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Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio touts petition asking Congress to reject Rep. Mike Pompeo’s GMO labeling bill

April 24, 2014

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COLICCHIO TOUTS GMO LABELING PETITION ON MSNBC: Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio touted a new petition asking Congress to reject Rep. Mike Pompeo’s GMO labeling bill during a segment with Ronan Farrow on MSNBC on Wednesday, noting that in just a day the measure had more than 70,000 signatures. “We’re not asking to get rid of GMOs, we just want them labeled,” Colicchio told Farrow. The petition, which now has more than 101,000 signatures, is available here:


Mike Pompeo Bad, Vermont Good

VERMONT GMO BILL PASSES SENATE. NOW WHAT? Vermont looks as though it will be the first state in the nation to require the labeling of genetically modified foods, and proponents of labeling elsewhere are hoping that developments in the Green Mountain State will spur others to take action — particularly New York.

The Vermont Senate yesterday approved the state’s GMO labeling bill (H 112) in a 28-2 vote. The measure will go back to the House, which passed the bill last 99-42 in May, for consideration as early as next week and is expected to clear the chamber and go to the governor’s desk for a final signature. The bill would not take effect until July 1, 2016.

Vermont’s action “certainly puts pressure for others to pass bills,” New York State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal (D), the sponsor of the state’s labeling initiative (A 3525), told MA. “We in New York State love to say we are leaders in everything. … When you have smaller states taking first steps, New Yorkers don’t like that.”

NEW YORK NOT AFRAID: The lawsuit likely to follow Vermont’s expected enactment of a GMO labeling measure may not stop other states from taking action, particularly New York.

“It’s accepted that we are going to get sued” if we pass a labeling measure, said Will Schwartz, legislative director for New York Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D), a backer of Rosenthal’s bill. “Ultimately if it goes to a federal court and Vermont’s law is deemed unconstitutional, at that point we will obviously take that in to account. But the fear of being sued” won’t stop the push for the bill in New York.

Dinowitz, chairman of the Consumer Affairs and Protection Committee, and Rosenthal are gaining support for the bill and hope to mark it up before the end of the legislative session in June. Passage of the measure in New York is key to GMO labeling advocates as it would help to trigger laws in Connecticut and Maine to take effect. However, it’s unclear how much support there is for the bill’s companion measure (S 3835). The bill is available here:


RONAN FARROW DAILY 04/16/14The fight over GMO labelingThere are more than 60 legislative proposals in over two dozen states that would impose some form of mandatory labeling for genetically modified foods. Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio discusses with Ronan Farrow.


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