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This soul self, this resurrected, wiser self, which is destined to be an eternal companion to the Creator of the entire Cosmos — John Van Auken

July 26, 2011

“our present reality is too terrestrial and too physical”

  1. From Karma to Grace: The Power of the Fruit of the Spirit John Van Auken – 2010 – Body, Mind & Spirit – 198 pages
    Our present reality is too terrestrial and too physical. Deep within us is a celestial soul that has existed before, exists now, and will exist after our
  2. Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah: A Resource for Soulful Living John Van Auken – 2010 – Religion – 302 pages
    Our present reality is too terrestrial and too physical. Deep within us is a celestial soul that has existed before, exists now, and will exist after our


The following is excerpted from:

Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah: A Resource for Soulful Living

Page 27

The key element is the influence

of the spirit within them and the dark thoughts that make them so danger-

ous and coldhearted versus the disposition of those that keep on keep-

ing on in ways that are constructive rather than destructive, despite the

surrounding circumstances.

Cayce’s readings acknowledge the “warring” that often occurs within

Page 28

humans, between the unseen realms and the seen. (EC 281-7) His read-

ings even call this war the true Armageddon (EC 3976-15, from Revela-

tion 16:16), a battle within each soul between the energies and thoughts

of dark, destructive influences and the energies and thoughts of illumi-

nating, constructive influences.

Even the Light-bearing souls have to struggle to maintain their hold

on the Light. It is difficult to be pure channels of the Light in this life, in

our families and workplaces and in our own hearts and minds. It is a

terrible battle between selfishness, contention, and faultfinding versus

loving care for others and for self, and valuing the light of truth, hope,

and love.

Cayce’s readings warn the Children of God, the Children of the Law

of One (as he often referred to them), to seek and maintain their aware-

ness of the Divine Forces, for these will protect them from dark motiva-

tions within themselves and dark intentions in others.

As experienced my many, in opening self to the unseen forces about us,

yet warred ever by those influences save when in the presence of His

[God’s] influence, then as the forces are raised in self know – without

doubt – there are His protecting influences, able, willing, capable, and

will aid in that direction in which such vibrations, such influences, are

raised to those individuals to whom they be directed, even by the spo-

ken word; for, as is seen, as is understood by many, by most, the unseen

forces are the active forces, the active principles.” EC 281-7

To avoid the influence of evil and selfishness, even the best among

us must seek the protection and assistance of the Divine’s influence,

that consciousness of the Divine with us in our daily lives. “The spirit is

indeed willing, but the flesh is weak,” taught the masterful Jewish teacher

Jesus, who faced Satan’s temptations and walked away, free from the

temptations. (Matthew 26:41 and Mark 1:3) And when we fail to main-

tain our mindfulness of the Divine and the higher bodily vibrations of

the Divine awakened within us, we must get up and try again, never

condemning ourselves or limiting the Divine’s ability to redeem us, to

cleanse us, and to make us stronger. Cayce taught:

Page 29

Be not faint hearted because failure seems to be in thy way, or that self

falters – but “how many times shall I forgive, or ask forgiveness – seven

times?” “Yea, seventy times seven!” or, “not how I faltered, but did I seek

His face again?” “Could ye not watch with me one hour?” The man crying

out! “Sleep on, now, and take thy rest, for the hour cometh when I shall

be even alone.” So we find the changes, the weaknesses in the flesh –

yet he that seeks shall find, and as oft as ye knock will the answer come.

Seek to be one with Him [God], in body, in mind, in soul! EC 281-7

Life is a challenge. It is a dance between the loneliness of self-con-

sciousness and the cooperative consciousness that is aware of and seek-

ing the guidance of the Creative, the Good Forces, and the higher vibrations.

Consider the challenges Jesus, a Jewish-trained master, faced – as de-

scribed in this Cayce discourse.

In sending such forces out, then, be mindful that there is no doubt that

these will bring that as He [God] sees fit, “Not my will, Oh Father, but

Thine be done!” What did this bring to Him [Jesus]? The cross, the bur-

dens, the crown of thorns – yet in its essence it brought those abilities

to overcome death, hell and the grave. So, as in our raising ourselves to

that understanding this His [God’s] presence is guiding and directing

those influences about those to whom we would direct His cause (for

they have called on us), then know His will is being done in the manner as

thou hast sent same to that individual!” EC 281-7

Why the struggle? Why the confusions and misgivings? Because we

are godlings in the making, lost angels with the potential to become

God’s companions forever. We are not simply newly born humans try-

ing to live our lives so that our deaths will lead us to a good afterlife.

We are celestial entities that have been alive from the moment our

Creator said, “Let there be Light” (Genesis 1:3), “Let us make them in our

image, after our likeness,” (Genesis 1:26) and “You are gods, sons and

daughters of the Most High.” (Psalm 82:6). We come into this incarnation

with many, many karmic influences from preincarnation activity. We

need to become aware of our lives as celestial souls, not just our lives as

physical personalities.

Page 30

Our present reality is too terrestrial and too physical. Deep within us

is a celestial soul that has existed before, exists now, and will exist after

our physical death. The transition from terrestrial, self-conscious beings

to celestial souls and minds consciously one with the forces of Life and

Light requires some adjustments, some breakthroughs. Holding us back

are deep, karmic habit patterns that we have built over many incarna-

tions and even in sojourns in nonphysical dimensions of life. These

transitions can be compared to a woman pregnant who is attempting to

adjust her body to deliver a new life. We have conceived in the wombs

of our consciousness our true selves, our divine nature, yet we have to

dilate our minds and hearts sufficiently to deliver this soul self, this

resurrected, wiser self, which is destined to be an eternal companion to

the Creator of the entire Cosmos.

The following is excerpted from:

Expanding Our Senses — Cayce and Seeing What Is Often Invisible

Science tells us that there is much

more reality than we physically see. Humans

can only see within a very narrow

range of the electromagnetic spectrum

(EM spectrum). This range is less than

5% of the entire EM spectrum. See illustration.

The rods and cones on the

inside of the human retina are nerve

endings physically tuned to respond to

a narrow range of energy wavelengths.

When energy frequencies within the

visible light” spectrum strike the retina,

electrochemical impulses are created

that are transmitted to the area of the

brain responsible for vision. A pattern in

the visual cortex is created by these electrochemical

impulses that mimics the

visible light pattern striking the retina.

Energy outside of this narrow range of

visible light produces no response from

the retina’s rods and cones. But many

nonhuman species have rods and cones

tuned to energy frequencies outside of

the visible light spectrum. Owls, hawks,

and eagles, for example, can see infrared

frequencies, that is, they can see the

energy waves created by body heat. And

even this is still a very narrow portion of

the massive EM spectrum.


Since early childhood, Edgar Cayce

could see fairies, sprites, angels, and

invisible friends. As a child, he thought

that everyone was seeing these. As he

grew, he learned that it wasn’t so. He

began to keep quiet about his abilities

because they caused unpleasant reactions

in others and ridicule of him and

his family. When he became a more self-

confident adult, he shared this recollection,

as his stenographer recorded it:

I remember so distinctly the garden

at my mother’s old home place when

I was a very small child. My mother’s

father was one of the first settlers in

southwestern Kentucky; had a fine old

place, and the old-fashioned garden,

with all the old-fashioned flowers, was

known throughout

that part of the country.

Your mentioning

your mother destroying

bleeding hearts

[flowers] calls to my

mind what beautiful

bunches of these

grew in that garden,

with a large bunch of

striped grass, some

very old peonies, all

kinds of buttercups,

and the like; a gorgeous

bed of sweet

violets, and all those

old flowers. It was

here that often in my

early childhood I met

and played with those

that others could never see. These are at

least some of my experiences.

As to just what was the first experience,

I don’t know. The one that appears

at present to be among the first, was

when I was possibly eighteen or twenty

months old. I had a playhouse in the back

of an old garden, among the honeysuckle

and other flowers. At that particular time

much of this garden had grown up in tall

reeds, as I remember. I had made a little

shelter of the tops of the reeds, and had

been assisted by an unseen playmate in

weaving or fastening them together so

they would form a shelter. On pretty days

I played there. One afternoon my mother

came down the garden walk calling me.

My playmate (who appeared to me to be

about the same size as myself) was with

me. It had never occurred to me that he

was not “real,” or that he wasn’t one of

the neighbors’ children, until my mother

spoke and asked me my playmate’s name.

I turned to ask him but he disappeared.

For a time this disturbed my mother some

what, and she questioned me at length. I

remember crying because she had spied

upon me several times, and each time the

playmate would disappear.

About a year or eighteen months

later, this was changed considerably—

as to the number of playmates. We had

moved to another country home. Here

I had two favorite places where I played

with these unseen people. One very peculiarly

was in an old graveyard where

the cedar trees had grown up. Under a

cedar tree, whose limbs had grown very

close to the ground, I made another little

retreat, where—with these playmates—I

gathered bits of colored glass, beautifully

colored leaves and things of that nature

from time to time. But, what disturbed

me was that I didn’t know where they

[the playmates] came from or why they

left when some of my family approached.

The other retreat was a favorite old straw

stack that I used to slide down. This was

on the opposite side of the road (main

highway) from where we lived, and in

front of the house. The most outstanding

experience (and one that I am sure disturbed

her much) was when my mother

looked out a window and saw children

sliding down this straw stack with me.

Of course, I had a lovely little retreat dug

out under the side of the straw ring, in

which we often sat and discussed the

mighty problems of a three or four year

old child. As my mother looked out,

she called to ask who were the children

playing with me. I realized I didn’t know

their names. How were they dressed, you

ask? There were boys and girls. It would

be impossible (at this date) to describe

their dress, figure or face, yet it didn’t

then—nor does it now—occur to me

that they were any different from myself,

except that they had the ability to appear

or disappear as our moods changed. Just

once I looked out the window from the

house and saw the fairies there, beckoning

me to come and play. That time also

my mother saw them very plainly, but

she didn’t make any objection to my

going out to play with them. This experience,

as I remember now, lasted during

a whole season—or summer.

A few years afterwards (when I had

grown to be six or seven years old) our

home was in a little wood. Here I learned

to talk with the trees, or it appeared that

they talked with me. I even yet hold that

anyone may hear voices, apparently

coming from a tree, if willing to choose

a tree (a living tree, not a dead one) and

sit against it for fifteen to twenty minutes

each day (the same time each day) for

twenty days. This was my experience. I

chose a very lovely tree, and around it

I played with my playmates that came

(who then seemed very much smaller

than I). We built a beautiful bower of

hazelnut branches, redwood, dogwood

and the like, with wild violets, Jack-inthe-

Pulpit, and many of the wild mosses

that seemed to be especially drawn to

this particular little place where I met

my friends to talk with—the little elves

of the trees. How often these came, I

don’t know. We lived there for several

years. It was there that I read the Bible

through the first time, that I learned to

pray, that I had many visions or experiences;

not only of visioning the elves

but what seemed to me to be the hosts

[angels] that must have appeared to the

people of old, as recorded in Genesis

particularly. In this little bower there was

never any intrusion from those outside.

It was here that I read the first letter from

a girlfriend. It was here that I went to

pray when my grandmother died, whom

I loved so dearly and who had meant so

much to me. To describe these elves of

the trees, the fairies of the woods, or—to

me—the angels or hosts, with all their

beautiful and glorious surroundings,

would be almost a sacrilege. They have

meant, and do yet, so very much to me

that they are as rather the sacred experiences

that we do not speak of—any more

than we would of our first kiss, and the

like. Why do I draw such comparisons?

There are, no doubt, physical manifestations

that are a counterpart or an expression

of all the unseen forces about us, yet

we have closed our eyes and our ears to

the songs of the spheres, so that we are

unable again to hear the voices or to see

the forms take shape and minister—yea

strengthen us—day by day!

Possibly there are many questions you

would ask as to what games we played.

Those I played with at the haystack were

different from those in the graveyard, or

in the garden. Those I played with in the

wood were different. They seemed to fit

more often to what would interest or develop

me. To say they planted the flowers

or selected the bower, or the little cove in

which my retreat was built, I don’t think

would be stretching it at all, or that they

tended these or showed me—or talked

to me of—their beauty. It was here that

I first learned to read. Possibly the hosts

on high gave me my first interpretation

of that we call the Good Book. I do not

think I am stretching my imagination

when I say such a thing. We played

the games of children, we played being

sweethearts, we played being man and

wife, we played being sisters and brothers,

and we played being visitors and

preachers. We played being policemen

and the culprits. We played being all the

things that we knew about us.

No, I never have any of these visions now,

or, if any, very rarely.” (EC Report 464-12)


Seventy-two of Edgar Cayce’s discourses

mention the “the unseen forces.”

These readings describe the unseen

forces as “a consciousness of that divine

force that emanates in Life itself in this

material plane.” (EC 281-7, my italics)

My personal experience leads me to

share the need to develop a sense for the

subtle, because most of our sensory perceptions

are gross, requiring profound

light, sound, flavor, odor, and texture.

But the higher perceptions are gossamer-

like, translucent, still (as in the still,

small voice), and ever so delicate. Cayce

taught that the higher senses awaken as

the soul awakens. Seek that first, then

the abilities come naturally. §

“Although there is controversy among Cayce experts as to the meaning of his “earth change” readings—whether they are literal or represent only the changes that occur within ourselves— Todeschi suggests that the changes we see in the world are the “birthing pains” of our ultimate destiny as a people on this planet—a birth that will eventually lead to oneness and global connectedness.”

Laura Jackson-Edgar Cayce’s Predictions of Earth Changes-April 25, 2011

John Van Auken – Edgar Cayce, Reincarnation, Earth Changes, Dreams, Biblical Prophecy and More! – July19, 2011



Here is information regarding the Earth changes to which John Van Auken refers in the audio linked above.


“New York has been destroyed and is in the process of being rebuilt”


Edgar Cayce’s Predictions for the 21st Century


Mark Thurston – 2004 – Body, Mind & Spirit – 268 pages


New York has been destroyed and is in the process of being rebuilt. It is not clear to him in the dream exactly how this destruction took place. …


Page 5


But occasionally Edgar Cayce’s own

curiosity about the future was the impetus for a prophetic reading to be



One excellent example is from June, 1936. It makes an

especially appropriate starting point for our consideration of the Cayce

prophecies, simply because in this reading Cayce looks farther into the

future than he did in any other reading. His vision extends out to the

year 2158.


First a little background about how this reading came to be.

Like all of us, Cayce was a dreamer – not just visionary about the

possibilities of what could be, but also a dreamer at night as he slept.

And some of his most important psychic and spiritual experiences

came through his own dreams. But one dream that had come some

three months earlier had continued to haunt Cayce, even to the point

that he felt it was necessary to ask for a reading in which this very

dream could be interpreted by Cayce’s own higher mind.


The context for this dream is particularly important. It had

come to him on March 3, 1936 as he slept on a train bound from

Detroit back to his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. But this trip

home was no triumphant return. The good work that he had intended

to do in Detroit, giving readings to a variety of interested people, had

turned out a disaster. On November 23, 1935 he had been arrested for

practicing medicine without a license and even jailed briefly. When he

was finally able to clear up his legal problems and head back to

Virginia, he was deeply discouraged about this work. So much had

gone wrong in the previous five years that it was hard to see much to

be hopeful about. The Edgar Cayce Hospital suffered financial

collapse. And the small educational institution he had co-founded,

Atlantic University, had been closed. Now this humiliating arrest and

jail time.



But suddenly on that train ride home, a dream comes to put all


Page 6


of these trying events into a bigger picture. The dreaming Cayce finds

himself in the future. It is the 22nd century. Somehow he even knows

that the year is 2158 and he has reincarnated, living in Nebraska. But

it’s not Nebraska as we know it today. Big changes have happened

because Nebraska has seacoast. This is not the coastline of an inland

sea, such as one of the Great Lakes. In the dream Cayce realizes, “the

sea apparently covered all of the western part of the country, as the city

where I lived was on the coast.”


In this dream as a boy, he remembers his past life as Edgar

Cayce and tells others about the memory. Perhaps reincarnation is

taken more seriously in the Nebraska of the mid-22nd century than it is

in the early part of the 21st. An investigation of his past life memory is

initiated. “Scientists, men with long beards, little hair, and thick

glasses, were called in to observe me.” They decide to take him to

some of the places that he remembers having lived in the late 19th

century and early 20th Centuries – Kentucky, Alabama, New York,

Michigan, and Virginia. They travel in a science fiction-like flying

machine, long and cigar-shaped.


His extraordinary air trip in the dream gives him a bird’s eye

view of the world of 2158. Much of life has become decentralized,

with industries scattered across the countryside. Homes look to be

rather high-tech with their architecture fashioned of glass. The

Norfolk/Virginia Beach area has grown immensely from the time

Cayce lived there and is now a huge seaport.


But most dramatic are the destructive changes he sees. New

York has been destroyed and is in the process of being rebuilt. It is not

clear to him in the dream exactly how this destruction took place.

Tremendous flooding has left large portions of Alabama now



Especially important to the dream was the success of this

scientific investigation team. They locate the records of his work as

Edgar Cayce in the 20th century. Apparently his readings have proven

to be valuable over the generations. The team gathers the evidence

about his previous lifetime and they all return to Nebraska.


We can imagine the bewilderment that Cayce no doubt

experienced upon awakening from the dream. On that train headed

back to Virginia, the recent traumas and discouraging events in Detroit

still with him, what would he have interpreted all this to mean? Was

this a precognitive dream – a prophetic dream – that had come as a


Page 7


warning? Was it merely the byproduct of his imagination, the fantasy

of a mind that was disturbed, worried, and fearful about the future of

his clairvoyant work?


Even after returning to Virginia Beach, the dream stayed in his

thoughts, still a riddle in need of solution. Finally, it seemed best just

to ask for an interpretation in a psychic reading.


On that June morning in 1936, Cayce’s own superconscious

mind – his own higher wisdom – offered an explanation of the dream.

The interpretation was two-fold. First, the reading indicated that the

dream was metaphorical. It had come as an experience to leave the

dreaming Cayce with a feeling. The dream was to reassure him of the

value of his work – “that there might be strength, there might be an

understanding that though the moment may appear as dark …” In

essence the dream was an indication that his clairvoyant work would

have a lasting impact, that it would be remembered for centuries to

come. And certainly at this very discouraging point in Cayce’s career

this would have been a welcome message.


But that day in the psychic reading, a second level of

interpretation was also offered. This was a prophetic dream, too.

These changes in the earth will come to pass.” This is certainly an

extraordinary claim, if for no other reason than the extent of some

changes depicted in the dream.


What could Cayce himself or any of us do about such a scary

prospect? Near the end of the interpretation offered by this reading is

a reminder to stay focused on today. “Do thy duty today! Tomorrow

will care for itself.”




Page 27


Next came one of his most famous prophecies concerning the

West Coast of America, of a warning sign for which people could be

alert. Significant eruptions at one of two volcanoes would be the sign

either Mt. Vesuvius on the island of Sicily or Mt. Pelee on the island

of Martinique in the West Indies. If either were to take place, then

within three months severe flooding would be widespread as a result of

major earthquakes. The areas specifically mentioned were the

southern coast of California plus the areas between Salt Lake and the

southern portions of Nevada.




[Me: Not sure, but I think this author has got this wrong. I thought it was the Salton Sea in California that was referenced in this reading.]


Actual Text


If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California

and the areas between Salt lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the

three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes.”


My understanding is these are the areas in question, Sea of Cortez north to the Salton Sea, then further north to the southern portions of Nevada.




One of the most famous of these predictions was channeled by Cayce in 1934:


“As to the changes physical again: The Earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the east coast of America. There will be the upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas, and there will be the shifting then of the poles — so that where there has been those of a frigid or the semi-tropical will become the more tropical, and moss and fern will grow. And these will begin in those periods in ’58 to ’98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds. As to times, as to seasons, as to places, ALONE is it given to those who have named the Name — and who bear the mark of those of His calling and His election in their bodies. To them it shall be given.


“As to those things that deal with the mental of the Earth, these shall call upon the mountains to cover many. As ye have seen those in lowly places raised to those of power in the political, in the machinery of nation’s activities, so shall ye see those in high places reduced and calling on the waters of darkness to cover them. And those that in the inmost recesses of their selves awaken to the spiritual truths that are to be given, and those places that have acted in the capacity of teachers among men, the rottenness of those that have ministered in places will be brought to light, and turmoils and strifes shall enter. And, as there is the wavering of those that would enter as emissaries, as teachers, from the Throne of Life, the Throne of Light, the Throne of Immortality, and wage war in the air with those of darkness, then know ye that Armageddon is at hand….”


(Edgar Cayce Reading #3976-15, 1/19/34)






Make thy will then one with His. Be not afraid.


That is the interpretation. That the periods from the material angle as visioned are to come to pass matters not to the soul, but do thy duty TODAY! TOMORROW will care for itself.


These changes in the earth will come to pass, for the time and times and half times are at an end, and there begin those periods for the readjustments. For how hath He given? “The righteous shall inherit the earth.”


Hast thou, my brethren, a heritage in the earth?


[10/47 A.R.E. Bulletin secondary article by HLC entitled DREAMS used 294-185, Par. 19-A, also 4/61 EARTH CHANGES booklet “akashic” pp. 46-48.]


Edgar Cayce’s Meditation for Everyone

A FREE internet course in meditation, from America’s foremost clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce. Narrated by Charles Thomas Cayce, Edgar Cayce’s grandson.Learn to meditate in a safe and easy way, at your own speed. This free course contains approximately two hours of audio and an illustrated on-line workbook. Contains approximately two hours of audio.

It is not musing, not daydreaming; but as ye find you bodies made up of the physical , mental and spiritual, it is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source. Cayce Reading 281-41

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In 1940 America’s famous “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce predicted that a portion of Atlantis would be found. This film is an Underwater Archeology Adventure to discover submerged megalithic sites that fulfill Edgar Cayce’s predictions.

For more information go to


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Presentation: “Mentoring the Earth,” Alex Collier will discuss his most recent contact experiences with the Andromedans, and how they are helping mentor humanity in the transition to a galactic society. According to the Andromedans, open contact with extraterrestrials will require great discernment. Not all extraterrestrials have our best interest at heart according to what has been revealed to Alex. The Andromedans warn that some groups will bare gifts and then ask for something that we could not possibly give. And turn on us………….For 2 thousand years religions have believed in the Book of Revelations. And the universe is going to oblige us by playing it out. Except it’s not about being saved, its about self-responsibility, voluntary introspection and spiritual evolvement.

Thank you, Dr. Salla, for allowing me to upload this video to my in5d channel! 


In later stages, itchy cutaneous lesions that may invite various opportunistic infections often confused as causative agents of the Morgellons syndrome

July 19, 2011

Tobias and the archangel Rafael.

Edgar Cayce and the Kabbalah: A Resource for Soulful Living
John Van Auken – 2010 – Religion – 302 pages
The Cayce readings, works built on holistic healing, actually identify “beauty and the arts” with Raphael more than they do healing, as do a few other …
[I’ve embedded images of the Archangel Raphael. He’s been in my dreams of late and I think nearby. Also, images of stormy weather from yesterday, Monday, evening here at White Peak. I prayed my little heart out for protection from His Merciless Enemy.]
neuro cutaneous syndrome toxin lesion parasite nervous system morgellons brain fog”

Toxins in our bodies → Central nervous system disease → Skin lesions → Opportunistic parasites (eg., flies) → Morgellons (NCS) ?

This explains a lot, so parasites NOT the delivery system?

So the question remains, how are these toxins getting into our bodies in the first place? Our bodies, ALL LIFE, including ALL plants and animals, i.e., the FOOD CHAIN!!!

+ chem trail genetically modified foods (GMO) = THE PERFECT STORM

Will go into much detail and, hopefully, where to find help.

This does explain a lot, but not everything.

Many, including myself, suffer from what feels like “grains of sand” or “shards of glass” crystals under the skin, especially in the forehead, eyebrow eye socket area.

When they finally start to protrude, it hurts like hell removing them!

And, of course, this does NOT explain what “skizitgesture” research has uncovered. Is it possible he or she stumbled upon something extraordinary which is only indirectly related to chem trails and Morgellons?


This is the fight of our lives, good people! We only have two choices. Let them win. Or Win.
[PDF] Untitled – Itchy Skin Parasites eBook

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

… forms a lesion that covers over with a hard mass on the skin which is somewhat like a scab but it never heals or goes away. Yet, it’s very tenacious and …

Public Comment: Morgellons Disease

During the first public comments session, an individual asked for CDC’s assistance in addressing Morgellons disease, specifically a “Dear Doctor” letter about the disease. CDC’s Web page Unexplained Dermopathy (AKA “Morgellons”) provides general information on this condition and background on CDC epidemiologic investigation into Morgellons.


James Matthews, M.D.

I never set out to develop innovative therapies for these patients.  These folks presented to my office out of desperation, and it was obvious to me that they were suffering with some kind of infectious, not a delusional, condition.  Primary care physicians are taught to be on the lookout for sentinel cases which may indicate an emerging epidemic, so I felt like I was just doing my job, however, now that I’ve taken the PRIM-E Course, I’ve learned that there are much better ways of handling such situations.

For starters, I’ve learned that the Ethics Manual in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the medical ethics position paper most often cited when a question of medical ethics goes before a court of law, defines innovative therapies to include the use of unconventional dosing of standard medications, previously untried applications of known procedures, and the use of approved drugs for non-approved indications.  All of the things I had been doing in the Morgellons patients.
I’ve never heard of “ear insufflation” before, but I just might try it.

Page 107


Q-15 What do you suggest as a possible brain cancer treatment?

Answer: All I know for brain cancer is ozone. Ear insufflation has had excellent success

with brain tumors of all types. Daily, 15 minutes per ear, 1-3 times per day. It kills

parasites, Candida, reverses Parkinson’s, and brain fog also. It helps repair damage

done by radiation & helps repair nerve damage. The brain uses 15% of the body’s

oxygen supply, being only 2% of the body, so it will love extra oxygen. The ozone goes

through the ear drum, into the sinuses, and through that thin spot behind the nose & into

the brain. But See: Budwig Brain Cancer Cure Testimonials

Page 24

Fiber Diseases – Public Awareness

© Judith Knilans, ND, PhD

It was about 2003 when I realized that there appeared to be a bug in these

itching and biting sores. It was not just what looked like a hair but it was

some type of biting bug. So I began to do research on skin parasites. I

thought that I had some type of skin parasite and it was making me ill.

There was not that much online at this point in time but I did land on the

site of Omar M. Amin, Parasitology Center, Inc.. http://www.parasitetesting.

com I made an appointment and flew out to his home office clinic

in Tempe, Arizona believing that he would be the answer to my horrid

disease. At the time he did not have a name for the disease we are now referring

to as Morgellons, but I note that he now does make reference to it

on his site. He refers to it as Neurocutaneous Syndrome (NCS) a toxicity

disorder from dental sealants (toulene being one of them). This is a link to

an article, photos and reasons why I thought I was making a wise decision:

Since problems with my teeth did seem to be one of the initial onsets

of my symptoms it all made perfect sense to me so I spent thousands of

dollars hoping to get some relief. He recommended I have a sensitivity

test from Clifford Consulting and Research in Colorado Springs, Colorado

and that I get all the amalgam fillings removed from my mouth

and then depending on what the Clifford report said remove any other

products in my mouth that I tested sensitive to. I had many amalgam

fillings in my teeth since my teenage years. I had them all removed and

then had my teeth filled with material that the Clifford sensitivity report

said that I would not be allergic to. Many months later and many thousands

of dollars later I still had sores all over my body and I was getting

sicker. I have to say my mouth did feel better so it was not all for a lost

cause. Unfortunately, it did not heal me from any of my other symptoms

associated with this disease. Dr. Omar Amin, Ph.D. does not have the

answer to Morgellons. There may, in fact, be a condition of NCS which

he has successfully treated but it is not the same as Morgellons. I learned

one important thing to what does cause sores on the body: accumulation

of METALS and various TOXINS may be a contributing factor. I paid

about $20,000 to journey through that initial hopeful “cure” which only

brought me to a dead end. But, the Mercury is gone from my mouth and

so are the teeth sensitivities so in the long run it was good to do.

For questions contact: Judith Knilans,
Dr. Amin.

March 12 & 13, 2011

Parasitology in the United States

Presented by:

Dr. Omar M. Amin – Parasitology Center, Inc., (PCI), Scottsdale, AZ

Delusional Parasitosis” or Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome? We have been seeing an increasing number of patients with pathogenic bacterial and fungal infections associated with recurrent open skin sores/lesions and with crawling and tingling (pin prick) sensations, often interpreted as and confused with presence and movement of parasites under the skin and in body cavities. The presence of parasites could not be substantiated upon thorough testing. Patients were classified by health care practitioners as delusional. They were found to represent, however, genuine clinical cases but not of parasitic infections. Our studies of a few hundred patients over the last seven years have led to the description of a new disease, Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a dental toxicity disorder caused by the use of toxic sealants (liners, bases), adhesives & cements during routine dental procedures, e.g., root canals, fillings, etc. NCS is an epidemic in disguise. Patients will show variable degrees of hyper reactivity depending on their level of sensitivity to the toxicity of dental material(s) used. The symptoms, toxic dental materials used and mode of their action, and associated opportunistic infections are discussed. Testing and treatment protocols are presented along with a number of case histories highlighted with photos of patients before and after rehabilitation. All patients who have followed and completed our treatment protocols have invariably recovered.


The terms Morgellons, and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS) as characterized by Amin (2001-2009) are used interchangeably, yet cautiously, as their symptoms are very similar. While Morgellons has never been researched, the etiological agent(s) and remedies have never been identified, these factors for NCS have been well researched and published in refereed medical journals (see below) and patients have been successfully helped. Only a few highly speculative accounts of a wide assortment of purported infectious agents for Morgellons serve as an awareness call for those suffering comparable symptoms but have not managed to find out where to go for help.

Parasitology Center, Inc. is the only facility in the world working with Morgellons (hereafter referred to as Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome NCS) which Dr. Amin described from patients experiencing dermatological abnormalities (elevated itchy skin sores that may develop into mucoid lesions) and neurological symptoms (movement, pin prick or crawling sensations) caused by toxic exposures usually involving dental materials. We provide a comprehensive and definitive evaluation including blood bio-compatibility testing, among others, and design a management program for individual patients’ rehabilitation. All patients fully complying with our 6-track program have invariably recovered. Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a newly discovered toxicity syndrome usually caused by dental materials, is characterized by neurological and dermatological disorders as well as systemic and related dysfunctions. Patients experience, among other symptoms, pin-prick movement sensations and in later stages, itchy cutaneous lesions that may invite various opportunistic infections (insects, worms, fungus, pathogenic bacteria, among others) often confused as causative agents of the syndrome. Components of the calcium hydroxide sealants and liners, Dycal, Life, and Sealapex, and at least 400 other dental chemicals, have been identified as a source of the observed symptoms. The toxicity of dental chemicals, compounding factors and case histories were discussed and management protocols researched at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (PCI) were proposed. Lay NCS patients often confuse the movement sensations, itchy skin and related symptoms with parasitic infections and seek medical help under this assumption. Invariably, they are diagnosed with and treated for other etiologies often including arthropod infestation and/ or mental conditions such as psychosis and delusional parasitosis. Patients are genuine clinical cases who should not be further compromised by inaccurate diagnosis, wrongly medicated or subjected to psychological treatment in mental health care facilities. On occasions, Dr. Amin spends time helping NCS patients out of mental facilities. The institutionalization of some patients seriously compromises their state of mental and physical health, self confidence, and their ability to make sound decisions.

In Their Own Words

Or: Symptoms of Morgellons and Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (Ncs) Upon First Examination at the Parasitology Center, Inc. (Pci)

By Omar M. Amin, B. Sc., M. Sc., Ph. D., USA

Amin (2005) provided an annotated list of about 400 den­tal materials that have been involved in the causation of NCS symptoms in patients that we have seen. Toxic ingredients common to all listed chemicals were classed in 4 categories. These categories are found in many more dental chemicals that were not reported in Amin’s (2005) preliminary list but exist in our data base. An overview of NCS (Amin, 2006 b) made special reference to organ system symptomology in 50 patients of both sexes and all age groups, misdiagnoses, storage organs, liners, drug involvement, incubation period, and recovery, with a detailed discussion of 5 relevant cases. Amin (2007) further analyzed 18 new NCS cases that have been in various stages of treatment and recovery and have demonstrated that those patients that have followed and com­pleted our protocol have invariably recovered. Among patients experiencing recovery, 15 have shared their experience and perspectives (Amin, 2009). Requisition Form statements from 166 NCS patients describing their initial symptoms when first seen at PCI appear below.

Here are rest of the photographs I took yesterday evening.

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Emma Hale Smith would rather her blood would run pure than be polluted in this manner — Prophet Joseph Smith and Plural Marriage

July 6, 2011

Emma Hale Smith — The Right Stuff,_Jr.

Later, Smith reportedly determined by looking into his seer stone that the “right person” was Emma Hale Smith, his future wife.[78] There is no specific record of Smith seeing the angel in 1826, however, after Joseph and Emma were married on January 18, 1827, Smith returned to Manchester, and as he passed by Cumorah, he said he was chastised by the angel for not being “engaged enough in the work of the Lord”.[89] He was reportedly told that the next annual meeting was his last chance to get the plates and the Urim and Thummim.[90]

Just days prior to the day Smith said he was to meet with the angel on September 22, 1827, Smith’s treasure-seeking associate, Josiah Stowell, and Joseph Knight, Sr. arranged to be in Palmyra for the attempt to retrieve the plates.[91] Because Smith was concerned that Samuel Lawrence, his earlier confidant, might interfere, Smith sent his father to spy on Lawrence’s house the night of September 21 until dark.[90] Late that night, Smith took the horse and carriage of Joseph Knight, Sr. to Cumorah with his wife Emma.[92] Leaving Emma in the wagon, where she knelt in prayer,[93] he reportedly walked to the site of the golden plates, retrieved them, and hid them in a fallen tree-top on or near the hill.[94] He also reportedly retrieved the Urim and Thummim, which he showed to his mother the next morning.[95] According to Knight, Smith was more fascinated by this artifact than he was the plates.[90]

What follows is excerpted from:

Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling

Richard Lyman Bushman, Jed Woodworth – 2007 – Biography & Autobiography – 784 pages


p. 494 Year 1843

church secured scores of affidavits from people who knew of the practice in

Nauvoo. 35 Besides proving the existence of plural marriage, the affidavits

attempted to refute the hypothesis that Joseph’s relations with his plural

wives were purely spiritual. Some members of the Reorganized Church

accepted ceremonial marriages but thought Joseph never slept with his

wives. 36 To rebut that view, the affidavits noted the occasions when Joseph

occupied the same room with a wife, facts that might have been omitted had

not the Utah Mormons been determined to prove that Joseph and his plural

wives were married as completely as the later polygamists under Brigham


While Joseph was alive, there were times when Emma countenanced

plural marriage. In May 1843 she approved two wives, Eliza and Emily Par-

tridge, daughters of Edward Partridge and helpers in the Smith household.

The sisters were an awkward selection because Joseph had already married

them two months earlier in March without Emma’s knowledge. When

Joseph proposed, Emily and Eliza, nineteen and twenty-three, went through

the usual turmoil. At first they turned Joseph down, but by the time he told

Emily that “the Lord had commanded him to enter into plural marriage

and had given me to him,” she was prepared. They married on March 4,

1843. “Well I was married there and then,” she wrote many years later.

“Joseph went home his way and I going my way alone. A strange way of get-

ting married wasent it?” Eliza Partridge married him four days later. In

May, they both went through the ceremony again with Emma present. 37

About the same time, Emma agreed to accept Maria and Sarah Lawrence,

two other young women living in the Smiths’ house. 38

Emma’s concurrence brought about a reconciliation, which led in turn to

her and Joseph’s priesthood marriage. Joseph probably would not have had

the sealing performed while Emma opposed the plural-marriage revelation.

But on a cold Sunday evening, May 28, 1843, in the upper room of Joseph’s

redbrick store, Joseph and Emma were “sealed” for eternity by the power of

the priesthood.

Unfortunately, the reconciliation did not last. Emma had agreed to the

plural marriages, but she immediately regretted it. “Before the day was over

she turned around or repented of what she had done and kept Joseph up till

very late in the night talking to him,” Emily Partridge wrote in the 1880s,

when revealing Emma’s faults was thought to aid the Utah church. “She

kept close watch of us. If we were missing for a few minutes, and Joseph was

not at home, the house was searched from top to bottom and from one end

to the other, and if we were not found, the neighborhood was searched until

we were found.” One day Emma heard Joseph talking to Eliza Partridge in

an upstairs room. Joseph closed the door and held it shut, while Emma

called Eliza’s name and tried to open the door. “She seemed much irri-

tated,” he reported to William Clayton. 39

[At this point in the narrative, it still seems Emma was in a state of denial as to the “spiritual” nature of her husband’s plural marriages. Joseph had made a shrew of his wife. Emma had been the “right person” at the beginning of the revelation. She is not blameless here, but bears the scars of her husband’s human fallibilities.]

The situation deteriorated. In her 1884 reminiscence, Emily wrote of


She sent for us one day to come to her room. Joseph was present, looking like

a martyr. Emma said some very hard things – Joseph should give us up or

blood should flow. She would rather her blood would run pure than be

poluted in this manner. Such interviews were quite common, but the last time

she called us to her room, I felt quite indignant, and was determined it should

be the last, for it was becoming monotonous, and I am ashamed to say, I felt

indignant towards Joseph for submitting to Emma.

Emma wanted the marriages to the Partridge girls ended. Emily said,

“Joseph asked her [Emma] if we made her the promises she required, if she

would cease to trouble us, and not persist in our marrying some one else.

She made the promise. Joseph came to us and shook hands with us, and the

understanding was that all was ended between us.” Later he said to Emily

privately, “You know my hands are tied. And he looked as if he would sink

into the earth.” Emma wanted the girls out of the house and the city. Emily

said later that “my sister and I were cast off. 40

Joseph was unsure how far the usually composed Emma would go in her

anger. Near the end of June, he warned William Clayton that Emma

“wanted to lay a snare for me.” Joseph said that “he knew she was disposed

to be revenged on him for some things she thought that if he would indulge

himself she would too.” 41 Clayton, trying to patch up relations with one

of his own wives, was dumbfounded. Joseph warned him against getting

involved. The staid and upright Emma, determined to regain her dignity,

was looking for a way to punish her husband. Joseph was anxious and under


Emma had always performed her duties as wife of the Church president.

She entertained housefuls of guests, appeared at reviews of the Nauvoo

Legion, and took on multiple business duties, traveling to St. Louis in late

April, for example, when Joseph dared not stir for fear of arrest. Emma

believed in her husband’s inspiration. She had been convinced ever since

watching the Book of Mormon translation going on in her house in 1829.

Late in life, she told a Momon elder that the gold plates “lay in a box under

our bed for months.”

Knowing her basic faith, Hyrum thought Joseph should show Emma a

written revelation on plural marriage. Hyrum had been reluctant to accept

the principle himself until Brigham Young explained that it allowed him to

be married to both Jerusha Barden, his deceased first wife, and to Mary

Fielding, his current spouse. At the same time, he had the spiritual confir-

mation so many others reported. 42 On May 29, the day after Joseph was

sealed to Emma, Hyrum was sealed to his two wives. In July, Hyrum argued

[Page 496 missing]

Page 497

By “anointed” Joseph meant Emma had received an “endowment,” the

first woman to take part in the ceremony offered to nine men a year and a

half before. The endowment was the heart of the temple rituals that had

grown considerably since the Kirtland temple dedication. For a year after

the bestowal of the expanded endowment in May 1842, no one else was

endowed. During that year, the central importance of marriage, and of

women, had emerged. When he renewed the ceremony on May 26, 1843,

Joseph taught the participants about the “new and everlasting covenant,”

referring to marriage. By then he knew that men and women must marry by

the power of the priesthood to reach the highest degree of celestial glory. 48

The increased importance of marriage meant including women in the

temple ceremonies. Emma was the natural choice to be endowed first. On

or before September 28, she passed through the endowment ceremony. 49

From then on, she initiated other women into washings, anointings, and

sealings. Heber Kimball noted in his journal that “January 1844 my wife

Vilate and menny feemales was received in to the Holy Order, and was

washed and inointed by Emma.” By the time of Joseph’s death in June 1844,

sixty-five persons had been endowed. 50

Those who had been endowed met almost weekly to induct others, hear

instruction, and offer prayers. Called the “Quorum,” the “Anointed Quo-

rum,” or the “Holy Order,” this small group of endowed members held

prayer circles, probably dressed in special temple clothing and partially

reenacting the ceremonies. 51 A typical entry in Richards’s record reads:

“Prayer Meeting at Joseph’s. Quorum present … Hiram and his wife were

blessed, ord[ained] and anointed. Prayer and singing.” Sometimes the notes

on the anointings themselves were coded. “Prayer Meeting in the evening

at S E Room Jos[eph’s] old house,” one entry began. “R Cahoon and”

[sequence in code] “wife anointed and Mother Smith.” Although used

intermittently, the coded words showed Richards’s sense that the occasions

were too sacred to be written for any eye to see. 52

Joseph introduced a more advanced ordinance called the “second anoint-

ing,” between September 28 and February 26. The ceremony, given to

eighteen men and their wives, was Joseph’s attempt to deal with the theo-

logical problem of assurance. How did a Christian, in the words of the first

chapter of 2 Peter, “give diligence to make your calling and election sure”? 53

Calvinist theologians had argued over the question of certain knowledge

for centuries. Was it possible to end doubt about one’s standing with the

Lord? 54 Preaching from 2 Peter 1 in May 1843, at the time he was reviving

the endowment, Joseph had taught that the “more sure word of prophecy”

meant “a mans knowing that he was sealed up unto eternal life by revelation

and the spirit of prophecy through the power of the Holy priesthood.” A

few months later, the revelation on priesthood marriage had promised those

[Page 498 missing]

Fanny Murray was Joseph Smith’s last plural wife. His marriages had

dropped off sharply after July 1843. During his confrontation with Emma

between July 12 and 16, Joseph may have agreed to add no more. He told

Page 499

Clayton she would divorce him if he did. Whatever the arrangement,

Joseph wed Melissa Lott on September 20, perhaps because he had pro-

posed earlier in the summer. 60 Fanny Murray may have seemed like an

innocent exception to him, but not to Emma.

In the winter, Emma fulfilled her role as president’s wife to the utmost.

On Christmas Day 1843, the Smiths entertained a large party at their

house, spending the evening “in a most cheerful and friendly manner in

Music, Dancing, &c.” In the middle of the festivities a disheveled figure

with long hair stumbled in, pretending to be a Missourian. Joseph scuffled

with the man until he saw it was Orrin Porter Rockwell, now released from

a Missouri prison where he had been held on suspicion of shooting Lilburn

Boggs. Rockwell had been moved from jail to jail and was held for weeks

before he was finally acquitted. After his release, he walked for twelve days

to arrive in Nauvoo, as it happened, just in time for the party. 61

The parties continued nonstop that winter. On New Year’s Eve, a com-

pany of fifty musicians and singers serenaded the Smiths under their win-

dow with William Phelps’s New Year hymn. On New Year’s Day, another

large party had supper at the Smiths’ and “continued music and dancing till

morning.” On January 18, 1844, a “Cotillion Party” at the Nauvoo Man-

sion marked Joseph and Emma’s wedding anniversary. 62

Two weeks earlier, Joseph told Richards about Emma: “I was remarking

to Bro[ther] Phelps what a kind, provident wife I had. That when I wanted

a little bread and milk she would load the table with so many good things it

would destroy my appetite.” Emma entered the room at that moment, and

Phelps said to her, “You must do as Bonaparte did have a little table, just

large enough for yourself and your order thereon.” Phelps pictured the two

of them, Joseph and Emma, dining quietly together. Emma knew better.

“Mr. Smith is a bigger man than Bonaparte,” came her retort, perhaps wist-

fully. “He can never eat without his friends.” 63

Joseph III’s Account

In February, 1879, only two months before Emma’s death, Joseph III, who had heard her testimonies to others many times on the subject of polygamy, put some of the questions directly to her himself:

Q. (Question)—What about the revelation on polygamy? Did Joseph Smith have anything like it? What of spiritual wifery?
A.—There was no revelation on either polygamy, or spiritual wives. There were some rumors of something of the sort, of which I asked my husband. He assured me that all there was of it was, that in a chat about plural wives, he had said, “Well, such a system might possibly be, if everybody was agreed to it, and would behave as they should; but they would not; and, besides, it was contrary to the will of heaven.” No such thing as polygamy, or spiritual wifery, was taught, publicly or privately [by him], before my husband’s death, that I have now, or ever had any knowledge of.

Q.—Did he not have other wives than yourself?
A.—He had no other wife but me; nor did he to my knowledge ever have.

Q.—Did he not hold marital relation with women other than yourself?
A.—He did not have improper relations with any woman that ever came to my knowledge.

Q.—Was there nothing about spiritual wives that you recollect?
A.—At one time my husband came to me and asked me if I had heard certain rumors about spiritual marriages, or anything of the kind; and assured me that if I had, that they were without foundation; that there was no such doctrine, and never should be with his knowledge, or consent. I know that he had no other wife or wives than myself, in any sense, either spiritual or otherwise (Saints’ Herald 26:289–290).

What position does Community of Christ take on Joseph Smith Jr.’s alleged involvement in polygamy?

Our faith is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ and not in the actions of any particular person. Community of Christ affirms its long history of vigorous opposition to polygamy as a doctrine or practice, regardless of what historical research concludes about its origins in the early Latter Day Saint movement.

The church has consistently taught monogamy as the basic principle of Christian marriage (Doctrine and Covenants, Sections 111 and 150).

As a policy, Community of Christ does not legislate or mandate positions on issues of history. The church encourages honest, responsible historical scholarship.

Historians use academic research to get as many facts as they can; then, they interpret those facts to construct as clear a picture as possible of what was going on in the past.

The issues of polygamy and whether Joseph Smith Jr. was connected with its inception at Nauvoo, Illinois, in the 1840s have been of considerable interest to Community of Christ members and others through the years.

The early RLDS Church (1860–1960) consistently opposed the doctrine and fought against the assertion by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Mormon] that Joseph Smith Jr. advocated this practice as part of a divine plan.

Joseph Smith III, son of the founding prophet and first prophet-president of the RLDS Church (1860–1914), spent much of his life trying to clear his father’s name from the stigma of polygamy and polygamous doctrine, even though there were leaders in the early RLDS Church who believed otherwise.

While it is clear Joseph Smith III sincerely believed his father was innocent, he affirmed on more than one occasion that even if his father was guilty, he was wrong.

Community of Christ takes into account the growing body of scholarly research and publications depicting the polygamous teachings and practices of the Nauvoo period of church history (1840–1846).

The context of these developments included a time of religious and cultural experimentation in the United States and the emergence of a system of secret temple ordinances in Nauvoo that accented the primacy of family connections, in this life and the next.

The practice of plural marriage emerged from that context and involved a small group of key leaders entering into polygamous marriage rituals and covenants.

Research findings point to Joseph Smith Jr. as a significant source for plural marriage teaching and practice at Nauvoo. However, several of his associates later wrote that he repudiated the plural marriage system and began to try to stop its practice shortly before his death in June 1844.

Good historical inquiry understands that conclusions are open to correction as new understanding and information comes from ongoing study. Community of Christ, in its ongoing quest for truth, remains open to a more complete understanding of its history.

Through careful study and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the church is learning how to own and responsibly interpret all of its history.

This process includes putting new information and changing understandings into proper perspective while emphasizing those parts that continue to play a vital role in guiding and shaping the church’s identity and mission today.

In this way, we can genuinely affirm the prophetic vision of Joseph Smith Jr., while acknowledging how God’s Spirit works in the lives of imperfect, but highly dedicated people to shape a faith movement that continues to play a vital role in God’s unfolding purposes today.

Over time Community of Christ has moved away from an identity rooted in battling polygamy and charges that Joseph Smith Jr. was somehow involved to focus on pursuing our mission to proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.

Today, members and friends around the world live out the call to create communities of Christ’s peace in our families and congregations and across villages, tribes, nations, and throughout creation.

Community of Christ encourages its members and others to explore all issues pertaining to its history in an open atmosphere. We must keep our hearts and minds centered on God’s revelation in Jesus Christ.

As God’s Word alive in human history, Jesus Christ was and is the foundation of our faith and the focus of the church’s mission and message.

For more about Community of Christ perspectives on church history, see the Church History Principles.

For more information, please e-mail Missionary Ministries; or call 816/833-1000 or 1-800/825-2806, ext. 2244 or 2240; FAX 816/521-3098; or mail inquiries to Missionary Ministries, 1001 W. Walnut, Independence, MO  64050-3562 USA.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints

It would appear that Prophet Joseph Smith did institute the practice of polygamy. It is less apparent how much his wife, Emma, knew. Perhaps she could have fought harder.

Then Prophet Smith is responsible for LDS not being held in a favorable light by many.

And for the countless numbers of women and girls abused by Mormon polygamists over the many years.

There are so many descendants of these plural “marriages.” They are innocent.

So Prophet Smith’s imperfections were very costly.

And cost Emma dearly.

I want to believe that Joseph and Emma are together again. And experiencing a lifetime of devotion.

Devoted to their Creator and to their Savior. And to each other.


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