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M-CAM CEO Dr. David E. Martin Anthrax Attacks September 11th Plot Civil Liberties Financial Heists

July 15, 2012

Please consider this page a resource for Dr. David E. Martin and the allegations he makes concerning the September 11th attacks, the Anthrax attacks, etc. It’s too soon for me to form a judgment one way or the other. Except to say that Dr. Martin seems like someone to whom we should pay attention.

And if it’s too much for you to believe that we coexist with men and women who really are as evil as Dr. Martin paints them, then I understand. And if it’s too much for you to believe that not only must we confront evil in our Time, we must confront extraterrestrial and even extradimensional evil, then I understand that, too.

Please don’t trust the military types, especially the ones who’ve sought and gained political office. I don’t mean to overgeneralize here. But the false duality served up on a daily basis from FOX, MSNBC and CNN is meant to serve as a palliative for the masses.

And the next time you hear how we MUST stop these leaks of state secrets, people will die don’t you know? The ones who yell the loudest have the most to hide. And, quite frankly, they KNOW sex tapes exist for blackmail purposes should they dare to upset the apple cart.

That information is directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. As I’ve posted on this subject elsewhere, no need to repeat here.

So the Collective Dems and Repubs can take their Collective Secrets and stick them up their Collective Arse!!!


Here’s a good place to start:

“Coup D’Twelve – The Revelations of Dr. David E. Martin”

Three Podcast Links:


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Guest: Dr. David E. Martin Dr. David E. Martin is the founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the architect and founder of the Global Innovation Commons and was the founder of Mosaic Technologies, Inc.. The impressive bio on his company’s websites states that – “Dr. Martin… is the author of the international legal framework …


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I ran across the following having to do with Dr. Martin testifying before Congress, I think. I didn’t get very far, but here are some notes:

“Dr. David E. Martin” CEO M·CAM Batten Fellow Darden anthrax


RAHS Presentation – David Martin –

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View

Dr. David E. Martin, CEO M·CAM. Batten Fellow, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration,. University of Virginia … U.S. Anthrax Attacks of 2001 …


Creativity Collateral: Empowering Development In Perpetuity

File Format: Microsoft Powerpoint

Dr. David E. Martin, CEO M·CAM. Fellow, Batten Institute, Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia. © M· …. Anthrax. Toxin innovation frequently event driven. Challenges presumption of “invention” ex nihilo …

“Dr. David E. Martin, Chief Executive” filetype:pdf

Some of these may be redundant. Sorry.

Dr. Martin, I presume.


Drs. Dan Burisch Crain and Marcia McDowell Crain, Majestic

Like every other American, I’ve struggled to come to terms with EXACTLY what transpired on September 11, 2001. I refused to look at any evidence which might implicate President George W. Bush. I was wrong to be so stiff-necked. Still I do not equate W. with his father, and I especially do not equate W. with Cheney. At the same time, it’s hard for me to believe that W. was entirely in the dark about the machinations taking place ON HIS WATCH.

Both Dr. David and Dr. Dan have shared their interpretation of events that sad day in America. No one has all the facts. To be sure, the American psyche has NOT recovered.

Financial draw downs and insider trading by companies resident within the former WTC7 were conducted with prior knowledge that an attack was imminent — Dr. Dan Burisch Crain”

Later In Time (The following exchange refers to events which took place long after September 11, 2001.)

“I asked David what was his purpose and intention in writing the book, and why was it initially posted for free online.

He explained that it took him just eight weeks to write the book because most of it was drawn from memory.

Each one of the stories, events and characters were taken from real life and actual locations although he had changed some details, so as not to be charged with libel by identifying people who actually had participated in what could be considered criminal or treasonous behavior.

The reason he wrote and posted the novel was in response to a series of statements, most notably those of Leon Panetta when he moved from being the Director of the CIA to the head of the Department of Defense regarding the electronic and cyber threats to the United States.

Dr. David Martin was concerned by the data that he had collected over the past several years that there would be an event done by assets of the United States, that could be labeled as an attack by a foreign source, that would materially alter the financial records of the country.

He thought if they published the novel in time they could disrupt that attack.

They monitored who downloaded the novel and many of the people who might have participated in the attack were early downloaders of the book.

David felt that by putting the scenario of the attack into the public view before it could be carried out, they helped prevent it from happening.”

I purchased the Kindle Edition of Dr. Martin’s fictionalized account. Here is an excerpt.

COUP D’TWELVE the Enterprise That Bought the Presidency by David Martin

Listen to Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy’s interview of Dr. Martin:

Starting @ approx: 49:20

… driving the non-manned vehicles”

@ approx: 52:55

The ability to command and control …”

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broadcast date – July 06 2012

Apparently others were just as excited to hear Dr. Martin say:

“There is a Gold standard being formed now”

Now, Mr. Martin, the sport that he is, couldn’t sit still while his wife was being Indian, so he went into his room and five minutes later, emerged a rajput prince, chudidar bottoms and all.”