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For Jordan, I Mean Eddie – How Can I Be Expected To Keep These Things Straight?!

July 31, 2008

“Pearl Jam – I Am Mine” (Eddie Vedder)

Eddie likes to don disguises.

I saw him years ago in downtown Tempe — in disguise.

We weren’t even supposed to know it was him, but I knew.

He wasn’t even singing, just playing guitar.

And he was really good!

Sweet Lara – I Miss You

July 31, 2008

Ray Conniff – Somewhere My Love ( Lara’s Theme)

Nothing But The Truth — Larry Sinclair Agrees With Polarik And TexasDarlin

July 31, 2008


Barack Obama has lied about his Birth Certificate.

Barack Obama has lied about the extent of his illegal drug use, about whether he has ever acquired drugs for others or sold drugs to others. Barack Obama has lied about his being a faithful husband and father.

Barack Obama has refused to even acknowledge the claims made by me concerning his smoking of crack cocaine, his engaging in sexual acts with me, and his involvement in an intimate and sexual relationship with Donald Young, or his involvement in the murder of Donald Young. But his campaign attorney Andres W Lopez responds by calling me a “headache for the Campaign.”

See also:!.thtml

Polarik // July 30, 2008 at 11:22 pm

There is only one way that this could happen, and that is if a person created the Kos COLB image using the geneology COLB image as its “template.”

In other words, the forger took a real COLB image and used it to create a nonexistent COLB image on which he or she changed the text on it.

In order to conclusively prove that a forgery has taken place, you have to perform three tasks:

1. You have to show concrete evidence for why an image can be identified as a forgery;

2. You have to demonstrate how the forgery was actually created, and

3. You have to disprove all of the competing arguments for why the image looks like a forgery but is actually a true copy.

TechDude did only the first task. I did all three.

You can safely proceed from the position that these Obama COLB images were never, ever real.

· Polarik // July 31, 2008 at 12:58 am

“Knowing what we now know about possible name changes, what is your theory?”

Hmm..let’s see.

Obama writes a book called, “Dreams about My father,” that paints a very different picture of a drunken, abusive, bigoted womanizer who had virtually no influence over Obama, the toddler.

Yet, we have this elaborate fiction he created about his “saintly” “immigrant” father.

Obama also writes a Book called, “Audacity of Hope,” in which he makes only the briefest of references about his “stepfather,” (no name given) that describe absolutely nothing about the man, other than his visa to Hawaii was revoked, and he was conscripted into the Indonesian army, and he rode a motorcycle, and that he never talked politics with his mother who was growing distant from him.”

That’s it.

Seems o me, that he wants to keep a lid on anything about his stepfather Lolo Soetoro, the Indonesian adoption, what his Muslim stepfather taught him about Islam, and the real reason why he was palmed off to his grandparents.

Anything written about him is apparently too much for Obama, who would rather talk about his father’s fabricated life story.

Obama’s campaign, which is an extension of him, along with Google, proclaim that he has shown his “original birth certificate.”

Technically-speaking, the forged COLB contains the original birth certificate information. However, the one that’s now on file in Hawaii has been updated to read CHILD’S NAME:Barry Soetoro; FATHER’S NAME: LOLO SOETORO.

That, I’d bet a dollar to doughnuts, that the reason why the forgery was made was because of the change above made pursuant to his adoption.

An adoption that he intentionally left out of his “Audacity,” book.

· Polarik // July 31, 2008 at 10:03 am

Obama is deliberately downplaying his Muslim ties in Indonesia, and the leftist media are cherry-picking only the information that contradicts it.

However, when you read, “Lolo was not a DEVOUT Muslim,” and that son, “Barry only occasionally went with Lolo to the Mosque,” the spin the media is making is obvious.

“What were the effects of Muslim influences on his heart and mind during this critical time period in his life?”

Apparently, this truth became a casualty of politics as soon as the Muslim question was raised.

· texasdarlin // July 31, 2008 at 11:17 am


Again, I think the point is that Obama has hidden his past from the public. The legal issues can be reasonably argued, no doubt.

Obama has the burden to tell the truth. The burden is NOT on the public to disclose the truth about his identity for him.

It’s clear to me that he has made a concerted effort to conceal facts about his background, his life, and his identity from the electorate.

He hasn’t even showed a real copy of his birth certificate.

You are wrong. The burden is on HIM.

· texasdarlin // July 31, 2008 at 11:47 am

If Obama has held Indonesian citizenship, or any other citizenship, he should explain that to the public.

The burden is on him. We are hiring him for the most important job in the world. It shouldnt take a friggin lawsuit to learn about his past.

”Amos and Andy in black responsibility” (the spurned homosexual lover, Larry Sinclair)

July 31, 2008


“The Presidential campaign of 2008 has had more theatrics than Broadway could ever hope to produce.

The invidious candor of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright;

the spurned homosexual lover, Larry Sinclair, holding press conferences with accusations of Obama’s cocaine use;

the crocodile tears of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, and her downing shot glasses of whisky at the local saloon in Indiana. Clint Eastward, eat you heart out!

We have had Bill Clinton talking about being the victim making it even more ironic it’s about someone else playing the race card. Once again, Hillary, never wishing to be upstaged in any way, surpassed her husband’s performance with her last portrayal of being a, “Barack Obama supporter.” She would have us believe she really wants him to win the presidency — truly a nominee for the Tony Award for best leading female actor.”

“In this play, Amos — Barack Obama — pretends to chide African Americans about their responsibility;”

“those same White blue collar voters are leery and suspicious about his partner, Andy — Jessie Jackson — and that Andy is also seen as a Civil Rights icon…”

“Black Responsibility for that generation, and for Mama, was to protect your seed and cherish your child. Barack Obama’s answer for this “Mistake” would be to rush her down to Planned Parenthood to destroy the child and destroy the seed.”

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., is the senior pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ.

“there are not two sets of rules” (Donald Young – Barack Obama – Larry Sinclair)

July 31, 2008



Larry Sinclair’s supporters have done nothing but position Sinclair so he is able to fight the battles that have cropped up in response to his bringing allegations of homosexual sex and drug use in the back of a limo in 1999 with Barack Obama to the public.

After not having heard from the Obama campaign, but receiving phone calls instead from Donald Young – Sinclair eventually came to the conclusion that Young had also been involved to some degree sexually with Obama. Gay people talk. And it’s been long known in gay circles that Obama is on the down low, that’s not a new revelation. What was new was in December of 2007, when Young sent Sinclair a text message, saying that he was only milking Sinclair for information, and that Obama never intended to admit to his drug use or anything else.

And then Sinclair learned of Donald Young’s murder.

So it is little wonder that Sinclair came out in January of 2008. A lot had transpired between January 2008 and the months previous that magnified his desire to get this in front of the American people; particularly because Obama and Axelrod refused to even return a phone call.

It’s also not new that the media would go to great lengths to ignore this story, even now, as it develops into a freight train crashing down the tracks on its way to ripping away some of Obama’s god-like mystique as the lightgiver; allowing people to see him as he truly is.

“A light will shine down on you and you will suddenly realize…”

Turkeys! You’ve been had.

(July 30, 2008) “Will Obama be indicted next? Sign the petition and followup with a hand-signed letter. Yes you can!”

July 31, 2008


There should be one standard for all, Senators and Representatives, Republican and Democrat.

Will Obama be indicted next?

Next, go to the Petition to Impeach Senator Obama site. Read the petition and compare it to what you have just read.

How can you not sign the petition and followup with a hand signed letter?

See also:

“Obama Messianic Parade”

New Songs for Cuba’s Freedom — Willy Chirino

July 30, 2008

Cuban-American singer Willy Chirino’s new songs for the freedom of Cuba, from his new album “Pa’Lante”.

Que Se Vaya Ya


Trece de Julio (El Mar nos Une)


Hat tip:

I am General Zod (Barry)! Listen to me, people of the Earth!

July 30, 2008

Kneel before Zod!

“I told you this was a puny planet”

I am General Zod Barry! Listen to me, people of the Earth! Today I bring a New Order to your planet! One which shall last until the end of time!

Each of you… each man, each woman, each child – all will march proudly together in this New Order!  Your lands, your homes, your possessions, your very lives… All of this and more you will gladly give to me!

NewsBusted — Barack Obama may be losing touch with reality!

July 30, 2008

“NewsBusted 7/29/08”

Obama: I’m a Symbol of ‘America‘s Best Traditions’


Weisman reports that candidate Obama met in a closed door meeting with House Democrats and he let loose with a “real zinger,” as Weisman put it. He told the rapt audience of House members that his candidacy was the moment “the world is waiting for” — as if the whole world clamored for his presence? He went even further than that proving that he may be losing touch with reality and believing his own surreal campaign rhetoric.

“I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” he said.

“Cambodian Genocide – What really happened”

July 29, 2008

God forgive us!

— Introductory note in his compilation “Children of Cambodia’s Killing Fields: Memoirs by Survivors.”

“I see … a pile of skulls and bones. For the first time since my arrival, what I see before me is too painful, and I break down completely. These are my relatives, friends and neighbors, I keep thinking … It is a long time before I am calm again. And then I am able, with my bare hands, to rearrange the skulls and bones so that they are not scattered about.”