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September 13, 2013


Could you refresh my memory on this topic?

Dr David E Martin on VP Dick Cheney

@ 17:20

I will tell you without question that the Greek Olympic security scenario that’s laid out in the book …

and the actors that are described in much greater detail … those things happened at the Vice President’s (Cheney’s) residence.

I have direct experience … 3rd party direct experience … of the nature of those transactions …

that ultimately led to the paying to arm the enemies of the United States … or alleged enemies of the United States …

that ultimately were funds that were deployed to create those military and conflict regions in Iraq and Afghanistan and for that matter in the Gaza Strip that led the Bush Administration …

explaining the war effort …

And there is no question that U.S. Dollars hardware and military technology were used on both sides of the conflict

And so a lot of the men and women who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan did not do so because …

the Iraqis and Afghanis had access to Russian or Korean or Iranian technology …

There is a significant amount of the casualty of the armed forces of the United States that came from munitions purchased by funds transferred around the Olympic security …

That indeed was a Vice President residence plan.

3 of 3 Dr David E Martin

Community Currency – 12/15/11
December 15, 2011

Guest: Dr. David E. Martin Dr. David E. Martin is the founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the architect and founder of the Global Innovation Commons and was the founder of Mosaic Technologies, Inc.. The impressive bio on his company’s websites states that – “Dr. Martin… is the author of the international legal framework …


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U.S. needs to know more before deciding whether to strike Syria – Dennis Lamb, Retired CIA case officer and intelligence analyst

September 8, 2013


Updated: 8 September 2013

U.S. needs to know more before deciding whether to strike Syria

The casualties were the result of an accident caused when al-Nusra used some ordinary rebels to carry and operate these weapons and they mishandled the material.


Dennis Lamb, from Chelsea, Iowa, and now residing out of the state, retired from the CIA in 2002 after serving 30 years in its Directorate of Operations as a case officer and intelligence analyst.


On May 14, a Turkish opposition party MP, Mehmet Ali Ediboglu, alleged that al-Nusra rebels had planted twin car bombs in Turkey’s frontier area that killed 46 people in a bid to draw Turkey into Syria’s civil war.

This, he asserted, was because the rebels realized that they need help to overthrow Bashar al Assad’s Syrian regime.

If this plot with sarin had not been foiled, it is quite likely that the Turkish government, as it has in the past, would have blamed Syria for the attack, obliging a military response.

If these reports are true, then al-Nusra has sarin gas.

And if it has enough to expend on false flag operations in Turkey, then it has plenty in Syria.

And if al-Nusra was trying to lure the Turkish government into attacking Syria with a sarin gas attack on its territory in May, then it is reasonable to suspect it may also have been trying to do the same thing in Ghouta, Syria, on Aug. 21 to draw America into the conflict.


Mint Press News is a Minneapolis-based independent online news organization.

On Aug. 29, Mint Press News posted an on-the-ground report by Jordanian reporter Yahya Ababneh titled

“Exclusive: Syrians In Ghouta claim Saudi-supplied rebels behind chemical attack.”

In this report, Ababneh, who had spoken directly with the rebels, their family members, victims of the chemical weapons attacks and local residents, alleges that

rebels and local residents in Ghouta complained that Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan had provided chemical weapons to certain rebels (al-Nusra is cautiously referenced) without training them in their use.

They believed the casualties were the result of an accident caused when al-Nusra used some ordinary rebels to carry and operate these weapons and they mishandled the material.

A Free Syrian Army fighter sits atop a flight of stairs near the Grand Umayyad mosque in Aleppo


Majestic, the JFK assassination, Barack Hussein Obama and Syria

September 1, 2013

Barack Obama, Joe Biden

Majestic, the JFK assassination, Barack Hussein Obama and Syria

[“1963: A week after Kennedy had his nut cracked with the help of a grassy knoll railroad man who looks suspiciously like D’s real father” D = Dr Dan Burisch Crain

See here:

“ … we damned well may be depending on you to make sure the 4563 nutcracker aint played again.”]

This seems to me to be a not so subtle threat against President Obama. Majestic killed President Kennedy.


kennedy obama 1


kennedy obama 2







SoA / Echelon

Grand Poobah

Non Commanders- Buzz

Secret open: He’s finally brought out the big ones.

At least we in Maj are getting info now why we could die so others may live?

Our small stealth fleet that old owly is so proud of. Calls them his ‘babies.”

Refused to even use them in 11’s Libya spitfight. Said they weren’t needed. Not sure.

I argued like a hell hound with him about it and he was maybe a little right. Then I say “Benghazi”??

He is the a/h of the year. Stones, Ann? I like that. They are in rigging.

With what both combatant sides use. Gives us the choice of who they’ll finally blame.

Walked from the emergency Kerry/Clinton TangounoVictor83 meet impressed.

Decided to watch the Fat Man and Little Boy movie for the 100th. time. Never enough.

I have no bond cept my Majic one. So maybe the DSotG can express himself? If no they’ll tell me.

They go through the whole movie without anything locking J.R.Oppy to Majic’s history.

Then they supplied a blast bigger than the history the abomb would inev write by Hill slicks.

J.R.Oppy leads team to make abomb.

Abomb used twice in 1945 as a means to avoid Ops. Olympic/Downfall.

J.R.Oppy enjoys the lights and cameras reserved for a man who got 200,000 offed in 2 flashes.

They become recents for Not available then. Pressure slowly mounts as he finds his conscience.

J.R.Oppy starts thinking about his real place in history and in 1949 decides to buck a bronco that he’s not prepared to ride.

Teller, a man who likes to pay for S4 people’s ed, the Hbomb’s baby daddy gets a front row seat to 1 then two additions to the abomb making it the biggy to reassert supremacy.

Teller sends him up the river in testimony and in 1953 J.R.Oppy publishes in the Reith Lectures.

I am absolutely sure I am not allowed to connect those lectures to the overall picture but I can give a small clue:

British links to the Illuminati.

1954 and all of J.R.Oppy’s access it cut.

In 1967 J.R.Oppy dies of plausible throat cancer but after radiation therapy (ironic?) and a botched surgery.

The cancer was plausible because he had more smoke in his lungs than all the salmons I enjoyed so far.

1945: Bombs blow and the former e.t. problem has a long lost date marker.

1947: New Mexico will never be the same.

1949: J.R.Oppy should have lived to hear:

1953: Arizona will never be the same and fate is set to strike a small first base park league lover to be born in 1964.

1954: J.R. Oppy gets fully canned and heads off to Saint John, the Virgin Islands for some sailing time and good ole relaxation. Ike meets special peeps at Lake Rosamond, E.A.F.B.

1957: A year after a real tough cello player was born, J.R.Oppy decides to settle on Saint John, the first offshore investment of the McDowell family during their lavish “Cuba years”.

Later, it was that connection which led M’s mother to involve M in the “Saint John Hospitaller” and the photos of her with a big Maltese on the front of her was published by her to be “nice”.

1963: A week after Kennedy had his nut cracked with the help of a grassy knoll railroad man who looks suspiciously like D’s real father, Johnson gives J.R. Oppy an award. Those kinds of things are done for plausible deniability. We still liked Oppy. Uhhu.

1967: J.R.Oppy dead as a doornob 4 years after he got his big prize from Johnson, the same year the Committee of the Majority started, and in the same year, uh67 the final decisions for the first Commity of the Majority charter.

Good luck Danny! Pains me we damned well may be depending on you to make sure the 4563 nutcracker aint played again.

He already got it right once why not give it another spin? Pffffff..