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Listen to Clintons4McCain Cristi Adkins Versus Chris Matthews

August 31, 2008

Cristi Adkins on MommaE Radio Rebels Show Friday, August 29th

Cristi Adkins on Clintons4McCain Radio Show Saturday, August 30th

“The Jim Bohannon Podcasts – Date: 8/ 6/08, Guest: Cristi Adkins”

MommaE next show Tuesday, September 2nd 2-4 PM Central

Join her here for Radio Rebels Show.

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“When and How will the Obama Birth Certificate Forgery story break into the MSM?” Polarik – Techdude – Kevmo

August 31, 2008

For those of you following this story, this would be a good thread to follow.

To: Kevmo

Banana Republic August 25, 2008 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

I guess being away from politics as long as I have has caused me to forget just how utterly batshit crazy some people can be.

I posted this thread over at Free Banana Republic earlier this afternoon. Within an hour there were shrieks of “TROLL!,” the title of my thread was changed, and my posting privileges revoked.

Someone there posted a link to this blog, so if anyone from over there would like to ask any questions about or take any issues with what I’d posted, they’re more than welcome to do so here. I won’t stoop to the cowardice that was displayed over there.

Maybe Steve Ellis, aka Koyaan, has Tourette Syndrome. It certainly is a good possibility, because he seems to have no self control over his use of foul language, especially lots of swear words related to excrement, when he is on his own blog, or on mine. He is also a pathological liar.

Yet, he knows that he cannot get away with being a potty mouth on FR, and he wonders why he was banned. BUT, he’s lurking out there, trolling around here for things that he can denigrate on his cesspool of a blog.

He’s a 25 year old teenager.

He calls you, “Kevmoron,” but I’m the one who really drives him bonkers. He keeps devoting whole posts to me, with such creative titles as “Again, Polarik is full of “s**t” and pithy comebacks like “And Polarik wonders why I called him a f**king retard.”

My advice is to either ignore him, or to leave your posts on his blog, and see how he likes it.

He’s reminds me of a squashed bug on the windshield: annoying, but not worth stopping to clean it off.

291 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 4:28:10 PM by Polarik

To: Polarik

Basically, I’m after the facts. This Koyaangutan dude verified that the Berg vs. Obama lawsuit was drawn from Techdude’s quiver. So the guy calls me Kevmoron, big deal — it’s his blog and he’s bitter that he doesn’t have the internal fortitude to take a few punches on the nose while he’s in the ring of Free Republic. When you’ve been a freeper as long as I have, you see all kinds come & go.

So, what do we do about this? You know that I keep encouraging you to write a book — you’re one of the few in this brouhaha that gets to make money. Well, you could also make some lawyer dude rich (and you get a cut of it) in your state by getting him to file a state lawsuit. I’m afraid that this thing is headed over a cliff and the republicans won’t lift a finger to stop it. They’re too gutless.

292 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:51:13 PM by Kevmo

To: Calpernia

I even posted on the thread that his suit may be a vaccination against other suits.
***I doubt that was the original intent because he’s been open about his motives. He was quoted saying that he wanted the democrats to draw first blood because he feared the republicans would let the thing drone on until an October surprise. He basically wanted to help Hillary. Well, now that she has let loose of her delegates the pressure will be on Berg to drop this lawsuit. In a way his lawsuit does act as a vaccination if he withdraws, but that wouldn’t stop a determined litigant. Unfortunately, the republicans do not fit that description.

293 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 10:56:45 PM by Kevmo

To: Kevmo

Techdude retreated at a bad time, but that doesn’t make him a fraud. Those who claim so advance a claim with no known support.

294 posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 9:40:01 AM by bvw

To: bvw; Polarik

Look at post #285, there is support. If you continue to think there isn’t support, go ahead and post it here why you think so. Polarik was one of the guys saying Techdude was a fraud, so maybe you can hash it out with him.

295 posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 10:33:47 AM by Kevmo

To: Kevmo

Who wrote the following?

I have heard from the person that TechDude is impersonating. TechDude is impersonating Adam Fink’s background and credentials. I offer a sincere apology to Mr. Fink for associating his impersonation with TechDude.

296 posted on Sunday, August 31, 2008 11:22:28 AM by bvw

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Decoding Obama Birth Certificate Mystery – “WND could have had an exclusive, and they blew it, bigtime.” (Polarik)

August 30, 2008

New FactCheck evidence reinforces my forgery claims

What do you do when you have to remove evidence that does not support your claims?

Easy. I provide other evidence that does support my claims…

Like the overuse of Photoshop’s DODGE tool to artificially lighten the fold and erase the text on the left-hand side.

Like creating an iridescent area in the Seal

Like the background being comprised of two long, stretched lines instead of two short lines that should be separated by white space.

Like intentionally cutting off the top of the Seal because it was applied BEFORE the COLB was folded.

Like having a well-defined second fold that can be seen in the photos, but that cannot be seen in the image, even under image enhancement. Like making the deepest Seal impression ever seen in a 2007-2008 COLB.

Like never showing all of these pieces in one complete photo

It just keeps getting better and better.

Stay tuned for more.

Polarik Comments:

To: Polarik


I meant to say that the COLB was folded BEFORE the embossed Seal stamp was applied.

This caused a tear in the COLB which they taped up with Scotch tape before taking photos of the front side of the COLB.

It is the reason why all of the photos of the reverse side of the COLB only show the Seal below the tear.

It is also why all of the in-focus photos of the front side of the COLB show it with the folds at 90 degree angles, why the one photo of the expanded COLB is out of focus, and why the close-up of the lower fold on the front side was excessively lightened to hide the tear.

12 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 7:37:54 AM by Polarik

To: Polarik

It does look like there is some distortion of the seal near the fold. Shouldn’t the seal have been placed on it BEFORE it was folded thus resulting in zero distortion? Not that I know anything about Hawaiian birth certificates but if Hussein isn’t what he claims then I’m all for someone bringing it to light.

Check my correction on Comment #12 below. I originally said that the Seal was placed on the COLB before it was folded, which is standard operating procedure for placing an embossed seal on a document.

What I wanted to say was that the Seal was applied AFTER it was folded, which required the person who applied the stamp to use excessive force so that the Seal would show up on the Seal.

The depth of the impression left on the paper is highly unusual given that the other 2007 COLBs and the 2008 COLB I looked at had a much lighter impression from the Seal.

This excessive pressure caused the COLB to tear where the fold meets the Seal, and is the It is the reason why all of the photos of the reverse side of the COLB only show the Seal below the tear.

It is also why all of the in-focus photos of the front side of the COLB show it with the folds at 90 degree angles, why the one photo of the expanded COLB is out of focus, and why the close-up of the lower fold on the front side was excessively lightened to hide the tear.

Also, for what it’s worth, the rough texture of the paper on which the COLB was printed is not found on 2007-08 COLL=BS.

13 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 7:53:17 AM by Polarik

To: Polarik

TYPO alert

In my response above, I should have said that because of the fold, the embossed Seal was applied with excessive force to ensure that the Seal impression lookedwas evenly through the fold., I should have said said …the Seal was applied AFTER it was folded, which required the use of excessive force so that the Seal would be clearly visible through the fold.

14 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 8:18:58 AM by Polarik

To: itsthejourney

I usually shun WND but this perked my interest.

I used to read WND daily. I’ve also had one of my Letters to the Editor chosen as “Letter of the Week.”

HOWEVER, they never published ANY of my letters that were critical of Obama, going all the way back to 2004. Even now, when the multitude of their readers are now getting wise to Obama, my NObama letters are being ignored.

Also ignored was the research I sent to them right after the Daily Kos published the Obama COLB image forgery. Instead, they ran the story that the Israel Insider published, well after my research, that did mention my research.

But, WND could have had an exclusive, and they blew it, bigtime.

17 posted on Saturday, August 30, 2008 9:18:47 AM by Polarik

Columnist Noonan Blasts MSNBC For ‘Fatuous Suck-Upping’ Regarding Barack Obama Acceptance Speech

August 30, 2008

Peggy Noonan Brings The House Down Part 1

Peggy Noonan Brings The House Down Part 2

Hat tip:

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soldier4hillary on No Quarter Radio Thursdays 6PM Pacific With Video

August 30, 2008

From: uptownchic28

“Race as a Strategy”

NQR “Our View”

“Our View with Patsy & Sugar”

Go to NQR to listen to the livestream broadcast.

The call-in line for questions is (347) 677-0792. The chat room is also open (look for the green chat sign).

P.S. We’re very pleased to announce that “Our View” is going to be a weekly program from now on.

Tune in every Thursday night at

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“Party Unity My Arse!” Cristi Adkins on Clintons4McCain Radio Saturday August 30th 2PM Pacific – what really happened in Denver

August 30, 2008

Join Us This Week on Clintons 4 McCain Radio:

Are you disappointed by the mainstream media? Did you hope for a fair and balanced election year? We answer back with Clintons4McCain radio!

Hear This Weeks Show
Days of
Denver: What Really Happened?

Cristi Adkins reveals what really happened in Denver as she describes how Clinton supporters are literally pushed in the street during a protest march in front of a bus, how the SWAT teams flanked the Clintons4McCain marchers to keep them safe and how the Paparazzi ambushed the marchers on 16th Street.

Saw unity on TV? Well, the truth is, it was “Party Unity My Arse!”
That was the real theme this week in
Denver. Tune in to find out the behind the scenes drama as Cristi Adkins takes you through what really happened in Denver.

Clintons4McCain Radio

When: Saturdays 5 PM EST

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Radio Host: Anne Franklin and Cristi Adkins, of Clintons4McCain

Join us Saturday Aug. 30, 2008 at 5 PM EST on Clintons4McCain Radio

PUMA Catwoman Cristi Adkins on MommaE Radio Rebels Show Friday August 29, 2008

August 29, 2008

Listen here:

“Obama’s skeleton” “Obama and Ayers were more than simply neighbors” (Stanley Kurtz) With Audio

August 29, 2008

The two (Barack Obama and William Ayers) were fellow board members for the Woods Fund, an ultra-left wing organization that doles out money to other left-leaning groups. They also worked together on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a group that Obama chaired.

The files from both organizations are held at the University of Illinois, where Ayers now teaches. Kurtz, after navigating many obstacles, got possession of those files last week. And they do, indeed show that Obama and Ayers were more than simply neighbors.

He scheduled an appearance on Milt Rosenberg’s radio program, “Extension 720,” to discuss what amount to the records of Obama’s only executive experience.

The Obama campaign declined an invitation to appear on the program with Kurtz. The campaign’s preferred tactic instead was to tell supporters to tell Rosenberg to cancel Kurtz’s appearance. They called Kurtz a “smear-merchant” and “character assassin.”

What they did not do, though, was take issue with any of the connections between Obama and Ayers that the files document.

The incident says much about how Barack Obama operates and how he will operate as president.

Stanley Kurtz Interview with Milt Rosenberg:

Stanley Kurtz Interview with Hugh Hewitt:

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Decoding Obama Birth Certificate Mystery “The heat is going to be turned on “incinerate” after the Labor Day weekend” (Polarik)

August 29, 2008

To: Kevmo

One of the strong points of your current argument is that no one can produce these “scanning artifacts” that seem so critical to their case. Perhaps you could introduce what that might actually look like on a BC scan. Visuals always work better than words.

I’m good, but I’d have to be capable of performing miracles to find what is simply not there. “Scanner artifacts” bear absolutely no relationship to the pixel patterns I discovered and documented, and you can take that to the bank.

BUT, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I will receive a genuine, original paper COLB in a few days, and the tests that I will subject to it will knock everything else right out of the park. Bye-bye FactCheck scan image, Bye-bye FactCheck photos. Hasta Lavista,Obama COLB.

103 posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 11:08:03 PM by Polarik

To: Kevmo

Unfortunately, none of what you just wrote in that post makes much sense to 95% of readers. The prize goes to the guy who can bring that kind of material down to bite-size chunks that normal people can understand. Just a hint, for when you write that book of yours… 😉

And I get criticized by Neal Krawetz for NOT using relevant technical language.

I absolutely can make it understandable to the masses. I plan on doing just that, once all of my analyses have been completed.

It’s hard enough to get the information posted to the Net in the form it is now, but it requires twice as much work to rewrite all of it into terms that anyone can understand.

Do I have any volunteers to help me write the “Image Forgery for Newbies” handbook?

105 posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 11:15:00 PM by Polarik

To: Kevmo

“Polarik” tries to defend his work to Dr. Neal Krawetz. And gets his rear handed to him publically as Dr. Krawetz expains why he’s wrong and ends with him telling “Polarik” that “Your theory and indisputable evidence is laughable and does not hold up to even a precursory glance.” Real professional 1, Internet “professional” zero.

Wrong. I cleaned Neal Krawetz’s clock.

107 posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 11:19:23 PM by Polarik

To: Kevmo

Cmon, Kevmo. This is SOS.

108 posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 11:20:06 PM by Polarik

To: Kevmo

Why are you still doing a core dump here?

Neal Krawetz aptly named his website, “HackerFactor,” because “Hack,” is Krawetz’s middle name.

109 posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 11:22:27 PM by Polarik

To: Kevmo

Will you please stop dumping an entire blog in here?

It’ a lot easier to read an extract, or a summary of it.

119 posted on Friday, August 29, 2008 9:40:23 AM by Polarik

To: TheNewPundit

You have provided flawed evidence. Someone claiming that they looked at a scanned jpeg and could tell it was fake isn’t going to cut it in a court of law. Therefore you have no proof that the certificate is fake.

No, you are taking the word of others who said that my evidence is flawed.

My evidence is substantial, and it is clear to me by what you said above that you have maybe read one thing I said, and have not read everything else I wrote in the past twelve weeks.

Therefore, you cannot make your assertion about the bulk of my evidence that you evidently did not read beforehand.

Even after I scaled back on some of my points of contention as more information became available to me, there is still a substantial core of evidence, which includes infinitely more than merely looking at a JPG, that overwhelmingly proves that the image is fake, that it has always been fake, and that there are none who can prove that the opposite is true.

They only think that they have refuted my evidence, but they really haven’t come up with any believable alternatives. In fact, it’s downright amazing what they say is proof.

The bottom line is that none can refute everything that I’ve done and have proven to exist. They never demonstrated how the image was made, but I did. Twice. Who else has shown how the forgery was created by actually doing it themselves? Just me.

You see, you put too must trust in those foul-mouthed, hacks who know less about computer graphics than they do about acting as mature adults.

No one can prove that this image is real because it is not real. “Saying that it is real” is bogus, as is “saying that my evidence is flawed.”

And that’s the reason why I can easily make this bet with you, because you, personally, have absolutely nothing to offer in return, except hearsay.

You’re the one who has something to prove, not me. I have 12 weeks of proof, and I have more than proved my point.

On the other hand, you are sort of correct. I did look at a JPG and I did suspect that it was a fake based on the pixels I found. Not by eyeballing them, but by counting each and every pixel of a given color within a 300 DPI grid of pixels.

That was Day One of my analysis.

So, listen, I’ll make it simple for you. Go find me the evidence that “scanner artifacts”`did cause the pixel patterns I found between the letters of “HUSSEIN,” and did not cause the same pixel patterns between the letters of “HAWAII & HEALTH” (to name a few).

184 posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 12:49:57 PM by Polarik

To: TheNewPundit

I’m not taking their word, I’m being realistic. You are looking at a jpeg that was scanned. You cannot prove that the actual certificate is a fake by looking at a scanned copy.

Of course not. That was never my contention. What is my contention is that the image proffered by the Daily Kos, FactCheck, and Fight the Smears is not a genuine, scanned copy of a real, paper document that those people

You claim that no one has refuted your evidence, yet your evidence wouldn’t hold water in a court of law. The burden of proof still lies with you.

Watch Court TV much? Hold water? How, when you have none to offer. There are two sides in every court case, one side is the Plaintiff, and the Other Side is the Defendant. Each side is required to provide supporting evidence to bolster their claims and counter claims. If you walked into court and told the judge and jury that “The burden of proof is only on the other side,” you’d hear the gavel before you could day “burden of proof.”

The court in which I have presented a claim is the court of public opinion, which is solidly behind those who believe that this Obama COLB image is as phony as a $3 bill with Barack’s face on it.

I’m not asking to be made whole, or for damages or for reparations. I’m only asking for those responsible for perpetrating this fraud on the American public to be held accountable for their actions.

That’s Number One.

Number Two is the fact that I served as a statistical expert in three court cases, so don’t insult me by pretending to know what will and what will not “hold water” in a class action lawsuit — which is what I would prefer to initiate against the Obama campaign.

What we, as American citizens, would demand is injunctive relief against Obama for failure to release his current birth record to the public. There is plenty of evidence to support this legal action, and it does not even require any of the research I’ve done to have its “day in court.”

That’s Number Three.

An alleged “genuine COLB, dated Jun 6, 2007 is NOT a satisfactory piece of evidence, either real or fake, that would meet the requisite demands of the Plaintiffs.

That’s Number Five.

Number Six is that you neverhad any intention of carrying through with this bet, and you are desperately grasping at straws to weasel out of it, as I knew you would do.

So, run along now. Your relieved of your wager. However, the next time you wish to challenge me and my research, you’d better have something substantive and definitive that registers a zero on the old BS Meter.

We’ve already had way too much bluster and way too much empty rhetoric from folks, who, like yourself, are tilting at windmills and biding their time until this “dust up” simply blows away like so many leaves in Winter.

Trust me, That is not going to happen. The heat is going to be turned on “incinerate” after the Labor Day weekend, and if I was a forgery doubter, I would not want to be in the vicinity without some SPF 5000 sun screen to splash on my body.

190 posted on Thursday, August 28, 2008 10:58:56 PM by Polarik

To: TheNewPundit

I am waiting for you to agree that you will prove your accusations. If you can prove your case, you win.

You don’t listen very well. I’ve already proven my case.

193 posted on Friday, August 29, 2008 9:35:57 AM by Polarik

Okie MommaE Radio Rebels Show 12PM Pacific

August 29, 2008

Welcome to Country First!

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We want you here and hope to keep your eyes open and your spirit motivated. And we believe that you can do the same for all the members of this community, too.

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