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Las Vegas Report

August 24, 2010

We’ve just returned from our annual Fantasy Football League Draft pilgrimage to Las Vegas.

We had to return a day early as Bill has Valley Fever. He’s improving but it’s slow going and he has good days and bad days.

Dogs get Valley Fever, too.

On Saturday night we went to the Peep Show at Planet Hollywood. (Originally, The Aladdin Hotel, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Elvis Presley married Priscilla at the Aladdin Wedding Chapel.)

Tkts were comped and our hostess took very good care of us. But I think I had more fun than my husband. Maybe the double courvoisier which I sipped the duration of the show had something to do with that.

Bill said the right audience for the Peep Show is the MTV generation. Maybe so.

If you’re going to shell out a lot of clams for a Vegas show, may I suggest a Cirque du Soleil show. They’re always top notch and there are several to choose from.

I don’t stay on the Strip, too crowded for me.

Loved this casino:

But the hotel is a bit pricey … I mean a bit pricey for Las Vegas.

After all they got a room at Trump for the draft for only $119.00!

Next time, I’ll stay here. I like to try new places.

You won’t find friendlier service anywhere, but the locals seemed in a bit of a dour mood.

1. morose, sour, moody. See glum.

Now why are Las Vegans so glum?! Oh yeah! They have the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the entire nation!

Which brings me to Harry “Searchlight” Reid. As in you’ll need a searchlight to find truthful words coming out of his big mouth.

Driving home to Phoenix we passed through Harry’s hometown, Searchlight, Nevada.

Which is one big speed trap. So slow down! And moon Harry which will make you feel a whole lot better about life in general.

Randy Moss mooning Harry Reid

Between Las Vegas and Searchlight there’s a strip of highway dedicated to “Veterans of the Global War on Terror.”

G.W.O.T.! What’s that?!

Bill speculated that sign is an “in your face” meant for Harry. Maybe so.

Between Searchlight and Laughlin, Nevada there’s a mountain which looks exactly like a human hand flipping someone the bird.

Bill dubbed it “F*ck You Mountain” and oddly enough, it was pointing in Harry’s general direction.

The drive between Kingman and Wickenburg, AZ is very scenic and remote.

All in all, an easy drive for us, especially since we live in the far NW of Peoria. We even have a (928) area code.

Until next time, that’s my Las Vegas report.


Resident show at Hotel New York – New York in Las Vegas


Etheldreda and Egfrith at Colbert’s Head

August 21, 2010

Born c. 636
Exning, Suffolk
Died June 23, 679
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church; Anglican Communion; Eastern Orthodoxy
Major shrine St Etheldreda’s Church, Ely Place, Holborn, London; Originally Ely Cathedral (now destroyed)
Feast June 23
Attributes Abbess holding a model of Ely Cathedral
Patronage Throat complaints

Æthelthryth, or Æðelþryð, (c. 636-June 23, 679) is the proper name for the popular Anglo-Saxon saint often known, particularly in a religious context, as Etheldreda or by the pet form of Audrey (or variations). She was an East Anglian princess, a Fenland queen and Abbess of Ely in the English county of Cambridgeshire.

Although, for twelve years, Egfrith had been a mere humble adorer of his beautiful wife, he had, by now become a man – with manly desires. His affection had grown to a love which could no longer be satisfied with worship at a distance.

He had hitherto consented to let Etheldreda live in his house like a nun in her convent, but now he wanted, and even demanded, more. He entreated Wilfred to use his influence to induce his wife to become, in fact, what, as yet, she had been only in name.

He promised Wilfred great things for himself and for his churches, should he be able to persuade the Queen that her duty to God was her duty to her husband.

Wilfred feigned to enter into the King’s view of the matter, but, in fact, he steadfastly encouraged the Queen to persist in her celibate life and even advised her to ask permission to leave the court and become a nun. Egfrith never forgave him.

After many painful scenes, an unwilling consent was wrung from the King, no sooner given than repented. However, before he could give orders to the contrary, Etheldreda had fled to Coldingham beyond the Tweed, where Egfrith’s aunt, St. Aebbe the Elder, was abbess.

Egfrith found life intolerable without Etheldreda, and determined to bring her back with or without her consent.

St. Aebbe heartily sympathised with Etheldreda but, seeing that, should Egfrith insist on reclaiming his wife, resistance would be impossible, advised her to escape from Coldingham in the disguise of a beggar. Etheldreda did this, attended by two nuns of Coldingham, SS. Sewara and Sewenna.

She did not go to her own aunt’s sister, St. Hilda, at Whitby, as she would have opposed anything advised by Wilfred, but decided to go back to her own lands at Ely. Many stories are told of her adventures on the journey, and they have often been the subject of sculpture and painted glass in the English monastic churches.

On the first day of her flight, Etheldreda was all but overtaken by her husband.

She arrived at a headland, Colbert’s Head, jutting into the sea, and her pious intention was protected by the tide, which at once rose to an unusual height around the rock, making the place inaccessible to her pursuers.

Egfrith resolved to wait till the ebbing waters should leave the path open to him, but instead of going down in a few hours, the waters remained at high tide for seven days.

The baffled pursuer then realised that a power greater than his had taken Etheldreda, and her vow, under his protection.

So he gave up the idea of compelling her to come back to him and returned home.

Renaissance Singers St Etheldreda’s church.

Part of the Hidden London tour


Buzz Aldrin — A Monolith on Phobos

August 12, 2010


Speaking on C-Span, Aldrin unexpectedly announced images captured by the Mars Surveyor between 1998 and 2000 revealed a ‘monolith’  on Phobos, one of Mars’ moons.

The Discovery by Efrain Palermo

While studying the above Phobos image (a composite of sp255103 frames A through O) my eye caught something sticking up out of the surface (inside blue square), it was difficult to make out at the browser size so I downloaded it into Photoshop and zoomed into that area, and there it was, an apparent cylindrical shaped object casting a longish shadow and having a slanted roof.

See animation below for zoom in close up.


In a 2006 television documentary, ‘Apollo 11 – The Untold Story,’ Buzz Aldrin admitted for the first time publicly that the astronauts saw UFOs on their trip to the Moon, but they were not allowed to discuss this information on the live audio feed to NASA. He stated that he felt it would have caused a ‘panic.’”


See also:

WilburWillAllen, a former White House employee and Air Force One engineer under U.S. Presidents,

…has stated that Everett Bellamy (Senior Assistant Dean of Georgetown Law Center), on behalf of John Podesta, who is,

  • a full-time faculty member at Georgetown Law Center
  • a former White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton (1998-2001)
  • Co-chair of the Obama Transition Team (2008-9),

…told Mr. Allen that the frequent UFO and extraterrestrial over flights and landings on the U.S. Capitol that Mr. Allen is able to document photographically using state of the art high definition equipment could, if made widely public, “destabilize society,” and urged Mr. Allen to cease his activity documenting these UFO/ET over flights and landings.

Interview on UFO/ET landings on U.S. Capitol

Listen below to this 70-minute in-depth interview with Will Allen on UFO/ET landings on the U.S. Capitol by a hyperdimensional extraterrestrial civilization.

Listening to this interview will explain in depth the context and action of what is occurring in Mr. Allen’s photographs, as well as what Mr. Allen has documented to be the dynamics of this intelligent extraterrestrial civilization behind these UFO/ET phenomena from 1942 – present.

UFO/ET flyovers in July 1952 and July 2002

Examiner readers can now view a video of the July 26, 1952 U.S. Capitol flyover as filmed by the Walt Disney company, thanks to Mr. Allen and author Robert Stanley:

See also:

Informal UFO/ET disclosure now happening in leaked UFO/ET reports via U.S. Capitol Police

Possibly the greatest moment in history

August 2, 2010

In the moment depicted by Tissot, Pilate asks Jesus whether he is the king of the Jews. Jesus replies that “My kingdom is not of this world” and that his purpose is to “bear witness to the truth.” At the conclusion of this interview, Pilate finds that Jesus has committed no crime and sends him to Herod.
Artist: James Tissot, French, 1836-1902

We remember, if we turn to the books of the New Testament, that possibly the greatest moment in history was when Pilate asked of the Master, “What is Truth?”

My Life as a Seer: The Lost Memoirs by Edgar Cayce, Page 278

What Is Truth? By Edgar Cayce

First printed in December, 1929.


… this ONE thing was continually held before the individual; that which you hold before yourself, to create that image you worship, that will develop you always upward, and will continue to enable you to know truth!

Truth, then, being a growing thing, truth being a thing that will develop you, is a something that is ENTIRELY IN ACTION! Not inactive, but IN ACTION! That’s what God is!

For in every MOVEMENT that has ever been, it has been a continual upward development, or upward toward that which IS Truth.

If you hold malice, you can become one of the meanest persons in the world.

You know that if you continue to send out thought (that may become a miracle or a crime); you create just those very same cross-currents in your mind.

What is prayer but simply attuning yourself to that which you are seeking assistance through? That’s all prayer is – attuning yourself to that very same thing.

That becomes Truth when it becomes in action. When it goes into action, to YOU it becomes Truth. It’s your own conception of what your God is.

If it makes you better to the very thing you worship, or more in accord with the thing you worship, THAT you become, whether it’s downward or upward, you go whichever way your standard is set.

Q. Yet if we are going backward, how can we know?

A. You can’t make it anything else, because to you it’s truth, because that’s what you are following. That becomes truth to you.

That which you continue to follow becomes truth whether it’s negative or positive.

As we learn it from that viewpoint, it becomes true; that is, whatever we hold that continues to build upward is Truth.

Now, as to who is to say whether you are building up, or as to how near it brings you to that thing you worship AS your God, because God IS Truth, if you continue to hold that, you may develop to that, but to someone else whose God might be something else, that wouldn’t be Truth.

Q. That applies right here in your hospital, etc.

A. If it answers one, it answers all. That’s what it stands for; that which may develop in the individual that understanding of its relation to its Maker and to its fellow man.

Or, as we come back to the very same thing I said in Sunday School this morning,

I’ve been studying a long while, trying to understand what is meant by the second commandment, and I never did know what it meant – that is, satisfactorily to my own mind – until the other night.

The first commandment, as we know, is, “Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and thy mind, etc.”

The second is, “Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image.”

Why? Because if you make an image it becomes your God.

But if you have for your God that which is within your own individual self, you yourself being a portion of the Creator, you will continue to build upward, to it!

Song of Solomon (1930) by Raban

Edgar Cayce on the Life & Times of Jesus: Introduction – This initial video segment sets up the story of Jesus from the perspective of the twentieth-century mystic Edgar Cayce. Cayce claimed to be able to “read” the “akashic records.” The Cayce “readings” are rich in detail on the cultural setting leading up to the nativity of Jesus. Cayce embeds the story of Jesus within a closely knit Essene support network. The Essenes were the Jewish group that is generally credited with having written the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Cayce readings are rich in detail on this enigmatic group.

The story is also rich in characters and events not included in the biblical accounts. For example, consider Ruth the sister of Jesus who married a roman (Philoas), the man who wrote the report that got Pontius Pilate recalled. Speaking of Pilate, perhaps his hesitation to condemn Jesus to death was more than just his wife’s bad dream. Cayce states that Jesus healed his epileptic son.

With the popularity of the DaVinci Code, all things Mary Magdalene are currently hot. Cayce sheds light on the character and relationships of this important woman and the reasons for the problematic discussion of her in the New Testament gospels.

The Cayce readings provide insight into the missing years in the life of Jesus, including travels to Persia, India, and Egypt where he studied with great teachers and wise men. And so on …

The story of the life and times of Jesus is grounded solidly in Cayce’s metaphysical cosmology that helps us to understand difficult (or seemingly impossible) events such as immaculate conception and virgin birth, materialization of food, and resurrection of the dead. The Cayce interpretation of the life of Jesus relies heavily on reincarnation with regard to both the previous life of the biblical characters and the twentieth century incarnation of these individuals.

The video segments of this story contain over 100 original illustrations by David McMillin and abundant quotes directly from the Cayce readings.

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