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Doomsday Project HAARP Technology HAARP Teknolojisi Kıyamet Projesi Abdulkadir ŞEKER 15 Haziran 2017

June 24, 2017

[This obviously is a Google Translation. Honestly, I’m not even sure what it’s about. But worth archiving here, I believe. Thank you, Rose. BTW Nick Begich is mentioned in this article.]


HAARP “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program” word formed from the initial letters of the English-born American scientist and inventor Serb is the name of a technology developed by Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla’s the rumor about the earthquake, there are two different memories.


Given the very low frequency electromagnetic waves of HAARP technology ELFE name but they have a very high power. Nikola Tesla’s atmosphere and ionosphere can be used as a mirror of the electricity produced he was saying it may be distributed free to all the world from this layer.

Entrepreneurs who do not like the idea of distributing free electricity were cut off completely supports monetary Nikola Tesla. Monetary support would probably all be free today discontinuation of electricity used in the world.

HAARP earthquake machine is a device that actually saw a giant oscillator task.

Very large currents, the ionosphere and breakage of a fault line with expected energy savings by focusing on the desired area via applies is based on the early and severely broken. Of course, not only on this task. Using any heating of the atmosphere and the ionosphere with HAARP machine vibration by application of electromagnetic force can be obtained in various meteorological changes.

Hose, hurricanes, heavy rains can be formed.


Marmara earthquake is believed to be the first test of the 1999 earthquake HAARP machine. This period causing thoughts Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit, “he made the Earthquake America?

It Investigation … “is mentioned. However, the period of the Kandilli Observatory director Professor Dr. Mete Işıkara phone by opening “Could this be an artificial earthquake?”

Is a separate point to ask the question.

Full start of the 1999 earthquake in the Marmara earthquake blood shown on the news. There is a point where exactly this earthquake began, not in !!! Normally quakes began in the wider region.

Domains can not start a pit 5 meters wide by 3 meters deep. Moreover, this pit that’s exactly why the Gölcük Navy HAARP has been a strong connection between the 1999 Earthquake. That night and the puddles that the top US commander in the Israeli navy has been in doubt because of a surplus.

However, in 1999 the prohibition of Golcuk diving in the aftermath of the earthquake in the Marmara earthquake, doubts Did HAARP weapon was used? It has focused on the question.

Sending military ships to Russia under the pretext of aid offers another clue in the same period.

Marmara earthquake FIRE BALL EVENT explosion like fireball by fire of the gas exiting the earthquake instant fault line, though scientifically possible, because it causes earthquakes in the region is used as it was on August 17 of the HAARP technology (in the thought that the next earthquake is produced by HAARP fever was recorded cannon image) doubts rightly increased.

In addition, elongated earthquake clouds seen before the earthquake, in a very period as August 17 earthquake, to be identified and subsequently around the globe in occurred, and the thought that the earthquake that artificial earthquake clouds also could be seen.

This phenomenon is that the connection with HAARP; HAARP ionosphere and breaking runs in the gas exiting probably occurred because the artificial earthquake cloud from the cloud of gas in this region burned out earthquake has not occurred.

Today, three types of earthquake clouds close to the ground layer of the atmosphere about the two types of earthquake clouds seen in many examples, although it is ionosphere-induced earthquake clouds can not be identified.

HAARP Gölcük earthquake RELATIONSHIP fact aim on 17th August 1999 earthquake, it was not a deliberate attack.

The goal was already using the HAARP machine disposal in small tremors of an earthquake in Istanbul with a bid of Americans expected. Puddles illumination for this test are preferred.

But when night operation starts also try something went wrong and suddenly realized it was an earthquake cause unintended consequences.

Of course, as a test area such conduct experiments in their own countries that the US and Israeli governments !!! Golcuk is a testament to prefer human value they give us. So either try and check that the authorities allow this?


Today also do not know even know anyone from reaching Alaska HAARP technology can easily see inceleyebilip EDU site through the internet. That is no longer a secret HAARP project. Even just thinking that many countries in the world not undergone artificial earthquake in Turkey is making noise about it.

Latest Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and accused America of playing god to generate artificial earthquakes and died after a short time.

It should not be forgotten American Dünya Savaş 2 finished with the atomic bomb, atomic bomb along with Nikola Tesla’s scientific papers in this process and these projects have emerged. In the intervening period we consider developing weapons technology in America today lArA ulaş very advanced technological estimates that will be very difficult.

But now the new face of war is seen as one to destroy a region to which they are not news.

many mystery as receipt of assignment of guardsmen, even a bullet during the occupation of Iraq is leading to these thoughts. unbeknownst to trial in earthquake country, thinking that there is nothing like America’s HAARP is a weapon in an earthquake which produces the model of the battleship floating HAARP can not use the war machine is still to be fully subject to possible to lose too much.

Instead of believing in such things need to be given to technological weapons work.

Our nuclear power plant installations still resist our advance toward the abnormal proliferation of weapons in the world is meaningless.

The only way you can have nuclear technology and nuclear power plants to learn installing this technology is to attain the ability to both therefore permissible for nuclear research.

US secret ‘earthquake’ weapon HAARP uses like Turkey?

French newspaper Le Figaro, wrote that the highest level of pressure in the earthquake of August 6, 2016 in Istanbul.

According to the news in VOA also it could lead to an earthquake of magnitude 7 to 8 on the Richter scale according to this pressure.

Just the news that the July 15 coup attempt then fired at the wick of a new debate.

Some circles’ earthquake alert to the threat and is in the hands of the top minds in Turkey coup plans, our country began to say that the technology would lead to the earthquake. The same arguments were experienced in the aftermath of the 1999 earthquake on August 17. So, is there really such a technology in the world?

America has been working on for many years what the HAARP project aims? Is HAARP is a doomsday weapon? ‘Black ends where it begins, where the boundaries of science? It is the August 17 earthquake may be an electromagnetic attack?

All the answers to these questions from investigating the issue since the 1999 earthquake, and get the information and documents with ‘my brains Foreign’ the book by Salman Ali told Demirbağ.

[Bütün bu soruların cevabını 1999 depreminden bu yana konuyu araştıran ve ulaştığı bilgi ve belgelerle ‘Beynimdeki Yabancı’ adlı kitabını yazan Ali Selman Demirbağ anlattı.]

‘Beynimdeki Yabancı’ Ali Selman Demirbağ (@asdemirbag )

I’m working on this issue for years At Dokuz Eylül University in 2003, I graduated from Bio Medical Technology department. Theorists of Free Particle Physics Physics (Quantum Mechanics) I received training.

One day I picked my head since my work is foreign in my book. I also contributed to the book is about Mind Control Operations prepared in the form of a consortium with the hegemony of global powers dominate mankind.

HAARP technology, especially about natural phenomena and control (Black Science) in 2011, the American Academician Dr. Nick Begich and working with the CIA’s secret lurking main purpose of the HAARP technology on the disclosed documents and operation system, the work I did on the effects and precautions to be taken.

INVENTOR OF Nikola Tesla

The first artificial seismic experiments were carried out successfully by Serbian-born scientist Nikola Tesla’s laboratory in New York. ‘Electromagnetic Ripples inventor Tesla was able to do in an earthquake measuring 5 on the Richter scale violence using these waves. Tesla’s success has been published in The New York Times.

At that time, too many unknown and the effects of electromagnetic waves, frightening by the scientific community and opinion leaders, and have been observed and it excludes unnecessary.

Besides the advance work for Tesla’s wireless electricity transported in the direction of the copper conductor cable cartels and who would lose money in the period they cut the front of the Tesla.


Nikola Tesla electromagnetic waves with the works of topics; ‘Energy accumulation trigger earthquakes in areas where the high fault lines,’ ‘to control the climate (rainfall using and ionosphere Earth’s magnetic field and control the winds)’, ‘reduce lightning desired region and to store the energy,’ ‘giving radiation to the desired area,’ ‘All preventing communication only provide their own contact ‘form can be listed.

These studies summa six were in the 1920s, II.

With Dünya Savaş II came to the fore again, it was carried out by the secret services.


So, all current reflection and continuation of scientific studies that have been done of how the secret service is taking place?

The answer to this problem is not an MUA

But, unlike many scientists, theoreticians and was presented to the public by the secret service.

But is what they believe or not to jeopardize their academic careers in some circles he is not known, the condition of our country ‘conspiracy theory,’ he calls.

However, there are many publications in the United States in this regard, work is being done in universities and shared with the public.

Today this work, Nikola Tesla’s principles it developed over 100 years ago, continues scope of the HAARP Project.

I work for this ‘Black Science’ I call.

Land science, particularly the US, including large state of the world, is the name given to the sum of the various projects on scientific-technical research they do to keep us under their hegemony, and they are working on. These projects are carried out with large budgets and large-scale, covert or semi-covert projects.


Here HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) project in such a ‘Black Project’ there are serious allegations have. HAARP ‘world’s largest and most powerful radio transmitter (transmitter) unit to produce the project’. The project is being jointly funded by the US Air Force and Marine. If the $ 30 million program of the University of Alaska’s executive tasks.

Project, Alaska / 11 miles east of Gakona was built. Implemented in 1993 a program was completed in 2002 or 2003.


Actually not a secret HAARP project. US Department of Defense does not deny the existence of HAARP, as in other projects. They even have their own website on the Internet HAARP. The purpose of this HAARP project manager John disputed by Heckscher innocently. HAARP ionosphere in order to use as a giant antenna, a tool that can be used to heat the part of researchers.

HAARP also for the American army, ‘a scientific research on the ionosphere’ suggests a rationale as harmless.

However ionosphere is important for the military. Because used by military communications, surveillance and navigation systems all passes through the ionosphere or reflected by the ionosphere.

Understanding the ionosphere as a whole and controlling the Pentagon will give you better control you have on these systems. However, the US science, technology and how it is if the scientists thought that kullanageldi and set forth the evidence be kept in mind, I have to say that those who innocently asked to be done.

“SOR, MI AMERİKALILAR YAPMIŞ” My ‘Black Bilim’l to HAARP- I met was August 17 Depremi’yl to.

As these events take place all at 9 Eylül University student who impressed me the trouble.

Moreover term Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, like I could have done Ahmet Mete Işıkara the “Earthquake Americans?”

He asked and answers received can not be a matter of flames seen during earthquakes ball, Golcuk Naval

Over the handover ceremony at the top level have arrived for the first time by American and Israeli officers , having been declared a ban on diving in the region after the earthquake took my focus.

Finally I reached the result of long research in some of the above information and documents described the CIA. The secret experiments were done in the past in these documents are also included.

It seems that there; America, without leaving any trace behind, he wants no military zones without loss, wants to bring a weapon capable of destroying the economic and humanitarian levels. This information and documentation ‘Foreign my brain’ is taking place in my book.


Nowadays still “spoil the plans of the owners of capital in the Middle East against the United States and Turkey, it has become such an attack?” questions are asked.

July 15 because it could not get what they want as a result of defeat, plans have shifted a full understanding of ambition. ‘Turkish nation’ factor really just lost to them this time.

Marmara fault after 15 July was on the agenda for the first time in the newspaper Le Monde. The newspaper article on the Marmara ship in examining the information from the seismic fault is the fault of high energy accumulation in the fault line and has been mentioned is unstable.

In this paper, a week after the earthquake, the emphasis began to arrive in the presence of saliva from Pennsylvania.

If I understand my earthquake here “We have said,” they will say.

If an earthquake that will be imposed at least metaphorically said to the crowd. Because the emphasis is put forward before the August 14 earthquake news.

USA 17 August earthquake FINGER YES

As is known, ie Marmara North Anatolian Fault energetic unstable since 17 August 1999. Since then, seismologists “This fault line will be broken again, but this might break three days later, 50 years later,” they explained many times.

Yes, America is making continuous efforts to make an earthquake weapon.

7 HAARP facility are disclosed in the world.


However, this did not result in those not disclosed the number of these studies, and did not become a weapon that gives accurate results.

HAARP weapon can not control earthquakes determine the severity and duration, it can only trigger the fault line.

If the US goal of any earthquake fault line at the beginning of the severity and duration of the recent earthquake weapon will develop a set.

For this unstable fault line in the world of always doing experiments with HAARP. In our country it would also continue to work to make earthquake.

For example, in the US, but there are definite finger in the August 17 earthquake that to me, that day’s planned 7.5 earthquake lasting 45 seconds in violence and does not indicate that it is fully in control of the United States. As I said, HAARP is a weapon that was transformed into the final results.

If we allow this union to deteriorate with the betrayers of the nation as the main game now gained the biggest earthquake we lived.

Union Our resurrection,

resurrection Our awareness,

our awareness love each other,

and when to say,

the armed forces against us

even as he will be afraid of the earthquake together.



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They also knew from stories told by their elders that massive earth changes were a natural occurrence and they lived in close harmony with the land so that they would be prepared for the most traumatic earth changes.

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17. These then must be questions; not only questions but answers.

For as they have been asked of us here, they must in truth be

answered in such a manner that we – each of us – may make

them practical, applicable, practical in our experiences day

by day.

18. Then we must begin, my beloved, at the beginning of how,

where, when such things came to be a terminology; or

expressed in such manners that there appeared to be, or

APPEARS to be, or MAY appear to be, a diffusion, a

separation; that only those who HAVE the desire for the

seeking and knowing the truth MAY correctly interpret.

19. For remember, as has been given by Him, flesh and blood may

NOT reveal it unto us – it is the gift of the Father; that we

may be…

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Marble figure of typical Roman husband & wife.
Photographer:Gjon Mili

The experiences of the entity as Ruth, the sister of Jesus, in the Palestine  period.


So thou in thine experience in the present, as ye may be questioned as to thy gentleness to this or that experience of individual activities, become aware of those experiences through which ye passed, even there – as not only the sister in the flesh of Jesus but as the helpmeet to a heathen; yea, a Roman!

Yet the foolishness of the world and of the earth is the wisdom of God! Just as the foolishness of man may be turned into the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of God.

For the wisdom is indeed to be  willing to be led by the Spirit of GOD rather than to be guided by thine own  concept OF paralleling or classifying or…

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In the moment depicted by Tissot, Pilate asks Jesus whether he is the king of the Jews. Jesus replies that “My kingdom is not of this world” and that his purpose is to “bear witness to the truth.” At the conclusion of this interview, Pilate finds that Jesus has committed no crime and sends him to Herod.
Artist: James Tissot, French, 1836-1902

We remember, if we turn to the books of the New Testament, that possibly the greatest moment in history was when Pilate asked of the Master, “What is Truth?”

My Life as a Seer: The Lost Memoirs by Edgar Cayce, Page 278

What Is Truth? By Edgar Cayce

First printed in December, 1929.


… this ONE thing was continually held before the individual; that which you hold before yourself, to create that image you worship, that will develop you always upward, and will…

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Fourth Center ­ Thymus Gland ­ Heart Chakra


Jesus presented love on different levels, identifying the highest love in this often quoted passage: “No greater love has a person, than to give up his or her life for another” ­ not literal death, but giving up self’s desires for another’s.

It is thinking more of what another may need than what self may want.

Cayce said that Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, “Others, Lord, others.”

This kept the Father’s power that flowed through Jesus on the right track ­ not glorifying himself but revealing the Light and Love that flowed through him ­ God’s love, our Father’s and Mother’s love.

Jesus used this to do good and glorify the Father rather than himself. Selfless loving is the ideal ­ giving and caring without expectation of getting something in return.

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