OVERCAST is a documentary about a phenomenon that is quite normal for most: Plane stripes that spread to clouds and cover the sky and the sun . However, for over a decade, the phenomenon gives rise to much controversy and speculation. The incitement against completely innocent environmental activists reminiscent of methods of Nazis!

For observant people, these are one of the

  biggest environmental crime in human history

and the targeted change of climate . Recent research shows that the artificial cloud actually changes the climate caused by air traffic and the widely accepted more than before. OVERCAST addresses a long overdue in the climate debate and public discussion topic that has been left completely out of date night.

Whether there are reasons that we can not know as ordinary citizens, which is why the air traffic from all “Climate calculations for various climate models” will be kept completely out since Kyoto? This alone climate hysteria is a farce and Trump, who can access the information of the biggest secret in the world, honestly got out of this spasm. Now he is denounced foaming at the mouth of those who may face serious consequences , must the full implications should this environmental meltdown come s to the public. Because each year thousands of deaths to mourn .

Imagine, if they were victims of terror! What they actually also have!

Victims of environmental gangsters and -Verbrechern!