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Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us

March 30, 2009


Same old place
Same old city
What can I do?
I’m falling in love

I’m just an old hound dog
Roaming around, oh Lord
I’ve got all this and Heaven above

Oh, Atlanta
I hear you calling
I’m coming back to you one fine day
No need to worry
There ain’t no hurry cause I’m
On my way back to Georgia
On my way back to Georgia

I get a feeling in me
When I remember all those crazy days and crazier nights
Can’t you hear the music playing?
You must have heard them saying
We’re gonna rip ’em up and light up the night

Oh, Atlanta
I hear you calling
I’m coming back to you one fine day
No need to worry
There ain’t no hurry cause I’m
On my way back to Georgia
On my way back to Georgia

Same old place
It’s the same old city
What can I do?
I’m falling in love

I’m just an old hound dog
Roaming around, Lord, Lord
I’ve got all this and Heaven above

Oh, Atlanta
I hear you calling
I’m coming back to you one fine day
No need to worry
There ain’t no hurry cause I’m
On my way back to Georgia
On my way back to Georgia

Oh, Atlanta
Hear me calling
I’m coming back to you one fine day, hey
No need to worry
There ain’t no hurry cause I’m
On my way back to Georgia
On my way back to Georgia–_Tonight_Im_Lonely_Too.html


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Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us Alison Krauss LIVE Düsseldorf Germany 10. May 2008 Robert Plant Raising Sand World Tour

Sen. Gregg, almost a Cabinet member, slams Obama By David Lightman

March 29, 2009


Last month, New Hampshire Republican Sen. Judd Gregg agreed to join President Barack Obama’s cabinet as Commerce Secretary, but then he abruptly withdrew his name, saying he and the president were “functioning from a different set of views on many different items of policy.”

Saturday, Gregg drove the point home when he warned that Obama is engineering an “extraordinary move of our government to the left.”

Gregg, one of the Senate’s leading voices on budget issues, charged in the GOP’s weekly radio and Internet address that Obama’s proposals would “dramatically grow the size and cost of government and move it to the left.”

Obama proposed a $3.55 trillion fiscal 2010 budget that increases non-defense discretionary spending, which includes most domestic programs, by 10.1 percent. Congressional committees reduced that number slightly this week.

The Senate is scheduled to begin debating the budget Monday, with the House of Representatives taking it up later in the week. Both Houses are expected to pass a budget Thursday or Friday, and Congressional negotiators are likely to work on a compromise after that. Final action is expected in late April.

That budget, said Gregg, “spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much.” Republicans have not presented a detailed alternative of their own but expect to in the coming days.

The GOP, Gregg said, believes “you create prosperity by having an affordable government that pursues its responsibilities without excessive costs, taxes or debt.”

In other words, he said, “it is the individual American who creates prosperity and good jobs, not the government.”

Taxes will go up, and the national debt will rise to record levels, he warned. Obama’s proposed deficit would be about $1.38 trillion next year, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, while the Democratic-authored budget plans would trim that to about $1.2 trillion. Democratic lawmakers counter that President Bush inherited a surplus when he took office in 2001, and it was his budgets that helped the deficits soar.


The solution, according to Gregg, is to limit the growth of government “in a manner that is affordable not only today, but for the next generation, through limiting spending and addressing core issues like the cost of entitlements.”

An Al Green State of Mind

March 27, 2009


And what state of mind are you in?

May I just say I was an Al Green fan before it was cool to be one.

Just love the organ.


The organ that was used on Al Green’s recordings


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Al Green Take Me To The River

Republicans need to do a better job of helping America to understand that Obama isn’t being truthful when he says he inherited deficit from Bush.

March 26, 2009


Obama is telling a half-truth and hoping Americans are too dumb or distracted to figure out the rest of the story.

  • MARCH 26, 2009

Obama Points Back to the GOP’s Future

The president has made taxes and spending the big issues again.


Last fiscal year, the deficit was $459 billion.

For this fiscal year, it was $569 billion when Mr. Obama took office.

Under his proposals, another $1.276 trillion will be added to the deficit this year, for a total of $1.845 trillion.

The CBO says deficits will fall for three years to $658 billion, still nearly 50% larger than any past deficit.

After that, deficits go back up every year, reaching the trillion-dollar a year mark again in nine years.

By 2019, the debt would reach 82.4% of GDP, a level not seen since 1947.

With astonishing candor, even Peter Orszag, the president’s budget director conceded these levels of deficits and debt are “unsustainable.”

(Also, Republicans need to stick to just one way of helping us to understand. The info the CBO put out last Friday stipulated that the deficit for FY 2009 will be 13.1% of GDP, for FY 2010 9.6%. FY 2008, the last year for which Bush is fully responsible, was 3.2%.

Then look at the historical data, look at the Bush and Clinton years. And looking even further back historically, one has to go all the way back to WWII years to see numbers this bad. I know we’re hurting, but things aren’t as bad as they were after Hitler invaded Poland and the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

There is more than one way to look at these numbers, but if you tell us that 4-5% of GDP is not sustainable, then you tell us 82.4% is not sustainable (should be around 40%). Then Judd Gregg, who is my new hero says 23% is not sustainable (should be around 20%).


Just show them this chart (America can understand a chart) which is from the Washington Post.


Then show them a great big chart which goes all the way back to the 30s and 40s.

Or better yet show them a chart like the following one:


Obama won’t tell us the truth.

Please do a better job of presenting the truth.

Rebuild The Wall

March 25, 2009



Pink Floyd in 1968 (from left to right):
Nick Mason, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour,
Roger Waters, Richard Wright

Pink Floyd ~ September 30, 1971 ~ Top Gear ~ BBC Live Session

From Capi86sv

song from the album Atom Heart Mother: SUMMER 68

And I would like to know

How do you feel, how do you feel, how do you feel?

Saratoga Sunrise

March 24, 2009


Wait, wait for the moment to come
Stand up, stand up and take my hand
Believe, believe in mystery
Love love love love is simple as 1-2-3

I’m a know-it-all, I’m smartest man around
That’s right, you learn real fast through the smartest girl in town
Here come a riddle, here come a clue
If you were really smart, you’d know what to do

Jump back, sit back, get back, relax
It’s ok
I’ve called in sick I won’t go to
Work today
I’d rather be with the
One I love
I neglect my duties, I be in trouble but

I’ve been to college, I’ve been to school
I’ve met the people that you read about in books
Here come a riddle, here come a clue
If you were really smart you’d know what to do when I say
Jet pilot gone out of control, ship captain on the ground
Stock broker make a bad investment when love has come to town

Where, where is my common sense?
How…did I get in a jam like this?
Believe, I believe in mystery
Love, love love love is simple as 1-2-3

Here come a riddle, here come a clue
If you were really smart, you’d know what to do when I say
Why am I going out of my head, whenever you’re around?
The answer is obvious, love has come to town


Well, shit, I can’t believe I found this! I was at this concert with my brother, Raymond. May he rest in peace.

From ethandeitrich1

Talking Heads – Uh Oh Love Comes To Town (1978-05-10)

Space-Age Bachelor Pad Music

March 23, 2009



From ladythatsmyskull

Originally performed by Howard Morris. Jetsons music video featuring ‘Jet Screamer’ from 60’s TV show.

From Quex01

Juan García Esquivel – “Mini Skirt” from album Loungecore

Democrats to shelve fast-track process on climate bill, for now – Some Democrats and Republicans open to including language establishing a “reserve fund” for revenue from a cap-and-trade program

March 23, 2009


Under budget reconciliation rules, Democrats could move cap and trade at any point during the legislative calendar under the expedited process that requires only 51 Senate votes. If they take this route, however, the program may not end up looking like its authors intended. The “Byrd Rule,” for one, allows the Senate parliamentarian to strip out any provision that has no budget impact. For something as big as cap and trade, Senate Budget Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) has said the final product may end up looking like “Swiss cheese.”

Democrats for now appear willing to work on cap and trade through regular order, starting with a markup by Memorial Day in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. House floor action and a Senate bill are expected to follow this summer, with advocates optimistic they can win over some GOP support along the way. If not, reconciliation would return as an option.

“We may have a year or more to work through all this,” said Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), a member of the “Gang of 16,” a group of moderate Democrats from the Midwest, Rust Belt and West who figure to play a pivotal role in how a cap-and-trade bill is constructed.

“I’d hope the Republicans would have a seat at the table,” Pryor added. “I’d hope they’d be there in good faith. At some point, if they’re just going to tear things apart and not build anything, you’ve got to move on. Certainly, I think it’ll be a better bill if you have a lot of Republican involvement.”

It is still unclear how much the budget resolution that Congress writes will actually reflect Obama’s blueprint and any of his proposed specifics for a cap-and-trade plan. The White House spending plan released last month suggested specific emission targets for 2020 and 2050, a 100 percent auction of emission credits and assumed revenue of at least $650 billion over a decade that could be used for research, development and deployment on new low-carbon energy technologies, as well as tax rebates.

House Budget Chairman John Spratt (D-S.C.) has said he is open to including language establishing a reserve fund for revenue from a cap-and-trade program. Indeed, Senate Democrats did the same thing two years ago in anticipation of a floor debate over a bill from Boxer and Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and John Warner (R-Va.).

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), an opponent of climate language in a reconciliation bill, conceded last week that Democrats would not be out of step in leaving room for cap and trade. “They can do that with a reserve fund, and that’s the traditional way we’ve done it around here,” Gregg said.

But there is plenty of opposition on Capitol Hill — even among Democrats — to getting into any level of specifics on climate change when the fiscal 2010 budget document starts to move.

From CBS

March 23, 2009

Budget “reconciliation” one of the topics discussed.

A true story for Troy – “Bend Over and Grab Your Ankles”

March 21, 2009


ADONIS: Handsome God of Desire and Manly Good Looks.

Well, in order to do this story justice, I really have to go back to the beginning.

Okay, it really wasn’t the beginning, not even close.

But … it was the beginning of my relationship with Eric, an Adonis, a friend, my husband’s number two, a fellow child of South Florida.

Eric is the closest I’ll ever come to know on this earth of Don Juan. He has a way of making a woman feel like she is the most desired, most comely creature God ever made.

I’ve seen him do it. And it doesn’t matter her age, her station in life. He seeks out the woman who should be getting the most attention at any moment in time, he knows these things intrinsically.

And he grants her whatever it is that she deserves, makes her feel like the goddess that she is.

How many men can do that?

So, it’s 1988 in Miami, a real homecoming for me, and Bill and I have moved back to Miami with our two very young children.

Bill is there to open the Miami Arena, and I’m along for the ride.

And really enjoying Miami again, BTW.

Bill is the boss that we all wish we could have.

So over the years and to this day, I’ve seen men and women alike fall in love with him.

Who could blame them?

He’s not perfect, but if Eric is the closest I’ll ever come to Don Juan in this earthly realm, then Bill is the closest I’ll ever come to God.

All women should feel that way about their husbands, don’t you think?

Okay, back to the story.

Bill hires Eric, we all get to know one another. He loves our kids, they love him. He’s family now.

And then, Bill gets offered a position in Memphis opening up the Pyramid Arena.

I absolutely love that building and love Memphis, too.

Guess who our neighbor was, on the far side of the lake?

Red West, friend of Elvis.

If I’m not mistaken, he was the one who rescued Elvis in high school when some of the other boys were jealous and wanted to cut off Elvis’s offensive locks.

And guess who came to Memphis with us?

We were five peas in a pod in a delightful city.

Until that is, someone was needed to “do SuperBowl” in Tempe, Arizona in 1996.

It takes a long time to plan a SuperBowl, even just a part of it.

And we arrived in Tempe in 1994.

We were all heartbroken, but left Eric behind in Memphis.

And, boy, did he get to work – fast!

All of a sudden he was married and a father.

Then a father of two and then three girls.

Truth is she’s just as beautiful as he is, and they somehow managed to bring three beautiful daughters into the world.

Fast forwarding now to 2008. The SuperBowl is in Arizona again.

And we’re in Arizona again.

Bill has something to do with the SuperBowl indirectly.

And the Giants are in the SuperBowl!

I have to backtrack a little bit.

I don’t know quite how to put this in a polite way.

Let’s just say I was more than a little taken aback when the morning after we were first together (1976), Bill leaves rather hurriedly as he has a ticket to see his beloved Giants.

It was a Sunday morning, and I wondered if I’d ever see him again.

Little did I know.

So, Bill has two tickets for the SuperBowl.

I was really busy, I had a lot of papers to grade, so I give up my ticket.

So now the question is who gets the ticket?

Well, it didn’t take us long to figure that one out.

Again, I have to backtrack, but here’s where the story gets really interesting.

Eric’s marriage is on the rocks. He’s back in South Florida, separated from his wife, an adoring father.

Eric’s mom wants to do something nice for her son because he’s understandably depressed, so she decides she wants to take him on a whirlwind tour of Manhattan, see a Broadway show or two, the whole shebang!

Eric’s wife has started to put his things aside for the inevitable day that he moves his stuff out.

She doesn’t know quite what to do with his handgun, so sticks it in a pair of his tennis shoes and goes on her merry way.

Unbeknownst to them both, Eric grabs the shoes for his trip to New York and sticks them in his carry-on luggage.

Well, you can imagine what happened next!

Of course Eric was arrested. And guys, do you know what happens when you’re arrested trying to carry a lethal weapon onto an airplane?!

“Bend over and grab your ankles!”

It’s called a cavity search. Guess which cavity?

So Bill and I look at each other knowing full well everything that had transpired trying to determine who should get the most sought after ticket on the planet.

And we blurted out at the exact same time, “Eric!”

It’s SuperBowl morning and none of us are sure if they’ll let Eric on the plane.

But, they did. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any work done.

I was sitting home just like everybody else screaming at the top of my lungs!

I can’t fuckin’ believe he caught that! And I can’t fuckin’ believe he held onto it!

They were both on Cloud Nine when they got home. And it was so nice having both of them there.

Eric and his three girls have since visited. I took them up to see Sedona and Slide Rock.

It’s very comforting knowing it won’t be the last I see of them.


‘Brothers in Arms’: A Song That Wrote Itself by John Ondrasik

March 21, 2009


Brothers in Arms

Doesn’t mean a thing
Baking in the Sun
When all you have are memories

Is never what it seems
Till you see it for yourself
Nobody else can know

I don’t know how we got here
I don’t know what’s ahead
But wherever we are going
We’ll be Brothers in Arms

What’s that picture on the wall
You were barely old enough to crawl
I had your back

Who are these men we have become
Are we still little boys
Are they who we are fighting for

I don’t know how we got here
I don’t know what’s ahead
But wherever we are going to
We’ll be Brothers in Arms…

Time doesn’t mean a thing
Baking in the sun
When all you got are memories

Life is never what it seems
See it for yourself
Nobody else can know

I don’t know how we got here
I don’t know what’s ahead
But whatever comes we’ll always be
Brothers in Arms…

From fiveforfighting

Added: March 11, 2009

The official trailer for the film “Brothers at War”. Check out the song John wrote for the film “Brothers in Arms” in the background!

From BrothersAtWar

Added: March 18, 2009

Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt