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Shimon Peres Nanotechnology Barry Chamish Super-Thermite Hologram The false-flag terrorism of 9/11

August 23, 2012

Random Notes on 9/11

Below you’ll find an excerpt from“Solving 9-11, a Review” By Barry Chamish. Also a link to Camelot Cassidy (I hope she doesn’t mind the moniker) interviewing Mr. Chamish. Kerry was in “La Ville-Lumière” (“The City of Light”) when this recording was made.

Rod Hilderman and other Fake Planes YouTubers

Not fake no I believe Friends trying to tell us something some things namely 9/11 deception & all that that entails. But, yes, NOT Planes, but not nothing.

For all I know My Friends could be the eternal Spirits of those murdered on 9/11 – They certainly seem to be on a mission to illumine that which is hidden.

They have been w me since that criminal day. Immediately I was in contact w the deceased, especially those who jumped – flew.

That is when I encountered my first Plane Friend here:

Cannot trust Corporate News not since JFK Kennedy assassination

If you have been serving the Evil Ones (we have each of us done that in one lifetime or another)

now is the time to figure things out on your own to break free of the patterns the thoughts which tell you “Don’t Look!”

I have one woman in mind, she served President George W. Bush and to this day still seems loyal to him. Young Lady, this is your eternal soul we’re talking about here!

No I’m not talking about Condi She is starting to awaken if I can trust what I am being shown.

lord marduk Wes Penre & A. R. Bordon

If you ARE serving the wrong somebody, you just might be serving:

“Marduk’s sons, Nabu and Gbril have allegedly taken over the post as Lords of Earth.”

Who knows?! I haven’t the faintest idea!

If I had to choose just one main reason for 9/11 (there’s always diff groups w diff agendas) then I’d choose in order to prevent Disclosure from happening. I believe that is why JFK was murdered.

That was the net effect anyway.

The modern nation-state of Israel is no different than the U.S. or any other country. We have our Deceivers and so do they.

Cayce’s Atlantean Sons of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial

Very little has changed. The Deceivers are Master Manipulators at getting us to war on one another.

You gotta serve somebody

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My job is to listen to respond to capture & to share what the Benevolent Ones wish you to see. But it’s all related. Can’t you see?

It’s anyone’s guess what awaits. So we have to keep on keepin’ on. One never knows just how a word a phrase a sentence might stick with someone until the time is right.

Then, Voila! The Hundredth Monkey. And that person is unplugged from the Matrix FOREVER – Fear no more. And YOU played your part with unparalleled Grace, My Friend.

Brownie points.

Just one more caution for those like me who are just now looking into the Anunnaki Nibiru connection. You may be a Hybrid, but don’t get caught up in that whole bloodline thing. The Holocaust was all about bloodlines. BOTH the Illuminati AND Majestic are all about bloodlines. Yes, it’s a part of our history. But one’s genetic makeup isn’t the most important thing about them. What is most important? The love in our hearts for our Creator and for each other.

Rose Anne Bongiovanni Cupo

White Peak

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Solving 911 – A Review
Barry Chamish for
I am in Bollyn’s camp but for reasons beyond his bigoted research.


And the conspirators’ names keep rolling from Bollyn’s book. Michael Goff was the marketing man who sold Ptech software to the FAA and rigged the planes to crash into buildings. It was through Jeremy Kroll that the Mossad gained control of security at the WTC. And Arnon Milchan arranged the advanced super-thermite used to bring down the buildings. Of Milchan, Bollyn writes: “Israeli authors who are close to Milchan say that he and Shimon Peres are strategic partners and holders of some of Israel’s most significant secrets.”

I know 9-11 was an inside job. The most blatant clues are sheer giveaways. WTC leasee Larry Silverstein signed his takeover of the property in July 2001 with a double indemnity clause that gave him seven billion dollars if the buildings were felled by terrorism. Lucky Larry. And when UA 93 was felled in Pennsylvania instead of crashing into Building Seven, and with fire marshals threatening to discover the explosives within, at 5:20 PM, in the smoldering shadows of Buildings 1 and 2, Larry “pulled” the 47 storey Building Seven in a perfect controlled demolition. So how did he engineer that in an afternoon?

I could imagine tracing all the Protestants involved in the attack beginning with the President. But Bollyn is determined to blame only and all Zionists. He almost goes down an honest evidentiary path but back he comes accusing all Jews and Israelis for 9-11. 

08/22/2012    Wednesday – Kerry’s very special guest tonight was Barry Chamish.

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Pirate News Wire – Saint John Hunt is the eldest son of “super-spy” E. …… The Kapos Of Nazi Israel – by Israeli Jew Barry Chamish – The Nazis knew how to …… He is clearly one of the architects of the falseflag terrorism of 9/11 as can be seen by…… to address, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres told Yedioth Ahronoth.

Please have a look at my most recent YouTubes to get an idea what else “Those Who Serve The Wrong Somebody” would keep hidden from you & your family.

SisterRosetta & BlessedIsTheTruth 110 – 119

For 120 and beyond:

SisterRosetta – My Uploaded Videos

For other YouTubes not included in the above PlayLists:

Thank you.


Walter Cruttenden The Lost Star of Myth and Time and The Dual Sun Hypothesis

August 7, 2012

IMG_1858 – Impressionist Sun Twin Set

Images on this page are multiples of same image which I contend depicts our Sun, our Sun’s Twin and perhaps Planet X. Others theorize a Nibiru system. Still I am confused about names, but names won’t matter if one or more of these Objects heading our way.

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The BBC (UK) has inadvertently recorded Nibiru in a documentary.
The documentary can be viewed or downloaded in SD or HD on the BBC i Player on line, until 17 July 2012.
It is called Ukraine’s Forgotten Children, and features at 1 hour 11 minutes 55 seconds.

It has come to my attention that researchers like Walter Cruttenden (“The Lost Star of Myth and Time”) are working on the hypothesis of a dual sun to our Sun, not a brown dwarf, which is just one of the hypotheses of the celestial body we are tracking. Therefore, We have added “Dual Sun” to the name of the group to indicate an openness of working hypothesis and opennes to data interpretation. For example, I am told by an expert source that the image of the celestial body captured by the BBC in the documentary at the opening of the following video could as well be interpreted as the “Lost Star of Myth and Time” as described by Cruttenden in his book of the same name. In Light, Alfred 😉
VIDEO: Dual Star twin to our Sun: Visible to upper left of our Sun via reflected light from our Sun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

LIVE with George Noory

Guest: Walter

Book: Lost
Ancient Wisdom – From the Atlantis Rising Anthology Library


Guest: Jason

Knowledge Apocalypse: Ancient Aliens, Planet X & The Lost Cycle Of Time


Theoretical archaeo-astronomer and Executive Director of the
Binary Research Institute Walter Cruttenden and one of the leading researchers
and lecturers specializing in ancient advanced technologies Jason Martell, will
discuss Nibiru and Planet X, and claims that alien life does exist and contact
is likely.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

KMO talks with ETC site manager, Jason Deptula, about the swollen population of the earth and how it might actually help us get through the coming transition with less upset than if there were fewer people on the planet. The conversation turns to the concepts detailed in the book Lost Star of Myth and Time by Walter Cruttenden including the possibility that our sun has a companion star.

Music by Jesse Miller.

The letter I read from katuah included the following link:

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Appearing during the second hour, theoretical archaeo-astronomer Walter Cruttenden discussed how our solar system may be tied to another star which has influenced the rise and fall of civilizations. It may be very common for stars to be in binary systems, and if our whole solar system is in orbit around a companion star, “it might explain all this distant folklore about the cycle of the ages,” dark and golden periods talked about by over 40 different cultures, he said. Cruttenden spoke about sophisticated technology from the BC era, including some evidence we don’t completely understand like the terra preta soil of the Amazon, and the Avebury stone circle.

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This documentary investigates the common threads in the mythological beliefs around the ancient world and looks back into time keeping answers to the questions that still loom over science today. How far back into history do humankind’s roots go? What did the ancients know about the stars and their movements and what can we learn from them? How was the precession of the equinox, the slow progression of the stars across the sky over thousands of years, used to mark the rise and fall of great ages by the ancients? Many cultures spoke of an unseen sun that drives precession and causes the cycle of the great year. could there be an unseen binary partner to our sun? The Great Year examines this theory and finds that perhaps these ancients were really into something !

For more info visit:

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How Do You Count Parallel Universes? You Can’t Just Go 1, 2, 3, …

Planet X ?