and to make sure that the videos which were coming out of this conference were forwarded to the group which took over after Majestic.

[to Marcia] Should we just go ahead and name them? Name it?

The group which took over… and this is going to be a very big problem, because this is streaming out live; it’s being maintained for public record. The new group which took over after Majestic is named Scion, S-C-I-O-N (not S-I-O-N as in the Priory of Sion) [laughter]… S-C-I-O-N, which means a transplant, such as when you would transplant a shoot of a tree onto another tree, it’s called a scion. It’s a biological term.

This from DonDep prompted me to put up this post.


Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:00 pm


Also, recall that Dan B. was actively involved in creating bio-weapons for several years, from what he has intimated; see below. Imagine what that can do to the mind of a micro-biologist, especially one who is a member of that most exclusive secret society – the Priory of Sion.

Jest my too sense.


… it is an eye-popping detailing of bio-warfare experimentation that took place from 1962 until 1973. It appears that this is a required report, requested in 1991 from Congress, and finally completed in 2002 and presented in this 2003 Report.

It’s an amazing admission that our Department of Defense carried out tests of biological and chemical warfare agents on both American citizens and citizens of other countries, unbeknownst to them. In fact, we shouldn’t be surprised to find that Dan Burisch’s earliest work for Majestic was in helping them develop some of these bio-weapons; he’s tip-toed around this aspect of his history, but it may well account for many of his present-day antics, knowing as he does how many people may have suffered at the hands of the US DoD in their attempts to develop, uh, an “alternative to nuclear war” as the report so delicately puts it.

The U.S. Army was directed to establish a test center that would be staffed and funded by all the Services and would coordinate a joint test program. The Army established the Deseret Test Center at Fort Douglas, Utah, in June 1962. That location allowed test center personnel to take advantage of facilities and personnel at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, {also alleged to be the final resting place for the extraterrestrial craft – a/k/a ‘flying saucers’ – given to Majestic by a certain faction of ETs – dd} to support tests, which were expected to be conducted in the Pacific Ocean or on land in Alaska, Hawaii and the then-Panama Canal Zone. From 1962 to 1973, the Deseret Test Center conducted a series of operational chemical and biological warfare tests in support of Project 112. Project SHAD (Shipboard Hazard and Defense) was a subset of that program. Much of the chemical and biological warfare agent behavior information collected then remains valid today.

Mother Confessor

« Reply #218 Today at 9:25pm »

May I, Marci? I know it’s pretty much on the down low, but I do have Dan’s ok to say about what I want about these issues. That way, only a limited number read it, Randall sees it, and Marci who will not talk about it doesn’t have to be pushed to act against anyone.

Randall, today is JUNE 7. 30 years ago, today, on Pentecost Sunday, Dr. Dan received a Roman Catholic Church documented miraculous healing from an otherwise fatal disease.

He is not available to ANYONE today except for his wife who is also leaving him alone for the day. He was locked into the Garrison’s Chapel, many hours ago to pray. Annabelle (SoF), the Martial of the Guard and 2 Lady SoF Guard are protecting the door. One person was added for each decade to honor G-d, then what Dan has done in his life. He usually spends most of the day, on a concrete flooring, prone with his arms spread into a cross shape. I do not believe ANY of us will see him until after midnight.

Yes, he is the Protector of the Seal, but the Grand Commander is doing his duty for the day. Yes it’s a violation of protocols, but there is not a d**n thing anyone can do about it. Today, he is alone with the G-d. So stop pushing on us and call Fran to route you you through. Do you understand? If you have any problem with any of this call me. Your position is schedule to be increased soon so don’t disappoint me during a time where things can quickly change.

Don’t reply here. Frank, let me know when he has seen this.

Stan Goldestein, Psy.D.

PsychOps ConsisMaj

(Stan spelled his name wrong and, yes, this post was deleted.  Reason unknown.)


God gets His turn at getting a word in edgewise?

And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.


June 8, 2011 at 12:56 pm   edit

List of Chem Trails Folders (hopefully comprehensive)


Aerosol Crimes Pics

Please post these image folder links wherever you can:

And be sure to click on “SlideShow” for each folder.








June 8, 2011 at 1:01 pm   edit

Unless otherwise indicated, these pics taken in general vicinity of:,P3_TITLE:13643%2CWhite%20Peak

ID: 13643
Name: White Peak

Coordinates (One point per USGS topographic map containing the feature, NAD83)

Sequence Latitude(DEC) Longitude(DEC) Latitude(DMS) Longitude(DMS) Map Name
1 33.7722575 -112.3523863 334620N 1122109W Baldy Mountain


Great tool: