SAIC and the 2001 Anthrax Attacks


The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) transitioned a Remote Viewing Program to SAIC in 1991 and it was renamed Stargate Project.

In January 1999, new SAIC consultant Steven Hatfill and his collaborator, SAIC vice president Joseph Soukup, commissioned William C. Patrick (a retired leading figure in the old U.S. bioweapons program) to report on the possibilities of terrorist anthrax mailings in the United States. (There had been a spate of hoax anthrax mailings in the previous two years.) Barbara Hatch Rosenberg said that the report was commissioned “under a CIA contract to SAIC”. However, SAIC said Hatfill and Soukup commissioned it internally—there was no outside client.

Patrick produced his 28-page report in February 1999. Some subsequently saw it as a “blueprint” for the 2001 anthrax attacks. The report suggested the maximum amount of anthrax powder—2.5 grams—that could be put in an envelope without producing a suspicious bulge. This was just a little more than the actual amounts—2 grams each—in the letters sent to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. But the report also suggested that a terrorist might produce a spore concentration of 50 billion spores per gram. This was only one-twentieth of the actual concentration—1 trillion spores per gram—in the letters sent to the senators.[8]

In 2002, SAIC was chosen by the NSA to produce a technology demonstration platform for the agency’s Trailblazer Project in a contract worth $280 million. Trailblazer is a “Digital Network Intelligence” system, intended to analyze data carried on computer networks. Project participants included BoeingComputer Sciences Corporation, and Booz Allen Hamilton. SAIC had also participated in the concept definition phase of Trailblazer, beginning March 2001.[9]According to science news site PhysOrg.com, Trailblazer was a continuation of the earlier ThinThread program.[10] In 2005 NSA director Michael Hayden told a Senate hearing that the Trailblazer program was several hundred million dollars over budget and years behind schedule.[11]

In November 2010, SAIC (company) was selected by NASA for consideration for potential contract awards for heavy lift launch vehicle system concepts, and propulsion technologies.[12] Steven M. Greer MD, Director of The Disclosure Project, spoke before the National Press Club in Washington DC, in 2001, and said, “There are corporations such as SAIC, Lockheed Martin, Northrop [Grumman], and others, that deal specifically with this issue [‘Black’ projects] – with advanced energy and propulsion systems connected to UFOs.”


The issues confronting humanity were not developed on 140-character Twitter feeds. The CIA didn’t support and co-opt despot leaders and tyrants from the Middle East to Central America based on sound-bytes. The World Bank, the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the IMF haven’t had countries leverage their resource wealth for the benefit of a few financiers using short hand memos. The collusive financial racket that propped up AIG and took down Lehman wasn’t done on the back of a napkin. And in 1998, 2004 and 2006 when I reported the 2008 banking collapse, I wasn’t prescient. I actually took the time to wade through information that was hidden in plain sight. Ironically, corruption, treason, and greed have gotten so confident in your lack of attention that injustice is done in the open. And NOBODY pays attention. When SAIC floated their IPO, they reported vast unaccounted for sums of money associated with the Greek Olympic security contracts – sums that no accountable organization could verify – and nobody cared. When the New York court found Bulf Oil – a company owned by an Iran-Contra co-conspirator – guilty of numerous Iraqi Oil For Food crimes in which SunTrust, Texaco, BP and Chase Manhattan were all monetarily and materially involved, nobody cared. And when the Vice President of the United States used this same felonious network to prop up the “enemy” for our war on terror, few read about it or cared. When the U.S. government participated in the largest financial cover-up ofaccounting shenanigans in banks and insurers in 2008, they actually published the evidence in the public and nobody read it.


The obvious answer, the only massive project that eclipsed Watergate on a major scale, is narcotics trafficking that secretly funds “reverse-engineered” black budget technologies, some of which are truly bizarre.


Which covert project back in 1971-2 was more important than Watergate ?


Government whistle-blower and former head of Air Force Project Pounce, Col. Steve Wilson, told researcher Richard Boylan that “the first successful U.S. antigravity flight took place July 18, 1971 at S-4 (on Nellis Air Force base in Nevada), wherein light bending capabilities were also demonstrated to obtain total invisibilities.


Present at this flight were notables such as Admiral (Bobbie Ray) Inman (former National Security Agency director), who is now head of SAIC (Science Applications International, Incorporated) in San Diego, CA, which makes the antigravity drives.”




Physician Steven Greer is the head of an organization called CSETI that has videotaped testimony by 570 current and former defense, intelligence, and aviation officials who report direct experiences with “aliens” and UFO’s while on duty.


Says Greer, “I have interviewed other very well placed people who have connected these black projects to the drug trade.


One, a senior SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) executive directly told me of this and how there was an army of 8000 men who did nothing but import drugs under the cover of classified, need-to-know operations.


He stated that of the 8000 men involved (as of 1997 when we spoke of this) that 2000 of them had been

killed for sometimes minor infractions of security.


He assured me that this was a major covert funding source and that it was destroying our country, but nobody is willing to take on such a lethal and powerful group to stop it.” (p. 268-9, Disclosure, by Steven Greer).


Admiral Bobby Ray Inman appears to be Greer’s informant on the subject. Inman should know ; he was Director of Naval Intelligence in 1974, Vice Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1976, and Deputy director of the CIA from 1980-81 under Reagan before working for SAIC.




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    Well, I don’t know about that

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    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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    Another story about “The Battle Hymn of the Republic:”

    The old Camp Ground hymn, “Say, brothers, will you meet us. . . ” was a tune that became “John Brown’s Body,” an army march transformed by Julia Ward Howe into the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

    Chaplain Charles Cardwell McCabe, later Methodist Episcopal Bishop C.C. McCabe, sang the “Battle Hymn” after hearing of Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg, while imprisoned as a noncombatant at the infamous Libby Prison in Richmond, — until frantic guards ordered him to stop.

    Soon he was exchanged, and he told the story to the U.S. Christian Commission meeting in the House of Representatives (now Statuary Hall) with President Lincoln in attendance. In a beautiful baritone, he sang the “Battle Hymn” for those present.

    He then tells what happened next: “When we came to the chorus the audience rose. Oh, how they sang! I happened to strike exactly the right key and the band helped us. I kept time for them with my hand and the mighty audience sang in exact time. Some shouted out loud at the last verse, and above all the uproar Mr. Lincoln’s voice was heard: ‘Sing it again!’”

    In later years he added to the story, “I’ve sung it a thousand times since.”

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