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November 26, 2012

Original Music and Artwork Needed for SHADE the Motion Picture

SHADE: Film Shoot in Los Angeles Nov. 17-21 (Contributors & Celebs Welcome)


Los Angeles Casting Call: Researchers and Whistleblowers for Motion Picture on World Depopulation


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An Ambellas & Bermas Film

We are risking life and limb as crucial footage and testimony will be withheld from trailers and protected by several sources until the final production version of SHADE the Motion Picture releases sometime this winter.

The films powerful presentation is intended to make global crime syndicate faultier, while testing their mettle to the fullest potential possible.

Their diabolic sinister plan to exterminate 90% of the worlds population will soon be exposed worldwide and backed with evidence.

Key players have been identified, black operations will be exposed.

And yes, we do need your support.


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Directors: Enda Mccallion, Jamie Mitchell, Valerie Camila Rhodes
Editor: Jamie Mitchell

Scott Stevens on VERITAS Radio | Chemtrails: A World in Denial

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