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The TRUE advocate with the Father – The ability of the flesh to make fleshly desires one with the will of the spirit

April 23, 2013

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Here is an excerpt from Reading 900-17 regarding that inquiry.

(Q) It has also been given in these readings that Jesus lived a man and died a man.

It has also been given that God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son to act as an example, in the flesh, to man.

Explain these things to us.

How may we regard the truth regarding Jesus in relation to the Jewish and Christian religions, AND to ALL the other religions of the world?

(A) “In that the man, Jesus, became the ensample of the flesh, manifest in the world, and the will one with the Father, he became the FIRST to manifest same in the material world.

Thus, from man’s viewpoint, becoming the ONLY, the FIRST, the begotten of the Father, and THE ENSAMPLE to the world..,

…whether Jew, Gentile, or of any other religious forces.

In this we find the TRUE advocate with the Father, in that He, as man, manifest in the flesh the ability of the flesh to make fleshly desires one with the will of the spirit.

For God is spirit, and they who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth, just as Jesus manifested in the flesh, and able to partake of the divine, for making all laws susceptible to the mandates.

For the will was one with the Father, and in this we find He takes on all law, and a law unto Himself.

For with the compliance, of even an earthly or material law, such an person IS the law.

And in that Jesus lived as man, and died as man, and in that became THE ENSAMPLE to all who WOULD approach the Throne of God.

As we see in all the religions of the world, we find all approaching those conditions where man MAY become as the law in his connection with the divine, the supreme, the oneness, of the world’s manifestation.

IN Jesus we find the answer.”

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