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December 31, 2020

December 31, 2020

December 31, 2020

FlashPoint – Sidney Powell

December 30, 2020

00:15 welcome to flashpoint 00:16 i’m gene bailey glad you’re here well 00:19 remember this is the program where we 00:20 don’t doubt in the dark what we heard in 00:22 the light 00:23 and we’re so glad for a wonderful 00:25 program tonight got a great panel it’s 00:27 been a long time since we’ve been on 00:29 it’s only been a week but it feels like 00:30 it’s been a long time i know that you’re 00:32 like you 00:33 i’ve been watching the news seeing 00:35 what’s going on looking forward to it 00:37 well we’ve got a very special guest that 00:38 will join us in a little bit 00:40 attorney sidney powell is going to be 00:42 joining us and give us what she can talk 00:44 about on the air and let you know you 00:46 don’t want to 00:47 change that channel you want to be part 00:48 of what we’re going to talk about 00:50 now we all know this is now so much 00:54 more than just an election what’s going 00:57 on in 00:58 our in our system in the election 01:00 process 01:02 it’s so much more than whatever we’ve 01:03 been seeing happening and i want to 01:05 introduce our panel 01:06 right now that people that are here 01:08 lance walnell 01:09 hello lance mario marillo hello and john 01:12 graves gentlemen 01:14 welcome to the program tonight so glad 01:16 you’re here 01:18 uh we’ve got a lot sorry first off did 01:20 everybody have a good christmas time 01:23 oh yeah 01:26 yeah memorable i i put on my customary 01:29 christmas weight 01:30 and uh we’re going to be taking it off 01:32 at no time at all 01:33 yeah this is why there’s always a fast 01:35 in january is to get rid of everything i 01:37 know 01:37 exactly all right so listen we want to 01:40 tell you if for some reason you’re 01:41 watching us on youtube 01:42 uh and or if you’re watching us on some 01:44 other social media number one we want 01:46 you to share 01:47 share share share whatever you can share 01:49 it and make sure we’re all a part 01:51 of your social media but if you for some 01:53 reason you don’t see us 01:54 the best way is to go to the website go 01:57 victory dot com 01:58 slash flashpoint go victory dot com 02:01 slash 02:02 flashpoint that’s hard to say slash 02:04 flashpoint okay 02:05 so you want to make sure you’re part of 02:07 that of course also 02:08 on rumble you can look up 02:12 flashpoint as well and we’re there and 02:14 we’re uploading those videos slowly but 02:16 surely they’re coming 02:17 available on rumble as well well listen 02:20 special event is coming up uh coming up 02:23 in our nation’s capital 02:25 on january 6th and listen i want to play 02:28 this video 02:29 but the president of the united states 02:31 has staged has asked 02:32 you to be in attendance if you can come 02:36 you can be a part of the wild protest 02:48 watch 02:51 we will not bend we will not break we 02:53 will not yield 02:54 we will never give in we will never give 02:56 up and we will never back down 02:58 we will never ever surrender 03:05 because we are american and our hearts 03:08 bleed red white and blue 03:28 all right there you go stop the steal 03:29 join in washington dc 03:32 wild that’s what president 03:34 trump called it 03:35 we want you to be there with us all 03:37 right so tonight the future of america’s 03:39 freedom 03:40 it hangs in the balance we all know now 03:43 this is much more than just an election 03:45 if the american people cannot trust our 03:47 national institutions from the executive 03:49 branch 03:50 to the legislative and judicial we’ve 03:53 lost far more than just the constitution 03:56 we have cast aside the greatness of our 03:58 founders desires courage 04:00 sacrifice and unquestionable wisdom 04:04 leading to the realization of the 04:05 greatest nation 04:07 in the history of the world now prior to 04:09 the 2016 election 04:11 nefarious villains fbi agents and others 04:14 within government 04:15 actually set in motion methods by which 04:18 they would attempt to defeat 04:19 impeach and do whatever was necessary to 04:22 destroy president trump 04:24 if and when he won the election it’s 04:27 hard to believe 04:28 that some bureaucratic agencies back 04:30 then now not so hard to believe 04:32 were established which were established 04:34 to help protect our freedom 04:36 but become agents shocking 04:39 on freedom not only that but individuals 04:42 and agencies committed to overthrow 04:44 the election results found wholehearted 04:47 unwavering support by the mainstream 04:49 media 04:50 they refused to report or acknowledge 04:53 many undeniably 04:54 positive achievements during president 04:56 trump’s entire team 04:57 term it’s a difficult it’s difficult to 05:00 imagine something happening like this in 05:02 america 05:03 land of the free the home of the brave 05:05 the agency’s commission to protect us 05:08 became agents of corruption 05:11 they spent four years using their power 05:13 to examine 05:14 the leader of the executive branch the 05:16 president of the united states with the 05:18 intention of 05:19 destroying him never have we seen such 05:22 an assault 05:23 with so many agencies as what we 05:26 witnessed 05:27 unwaveringly for four years 05:30 members of the legislative and judicial 05:32 branches claimed it was a 05:34 search for truth but the truth revealed 05:37 that the accusations were ill-founded 05:39 unsustainable and just plain wrong 05:42 now we’re told over and over from media 05:44 outlets and social media platforms that 05:46 claims of voter fraud in the 2020 05:49 election 05:49 are baseless and unsubstantiated twitter 05:52 flags every article alleging voter fraud 05:55 and even stories about allegations of 05:56 voter fraud 05:57 and don’t get me started on facebook 06:00 despite this relentless media campaign 06:03 there’s now a plethora of evidence of 06:06 fraud 06:06 this evidence is far more robust than 06:09 anything the media used to keep the 06:11 russia collusion hoax alive 06:13 for years the most visually sensational 06:17 evidence of election fraud is the time 06:18 code security video footage 06:21 from the state farm arena in georgia 06:23 democratic poll workers sent home 06:25 republican poll watchers and members of 06:28 the media 06:29 claiming there was going to be a break 06:32 before the democratic poll workers 06:33 stayed behind and later when no one was 06:35 watching 06:36 the security footage showed them pulling 06:38 cases of ballots from under a table 06:41 which one of them had set up earlier 06:43 that morning and began counting again 06:45 thousands of ballots for hours 06:49 in the midst of all their assaults the 06:51 nation prospered because 06:52 proven principles were put back in place 06:55 with the exception of the pandemic our 06:57 nation has been blessed in every 06:58 possible way 07:00 of the last four years because of 07:02 principles that line up 07:03 with the biblical truth that we all know 07:05 and have been historically confirmed 07:08 when following those principles the 07:09 people are blessed when forsaken 07:12 the consequences are damaging even 07:14 devastating 07:15 so why can’t the legislative 07:18 representatives 07:19 and the judicial symptom examine the 07:22 recent election 07:23 and commit to prove that it was honest 07:25 convince us 07:27 or if in fact the proof is there that it 07:30 was not honest 07:31 even fraudulent and deceptive then show 07:33 it to the american voter 07:35 and right the wrong otherwise the 07:38 american people will sincerely ask well 07:40 why do we need to vote 07:41 when will the system even prove that our 07:44 will 07:44 and our opinion even matter american 07:47 citizens need to know that we can trust 07:49 the process 07:50 it’s not just about the candidate it’s 07:52 not just about trump or biden 07:54 it’s about the truth how can anyone who 07:57 loves america who claims to love god 07:59 and their family and hold faith and 08:01 freedom in an important place 08:04 not demand that we discover the absolute 08:06 truth 08:07 if there were ballot dumps after the 08:09 polls were closed late in the night and 08:12 they kept bringing in thousands of votes 08:14 swinging the pendulum against all the 08:15 historical trends and related statistics 08:18 why can’t we see proof that they’re 08:19 legitimate votes 08:21 have you ever wondered that if we can 08:23 spend four years trying to prove 08:26 accusations to be true why can’t we now 08:28 pause 08:30 long enough to examine the concerns 08:32 questions accusations and even signed 08:34 affidavits of people 08:35 that risk their own safety to seek the 08:38 truth 08:40 i’m asking prove to the american people 08:42 that the outcome actually happened those 08:44 of us who love 08:45 faith family and freedom deserve to know 08:48 and those who are out to hurt our faith 08:50 our families and our freedoms should 08:52 know 08:52 that we know all of our intelligence 08:56 agencies understand the importance and 08:58 the reliability 08:59 the reliability of statistical 09:02 impossibilities the extremes in this 09:05 election should cause 09:06 everyone to pause and seek undeniable 09:09 truth 09:10 for the sake of the future of voting and 09:12 the confidence in the election process 09:14 we must did you hear me we must settle 09:17 this concern 09:18 stop the sheer nonsense let the truth 09:20 prevail 09:22 america’s future depends on it so with 09:25 that 09:25 let’s get started i want to start with 09:27 you lance uh 09:29 lance what are you seeing now are you 09:31 encouraged are you where do you see 09:33 everything happening right now 09:36 well i just want to say that was a very 09:38 nice monologue there i enjoyed that 09:40 gene that was that was it’s just 09:44 good stuff i’m so glad we got that 09:45 recorded guys i hope you got that so we 09:47 can play that back 09:48 okay yeah well so so what so you but you 09:52 met you brought up a couple of 09:53 interesting uh 09:54 points in what you said and one of them 09:56 is these legislators 09:58 so the real key here is what the heck is 10:01 going on 10:01 with the legislators everybody wants to 10:04 talk about mike pence and what he might 10:06 do 10:06 at the january january 6th certification 10:08 and 10:09 listen if republicans send to him their 10:12 endorsement of of the electors 10:16 and he is in the awkward position of 10:18 having to overturn them based upon 10:20 hearing evidence of 10:22 widespread corruption which he already 10:23 knows has happened well why didn’t the 10:25 legislators meet and do that you see 10:27 that he’s we’re in a very awkward 10:29 situation we’ve got to understand 10:31 reality here 10:32 but here’s the nasty truth the reason 10:34 the legislators 10:36 aren’t saying anything the reason why 10:37 governor kemp and the governor of 10:39 arizona 10:40 these guys are knuckleheads they’re 10:41 republicans they have aspirations 10:43 of they have greater visions of glory in 10:46 the future uh they’re looking forward to 10:47 this governor in ours who wants to be a 10:49 senator the senator over there and 10:50 georgia wants to be the president 10:51 and i’m telling you something they’re 10:52 listening to the to the dummy 10:54 establishment consultants in washington 10:56 they’re all in their own little thought 10:58 bubble world 10:59 and the only thing that’s going to pop 11:00 it is the vigorous 11:02 muscular expression of the populist 11:05 revolt 11:06 that rep is represented by 75 million 11:09 people 11:09 35 to 40 million of which are christians 11:12 and evangelicals 11:13 who are tired of seeing the corruption 11:16 and impossibility of their 11:17 of their own party so these legislators 11:20 are being i’m telling you right now 11:22 they’re hearing the wrong consultants 11:24 and they’re being pressured by business 11:26 in georgia you’ve got uh the big 11:28 businesses threatening the governor 11:30 saying we’ll pull out of atlanta we’ll 11:32 pull out of here 11:33 if you don’t play ball don’t think for a 11:34 minute that the corporate guys 11:37 that are that are in the money game in 11:38 this are putting the squeeze on the 11:40 legislators and 11:42 on the government in these states 11:45 yeah absolutely agreed you know let me 11:47 get john i want to get you 11:48 uh in on this how important really is 11:51 uh georgia in all of this is is this 11:54 really that big a deal the senate right 11:55 now i know 11:56 and i i’m not just lobbying a softball 11:58 your way i mean 11:59 i mean but is it really going to change 12:00 anything 12:02 it’s it’s epic and i don’t use that word 12:06 lightly 12:06 and here’s why the democrats control the 12:09 house although it’s a tiniest margin 12:11 since 1910 which is the good news they 12:13 now unless the fraud can be exposed 12:16 and the people in the legislature and 12:18 the courts do the right thing and 12:19 overturn this election 12:21 biden will be in the white house if 12:22 those two georgia seats are lost 12:24 the democrats will then control and 12:27 kamala harris will be the president of 12:29 the senate 12:30 and you want to talk about everything 12:31 from religious freedom to pro-life 12:33 legislation to 12:36 economic issues it doesn’t matter 12:38 they’re all out they’ll pack the courts 12:40 they will add two different dc and 12:42 puerto rico to the senate they’ll have 12:44 four liberal senators 12:45 and it will be a shift dramatically and 12:48 they can do that on day one 12:50 yeah all right it’s very serious it is 12:53 very serious okay 12:54 and can i add this i don’t want to 12:55 interrupt you but it’s not too late 12:57 you can you know somebody in georgia 12:59 tell them to go vote the last thing that 13:01 needs to happen is christians to stay 13:03 home the last thing that needs to happen 13:05 is to stop praying give up don’t get 13:07 involved 13:08 and you said it best if there’s fraud 13:11 and everybody’s going 13:12 people are asking the question why 13:14 bother right well why bother 13:16 is because we do the right thing we’re 13:18 salt and light no matter what the 13:19 darkness does we can overcome it 13:21 yeah amen all right that leads me right 13:23 here to mario marilla mario 13:25 in in light of that uh you know we’re 13:27 seeing 13:28 record numbers of christians bailing 13:31 out there they’ve left the faith 13:35 uh and that god’s gonna work this out 13:37 what are you seeing 13:39 you know i have a word for all that 13:41 we’re at a moment 13:42 that i think of general patton 13:46 who did one of the most astonishing 13:47 military acts in history 13:50 and it’s funny i was writing a blog 13:51 about this on december 26th 13:54 eisenhower asked patton can you relieve 13:58 the trapped soldiers in bastogne 14:01 and patton answered him and said i can 14:04 attack 14:04 in 48 hours 100 miles away 14:08 i can march 100 miles 48 hours and 14:11 attack with two divisions of soldiers 14:14 and eisenhower said be serious and 14:17 patton responded i 14:18 am and he did it he took men that hadn’t 14:21 slept 14:22 hadn’t eaten turned them around marched 14:25 them a hundred miles 14:26 up a mountain in sub-zero temperatures 14:29 and they 14:30 attacked and relieved bastogne now i’m 14:32 going to tell you that’s where the 14:33 church is somebody we need a patent 14:35 voice in america right now 14:37 we need somebody who will shake these 14:40 christians and realize this 14:41 listen the answer for you is not to go 14:43 lick your wounds 14:45 but right now you need to understand 14:46 this is so much more than an election 14:49 this is so much more 14:50 than in four years we can do it again 14:52 our basic freedoms have been removed 14:56 your freedoms you are condemning your 14:58 children to a darkness you cannot 15:00 understand 15:02 the idea that we must push the breaks 15:05 come and bring this fraud to a 15:06 screeching halt it’s not negotiable it’s 15:09 not debatable 15:10 it’s not changeable so how did patton do 15:12 it and then with that i’m done 15:14 he did it by first telling him this is 15:17 the actual situation boys 15:19 and i don’t know what he said but to 15:21 make them march 100 miles in the snow 15:23 in sub-zero temperatures without food 15:25 and without sleep 15:27 he must have convinced them somebody 15:29 needs to shake the church in america and 15:31 tell them this 15:32 i don’t care what it takes how long it 15:34 takes we cannot 15:36 accept joe biden we cannot accept this 15:38 voter fraud 15:39 because the basic truth of the 15:41 government of the people and by the 15:43 people and for the people 15:44 has been removed if you have elections 15:47 that are not free 15:48 you are a third war country you’ve 15:50 already been taken over we have been 15:53 tacitly invaded and conquered so 15:55 somebody 15:56 i wish that i had that gift of patent 15:59 somebody needs to shake the church 16:01 to its core and tell them we must act as 16:04 a unit 16:05 a populist movement and we must do it 16:07 now amen 16:09 i agree that’s good good word all right 16:11 i want to bring in our special guest 16:13 via telephone attorney sidney powell 16:16 attorney 16:16 welcome to the program oh thank you so 16:19 much i’m honored to join you 16:21 okay uh uh sydney we we are 16:24 looking for hope out there and i know 16:27 you can only talk about some things 16:29 and we want to respect that but what is 16:31 it you want to tell 16:33 to the the good people of america the 16:35 bible toting conservative 16:37 christians that are looking for 16:39 something to happen 16:41 give us some hope well i think 16:44 everybody out there listening now needs 16:47 to stand up and make their voices heard 16:49 i just caught a little bit of the person 16:51 speaking right before 16:53 i came on and i agree with absolutely 16:55 everything he said 16:57 but i think one of the things that needs 16:59 to happen immediately and i would like 17:01 to see it happen this sunday 17:03 is for absolutely every church in the 17:05 country to open up 17:07 and everybody go and take their mouths 17:10 off if they want to 17:11 or not but open the church doors and go 17:14 to church 17:14 everywhere across this country they 17:17 cannot arrest 17:18 75 million christians right that’s good 17:22 absolutely okay attorney powell i have a 17:25 question for you 17:26 uh as far as president trump retaining 17:29 the presidency in this whole election 17:31 debacle that’s happened 17:32 what are the viable paths that we have 17:35 now to see that happen 17:38 well there are multiple cases pending in 17:41 the supreme court 17:42 that has done nothing with we have four 17:44 states in 17:46 play on our petitions for emergency 17:48 mandamus 17:49 to ask the court to decertify arizona 17:53 michigan wisconsin and georgia 17:55 because of all the massive fraud there 17:57 we have filed documents on each of them 18:00 you can go to 18:03 to see the documents including the 18:05 exhibits and the 18:06 evidence that we filed with each one of 18:08 those cases 18:10 or the website kraken k-r-a-k-e and 18:13 hyphen which is a news 18:16 aggregation 18:17 site that lin wood and i started to try 18:20 to get 18:20 the truth out to people and twitter will 18:22 not even allow you to link 18:24 that website in a tweet and they they 18:27 shut 18:28 it down the very first night we got a 18:29 hundred thousand followers the very 18:31 first night we set up the twitter 18:33 account for it 18:34 and told people it was there so they 18:36 shut the twitter down and they shut down 18:38 the any ability to link that website on 18:41 twitter all right we’re going to get 18:42 that 18:43 website put up there so we can make sure 18:45 our viewers can see that 18:47 and of course another another thing is 18:50 to 18:51 i think everybody needs to start getting 18:53 out in front of the homes of their state 18:55 legislators and making it clear in the 18:58 swing states that they want those 19:00 elections decertified the electors for 19:03 biden should not be 19:05 allowed to participate in the electoral 19:08 college vote in any way shape 19:10 or form we’ve also filed a lawsuit 19:12 against 19:13 vice president pence in his official 19:16 capacity 19:17 because we want to make sure he knows 19:19 and the law is clear that he has the 19:21 authority to reject 19:22 any electors at all under the 12th 19:25 amendment to the united states 19:26 constitution 19:28 that we just filed last night late 19:31 in the eastern district of texas 19:33 congressman louie gomer 19:34 is the plaintiff along with a number of 19:37 arizona electors 19:40 for president trump and the fraud 19:44 everywhere is just so outrageous i’m 19:47 pretty sure 19:48 they ran the algorithm to flip two 19:50 points 19:51 of the votes from trump to biden almost 19:54 everywhere across the country certainly 19:56 they did it everywhere on dominion 19:58 there’s already a published report from 20:01 the antrim county michigan 20:03 investigation the only place we were 20:05 allowed to examine the machines 20:08 that show that that’s exactly what 20:09 happened and the vote 20:11 in all the dominion areas 20:14 was 5.6 or so 20:18 higher for biden than any other areas in 20:20 the country 20:22 and that would be attributable to that 20:23 algorithm i think the algorithm may have 20:26 been run on other systems too it’s not 20:28 just dominion because they all use the 20:30 same 20:31 software and and can do the same things 20:35 so states that think they are solid on 20:37 other machines 20:38 may not may very well not be we just 20:41 don’t know 20:42 and i think if they did not have 20:43 something to hide they should allow 20:46 the audit of any machines anybody wants 20:48 to audit frankly 20:50 anywhere in the country because we’re 20:51 supposed to have open transparent 20:54 elections in this country federal law 20:56 requires 20:57 that the voting records and everything 21:00 respecting any kind of national 21:02 election all those records be kept for 21:04 22 months under penalty of going to 21:06 prison for up to a year 21:08 and being fined in a criminal 21:09 prosecution and for 21:11 people to have destroyed any ballots or 21:14 any records 21:15 that is a one-year penalty 21:18 yeah the reason we have that is because 21:20 it’s so important that our elections be 21:22 completely trustworthy and transparent 21:24 that’s a hallmark of the rule of law in 21:26 a free society we’re supposed to be one 21:28 person one vote one citizen one vote 21:32 so let me ask about january 6. 21:35 everybody’s talking about that’s the big 21:36 day 21:38 you know with electoral college what if 21:40 things don’t get is that really the end 21:42 of the 21:42 the path or is january 20th even the end 21:45 of the path 21:46 if we discover that there’s much more 21:48 fraud and it finally comes to light and 21:50 we’re 21:50 actually people are actually listening 21:52 to the cases uh 21:54 is it possible that president trump 21:57 would be 21:57 back president trump after january 20th 22:00 or is it really is that kind of our hard 22:02 cut off date 22:04 well it’s definitely possible because 22:06 the supreme court 22:08 can do what it wants to do but 22:11 it gets more difficult the longer it 22:13 takes 22:14 the president has all the authority he 22:16 needs now under the executive order that 22:18 was issued in 2018 22:20 on election interference from a foreign 22:23 power there’s so much evidence of that 22:26 we put out a 270 page 22:29 explanation of all of it and and that’s 22:32 published now on crack and hyphen 22:34 and 22:37 and i think probably at 22:39 too 22:40 trying to make it as available as we can 22:42 to people so they can see 22:44 all the incredible evidence of foreign 22:46 interference 22:47 in the election in fact the 22:51 fbi and the cisa agency documented it 22:54 all right john graves i i want to pitch 22:57 this over to you john i know you have a 22:58 question for 23:00 sidney powell yeah to me sydney 23:03 uh what happens i know it gets harder 23:05 and harder with each one of these let’s 23:08 say 23:08 that some on the six that 23:12 what pence does is sends it to the two 23:15 chambers they debate for two 23:16 hours and can more evidence come there 23:21 because the courts 23:22 lack the political will to let people 23:24 see the evidence can 23:25 one senator get the evidence out or are 23:28 there 23:28 mcconnell’s of the world gonna question 23:30 this 23:35 i i wish i knew uh all the answers to 23:38 those questions 23:39 there are so many different 23:41 possibilities 23:42 vice president pence should simply 23:44 refuse to accept 23:46 the illegal electors the electors from 23:49 the states in which there was 23:51 demonstrable 23:52 significant fraud and if he does that 23:56 then it would have to go for president 23:58 trump 24:01 yeah so but at that point it splits 24:03 between the two chambers they debate for 24:05 at least two hours but if there’s very 24:07 few senators stepping forward 24:09 in this case uh do you think because 24:12 there’s a lot of opinions out there 24:14 pence has the authority with these 24:15 dueling electors to say look they sent 24:17 dueling electors here we’re just going 24:18 to disqualify them all 24:20 which immediately triggers the 12th 24:21 amendment is that a possibility the way 24:24 you see this working 24:26 well i think the possibility is that he 24:28 has the actual ability to 24:30 select the president himself by virtue 24:34 of disregarding the illegal electors 24:37 right so yeah jefferson did that in fact 24:39 thomas jefferson 24:40 thomas jefferson did that when he became 24:44 president 24:45 he was actually vice president at the 24:46 time as i recall 24:48 and then accounted the georgia was 24:51 involved actually 24:53 yeah that’s exactly right so what about 24:56 vice president pence i know that on this 25:00 network and 25:01 christians all around the world 25:02 especially here in america we’re all 25:04 praying for vice president pence because 25:05 there’s got to be an immense amount of 25:07 pressure 25:08 uh on him is there anything that we can 25:11 you can reveal to us 25:12 there with him and where things are at 25:14 and what he’s thinking 25:16 uh no i don’t know what he’s thinking i 25:19 was hoping that his counsel might agree 25:23 to expedite our lawsuit 25:26 on these very legal issues that we’re 25:29 discussing right now 25:30 to make it clear that he has that 25:32 authority and get that 25:33 all wrapped up so that there’s no 25:36 there’s no doubt about it 25:37 on the sixth but they’ve asked for 25:40 longer to brief 25:42 it and right now we have a motion to 25:43 expedite the briefing schedule 25:45 pending in front of the judge in texas 25:48 that has the case i think everybody 25:51 needs to pray that 25:52 vice president pence has the strength 25:55 and wisdom and courage 25:57 because i don’t see how any good 25:59 christian could certify 26:01 a fraudulent election and there is so 26:04 much evidence of fraud 26:05 we haven’t even begun to compile all of 26:08 it 26:08 it’s absolutely massive we get 26:12 more every day i’m still drinking 26:14 information 26:15 through a fire hose that supports 26:17 nothing but 26:18 an extraordinary criminal fraud to 26:21 destroy 26:22 the republic of the united states of 26:24 america it’s not about president trump 26:26 it’s about the future of this republic 26:28 if we can keep it 26:30 and we’re on the verge of absolutely 26:32 losing it right now 26:34 so and you know to the average american 26:36 sitting at home watching tonight 26:38 i mean they’re sitting there going how 26:40 much more corruption can there be 26:42 it seems like everywhere we turn it’s 26:44 like oh my gosh he’s 26:45 is he a good guy i thought he was a good 26:47 guy he’s a bad guy 26:49 what do you what do you say i mean i 26:50 know we’re praying and we’re praying for 26:52 you 26:53 uh sydney we’re gonna pray before you 26:54 hang up tonight uh for you on the phone 26:56 here 26:57 but uh what is the level of corruption 27:00 in our government 27:00 really to this degree that we’re seeing 27:04 i’m afraid it is the real pro 27:08 to steal votes and make it appear that 27:11 people have engaged in free and fair 27:13 elections has been around 27:15 for at least a decade i’m sure it was 27:18 used in 2016 27:20 to some extent it’s been used in 27:22 particular elections in particular 27:24 places 27:25 it’s been used all around the world in 27:28 other countries 27:29 i would be willing to venture a strong 27:31 guess that the cia 27:33 is probably the originator of the 27:35 software to begin with and then it was 27:37 sold to venezuela 27:38 and exported everywhere and they wanted 27:41 to export it and use it to control 27:43 who is in power in different places we 27:46 have trillions of 27:48 dollars of global wealth and and power 27:51 and corrupt power raging against us 27:54 right now to the an extent we can hardly 27:58 comprehend 27:59 this is the classic battle of good 28:02 versus evil 28:03 freedom versus tyranny and they’ve been 28:06 lining their bank accounts 28:08 with billions and billions and trillions 28:11 actually of dollars 28:13 from all these global deals they’ve made 28:16 and the foreign aid that’s been sent 28:18 from the united states to other 28:20 countries 28:20 and all of it’s gone to line the pockets 28:24 of dictators and everyone else 28:26 it’s it’s hard to wrap your head 28:29 around the magnitude of this problem but 28:32 that is the reality we’re facing and i 28:34 will not deny that the only way to solve 28:37 a problem 28:38 is to correctly identify it this is 28:41 massive we’ve got to start here the fact 28:44 that our fbi and doj have done nothing 28:47 about this 28:48 tells you how deep and wide the problem 28:50 is 28:51 they have even had reports of some of 28:53 these instances that we’re talking about 28:56 we’re talking about hundreds of 28:58 thousands of fake ballots and 29:00 tens of thousands of illegal people 29:03 voting 29:04 and duplicate votes dead people voting 29:07 you know 29:07 all manner and means of fraud pervaded 29:11 this election but the most insidious and 29:14 egregious of it 29:15 is the machine fraud and the 29:18 the mail-in ballot scam that they used 29:21 to create 29:22 fake ballots and then try to backfill in 29:25 the states that stopped counting the 29:26 night of the election 29:28 so that they could try to create the 29:30 illusion that biden won 29:32 when they know damn well he didn’t right 29:35 let me take it over to lance 29:37 wall now lance you’ve got a final 29:39 question here for uh 29:41 attorney powell yeah i just want to say 29:44 the person you were listening to before 29:45 you spoke is mario marillo 29:48 and he was looking for a patent door 29:51 rise but 29:51 i would say that you advising every 29:54 church to open and everyone to take the 29:56 day 29:56 mask off and show up at the homes of 29:59 state legislators i’d say you’re rather


30:00 patenesque 30:02 do you feel support coming from people 30:04 that are hearing you 30:06 because that you’re about the boldest 30:08 clearest most courageous voice i know of 30:10 you’re like a deborah in israel 30:12 do you feel that support out there i do 30:15 i do god did not give me a spirit of 30:18 fear 30:19 i simply don’t have it i’m not going to 30:21 have it 30:22 and no matter how many people threaten 30:25 me or 30:26 file suits against me or file bar 30:28 grievances against me which has all 30:29 happened in the last several weeks 30:31 it is not going to make any difference i 30:33 am going to forge ahead i am determined 30:35 to find the truth 30:37 we know it’s out there truth is the 30:38 armor of god we are entitled to it we 30:41 are entitled to be the free country that 30:42 god wanted us and created us to be 30:45 and we cannot continue to allow this 30:47 tyranny to 30:49 have another day hold on us 30:52 and i think opening the churches and 30:54 everybody simply going this sunday 30:56 would make a massive statement to 30:59 the evil powers that seek to take over 31:02 this country 31:02 amen well pastors you heard it you heard 31:04 it right there all right 31:06 we’re going to let you go here uh 31:08 attorney powell but i wanted to say 31:09 on behalf of kenneth copeland and gloria 31:12 copeland pastor george and terry 31:13 pearsons all of us here at the victory 31:15 channel we’re praying for you we’re 31:16 going to pray for you right now 31:18 so father in jesus name lord we just 31:20 lift up sidney powell 31:22 and her team and all that she’s dealing 31:24 with father we give ask you for strength 31:27 we ask you for a refreshing in her body 31:29 and her mind 31:30 and thank you lord for her resolve and 31:32 her uh 31:33 her her attitude and her prowess 31:36 and her her ability to take this where 31:39 it needs to go father we put our faith 31:40 behind her 31:41 and lord we thank you father for in 31:43 jesus name 31:45 amen amen attorney powell thank you so 31:48 much for 31:49 joining us hope we can have you back 31:51 real soon i know we’ve all enjoyed it 31:53 having you here i know your busy lady 31:55 will let you go 31:56 thank you so much and thank you for all 31:58 the prayers general flynn and i felt 32:00 uplifted by all of them the whole time 32:02 we dealt with his ordeal 32:04 and we feel it now too we have to take 32:06 this country back 32:08 for for god and put god back in this 32:10 country where he belongs 32:12 that’s right well you’ve been very 32:13 encouraging us thank you very much 32:16 thank you all good night yeah bless you 32:19 thank you 32:20 okay so there you here sidney powell uh 32:22 right here on the victory channel 32:24 uh encouraging all hope is not lost 32:27 lance 32:28 uh you know you can put a smile on your 32:30 face it’s not gone 32:32 there’s still a path a path to freedom 32:35 i wasn’t aware that i was the depressing 32:38 element 32:40 thank you i’m encouraged 32:43 you’re pointing out the encourage she 32:45 she is i was thinking the same thing 32:46 lance she 32:47 is she’s got the spirit of a warrior 32:49 like patton and eisenhower 32:51 she is a deborah she’s like jail the 32:53 lady who let the enemy in the tent 32:54 and as he fell asleep from wearing this 32:56 she drove a tent peg through him and 32:58 destroyed the enemy and delivered israel 33:00 so god we just continue praying for her 33:02 we pray that same courage over pence 33:04 we thank you for trump that you’ve given 33:06 that and so god 33:08 everyone listening to us let them stay 33:10 in an attitude of prayer to encourage 33:12 more courage from pastors from judges 33:14 and from politicians 33:16 you know she efficiently called out all 33:18 the pastors in america 33:20 she called you out open the church 33:23 yeah automatically great all right well 33:26 we’re going to pick this up right after 33:27 the break 33:28 and we’re going to put all those 33:29 websites back up that she talked about 33:31 we’ll get all those up 33:32 so you can uh write those down and see 33:35 it on 33:35 social media hey make sure you share 33:37 this uh 33:39 this broadcast on your social media go 33:41 to our website 33:42 make sure you take part of all the stuff 33:44 that we have to offer you 33:45 and we’ll be right back after this break 33:54 join us at eagle mountain international 33:56 church sunday january 3rd 33:58 as we welcome special guest terry 34:01 savelle foy 34:02 at 9 00 a.m and 11 a.m central times 34:05 we serve the king of kings and the lord 34:08 of lords 34:08 and god is saying it’s time for you to 34:11 supersize your thinking 34:12 come expand your faith with an 34:14 encouraging message 34:15 from terry savelle foy right here on the 34:18 grounds of kenneth copeland ministries 34:20 at 9 00 a.m or 11 a.m central time 34:24 glory to god that’s where the glory is 34:26 going to fall next year 34:27 it’s in the local churches that are 34:29 preaching and teaching 34:31 and healing and going strong with the 34:33 word of faith 34:34 and glorifying god hallelujah set your 34:37 faith for victory in 2021 with a 34:40 powerful word from kenneth copeland 34:41 watch live or join us in person here on 34:44 the property of eagle mountain 34:45 international church 34:46 children’s and youth services will be in 34:48 full swing it all starts at 8 pm 34:50 7 pm central new year’s eve 35:10 welcome back to flashpoint for the 35:12 second half 35:13 listen i i hope you were encouraged like 35:15 we were encouraged to hear sydney powell 35:16 say that wasn’t that good 35:18 i know you guys enjoyed that i think 35:21 i think mario is ready to go out on the 35:23 road with her 35:24 so listen i want to play this clip uh 35:27 that happened not too long ago with 35:28 representative from georgia 35:30 marjorie taylor green listen to what she 35:32 had to say this will encourage it 35:36 just finished with our meetings here at 35:38 the white house this afternoon we 35:39 had a great planning session for our 35:41 january 6 objection 35:43 we aren’t going to let this election be 35:45 stolen by joe biden and the democrats 35:48 president trump won by a landslide call 35:51 your house reps 35:52 call your senators from your states 35:55 we’ve got to make sure they’re on board 35:56 and we already have a lot of people 35:58 engaged 35:59 okay stay tuned there you go stay tuned 36:02 listen i there’s there’s been a shift in 36:04 this program not that we were utterly 36:06 depressed when we started 36:08 i know i pick on lance but he wasn’t 36:09 depressed but listen there’s a shift you 36:12 should be encouraged this thing can 36:13 still 36:14 turn around don’t give up hope keep 36:17 the faith i can hear brother copeland 36:19 behind me going to have faith in god 36:21 that’s what exactly what you need to do 36:23 we’re going to have faith in god all 36:24 right john i want to ask you 36:27 uh you know when you heard sydney and 36:29 also 36:30 represent representative greene there 36:32 there’s 36:33 it’s the part we don’t ever see this is 36:35 what’s so hard for those of us 36:37 uh conservative believers that we’re 36:39 looking for anything for hope 36:41 and because of the mainstream media 36:43 we’re just not getting any hope 36:45 out there yeah yeah and the phrase to me 36:48 is put your hope in god 36:50 it is helpful when we see some evidence 36:53 but 36:53 faith by definition is having belief 36:56 that god’s going to do something even we 36:57 can’t see it so 36:59 i think what is incredible about your 37:01 program lance and mario 37:03 encouraging people is is that so many 37:06 people 37:06 don’t have any good news and so david 37:09 fed himself on god’s faithfulness 37:11 and when they see little things like 37:13 this it encourages faith i think 37:15 so we all need it we all need to 37:18 encourage ourselves as the galatian 6 37:20 thing it’s the hebrews 12 37:21 your weak hands and your feeble knees 37:24 strengthen them 37:25 david psalm well first samuel 36 he 37:28 strengthened himself in the lord so i 37:30 would encourage everybody listening to 37:32 us 37:32 encourage yourself in the lord encourage 37:34 other people and do not give up it is 37:36 not 37:37 it is not over god specializes in 37:39 miracles and he specializes in making us 37:41 wait till the last minute yeah that’s 37:43 right all right 37:44 lance i know you got something to say in 37:46 fact if you guys need to follow lance 37:48 there’s that lance wall now 37:50 because if you’re up at 2 a.m you know 37:52 you never know 37:53 if you might tune in and see lance 37:55 talking about 37:56 twitter tweets from trump at 2 am so 38:00 lance that’s exactly right tell me 38:03 tell me uh what do you think where are 38:05 we at this twitter thing is so annoying 38:08 four tweets from the president and the 38:10 and twitter decided they weren’t gonna 38:11 put them out they’re 38:12 censoring the president of the united 38:14 states people 38:16 i mean think about how crazy the jewish 38:18 people have the term 38:19 this is how meshuggana these people are 38:21 this these silicon valley oligarchs 38:24 the politicians the big the big 38:26 multi-billionaire wall street cats 38:29 they are against the working-class faith 38:32 people of america it’s just we never saw 38:35 it clearly 38:36 and then when we voted we expected 38:38 republicans to represent us we’re never 38:39 finding out 38:40 that they want the vote but they don’t 38:42 want to represent us this is going to 38:43 lead to a cleansing 38:45 almost like a deliverance of that spirit 38:48 of control in america you watch 38:50 there’s going to be a backlash but i 38:52 just got a quick word we’re heading into 38:54 that new year time you know in the new 38:55 year time what prophets do 38:57 the prophets are all kind of fielding 38:59 and sensing what is coming in the future 39:01 and i’ve been talking to them lately 39:02 gene and here’s something which i concur 39:04 with what we’re hearing 39:05 we’re back at that thing we’ve talked on 39:07 this program numbers 13. we’ve got 39:09 joshua and caleb saying america shall be 39:12 saved and god’s going to bring a great 39:13 deliverance 39:14 we got the ten spies that are saying oh 39:16 no no it’s not possible 39:18 you know what bothers me what if the 39:20 future of america is in the hands of the 39:22 church and the church doesn’t have 39:23 sufficient unity confidence courage 39:26 or agreement to match what louis gomer 39:28 and sidney powell 39:29 and uh and mike flynn are putting out 39:32 there come on man 39:33 so i’m saying that right now we’ve got 39:35 to take a look at this is going to be 39:37 the year 39:38 of god judging god separating and god 39:41 empowering the 39:42 remnants when brother copeland talked 39:43 about those local churches 39:45 well let’s see sydney’s attorney powell 39:47 says open up this sunday 39:49 it’ll be the pastors and the churches 39:52 that are willing to 39:53 step by faith into the courage that is 39:55 called for 39:56 that are going to cross over into the 39:58 promised land spiritually regardless of 40:01 of what happens uh in washington and i 40:03 believe we’re right now in that chapter 40:05 13 moment 40:06 i see the promised land and i’ll tell 40:08 you what god’s gonna separate the people 40:10 that believe 40:11 and see it from those that don’t because 40:14 two went 40:14 in to that land and ten didn’t get there 40:18 because god was watching how they 40:19 responded to the moment 40:21 yeah i agree i mean that’s good that’s a 40:23 good word you ought to preach sometimes 40:25 that’s great uh listen i wanna i wanna 40:27 let’s play this clip 40:29 we’re running out of time i wanna play 40:30 this quick clip from uh representative 40:32 green about a tweet 40:36 watch 40:38 it’s the tweet okay let me see it all 40:40 right there it is 40:41 i thought it was a video it’s not all 40:43 right there it is she writes 40:45 real donald trump deserves his day in 40:46 court and we’re definitely going to give 40:48 him his day in congress 40:49 we have a rapidly growing of house 40:51 members january 6th 40:52 challenge is on and there you go 40:56 fight for trump call your rep call your 40:57 senators you’ve got the information 41:00 right there you need to do pray 41:02 and petition them to decertify 41:05 de-certified de-certified de-certified 41:07 all right 41:08 let’s move on here i want to uh we’re 41:11 going to skip down here guys let’s i 41:13 want 41:13 something came out uh during the last 41:15 week when we weren’t able to be on the 41:17 air because of the holiday 41:18 and it was the uh about uh this is clip 41:21 number six gentlemen the ukraine 41:24 joe biden connection now you gotta read 41:27 this is all in ukrainian so you need to 41:29 to read the uh 41:30 read the the the captions here and we’ll 41:32 be 42:42 uh 42:45 all right we’re going to cut the clip a 42:47 little short there because i’m sure you 42:48 were getting tired of hearing it but the 42:50 listen i want to go back and read a 42:53 little uh 42:54 re-read what part of what he said there 42:56 he says they really 42:58 didn’t want us to publish what we’re 42:59 going to release today 43:01 what will be disclosed evidence of 43:04 withdrawal through financial halls of 43:05 millions of dollars stolen 43:07 from the ukrainian people laundered with 43:09 the help of banks and laundromats in 43:11 various jurisdictions 43:13 blah blah blah all transferring to the 43:16 accounts 43:17 of the company belonging to the biden 43:19 family 43:21 all right john you want to speak to that 43:22 i mean now we’ve got the ukrainian 43:24 speaking the truth 43:27 more than our own media so what do we 43:29 make of that 43:31 there was a poll that came out after the 43:33 election when people found out that the 43:35 mass media 43:37 hid purposely the hunter biden story 43:40 that 43:40 14 of the people who voted for joe biden 43:44 would not have voted for him this is 43:46 just further evidence there’s not just 43:48 fraud 43:48 we can talk about lawsuits all day long 43:50 but the fraud is very simple very clean 43:52 and very clear when people in 43:54 pennsylvania hundreds of thousands are 43:56 accepting votes way after the election 43:59 it violates the state law which violates 44:01 the constitution 44:02 this is not complicated this ukrainian 44:06 hunters laptop and all the other stuff 44:08 that was hidden 44:09 is just part of the underlying fraud if 44:12 i were to stop you at an election 44:14 and threaten you that would literally be 44:16 interfering that would be fraudulent be 44:18 stopping an election 44:19 when the media is withholding evidence 44:21 that changes the minds of the people who 44:24 are voting 44:24 they’re interfering with elections 44:26 sooner or later it should be dealt with 44:28 we just heard from sydney powell she’s a 44:30 street fighter we have a president who’s 44:32 a street fighter 44:33 mario is a street preacher he knows 44:35 there’s a different tactic that you use 44:37 when you go to these kind of things 44:39 that’s what we need right now is street 44:41 fighters in those pulpits street 44:43 preachers 44:44 that will speak the truth even when it’s 44:46 unpopular 44:47 yeah that’s right i’m just speaking it 44:49 plain yeah you are and mario i think 44:51 he’s talking your language right there 44:52 in fact i think you were right you 44:54 nailed it when they’re pat and esque 44:56 with uh sydney powell 44:57 she really is coming after it you know i 45:01 i feel like we’ve got something 45:02 backwards in the christian movement in 45:05 america that we want god to comfort us 45:07 right now 45:08 this isn’t a moment to be comforted 45:10 that’s right this is not a moment for 45:11 you to be emotionally 45:13 saved to hope that everything comes out 45:16 this 45:16 is god trying to put a fight in you to 45:19 put a fire in you 45:20 according to nehemiah 4 14 where he told 45:23 the people he said listen 45:25 don’t listen to your enemies don’t 45:27 listen to their threats 45:29 but fight for your family and remember 45:32 the lord god who is awesome 45:34 and i know it’s an uncomfortable message 45:36 folks i know it is 45:38 but i want to tell you people told me 45:40 the way you’re preaching right now mario 45:42 it’s so straight nobody’s going to get 45:43 saved because 45:44 they’re going to think you’re a 45:46 political activist we’ve got 45:48 more drug addicts and gangsters getting 45:50 saved now than we’ve ever seen 45:52 because they intuitively understand when 45:55 someone is telling the truth 45:57 and i’m telling you right now the truth 45:59 we flip this 46:00 we don’t need ovaltine we don’t need 46:03 consolation 46:04 we need the pilot light to be turned 46:06 into flame 46:08 and for everybody to activate and do 46:10 their righteous duty 46:11 right now yeah lance you agree with that 46:14 i mean i like what mario’s saying 46:16 no totally and it’s time at the prophets 46:20 and the prophetic actually got ahead 46:23 of the curve here because we’ve been 46:25 saying for a while that what obama wants 46:27 to do is remove 46:28 biden and get harris harris couldn’t get 46:31 elected on her own 46:32 she was the sorosean biden 46:36 eric holder axelrod pick so she was made 46:39 vice president 46:40 and because she could never get elected 46:42 as president so now they’re going to 46:44 remove biden why were these stories all 46:46 suppressed by the way why was you 46:47 couldn’t hear this in any media and 46:49 suddenly there’s an agreement that it’s 46:51 going to come out 46:52 that guy looks so suspicious to me i 46:54 mean he’s telling the truth he could 46:55 have told it during 46:56 president trump’s impeachment uh 46:59 situation the fbi could have revealed 47:01 the laptop 47:02 during the impeachment i’d say it’s time 47:04 we got some elisha 47:06 anointing and started eavesdropping on 47:08 what the cia and the corrupt government 47:10 is doing 47:11 to plant stories in media to manipulate 47:14 people so that oh let’s go get over 47:16 you know what they want to do they want 47:17 to give joe biden’s scalp to all the 47:20 angry people over the election fraud and 47:22 put in a smiling new female face that 47:24 everybody can gloat over 47:25 it’s not going to work that way i think 47:27 the prophetic’s getting smart and god’s 47:29 people aren’t going to be taken 47:30 advantage of 47:31 yeah i agree i think you’re absolutely 47:32 right and that is the ultimate goal 47:35 you know john what we’re seeing here as 47:37 people are pushing more into what this 47:39 election 47:40 has turned into you know i have graphics 47:42 and we can go over those on another 47:43 program 47:44 i think we’ve there’s been so much data 47:47 and we’re being deluged with 47:50 you know wild conspiracy theories to 47:53 oh it’s done or oh it’s not or trump’s 47:56 in hawaii somewhere you know there’s 47:57 crazy stuff 47:58 out there um but this really is we 48:01 really can see something turn around 48:03 can’t we 48:05 i i still believe it i really do i know 48:07 it looks 48:08 like a long shot in the natural from a 48:09 legal standpoint but 48:11 remember what trump said in his very 48:12 first debate i’m fighting a two-war 48:15 front 48:15 jesus fought a two-war front he fought 48:17 demonic oppression which i think is the 48:19 whole fraudulent 48:20 thing but then there is a second front 48:22 against those who don’t want to lose 48:24 power that’s right they don’t have the 48:26 political courage to do the right thing 48:28 and he 48:29 is and so what we need to pray from 48:31 pence all the way down 48:32 trump has it sydney has it there are 48:35 people that have it we need to pray that 48:36 all the way down especially in the 48:38 united states senate the house 48:40 state legislatures especially in these 48:42 six or seven swing states 48:43 that they have courage to do the right 48:46 thing and to fight 48:47 both fraud and evil but also the 48:50 pharisee spirit of people who want to 48:52 maintain power 48:53 and they’re just worried about the next 48:54 election they’re the ones that need 48:56 pressure from the people like mario said 48:58 yeah and i agree with that and this is a 49:00 time like mario said for 49:02 us to push in uh you know suck it up 49:05 and stop being a a baby christian you 49:08 know it’s time for the believers to rise 49:09 up and act like they got the 49:11 the power you know we got the big guys 49:13 time for peace and a time for war 49:15 that’s right and you know when when 49:16 you’re in grade school and 49:18 you playing basketball you want to get 49:20 picked you pick the tall guys 49:21 first and that’s that’s the way it was 49:25 in grade school or 49:26 playing on the asphalt jungle there and 49:29 so we’ve got the biggest teammate 49:31 we’ve got the guy who’s winning and is 49:33 going to win 49:34 and uh listen we’ve got to keep praying 49:36 for president trump we’ve got to pray 49:38 for those in the white house 49:39 listen and you you correctly said it 49:41 he’s fighting a war 49:43 within his own house at the white house 49:46 and we pray for him and milan in fact 49:48 mario i think you should do that if you 49:50 would sir 49:51 let’s pray for president trump vice 49:52 president pence melania and all those 49:55 that are dealing with what they’re 49:56 dealing with right now 49:58 father in the name of jesus i pray for 50:01 the boldness of a lion to come on mike 50:03 pence 50:04 i pray the oh god because i know his 50:07 background and i know his story 50:09 that he’s going to do the right thing 50:12 and i pray o god that he will not 50:14 consider 50:15 even his own safety but he will consider 50:18 the the nation lord i pray for president 50:22 trump that he will not allow 50:24 his fear of it being self-serving for 50:27 him to declare this election 50:29 and in interference that should by 50:31 executive order be interrupted 50:34 if he needs to do what jefferson did 50:36 help him oh god to do it 50:38 and disregard anyone around him that 50:41 would give him 50:42 inferior or human advice and i pray oh 50:45 god for our audience tonight 50:47 lord when i preach sometime i’ll tell 50:50 the lost i’ll say 50:51 you want god to prove to you that he’s 50:53 real but god is standing there saying i 50:55 want you to prove to me that you’re real 50:58 that you really want to be delivered and 51:00 saved and i believe that right now god 51:02 the word of god 51:03 says that god looked for someone to 51:05 stand in the gap and he was amazed that 51:08 no one would do it 51:09 and right now god is searching the 51:11 hearts of every individual who’s 51:12 watching 51:13 to see if there is a remnant that will 51:15 rise up and discard the compromise and 51:18 the fear 51:19 and become the force that god has 51:21 birthed them to become in this hour 51:23 we will never see an opportunity like 51:26 this again in our life 51:28 help us oh god to seize it in the name 51:31 above every name the name of christ 51:34 amen amen we agree with that 51:38 uh all right i want to put up these uh 51:40 websites before we go those of you 51:41 watching on social media they looks like 51:44 they’ve got them there for you to see 51:47 defending the 51:49 you can see 51:51 uh what’s happening there and how to 51:53 follow then there’s kraken wood kraken 51:56 51:58 i think i’m going to go to that one just 52:00 because of the name of it i just want to 52:01 go to 52:03 and i noticed mario you didn’t say you 52:05 know release the cracker barrel 52:06 i was really proud of you no no i i was 52:09 honoring sydney tonight 52:12 yes good behavior tonight and of course 52:14 52:16 uh you can go there and stay in touch 52:18 and keep earn your prayers listen you 52:19 gotta you gotta pray 52:20 and keep that up and uh as again we’re 52:23 gonna play this clip again 52:25 uh about what’s coming up uh january 6 52:29 in our nation’s capital listen if you 52:31 haven’t made your reservations make your 52:32 reservations get your flights 52:34 drive in be there you want to be there 52:36 january 6 from 10 a.m to 5 52:38 p.m your president has asked you to join 52:42 him 52:42 there for the wild protest wild 52:45 we’re going to play 52:47 this video we’ll be right back 53:00 we will not bend we will not break we 53:02 will not 53:03 heal we will never give in we will never 53:06 give up and we will never back down 53:08 we will never ever surrender 53:14 because we are american and our hearts 53:18 bleed red white and blue 53:37 that’s right stop the steal and we agree 53:40 with that the steel is stopped 53:42 in jesus name all right before we 53:44 comment in our last round here i want to 53:45 play an encouraging clip from brother 53:47 copeland 53:48 uh and watch this talking about the 53:51 victory 53:52 watch take no thought concerning losing 53:57 cast that thought down don’t take it by 54:00 saying it 54:02 let it die let that that thought die 54:05 unborn 54:07 and keep victory in your mouth for this 54:09 is the victory that overcometh the world 54:11 this is the victory that overcometh 54:14 covert 19. 54:15 this is the victory that overcometh the 54:17 attempt to steal this election 54:19 this is the victory that overcomes the 54:21 world even our faith 54:27 amen amen even our faith first john 5 54:31 4 you’re going to hear that a lot around 54:32 here first john 5 4 this is the victory 54:35 that overcomes the world even our faith 54:37 all right gentlemen 54:38 we got three minutes uh okay mario i’ll 54:41 let you go first 54:42 uh let you first up final thoughts well 54:45 one thing i want to tell you is that 54:47 lance wall now is a gift to the body of 54:49 christ that is 54:51 incredibly important in this hour 54:53 because god has used him to cross 54:56 over into other arenas to speak 55:00 and i felt in this moment that i needed 55:03 to just say this 55:04 that god’s hand of protection and 55:06 promotion is on this man 55:08 amen and that he has a special ability 55:11 to decode what’s going on right now now 55:14 i’m a soul winner 55:15 and i want to win souls and be honest 55:17 with you i’m only here because 55:19 i i want to get back to winning souls 55:21 and the only way i can do it is in a 55:23 free country 55:24 so that’s why i’m doing this but i 55:26 wanted to make it clear 55:28 that my visit in these shows is 55:31 all about one thing that i believe that 55:34 god has put together 55:35 in this flashpoint program a unique 55:38 voice in america 55:39 and that there is a unique voice in in 55:42 uh 55:42 lance wall now and i’m not trying to 55:45 just flatter the man 55:46 i’m praying for him because he’s on the 55:48 front line 55:49 i’m glad for everyone that’s with us 55:51 tonight it’s an honor to be with every 55:53 one of you 55:54 but i believe that we have to we have to 55:56 take inventory of the opportunity that 55:59 we are standing in right now it’s once 56:01 in a lifetime 56:03 yeah amen i actually agree with that 56:05 lance 56:06 you don’t have to say anything i 56:07 actually agree with that okay john 56:09 graves go ahead 56:11 i to me it’s a it’s decertify pray for 56:14 pence to have the courage like lance 56:16 talked about with caleb and joshua 56:17 remember when he went back 56:19 i was reading through the bible and i 56:21 got to the 12th chapter where he 56:23 defeated 31 different kings and listed 56:26 every single one of them 56:27 and when he went back he didn’t have 10 56:30 weak spies 56:31 and i love how sydney said it i i’m i’m 56:33 not denying the truth here’s the truth 56:35 caleb and joshua didn’t come back and 56:37 say we’re denying the truth they just 56:38 said god’s bigger 56:39 that yeah there’s giants in the land we 56:41 can do that so 56:42 so to me the courage meant to the body 56:45 of christ is 56:46 faith can still move this don’t stop 56:48 praying if god spoke to you 56:49 keep speaking it yeah amen all right 56:51 lance 56:53 yeah i’m wondering do you have me going 56:55 last because last time when i went first 56:57 i talked too long remember 57:00 i’m trying to find that sweet spot i’m 57:02 trying to find that 57:03 i know what you’re up to i know what 57:05 you’re up to just for the 57:06 end glance the best for them okay well 57:09 here here’s the verse when john when 57:11 when caleb and and joshua were trying to 57:14 persuade their 57:15 their uh generation remember what they 57:18 said they said if the lord delights in 57:20 us he’s gonna bring us into the land 57:22 he’ll give it to us 57:23 only don’t rebel against the lord 57:25 neither fear the people of the land 57:27 because they’re bred for us 57:30 i would love to hear at some point and 57:32 not on this broadcast but in the future 57:34 what you guys think about that statement 57:35 they’re bred for us 57:36 it literally means that what you 57:39 overcome 57:40 nourishes you and god’s calling us to 57:42 grow 57:43 in the battle not run from it amen 57:46 good good all right so there you’ve got 57:48 it to rise up 57:50 church believers pastors open your 57:52 church 57:53 go to church this sunday pray for the 57:55 president pray for 57:56 vice president pence thank you kenneth 57:59 copeland ministries for allowing this 58:01 program to be here 58:02 thank you gentlemen for joining me and 58:04 of course attorney sidney powell so much 58:06 more coming up you don’t want to miss 58:07 this thursday new year’s eve 58:09 right here on the victory channel we’ll 58:10 see you then


The Eleventh Hour S11 #6

December 30, 2020

00:41 there’s a harvest 00:44 coming through the earth 00:46 [Music] 00:48 of sickness it’s coming 00:52 to the children of the wicked one 00:55 sickness 00:56 but the lord says it will make the earth 00:59 tremble 01:00 but in your life the curse 01:03 has been reversed i see some kind of 01:08 i think it’s some kind of sickness some 01:11 kind of plague 01:14 but this is an international thing and 01:16 we really need to pray against this 01:18 we really need to pray against this 01:20 right now it’s a 01:21 it’s like a plague trying to develop in 01:24 the world but it is a disease it’s some 01:27 kind of 01:28 plague some kind of i’m searching for 01:30 the word 01:31 it’s it’s not quite a plague 01:34 it’s a something it’s like a pestilence 01:38 almost 01:40 an epidemic maybe yes 01:44 coming it’s trying to develop 01:47 people are going to take great advantage 01:50 this is not good 01:51 so we stop it where it is right now in 01:53 the name of jesus 01:55 hallelujah to unleash the full power of 01:58 the federal government did this effort 01:59 today i am officially declaring a 02:01 national 02:02 emergency 02:03 [Music] 02:05 i saw an aircraft disaster 02:08 but i saw a missile blow one in half 02:13 fox news alert now a ukrainian jet 02:15 crashing in iran minutes after takeoff 02:17 yesterday 02:18 killing all 176 people on board it was 02:21 brought down by an iranian missile 02:23 according to 02:24 u.s sources who were talking with nbc 02:26 news 02:32 [Music] 02:34 the lord said to us meet me in the 02:37 temple 02:38 at the 11th hour 02:57 [Music] 03:05 come on 03:19 [Music] 03:28 [Music] 03:58 i 04:02 how much 04:18 [Music] 04:26 [Music] 04:40 so 04:44 [Music] 05:02 [Music] 05:09 you i wanna tell you just how much 05:23 [Music] 05:33 i wanna tell you i wanna 05:49 just how much 05:53 you mean to me 06:05 [Music] 06:15 [Music] 06:18 me tell you just how much 06:34 [Music] 06:55 [Music] 07:00 [Applause] 07:03 [Music] 07:06 [Applause] 07:10 [Music] 07:15 you 07:17 [Music] 07:35 i wanna tell you so 07:43 to tell much 07:44 [Applause] 07:46 so much 07:59 [Applause] 08:00 [Music] 08:08 [Music] 08:10 me 08:12 [Music] 08:24 so 08:26 [Music] 08:41 [Music] 08:50 [Music] 09:20 [Music] 09:35 [Applause] 09:36 [Music] 09:48 so 09:52 [Music] 10:14 we want to tell you we wanna tell you 10:18 just how much you mean to me 10:22 just how much 10:26 you mean to me 10:28 [Music] 10:30 just how much 10:34 you mean to me 10:37 [Music] 10:39 say i want to tell you i 10:43 want to tell you 10:56 [Music] 11:00 you mean to me 11:05 just how much 11:17 [Music] 11:21 [Applause] 11:25 i want to tell 11:30 [Music] 11:33 [Applause] 11:34 [Music] 11:40 me 11:47 [Music] 12:04 [Applause] 12:04 [Music] 12:08 so 12:13 [Music] 12:18 [Applause] 12:22 my 12:24 [Music] 12:30 [Music] 12:31 [Applause] 12:32 [Music] 12:35 [Applause] 12:35 [Music] 12:38 [Applause] 12:39 [Music] 12:40 [Applause] 12:42 come on 12:56 [Music] 13:01 hallelujah we want to welcome you into 13:04 the 11th hour today 13:08 hallelujah we just wanted to start out 13:10 telling the lord how much he means to us 13:13 hallelujah i hope people were singing 13:15 along brand new song 13:17 lord wrote it this morning hallelujah 13:21 i want to tell you i want to tell you 13:23 lord just how much you mean to me 13:27 how he is good how he is wonderful 13:30 how he is kind to all even 13:34 those who have nothing good to say about 13:36 him 13:38 and they take the breath that he’s given 13:40 them 13:41 the very breath that he’s given them and 13:44 they curse his name with it 13:47 but without his kindness you couldn’t 13:50 curse 13:51 you would have no breath in which to do 13:54 so 13:55 so the lord is kind to all even to those 13:59 who don’t love him 14:01 so lord we thank you for your kindness 14:03 and your goodness and your mercy 14:06 to all hallelujah to the lamb of god 14:10 come on and give god praise in the house 14:14 hallelujah yes lord how we bless him 14:18 how we bless him hallelujah 14:30 [Music] 14:42 it’s time for a new song 14:47 to be sung 14:53 it’s time for a new song 15:00 to be sung 15:07 in unison 15:09 [Music] 15:11 in the sun 15:28 oh it’s time for a new song 15:34 to be sung 15:41 it’s time for a new song 15:46 to be sung 15:48 [Music] 15:52 in 15:53 [Music] 16:06 oh 16:08 [Music] 16:20 or 16:23 [Music] 16:48 so 16:55 [Music] 17:02 a new song 17:05 [Music] 17:08 a new song 17:10 [Music] 17:14 a new song 17:20 [Music] 17:25 a brand new 17:32 heal the 17:33 [Music] 17:45 the praise 17:46 [Music] 18:12 is 18:15 [Music] 18:23 [Applause] 18:26 [Music] 18:34 [Applause] 18:35 [Music] 18:36 [Applause] 18:38 and the shows 18:47 [Music] 18:50 a new song 18:59 [Music] 19:03 for i’m teaching the earth a new song 19:05 says the lord 19:07 a song that they can 19:10 sing for when the singing begins says 19:15 the king 19:16 the flowers will grow and beauty will 19:19 arise in the earth 19:23 in this new song so 19:26 the earth will sing the mountains will 19:30 sing and talk 19:32 in this new song 19:38 oh the earth will sing and the mountains 19:42 will talk 19:43 [Music] 19:44 in this new song 19:46 [Music] 19:56 [Music] 20:13 [Music] 20:18 and the 20:25 [Music] 20:33 in this new song 20:37 i am teaching the earth 20:48 [Music] 21:00 foreign 21:07 [Music] 21:16 [Music] 21:28 is 21:32 [Music] 21:40 come on 21:47 [Music] 21:53 in this new song 22:00 [Music] 22:10 new 22:12 [Music] 22:24 revenue 22:26 [Music] 22:38 so 22:43 [Music] 22:49 [Music] 23:07 [Music] 23:13 [Applause] 23:13 [Music] 23:14 [Applause] 23:17 [Music] 23:20 so 23:23 [Music] 23:25 [Applause] 23:31 [Music] 23:48 right 23:56 [Music] 24:10 for the wind is blowing across the land 24:12 now 24:14 to teach the earth a new song 24:18 for in the wind the lyrics will come 24:24 for there is a celebration taking place 24:26 for some 24:27 and a mourning for others 24:31 for i will not be defeated says the lord 24:35 and as i swore to my prophet moses 24:38 my glory will fill this earth 24:42 for it will fill it from the bottom of 24:44 the sea to the tops of the mountains 24:47 from the tops of the mountains to the 24:49 depths of the 24:50 oceans and seas for this is going to 24:53 happen 24:55 and the fish of the sea will dance and 24:57 the dolphins will jump and they will 25:00 sing the new song 25:03 what is the new song says the lord it’s 25:05 on the lyrics 25:06 or on the wings of the wind 25:10 where are the lyrics what is the 25:14 song as 25:17 the lord 25:23 tune in your spirits 25:26 tune in your spirits to learn the song 25:31 [Music] 25:37 the glory of his majesty 25:43 has gone 25:49 sing the songs 25:53 of deliverance sing the song 26:01 for you the lord say do not mourn 26:06 for saul don’t mourn 26:10 for saul for saul 26:14 has made his choice 26:17 and saul has made his decrees 26:22 do not mourn for him o samuels 26:26 as you see him go down 26:32 for his spirit is about to drown 26:38 in the depths of the sea 26:42 the depths of the sea yes 26:46 of the sea 26:53 depths of the sea yes 26:56 of the sea yes of the sea 27:05 for i said it’s better for those 27:09 who would offend these little ones 27:13 who believe in me 27:17 to have a mill stone around their neck 27:20 and thrown into the depths of the sea 27:28 oh how many voices cried 27:33 many voices cried 27:35 [Music] 27:36 saved me 27:41 [Music] 27:43 in the womb they cried 27:47 tears in their eyes crying 27:50 save me 27:58 they believed in me 28:04 and now you would kill them 28:08 says the lord and laugh while you do 28:14 for money for gain 28:18 [Music] 28:21 it’s over for you have made you have 28:29 made your 28:30 choice 28:33 so rejoice in your choice 28:36 you said it was right 28:38 [Music] 28:42 to be left and kill my heritage 28:49 i saw you then when i set a child on my 28:52 knee 28:53 on my lap 29:01 hear the gargle hear the gargle 29:05 of the drowning politicians 29:09 as they sink 29:12 [Music] 29:16 and no one says the lord 29:20 will be able to pull you 29:23 back from the brink 29:42 now in the caverns of the dark 29:47 in the very depths of the sea your tomb 29:52 lies 29:56 you will spend eternity hearing the 29:58 screams 30:00 of the baby’s cries 30:06 crawling out of your egg serpent 30:10 you made your way to devour 30:15 but i have come by in the wind says the 30:18 lord to prophesy 30:20 during this 11th hour 30:27 silence of the tomb 30:32 in the ocean on the bottom 30:37 in the sea 30:44 where even the smallest parasite 30:49 and creatures believe in me 30:57 they will swim around your head and they 31:00 will 31:02 laugh 31:04 they will laugh 31:09 you see 31:21 of nations 31:25 it has begun 31:38 [Applause] 31:42 [Music] 31:50 while on the land ravenous birds 31:54 begin to circle high 31:58 they think the feast has come 32:02 time for men to die 32:06 but the lord says i have revival planned 32:09 for you 32:11 my people and so it shall come 32:14 [Music] 32:16 sooner sooner sooner sooner 32:19 sooner than you think 32:28 than you 32:29 [Music] 32:41 up your think 32:43 [Music] 33:02 [Music] 33:06 [Applause] 33:08 hallelujah 33:12 [Music] 33:30 lift up your voices and sing 33:34 hallelujah lift up your voices 33:38 lift up your voices and sing 33:50 hallelujah 33:52 [Music] 34:04 hallelujah 34:06 [Music] 34:23 lord we lift up your name 34:27 most high 34:31 lord we lift up your name and pray 34:34 for the baby’s cries 34:38 they’ll be heard they’ve been hurt 34:42 they are hurt says the lord of grace 34:46 they 34:49 [Music] 34:59 i am coming 35:01 [Music] 35:06 i am coming to stir up the depths of 35:10 hell 35:10 i am coming 35:14 marching through 35:26 i am coming 35:33 [Music] 35:39 you thought he didn’t care but he is 35:43 coming 35:44 [Music] 35:57 [Applause] 35:58 [Music] 36:24 so 36:26 [Music] 36:32 [Applause] 36:37 [Music] 36:38 so 36:40 [Applause] 36:41 [Music] 36:52 he is coming behold 36:55 the wrath of the lamb 36:58 [Music] 37:00 he is 37:10 down with the lamb 37:16 [Music] 37:17 of god 37:24 [Music] 37:34 foreign 37:38 he hold the landing 37:51 [Music] 37:58 [Applause] 38:02 oh 38:05 [Music] 38:18 [Music] 38:21 hallelujah come on 38:32 [Music] 38:37 keep it going keep that going on the 38:44 keyboard 38:58 so 39:00 [Music] 39:12 so 39:20 hallelujah come on somebody shout before 39:26 god how we give him praise and honor 39:30 and glory and thanksgiving be unto our 39:34 god 39:37 hallelujah to the king of kings 39:40 and the lord of lords for he is god 39:45 [Music] 39:48 and there is no other 39:55 [Music] 40:22 yes 40:24 [Music] 40:32 you 40:36 i may follow you 40:42 wherever you may 40:56 i will follow you 41:10 [Music] 41:17 i will follow you 41:22 you know this is so fresh i’ve just got 41:24 to tell this 41:25 when before 41:29 well right as that wind started blowing 41:34 i saw this snow white dove 41:39 and the dove doesn’t fly very high 41:43 but this dub was up high on a cloud 41:47 and it was rotting on the cloud but i 41:50 looked and the wind 41:51 it was just it was just 41:55 almost like sailing this cloud was like 41:59 this 41:59 dove’s ship 42:03 and it was just sailing in this blue sky 42:07 and underneath it was this dark kind of 42:11 cloud but i heard 42:15 he’s waiting he’s waiting 42:20 he’s about to swoop down and i knew it 42:23 was the holy spirit 42:28 and then the word of the lord came and 42:31 said 42:34 that this revival was coming sooner than 42:36 you thought 42:39 and i knew it was just it’s just 42:43 and not that the holy spirit is a is a a 42:46 dub but it’s equated to 42:48 in the scripture as a dove as one and i 42:52 knew that it was just waiting 42:56 waiting 42:59 and this it’s a this glory is about to 43:02 make its grand entrance 43:12 come go sailing with me 43:17 across the endless sky 43:22 come go sailing with me 43:26 [Music] 43:32 let’s go 43:40 let’s 43:42 [Music] 43:53 let’s go 43:58 [Music] 44:07 and i saw that the dark cloud had 20 20 44:11 on it 44:13 and the white cloud that was the boat 44:16 had 20 21. 44:33 let’s go sailing 44:35 [Music] 44:47 across 44:50 [Music] 45:03 let’s go sailing 45:08 across the skies 45:19 sailing 45:20 [Music] 45:25 sailing 45:28 [Music] 45:30 sailing 45:32 [Music] 45:41 hallelujah 45:44 hallelujah it’s good to be with 45:46 everybody today 45:47 on the 11th hour hallelujah 45:52 the lord does what he wants to on the 45:53 11th hour 45:56 and uh as we endeavor to let him do 45:58 whatever he wants 45:59 every day but on the 11th hour 46:04 this is why it’s a closed set 46:08 and god can do and say whatever he wants 46:12 hallelujah 46:24 i just thought he wrote his own songs 46:28 for the last one of 2020. 46:34 the last before we start into the new 46:38 2021 hallelujah the new 46:43 is blue the new 46:47 is endless blue hallelujah 46:52 israel will prosper this year 46:56 israel will prosper in this year 46:59 hallelujah hallelujah 47:03 israel and the united states will renew 47:07 even greater friendships coming 47:11 hallelujah 47:14 i uh 47:17 i want to say a few prophetic things and 47:20 first of all i want to welcome everybody 47:21 in from around the world 47:24 and in this nation wherever you’re 47:26 watching from 47:27 and i want to welcome prophets that are 47:30 watching 47:31 because we are very honored that you’re 47:34 watching pastors 47:36 teachers evangelists apostles and i know 47:39 i said it out of orders apostles 47:41 prophets evangelists pastors teachers 47:43 but the lord uses whatever gift is 47:46 needed at the moment 47:48 and so i want to welcome you all in 47:52 and uh on um 47:57 friday uh i think this was a friday on 48:01 december the 18th somebody can check me 48:03 on that i wrote this down 48:05 this was in the dark on the 18th i’m 48:07 writing in the dark you know 48:09 somebody checked the the date the day 48:11 for that 48:13 uh i wrote friday december 18th at 5 48:16 48 a.m 48:19 um rotting in the dark 48:23 i heard these things and i want you to 48:26 put this in 48:27 in perspective the the program today is 48:30 full of the prophetic 48:32 just full of the prophetic today from 48:34 the music 48:35 all the way through it says a time 48:38 of rejoicing and a time of 48:41 mourning now i heard that 48:45 that was a friday right yeah on and i 48:48 i wrote this down i didn’t say it on a 48:51 recording but i 48:52 have it and anybody that could make out 48:54 the writing here could could see it 48:56 and i dated it said a time of rejoicing 49:00 in a time of mourning 49:02 and then i wrote this down 49:07 three mornings 49:10 then poof boom and smoke 49:18 and 49:22 i heard this and then there will be a 49:25 turnaround 49:28 said poof a boom 49:32 and smoke then there will be 49:35 a turnaround 49:41 uh then i’m trying to make out my 49:45 writing 49:46 then soon the lord says we will turn 49:49 the page says the lord soon we will turn 49:53 the page 49:54 says the lord behold it 49:58 cometh then


50:01 a wave hallelujah 50:05 and i wrote that down and said uh 50:09 i wrote 548 50:12 a.m on the 18th of december 50:17 and and i heard the name 50:20 will and i heard the name sanders 50:25 sanders or saunders saunders i think 50:30 one of the other it’s kind of hard to 50:32 make out majority 50:34 i heard for thus saith the lord 50:40 disclosure then it comes 50:44 so i heard those things on the 18th 50:48 now people you know 50:53 i had given a prophetic word 50:56 in december also on the 11th hour 51:00 and the lord told me well let’s look at 51:03 it 51:04 we have that ready john where we can 51:06 play that 51:08 son yeah play that first clip and just 51:11 watch this this was on the 11th hour 51:14 and then come back to me 51:22 this is the words of the lord for you do 51:25 not think 51:26 i can make things right by christmas 51:31 i can too 51:36 stop worrying my people for i will do 51:39 what i promised you 51:42 simply praise and by simply i mean 51:46 simply i will give you 51:50 your time in the world i’m not worried 51:54 so don’t you be either for i have 51:57 set up a surprise and we will all 52:01 laugh together now 52:04 notice that i said 52:08 the lord said through me that that 52:12 he could make it right by christmas and 52:14 he said but he has set up a surprise 52:17 he said i can too he said i’ve set up a 52:21 surprise 52:22 and then this happened 52:26 it was actually on the 23rd reported on 52:28 the 24th 52:29 and notice the lord said i’ve set up a 52:31 surprise remember that 52:33 and then we will all laugh together and 52:35 so forth 52:36 however that was worded and then this 52:38 happened on the 23rd and was reported 52:41 and listen closely to what the news says 52:43 play the 52:44 the next clip now 52:51 not that one not that one no no the the 52:54 second clip 52:57 we’re going to play that one but not 52:58 right now president trump delivering an 53:00 early christmas surprise overnight 53:02 pardoning more than two dozen people 53:04 including some key political allies 53:06 now did you hear that they started out 53:10 they said president trump how did he 53:13 just say it 53:14 has delivered a christmas surprise 53:18 well the holy ghost said that you know 53:21 said i have a surprise 53:23 i’m going to show you a surprise and 53:26 then uh 53:28 so that was a surprise and 53:31 uh the enemies of the president are all 53:34 up in the air about 53:36 it was a lot of pardons but especially 53:39 the three or four 53:41 they can’t stand that 53:44 because things will now start turning 53:49 see now 53:52 then also in september 53:55 but see whenever the lord brings a 53:57 surprise the enemy tries to bring a 53:59 surprise 54:01 but i heard on the 18th 54:06 uh let me read that again i heard 54:09 i want to i want to say it right i know 54:12 it’s different today isn’t on the 11th 54:14 hour it’s kind of different 54:16 uh three mornings then poof and boom 54:19 a smoke 54:22 and it will and then 54:26 will be a turnaround 54:29 so then this happened 54:33 on uh christmas morning 54:38 huh oh it’s not 54:43 okay well i can tell it and then on 54:45 christmas morning 54:48 we saw at 6 30 that morning 54:52 and we didn’t know this so we saw a 54:56 surprise 54:57 from president trump then on christmas 55:01 morning 55:02 a poof a boom and a smoke took place in 55:06 nashville tennessee 55:08 i had given the word the lord had given 55:10 me the word in september 55:12 of uh was that of 2020 somebody give me 55:16 a thumbs up was it september 20. it’s 55:18 posted whatever it was 55:20 and it was in september that there would 55:23 be 55:25 a uh that 55:29 that rigged or lies wasn’t enough to 55:32 turn it 55:33 a plague wasn’t enough to turn it uh and 55:36 all this wasn’t enough to turn it 55:38 everything that was done so then there 55:40 would be explosions such as oklahoma 55:45 back at the mura building and then on 55:47 christmas morning 55:48 poof a boom and a smoke took place 55:53 in downtown nashville in front of one of 55:56 the communication buildings there 55:58 at t and so we see 56:02 that was an enemy surprise and a 56:05 fireball and all that happened but the 56:08 lord said look for this because 56:10 after this there will be a turnaround 56:14 so now we’re at the place of the 56:15 turnaround 56:17 but then the lord on christmas morning 56:19 before i knew about this 56:21 explosion thing but i said explosion in 56:24 september and 56:25 told what was going to happen because 56:28 now a man 56:28 can’t know these things only god can 56:30 reveal these things 56:32 and so christmas morning i hope people 56:35 are watching or people 56:36 paying attention this morning they’re 56:37 with us right because they’re they’re 56:39 they’re the warriors that stand with us 56:42 i mean 56:43 you know they are they are the the army 56:46 to me 56:47 they’re just so precious and powerful 56:50 people 56:51 and so anyway uh so we were just reading 56:55 the christmas story that morning 56:58 and and i always read out of luke 2 the 57:01 christmas story before one gift is open 57:04 before anything takes place we we read 57:07 the christmas story and the power of god 57:09 shows up during that time i’ve seen him 57:11 bring revelation knowledge we’ll just 57:13 stop and start preaching 57:15 and then uh and then i saw one morning i 57:18 remember one morning our dogs came 57:19 around we had this silver lab 57:21 and he was standing there and and all 57:24 and 57:25 i started the anointing came on me and 57:27 he come and put his head up there 57:29 and i just put my hands on it and prayed 57:30 for him and he fell out on christmas 57:32 morning just fell out in the floor right 57:34 there 57:34 and there’s witnesses saw it and i think 57:36 it’s on video 57:38 and so this christmas morning 57:41 i was reading the christmas story and 57:44 our family was sitting around 57:46 and um all at once the lord began to 57:51 prophesy with tongues and interpretation 57:54 of tongues 57:56 and he told me this morning he said the 57:58 surprise that donald trump brought 58:01 that was the one prophesied remember on 58:03 the christmas prophecy everybody said 58:05 this 58:06 christmas thing and all and but but the 58:09 lord said 58:10 in the prophecy you heard it right here 58:13 that 58:13 it would be a surprise well donald trump 58:15 brought that surprise 58:16 and the lord said what he told us 58:18 christmas morning 58:20 in our living room was coupled with that 58:23 surprise 58:24 it was a spiritual and a physical 58:27 manifestation of surprise 58:30 to turn everything around 58:34 and so this is just audio 58:37 and we’re going to play it and let you 58:39 hear it and nobody’s ever heard this 58:41 before 58:42 except the family and you can tell it’s 58:46 raw 58:47 it’s just started when the tongue 58:49 started 58:51 and it goes through so fasten your seat 58:53 belts 58:54 and hold on and you’ll see what the 58:56 bullock family does in private 58:59 or you’ll hear it you’ll hear what the 59:01 bullock family does in private 59:03 and so here it goes be patient and 59:06 listen 59:07 and let’s go to that now 59:58 hallelujah 60:01 for i feel for i feel 60:05 the frustration of my 60:08 people and my prophets i 60:11 feel their frustration did i not say 60:13 that i’m easily touched with the 60:15 feelings 60:16 of your infirmities for these are the 60:19 infirmities 60:21 for these things they are persecuting me 60:24 and not you and they’re trying to prove 60:27 my holy word a lie 60:30 for i will take it personally says the 60:32 lord 60:33 and i am going to stand out and do 60:35 battle with baal 60:37 nose to nose eye to eye 60:40 for i will roar once and they will blow 60:43 away like the chaff 60:45 for this is what this christmas surprise 60:48 is 60:49 is me roaring once i will 60:52 roar once and will set it all in motion 60:55 says the lord 60:56 i will do this thing for i showed my 60:59 people 61:00 in movie after movie i put it in their 61:04 eyes where they would watch 61:06 i showed them in cs lewis’s writings 61:10 in his movies that the live will roar 61:14 once 61:15 and when the lion roars the 61:18 the landscape will change for 61:21 all the landscape you see now you will 61:24 not see again 61:26 for it will begin to change now 61:29 for it is a day of deliverance and a day 61:32 of worship 61:33 and a day of rejoicing says the lord 61:36 hallelujah for you will rejoice 61:39 and i will rejoice and we will laugh 61:42 together 61:43 for i will melt the idol of baal 61:47 with the breath of my lungs 61:50 hallelujah 62:04 oh 62:07 hear the word hear this word on 62:09 christmas morning 62:11 that you celebrate the birth of the king 62:15 for it is on this christmas morning the 62:17 surprise is coming and salvation 62:20 i’ll bring you for i’ll breathe 62:23 once yes and not have to do it twice 62:27 for they cannot stand up under the heat 62:30 of my breath 62:32 for the breath in your soul is the 62:35 breath that will bring you to your goal 62:38 and you have won on this christmas day 62:41 hallelujah 62:46 hallelujah 62:56 when elijah was building that altar 63:01 that discouragement did not try to 63:04 enter into his thoughts yes 63:07 he was building the altar alone 63:11 and they came in their finest to talk 63:14 into 63:15 life and to scorn into malk 63:18 but as he laid the 63:22 wood on the fire 63:25 he laid the wood there for the fire 63:30 a certain strength 63:35 and a certain constitution entered his 63:38 being that day 63:41 and as he began to talk to them 63:44 and taunt them and tell them where is 63:47 your god now 63:48 where is he at and they cut their self 63:51 and they scream 63:53 you will start seeing those that have 63:56 laughed at me 63:58 says the lord you will begin to hear 64:00 them call oh 64:01 baal o bell send the fire send the fire 64:04 send the fire 64:05 but thou has no fire there’s no fire 64:09 in him the fire is in the bones of my 64:12 prophets and the balls of my people 64:14 and the bones of the pentecost says the 64:18 lord of hosts 64:20 and you will call one time send the fire 64:24 to me the one who holds the fire 64:27 ah when it’ll fall it’ll fall it’ll fall 64:31 and it’ll lick up the water hallelujah 64:34 that they’ve tried so hard 64:38 they’ve tried so hard to intimidate 64:42 and to mock and to 64:45 make a duplicate of me says the lord but 64:49 i am not one to be 64:50 duplicated i am the original 64:54 says the god of abraham isaac and jacob 64:58 this day 64:59 hallelujah this 65:03 this is the day of taunting 65:07 the day of taunting has begun 65:10 for i’ve given my people a voice to talk 65:14 back for now is the day for you to turn 65:17 and make fun of baal 65:19 this is the day to show him powerless 65:22 for it was in elijah’s taunting it was 65:26 in his taunting 65:27 that created such a disarray in the 65:30 prophets of baal and the prophets of the 65:32 groves 65:33 but this is the day of taunting this 65:36 is it this is it for a fiery tongue will 65:40 come and lick up the water 65:42 for this is the day says the lord 65:45 everyone’s looking for a christmas 65:47 surprise 65:48 to be something huge in the world my 65:51 surprise to you 65:52 is the day of taunting has started it is 65:55 the day 65:56 of the showdown it is the day for my 65:58 people beginning to begin to mock 66:01 baal to mock that system to mock these 66:04 things 66:05 for he is a powerless god he is a 66:08 powerless god 66:09 and this is the day of taunting 66:13 for the lord says these things for it 66:16 was in a lie 66:17 just taunting that even 66:20 no fire could fall on their behalf 66:24 because elijah’s words held them 66:27 and held them back that not even a lying 66:30 smoke could be produced 66:32 not even a lying spark could be sent for 66:35 the fire is waiting and the taunting of 66:37 my people 66:38 and the prayer the sincere prayer of my 66:41 own 66:42 hallelujah hallelujah the christmas 66:46 surprise thank you lord it’s the 66:48 boldness 66:49 that has come now in my people thank you 66:52 and my 66:52 prophets thank you lord thank you lord 66:55 i i hear the lord say quit 66:58 my prophets quit trying to show yourself 67:01 and prove that you’re right just do what 67:05 i tell you to do 67:06 and i’ll be the one who wins the fight 67:10 thank you lord thank you lord i saw the 67:13 cover of time magazine 67:15 and the lord just spoke and said that 67:18 that was their taunting 67:19 that they went ahead and they put joe 67:21 biden on on time 67:23 time magazine well his times run out 67:27 says the lord 67:28 his time has run out it has run out 67:32 they tried to talk i am the one who 67:35 holds time 67:36 and he is not time and it is not 67:39 time for him his time has run out 67:43 hallelujah hallelujah glory to god 67:47 hallelujah hallelujah let’s lift our 67:50 hands and bless the lord 67:52 wherever you are in the world right now 67:54 if it’s where you can 67:55 if you’re driving don’t but if you’re if 67:58 it’s where you can 67:59 lift your hands and bless the lord and 68:02 thank him 68:03 and give him honor and give him praise 68:05 and give him glory 68:07 hallelujah for this is what i saw can we 68:11 add strings to that 68:13 this is what i i saw some things 68:16 as the prophecies were going forth 68:20 and this is what i heard now is the time 68:26 that the enemy will begin to 68:29 cut themselves they’re going to start 68:33 cutting themselves now cutting 68:36 themselves yes 68:40 symbolically you will see it begin 68:43 they will cut themselves 68:46 even in the natural but it will now 68:49 begin 68:51 yeah it will now begin 68:55 as a cut as they’re calling for 68:58 fire they’re calling for help 69:01 they’re calling for rescue keep going 69:07 it don’t matter something’s happening 69:10 here 69:11 just keep it moving 69:13 [Music] 69:16 hear it hear all of this 69:21 this is doing this on its own 69:24 [Music] 69:26 for the time of the cutting has started 69:30 and it’ll gush out and they’ll say oh 69:33 help 69:33 help help but there is no help 69:38 850 to 1 69:41 they will lose says the lord 69:46 yes what does this mean 69:51 watch and see 69:55 hallelujah but the lord says i’m looking 69:58 for 69:58 someone who will pour water on elijah’s 70:01 hands 70:02 i’m looking for someone who will stand 70:04 and make a stand 70:07 and help build the altars and help 70:10 order the wood in order and offer the 70:14 sacrifice i’m looking for someone who 70:17 will do these things 70:19 and if you are that someone says the 70:21 lord lift up your hands and say i am 70:23 that 70:24 someone i will help i will pour water on 70:27 the prophet’s hands 70:28 i will pour water on the prophet’s hands 70:31 for as the water is poured on the hands 70:33 of elijah 70:34 there is a sea full of water that’s 70:37 already churning 70:38 and it’s already stirring and it’s 70:40 already begun 70:41 says the lord and you that have mock 70:43 will be sorry 70:44 mocked and those who have rejoiced will 70:47 be glad in the rejoicing 70:48 for this is now turning and the water is 70:51 turning 70:52 and it will come from the earth 70:54 evaporate into the heavens 70:56 and it will show the cloud the size of a 70:58 man’s hand 70:59 and then the heavens will be black with 71:01 winds and clouds 71:03 and the rain will come and my prophets 71:06 will run 71:08 run run as even kings fall and say the 71:12 lord 71:13 he is the god 71:17 hallelujah let’s thank the lord good is 71:21 the word of the lord 71:23 good is the word of the lord we esteem 71:27 the word of the lord 71:30 hallelujah hallelujah 71:36 we rejoice today 71:40 hallelujah 71:44 hallelujah we rejoice today 71:51 yes i will go back to just a piano now 71:54 for me 71:55 hallelujah the lord does what he wants 71:58 to do and he says things he wants to say 72:00 the wind 72:01 through the guitar earlier the voice 72:04 coming through the keyboard now 72:08 and that is called voices 72:12 and it’s called voices we didn’t even 72:15 know it was 72:17 doing it the lord is doing his thing 72:21 he’s talking hallelujah 72:25 [Music] 72:26 yeah do that that lick again 72:29 [Music] 72:31 do that again with you 72:41 [Music] 73:16 love 73:19 [Music] 73:24 for now i’m going to bring revelation 73:28 [Music] 73:29 in the nashville bombing 73:34 i’m going to bring revelation forth 73:39 for that snake brewing in that city 73:43 did this and struck with a venomous hiss 73:46 [Music] 73:50 and fire came from it like a dragon 73:54 [Music] 73:57 the snake yes 74:00 [Music] 74:02 it can be found in the parthenon 74:05 [Music] 74:08 at athena’s feet it struck with a 74:12 venomous hiss 74:15 but i am going to reveal this 74:18 [Music] 74:20 for now the time of real change has come 74:24 [Music] 74:25 and change has begun 74:32 bad for those and good for some 74:37 hallelujah welcome the change 74:41 we welcome the change we welcome the 74:45 change that has come 74:48 oh we welcome the chain welcome the 74:52 change 74:53 welcome the change that has come 74:57 for the change that has come 75:01 is come is come 75:05 we welcome the change 75:08 the change 75:12 has come welcome the change 75:19 [Music] 75:22 hallelujah 75:26 i see the lakes are trying to roar 75:30 and water is trying to roar 75:36 for storms out of season 75:41 will now start to arise 75:44 as the war in the heavens and the fight 75:48 is in the skies hallelujah 75:53 look for something 75:58 in space to take place 76:06 though some will laugh 76:09 it was nothing it was nothing it was 76:11 nothing 76:12 it is something because did i not 76:16 say i would give signs and signals 76:20 in the heavens hallelujah 76:24 [Music] 76:25 and a jewish holiday will see a sight 76:30 as i flex my arm and display my might 76:35 hallelujah to the lamb the king of grace 76:39 who came by the eleventh hour in this 76:42 place 76:44 [Laughter] 76:47 hallelujah hallelujah 76:50 praise god i could uh 76:53 if i kept going the lord would keep 76:55 prophesying 76:57 because you get in that mode and you 76:58 could just go on and on and on and on 77:01 and on 77:03 yes lord 77:07 hallelujah maybe one more 77:10 thing just softly 77:15 the blessing of the lord is coming to 77:19 god’s people 77:21 and the blessing of the lord will be 77:23 seen 77:24 even under the steeple for religion has 77:28 thrown it out for years 77:30 gone by but the blessing of the lord 77:36 is mine says the lord 77:40 it makes you rich and he adds no sorrow 77:43 to it 77:45 so prepare to be rich 77:48 and not cry 77:52 for i am going to send the blessing 77:56 to your home even i 78:01 hallelujah hallelujah 78:05 it’s been this is a 78:09 to me a wonderful 11th hour the lord 78:12 wrote his own songs as he told us and 78:14 he’s 78:15 done his own thing today and if if the 78:17 lord has done what he wants to do 78:20 i have enjoyed myself 78:24 hallelujah and all the precious people 78:27 watching 78:28 you are so wonderful to watch and to 78:33 support the 11th hour without your 78:36 support we could never do what we do 78:40 the lord would just have to sovereignly 78:42 just do everything 78:45 and the lord intends on us to work as 78:48 partners 78:49 and so i want to thank you partners for 78:53 joining with us and you know i read some 78:56 of these 78:57 uh and i just can only read 79:00 parts for some you know uh 79:04 someone wrote the 11th hour and said 79:07 december 1st 79:09 2020 i guess is when they wrote it said 79:12 i waited for you to come on i told the 79:14 lord i knew you had a word for me 79:17 i said just say my name 79:21 and myra we said your name 79:27 hallelujah oh isn’t that something 79:30 isn’t that something that was so that’s 79:32 so awesome i love these 79:34 these are so precious 79:36 [Music] 79:39 blessing in jesus to you to myra 79:42 uh uh i have must have said something on 79:46 the 8th 79:47 of 2020 uh 79:51 i said they said i called their 79:53 daughters like phillips daughters 79:55 prophetesses uh a lilian and lacy 79:59 and so they were listening when that was 80:01 said 80:03 and so blessings to you and your family 80:06 hallelujah um 80:10 let’s see someone wrote and said uh 80:14 thank you so much for all you do for the 80:16 kingdom of god 80:17 i’m so thankful you’re on youtube 80:21 i saw you they said i think on sid roth 80:24 or kenneth copeland 80:26 i said i enjoy 80:29 the music and the word and then it says 80:33 i would ask 80:33 robin and i to pray for you and we’re 80:36 going to in just a moment 80:38 sonia hallelujah so 80:41 i could have brought out a lot but those 80:44 that are prayer requests i want to ask 80:46 the team to come with me this morning 80:48 where are all the rest of them 80:50 and bring them up here would you 80:53 and we’re going to lay them here 81:02 we want to lift up our yes our partners 81:04 in england 81:06 um 81:10 yes have a very special time and we want 81:12 you to know something 81:14 uh partners in england the 81:17 the ones robin’s talking about right now 81:20 we love you 81:21 we support you in our prayers and we are 81:25 we’re standing hallelujah 81:28 and your hearts will leap and sing again 81:32 hallelujah where they haven’t in a while 81:36 for i saw two or three things the enemy 81:38 has tried to do 81:39 something he has accomplished and done 81:42 but the lord says 81:43 this is your time to run in the sun and 81:46 it’s going to your hearts will skip 81:47 again 81:48 like little rams and you’re going to 81:51 enjoy your life 81:52 hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah and for 81:56 all of our partners that 81:58 i heard i i just you know it’s hard to 82:01 to just call out one name at a time 82:03 there’s so many but i want to tell you 82:06 something 82:06 when i gave that word the lord said now 82:08 that’s a word for all the partners 82:11 right there he can speak to everyone 82:14 everyone that’s watching you ought to 82:15 say i take it 82:16 i take that now on the stage take it 82:20 i take it hallelujah we’re partners to 82:23 this ministry so we take it 82:25 in the name of jesus okay we’re on this 82:28 camera i want to uh 82:31 and for sonia to hear all these 82:34 and and there’s this is just the ones 82:36 that we’ve brought out this 82:38 morning but representative of all of 82:40 them 82:41 amy that comes in through uh email and 82:44 all 82:45 we want to lay our hands on these and i 82:48 want 82:49 i want the team to pray robin lead us 82:52 would you 82:52 oh father lord it is our 82:55 privilege and our honor to bring 82:59 these precious people lord 83:03 that have partnered with this ministry 83:05 lord bring 83:06 them to the throne room today lord for 83:09 those who have emailed lord those who 83:12 have texts those who have 83:14 have sent in requests lord all of those 83:17 father god we lift them up father god 83:20 that whatever 83:22 lord that the enemy has stolen from them 83:25 in 2020 we catch the thief 83:29 the thief has been caught in jesus name 83:32 and has to pay them back sevenfold 83:36 and lord we agree and stand with them 83:39 whether it be their health 83:40 whether it be their jobs their finances 83:43 their children 83:44 whatever it be lord the enemy has been 83:47 caught the thief 83:48 is caught and we stand in agreement with 83:52 them that they 83:53 receive seven full returns 83:56 spoil his house even to all of his house 84:00 in the name of jesus lord we speak the 84:03 blessing of the lord over our partners 84:06 the blessing of the lord over all these 84:08 prayer requests 84:09 the blessing of the lord that makes them 84:11 rich and he adds no sorrow to it 84:13 the blessing manifests in their bodies 84:16 the blessing manifest in their families 84:19 the blessing manifest in their bank 84:21 accounts the blessing manifest in their 84:23 transportation 84:24 the blessing manifest in the very 84:26 clothes and shoes they wear 84:29 in all their businesses the very 84:32 blessing of the lord the blessing of 84:34 eden 84:34 the blessing of abraham that came on the 84:37 gentiles through jesus christ 84:39 we say in the name above all names be 84:42 blessed 84:44 be blessed be blessed 84:47 in jesus mighty name 84:51 hallelujah now come on let’s rejoice 84:54 we’ll rejoice now hallelujah 84:57 hallelujah come on wherever you are 84:59 begin to rejoice in the blessing of the 85:01 lord 85:02 woo the blessing of the lord hallelujah 85:06 the empowerment of heaven that gives you 85:09 whatever is needed 85:11 to do the possible or the impossible 85:15 the blessing of the lord hallelujah 85:20 there is no strife hallelujah you know 85:23 that’s a that’s a word 85:24 man in the blessing there’s no strife so 85:26 we don’t need to 85:28 whatever you do just don’t let anyone 85:31 stir up strife in your life 85:34 hallelujah hallelujah 85:37 praise god well we have come to the time 85:41 john was we was there something you 85:43 wanted to say at the end here 85:45 or or is that coming later just 85:48 give me a thumbs up if it’s later 85:51 hallelujah now i want to i want to give 85:55 you opportunity today to sow 85:57 your seed now you know i really love 86:01 what one prophet said one time 86:02 he said he said you know even if you 86:05 don’t have 86:06 you don’t have any you know any gift 86:10 that comes from your heart is accounted 86:12 to you 86:14 as as much as any gift given no matter 86:17 how large an amount 86:20 and so you know one prophet said one 86:23 time 86:23 they just give a five dollar devil in 86:25 your face offering 86:27 you know you know it’s just in his face 86:30 and um i want to give you opportunity to 86:35 give today 86:36 there’s testimonies come in and come in 86:38 how people are giving and it’s it’s 86:40 happening in their lives and so forth 86:42 this is the way it’s supposed to work we 86:44 are partners 86:46 and you know what though i want you to 86:47 understand something as a partner 86:50 with this ministry when you start giving 86:52 in this ministry 86:53 as a partner in this ministry paul told 86:56 his partners he said you are all 86:58 partakers 86:59 of my grace so the grace that’s on this 87:03 ministry 87:04 whatever anointings are on this ministry 87:07 you’re a partner to it you should not 87:09 only 87:10 [Music] 87:11 believe for what you’re sowing for but 87:13 you should also when you 87:15 sow start saying this the grace on that 87:18 ministry is on me 87:19 the grace on that ministry is on my 87:21 family and the pastors that are watching 87:24 are or whoever you are in ministry start 87:26 saying it’s all my ministry 87:27 it’s all my children start saying 87:29 wherever you are 87:30 whatever you do begin to say the grace 87:33 of god that’s on that ministry the 87:35 anointing that operates through them 87:37 and on them operates in my life because 87:39 i 87:40 am their partners i’m their partners i’m 87:43 a partaker 87:44 of their grace and whether that be 87:48 there’s people that give right now and i 87:50 get 87:51 there’s one man in florida he’s just a 87:54 radical warrior for god you know 87:56 and he calls me up and he’d call me up 87:58 and say robin 87:59 robin it’s happening man he said i’m 88:02 saying things 88:03 bold things i never thought i’d say 88:04 before i’m just i’ve just 88:06 stood out and you just have to know it 88:07 man he’s awesome he said i just stood 88:11 out and read this person’s mail right to 88:13 them 88:14 just you know this prophetic gift 88:16 started to operate 88:18 and so and then souls are being saved 88:20 and people 88:21 say you know i found myself you know i 88:23 think he said yeah i sound a little i 88:25 sound like you talking now 88:27 it’s well it’s because we’re partners 88:30 we’ve become 88:31 partners and so 88:34 when you give today not only believe for 88:37 what you’re sowing for 88:39 whatever that need is but also go ahead 88:41 and put out your faith 88:43 for the grace that’s on this ministry to 88:45 be on you 88:46 and there is one thing on this ministry 88:48 that’s absolutely 88:50 it’s amazing and there’s a i mean 88:53 there’s a lot of graces operating here 88:57 but i’ll tell you there’s one that a lot 88:58 of people don’t know unless i tell them 89:01 there’s an anointing on this ministry 89:03 that things are never as bad 89:05 as they seem and you need to call for 89:08 that 89:09 things are never as bad as they seem 89:11 because i’m a partner to that ministry 89:13 hallelujah hallelujah 89:16 i would encourage you today for any 89:20 a book that would that we have that 89:22 would really 89:24 uh i believe help our partners 89:28 and help anyone is to go to the website 89:31 robin d bullock and go to that website 89:35 and and uh 89:39 look for the book god is absolutely 89:42 good and when you see that book order 89:45 that book that book will change your 89:47 life forever 89:49 god is absolutely good 89:52 hallelujah all right so are you ready to 89:55 sow your seed today 89:57 your offerings your tithes some people 89:59 tithe somebody sent me a note this 90:01 morning i read and said 90:02 the lord said to send you the tithe on 90:05 my christmas bonus 90:07 and so we’re going to pray over your 90:09 tithe too today 90:12 are you ready now this is for the 90:14 offerings you sow whether it be two 90:16 mites 90:17 or two million dollars makes no 90:20 difference 90:21 we’re going to pray over it the same way 90:25 are you ready luke 6 38 if we can put 90:28 that on the screen so 90:29 ever all the partners everybody watching 90:31 can see this 90:32 and just pray this in the personal realm 90:36 say as i give you it shall be 90:40 given unto me good measure pressed down 90:44 shaken together and running over shall 90:47 men 90:48 give unto my bosom for with this same 90:52 measure 90:53 that i’m giving it’ll be measured back 90:55 to me 90:56 i believe it i receive it i call it done 91:01 in jesus name hallelujah 91:04 now for those of you that are tithing 91:06 and those of you that have tithed 91:08 i want to pray the tithe there’s 91:10 blessing notice that 91:12 the blessing that word there’s a 91:15 something in the tithe there’s blessing 91:16 when it says 91:17 open the windows of heaven that was used 91:20 in the days of noah 91:21 and it was used and it’s used for the 91:24 tither 91:25 that the windows opened and noah’s boat 91:27 floated above 91:28 all the trouble and so now we’re going 91:31 to pray the tither’s blessing on you you 91:33 ready 91:34 say it out loud we’ll pray it in the 91:36 first person so it’s for you 91:39 say this as i bring all my tithes 91:42 into the storehouse that there may be 91:44 meat 91:46 in the house of the lord i prove you now 91:48 lord 91:50 open me the windows of heaven pour me 91:53 out a blessing 91:54 that there shall not be room enough to 91:57 receive it 91:59 and rebuke the devourer for my sake 92:02 that he not destroy the fruits of my 92:05 ground 92:06 neither shall my vine cast forth its 92:09 fruit 92:10 before its time in the field 92:13 saith the lord of hosts and all nations 92:17 shall call me blessed for i 92:20 shall be a delightsome land 92:24 saith the lord of hosts 92:27 hallelujah now just rejoice and thank 92:31 god over your giving your blessing 92:33 and so forth hallelujah 92:36 because whatever the seed you sown 92:40 is absolutely it does not go unnoticed 92:44 by god or us hallelujah 92:47 you’re prayed over so believe it you 92:50 know and 92:51 and if you’re watching on youtube the 92:53 description is there 92:55 the giving link is there you can follow 92:57 that if you’re watching on 93:01 the website that’s a 93:03 good place to watch the program too 93:06 and you can see the give button there 93:07 and you can click on that and it’s all 93:09 secure and you can do that 93:11 and before we close today you know 93:14 somebody tried to say one time said he 93:17 didn’t even open the bible 93:20 well i usually open the bible and go 93:23 scripture after scripture after 93:25 scripture but 93:27 today i’m going to open my bible 93:31 on this scripture and i want you to 93:34 listen to it 93:36 it’s in saint john chapter 3 93:40 verse 16. for god so loved the world 93:44 that he gave his only begotten son 93:47 that whosoever believeth in him should 93:50 not 93:50 perish but have everlasting 93:54 life jesus christ 93:58 is not a way a truth 94:01 or a life he is the 94:04 way the truth and the 94:08 life he is the only 94:12 way it’s not any other way 94:16 no other religious leader is away jesus 94:20 is the was the only begotten son 94:24 of god and through him his blood and his 94:27 sacrifice 94:28 is the only way anyone can be saved 94:32 not by buddha not by muhammad 94:35 not by krishna not by any other reverend 94:39 moon or anyone 94:40 else not in brahmanism 94:43 nothing else jesus 94:46 is the only way 94:50 he said no man comes to the father 94:52 except by me 94:54 so i want you to understand this 94:57 every other religious leader that people 95:00 claim 95:02 their bones are still there jesus 95:05 is the only tomb that’s empty that 95:08 millions of people go to see 95:12 nothing because he’s not there 95:16 the angel said why do you seek the 95:18 living among the dead 95:20 he is not here he has risen 95:23 as he said hallelujah 95:27 so right now wherever you are if you 95:29 want to make jesus christ the lord of 95:31 your life 95:31 and the key is if you want to and you 95:34 sense that desire to 95:35 he’s ready to save you right now save 95:38 you from yourself your sin 95:40 from hell from there is a heaven to gain 95:42 and there is a hell to shun 95:45 and it’s not his will that any man go to 95:47 that awful place 95:50 he was created for the devil and his 95:52 angels 95:53 not for you so pray this prayer with me 95:57 would you 95:58 say oh god in heaven 96:02 i acknowledge and confess with my mouth 96:07 that jesus is lord 96:11 and he’s lord of my life i believe in my 96:15 heart 96:17 that you raised him from the dead 96:21 so i call for that 96:24 life of jesus to 96:27 fill me and save me 96:31 forgive me of sin live in my heart 96:36 come into my heart and take my life 96:39 and do something with it from this day 96:42 forward 96:44 i am a christian and i will serve you 96:49 hallelujah in jesus name 96:53 amen praise god well it’s been good to 96:57 be with you today on the 11th hour 96:59 on behalf of all the team it’s been 97:01 great to be here we’ve had a great time 97:05 and uh in the sound booth here remember 97:08 when you’re watching me where you’re 97:11 watching me right now 97:12 is our official channel tune in here 97:16 and we will give you updates and tell 97:19 you things there’s some exciting things 97:20 coming 97:21 very exciting and we’re going to we’re 97:24 trying to move that direction right now 97:26 and it’s going to be a wonderful time 97:29 hallelujah well god bless you 97:34 oh yes and we’ll see you again 97:37 in in in the new year of course we’ve 97:40 been in the future for a long time now 97:42 since september 97:43 but but i want to say happy new year to 97:46 you 97:46 yes i will i will 97:51 the lord said these things 97:54 he said christmas in 2020 is gone 97:59 already the the tinsel and all is 98:01 falling 98:04 but look for me to live in your heart 98:06 and in your lives 98:07 all year round for i 98:10 am in you and i am with you 98:14 and i will never leave you nor forsake 98:16 you 98:18 do not be afraid nor carry fear in your 98:20 heart or 98:21 in your pocket for i am your god 98:26 and i will see to you already i’m 98:29 shaping things around the world 98:32 to send you a great blessing a dark 98:35 cold winter ha says the lord 98:40 i am going to shine the blessing into 98:43 your life 98:44 and my people are goshen to me 98:48 and i am going to raise you above the 98:51 darkness 98:53 do not receive it says the lord for i am 98:56 come that you might have 98:58 life and that you might have it 99:01 more abundantly hallelujah 99:05 hallelujah in the beginning was the word 99:09 and the word was with god and the word 99:12 was 99:12 god the same was in the beginning with 99:14 god 99:15 all things were made by him the word and 99:19 without him was not anything made that 99:21 was made 99:22 in him as life and the life was the 99:25 light 99:25 of men and the light shined in the 99:28 darkness 99:28 and the darkness could not hold it down 99:32 and seize on it 99:35 cold dark winter ha 99:39 it cannot hold the light down 99:42 and seize on it look for crops to grow 99:46 in the winter that don’t normally grow 99:50 hallelujah to the king come on somebody 99:54 shout before your god 99:57 until next time in the next year happy 100:00 new year to you 100:01 remember it’s christmas inside you all 100:03 year round 100:06 hallelujah we love you 100:10 jesus loves you and never forget 100:14 that god is absolutely 100:18 good shalom shalom 100:24 [Music] 101:19 you


Robin D. Bullock

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Streamed on 12/29/2020

Sueños Andinos

December 29, 2020

Covid-19 Vaccine Dilemma: To vaccinate or not? And which one to take?

December 22, 2020 #PEG #Baylor #OhioState

List of 13 #SARSCoV2 vaccines here

[Personally, I’m interested in 7 and 9]

Please be aware of

Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions


PEG has never been used before in an approved vaccine (which BTW #RFKJr warned us about)

Patrick Byrne, Patriot

December 19, 2020
@ 27:33

27:33 ah welcome back to the second half of 27:35 flash point listen i can think of 27:37 nothing better for you to do 27:38 on new year’s eve than to be right here 27:41 with brother copeland and 27:42 eagle mountain international church or 27:44 if you’re in omaha 27:45 you need to be there with pastor hank at 27:48 lord of host church right pastor hank 27:52 you’re here omaha nebraska yeah so you 27:54 want to sign the word of the lord there 27:55 you go and god’s got some stuff he’s 27:57 going to say 27:58 i guarantee i agree with that amen all 28:01 right so 28:02 listen i want to go right into this uh 28:04 you some of you have seen this clip it’s 28:06 gone viral 28:07 i know this clip uh was not supposed to 28:10 get out 28:12 but it did watch and i’ll even tell you 28:15 i’m going to drop one more thing i’ve 28:16 been waiting 28:17 since i’ve been waiting to say this 28:19 publicly and i would 28:20 this is what really happened i will tell 28:22 you if you 28:23 if you hear this and give me 90 seconds 28:25 your viewers will understand what’s 28:27 happened in the last five years in 28:28 america i’ve been waiting to say this on 28:30 mainstream tv 28:31 and they will not have me back because 28:33 once they understood what this was about 28:35 i had hillary clinton i caused hillary 28:37 clinton i facilitated a bribe and she 28:40 took a second bribe for 18 million 28:41 dollars and i worked with the fbi as i 28:43 did that 28:45 uh they they they’re deeply involved in 28:48 this 28:49 they came to me three days later and 28:50 told me i had to forget about it 28:52 and forget that it ever happened and i 28:53 said what are you talking about and they 28:55 gave me one excuse they said 28:57 uh you are hillary’s gonna win and it’s 29:00 been determined 29:01 it’s been decided upstairs nothing 29:04 nothing’s gonna be able to stop that now 29:05 so she’s gonna win and she’s gonna send 29:07 her people over to the fbi 29:09 and ask who was part of investigating 29:10 hillary and any of us who were part of 29:12 it are going to be destroyed and that 29:13 includes youtube patrick 29:15 and so this mission has been scrubbed 29:17 from the highest level 29:18 and i thought about that 29:21 and i said yes sir and i came but two or 29:24 three weeks later i was back 29:26 with three federal agents this time 29:28 three federal agents 29:30 and i let them know that wasn’t sitting 29:33 and this is in salt lake city utah and 29:35 that that wasn’t sitting well with me 29:37 and i’d like to know 29:38 why we had almost a year before the 29:39 election they could have had me and 29:41 another person in front of a grand jury 29:42 in a week and 29:43 gotten her indicted and they told me and 29:46 this is this is the key to understanding 29:48 what’s happened 29:50 uh in the la in america they told me is 29:53 word for word 29:54 patrick you uh what’s really going on is 29:58 this president obama has his people 30:00 across the 30:00 federal bureaucracy at this point but 30:02 especially the department of justice 30:04 hillary clinton is going to be president 30:06 for eight years and nothing’s going to 30:07 change 30:08 that but think of there being a bunsen 30:09 burner within the department of justice 30:12 that evidence about the two bribes you 30:14 were part of gathering 30:15 is going to be sitting on the bunsen 30:17 burner and the hand on the bunsen burner 30:19 is going to be one of barack obama’s 30:20 people 30:21 if hillary’s a good girl and defends 30:23 obamacare that flame stays low 30:25 if she’s a bad girl and thinks for 30:27 herself it’s going to get turned up high 30:29 that way barack obama is going to manage 30:31 hillary clinton for the eight years 30:32 she’s president and then she’s going to 30:34 step 30:34 down and michelle’s going to run and 30:36 patrick that’s the plan 30:39 okay there you go lance what do you 30:42 think of that 30:44 can’t get any more clear than that you 30:46 talk about 30:47 the the the testimony right from the 30:50 person himself he’s got nothing to gain 30:52 from this 30:53 and so this is uh it also confirms 30:56 something 30:57 that the deterioration that really 30:59 accelerated 31:00 in the bureaus the intelligence agency 31:02 department of justice fbi cia 31:04 nsa accelerated under obama’s 31:06 administration that 31:07 because the brenner clapper comey crew 31:10 that hooked up 31:11 the steele dossier and leaked it out to 31:13 buzzfeed so that it could come out 31:15 that whole corrupt alliance with media 31:18 and the intelligence community 31:20 is now finding what happens when god 31:22 decides to take the wheels off 31:24 of pharaoh’s chariots you’re beginning 31:26 to see an 31:28 increasing disclosure of the 31:30 embarrassing things 31:32 that the left has been doing and has 31:34 done and it’s going to increase just 31:36 like with the election fraud 31:38 i don’t care what happens in terms of a 31:40 timeline it’s going to work against the 31:42 left because 31:43 it time is actually going to reveal more 31:46 and more evidence 31:47 of the theft that has taken place in 31:49 america the loss of integrity in these 31:51 institutions can only be restored 31:54 by exposes like that and you know what’s 31:57 interesting and we’ve talked about this 31:58 on this program before had 32:01 this election been settled november 3rd 32:04 we wouldn’t have access to everything 32:06 we’ve seen and heard 32:08 and have been shocked by real quick 32:11 mario get you to comment then i have 32:12 another clip 32:14 okay what i want to say is that the 32:16 christians need to unify behind this 32:18 revolution 32:19 they have to you know i feel like there 32:21 are millions of christians that are 32:23 going to remind me of those fans 32:25 that left the game in the fourth quarter 32:27 well their team was down and they were 32:29 devastated because they thought it was 32:31 impossible 32:32 and then they turn on their car radios 32:34 while they’re start stuck in traffic 32:37 and they hear that something turned 32:38 around folks something is going to 32:40 turn around and the whole body of christ 32:43 needs to realize this 32:44 we regardless of where we stand 32:46 theologically on some nuances 32:49 the nation is in trouble and it needs 32:51 the entire body of christ 32:53 to galvanize behind the exposure of this 32:56 corruption 32:58 yeah and i think that’s an excellent 33:00 excellent description because i 33:01 you know we’ve all seen football games 33:04 where people get up and leave and they 33:05 wait a minute and it’s there’s a massive 33:07 turnaround that’s exactly what we’re 33:09 going to see i agree with that mario all 33:10 right 33:11 before we go into anything else and 33:12 lance interrupts me we’re going to go to 33:14 the second part 33:15 of the patrick byrne and we’ll get 33:17 comment after this watch 33:19 if he is elected again if he if he does 33:21 get through this 33:22 and i think that’s a high you know they 33:24 were trying to demoralize people and 33:26 make people think there’s no chance that 33:28 i think there’s a high possib i mean 33:30 it’s quite 33:31 a conceivable outcome to me that he is 33:34 the president on january 21st and again 33:36 i’m not saying that’s the guy who voted 33:37 for 33:38 them for him i’m saying it as a guy who 33:39 cares about the country and i do not 33:41 want to see it hijacked 33:42 if we go down on this if we go down to 33:45 this assassins maze 33:47 it’s our last free election i lived in 33:49 china 83 84. 33:51 i speak chinese i’ve lived in maoist 33:54 china it was right after the cultural 33:55 revolution and 33:57 that’s what’s coming for us and i think 33:59 this is our last real election we’ll 34:01 have 34:02 you know this stuff was built in 34:03 venezuela so that hugo chavez could get 34:05 through the referendum of o3 34:08 and it’s that’s the basic architecture 34:10 of the software 34:11 of smartmatic and it has now become 34:14 the core of two of the major commercial 34:17 systems offered for sale in the united 34:18 states 34:19 and if we don’t if we you know 34:23 venezuela hasn’t really had an honest 34:24 election in 20 years 34:26 and the same i think the same you know 34:28 people are starving and the government 34:29 still wins its elections because it’s 34:31 all crooked 34:31 the software that lets them do that is 34:33 the software that’s in the heart of our 34:34 systems 34:35 if we bend a knee to this it could be a 34:38 thousand years of darkness and the world 34:40 knows that 34:41 we’ve people people don’t understand 34:45 and because it’s fashionable maybe not 34:46 to you know to be anti-american or not 34:48 to love your country 34:50 they don’t understand how the world 34:52 looks to us and if we bend a knee to 34:54 this 34:54 it’s a darkness comes over the world and 34:56 we don’t know if it’ll be a thousand 34:58 years before it’s lifted 34:59 well we know this we know the end of the 35:01 story all right lance i’ll let you talk 35:03 again first 35:05 thank you and thank you for letting me 35:07 know what the question was this time 35:08 before you called me so now 35:10 what i want to say is this this bunsen 35:13 burner we got to take a look at that 35:15 that analogy because why was the 35:17 blackout on hunter biden we talked about 35:19 this last week but we can’t let this go 35:21 we have to be prophetically ahead of the 35:23 game they play because they release the 35:25 news and then it’s kind of like red meat 35:27 everyone runs after it 35:28 i want to know how come there was a 35:29 complete blackout on hunter biden 35:32 that didn’t stay blacked out after uh 35:35 there they think that they’ve got the 35:36 victory i’ll tell you why 35:38 because the uh the flame that they’ve 35:40 got 35:41 is they want to burn up joe biden so 35:44 that he is going to be a lame duck 35:46 they’ll offer his scalp as a concession 35:49 to the 35:49 angry trump voters and then their real 35:52 plan is kamala harris goes in as 35:54 president 35:55 and then keep an eye on pete but a judge 35:58 because 35:58 my suspicion is his appointment to the 36:00 cabinet is one step 36:02 closer to a deal he made to step out of 36:04 the campaign 36:05 as a future potential vp pick for the 36:08 party 36:09 yeah i think i think that’s brilliant i 36:11 can see that totally happening


Former Overstock CEO claims he was complicit in Hillary Clinton bribe
The bribe, that he claims she accepted, was allegedly to be used by members of Obama administration against Hillary after she was elected.


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Timothy King, et al., Petitioners v. Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, et al.

December 19, 2020

“Similar problems were found in an audit of Dominion machines by the Coffee County, Georgia Board of Registration and Elections, which refused to certify Dominion machine recount election returns.”

The Georgia Ballot Underground Railroad

December 18, 2020