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Written question – Chemtrails from aircraft Vladko Todorov Panayotov (ALDE) © European Union, 2012 – EP

July 22, 2013


Written question – Chemtrails from aircraft – E-006663/2012

23-07-2012 09:25 PM EEST
Question for written answer E-006663/2012
to the Commission
Rule 117
Vladko Todorov Panayotov (ALDE)
Source : © European Union, 2012 – EP


Parliamentary questions
3 July 2012
Question for written answer
to the Commission
Rule 117
Vladko Todorov Panayotov (ALDE)

Subject: Chemtrails from aircraft

Chemtrails released from aircraft are becoming more and more visible, a fact that is evidenced and acknowledged by the scientific community.

They are the result of scientific experiments, on the one hand, or, on the other, of interventions for health purposes, for the protection of agriculture, or, last but not least, for climate protection purposes, in particular with a view to combating global warming.

1. Has the Commission carried out any studies in relation to these practices or have any of the Member States done any studies on this?

2. Does the Commission know of any existing Member-State or private initiatives in this respect? Is it aware of any geoengineering studies on the greenhouse gas effects? Why has the Commission not insisted on investigating the matter with the Member States? Why was the European Environment Agency not involved more closely?

3. Taking into consideration the potential impact of such practices, notably side-effects or other cumulative effects arising from the chemical substances used, is the Commission planning to study and possibly regulate these activities, in particular when carried out within EU airspace?

Vladko Todorov Panayotov

Vladko Todorov Panayotov [Photo European Parliament]

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And climatologists complotistes can also rely on political connections.

Reached by StreetPress, Yvan Garcia, Left Front candidate in the last parliamentary confirms signing the petition of “Asceipica” requests that “the end of the aerial spraying illegal.”

This part of the Communist Party in the Hérault defends

“. What concerns me is that it is a phenomenon which is quite weird and when the government calls, none gives answer”

The 3 July 2012, the Bulgarian MEP Vladko Panayotov who was alarmed at the European Parliament of the proliferation of “chemtrails”, “a fact highlighted by the scientific community” .

Within a year, a total of three members challenged the congregation to “chemtrails” .

The highlight of this activism: holding a conference in the European Parliament building on 8 and 9 April 2013 .

At the initiative of the Latvian MEP Tatiana Zdenenka, the main associations of hunters clouds – the “Asceipica” in mind – were invited to exhibit their conspiracy theory at the podium before several elected.

The film “Why in the world are they spraying? “Is aired.


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CIA Is Funding Government-Led Chemtrail Project: Spy Agency to Help Study “Security Impacts” of Geo-engineering

Center for Research on Globalization

Our skies are riddled with artificial clouds, that are patently not merely the contrails of standard air planes. Indeed, as we reported last year, …


“The world is too big, humanity too precious, to agree with a limited frame-of-mind.” Respectfully, Dan B Crain, Sc.D. (AM S/F) /1

July 18, 2013



“The world is too big, humanity too precious, to agree with a limited frame-of-mind.” Respectfully, Dan B Crain, Sc.D. (AM S/F) /1

We are receiving huge email flows asking (some demanding) ‘what the hell am I doing in Canada?’ Many inquiries are official.

The New Charter but somewhat dysfunctional Group has followed a time when we used to be devoted by duty the management of a certain “item.”

That “item” was the centerpiece around which the First Consistory, in Washington, DC, was built and operated. We are now beyond that time and the first necessity around which the Group was created.

Over the last weekend, it has been slowly recognized amongst our membership that the creation of a second Consistory facility, in Quebec, Canada, was not for the purpose of providing an alternative location for our operations.

Rather, given the totality of the chatter our own intelligence operatives have been intercepting, it has become consensus that there exists a high probability that we are acting to create a new International Committee of the Majority, with one Node in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and the other Node near the ancient walled city in Quebec, Canada.

The movement of the Consistory from the Washington, DC area is now being argued among many within the Group as having been the necessary first step in such an action, to re-establish what has not been uniquely formed since 1963 through 1967.

During that time, and the time since, the peoples’ trust has been mishandled. Even given the international components within the New Charter and the possibility of future vote composition changes, allowing members of “the public” to be heard as never before, we (in the ‘said’ third most populous Nation State) are still aware that the addition of the impact of such changes would still fall well short of any honest claim that we have really “internationalized our operations” for the benefit of humanity.

How can the “peoples'” voices be said to have been truly heard if any specter of hegemony covers us as would the reasonable threat of indictment?

I am not here to provide you with what you want to hear from a “First Seat.”

If that be your demand, then feel free to reach into the garbage-can of our Group’s history, and emplace one who feeds you pablum from a small jar.

Our vows within the Group, our Oaths, are to the Peoples of the World. Those Oaths have not changed.

If you have forgotten the text, re-read it. That text was left unaltered, when the New Charter was drafted. It was left unotuched for many reasons.

Chief among the lack of redrafting the Oaths, is the information contained in the last sentence of this paragraph.

Yes, I, as many on the present 12 are allied to the United States of America, in my case due to my wife, now Canada as well, and as I anticipate such expectancies for personal alliances to Nation States will remain in place through my short life, I am not myopic to the greater vision for the future of humanity.

I believe there are few within our Group who would alternatively say that I am blind to the realties we see in our everyday world, deluding myself it be “rose,” rather than presently “blood” covered.

A vision of hope was built into our Oaths. We must keep that vision of hope before us, but never cower before a challenge to the freedom of humanity.

We must protect everyone for who they are – but also everyone against those who seek harm to people who don’t “think, live, act” as they, [the predators], do.

That is an important meaning found within our Oaths. The world is too big, humanity too precious, to agree with a limited frame-of-mind.

The Group is now being heard as they “read the writing on the wall” and I can assure each and every one of you that just as the maps of old warned: “Here be Dragons!”

Welcome to the New World! As we move forward, we will stand between the ‘dragons’ and the ‘people’ and where only necessary to keep that safety, we will confront such adversaries.

Changes to The Group, still in their early phases, are underway. You will be kept informed and your voices and opinions count!

– Dr. Dan Crain (1), PAsys Address, Tuesday, July 2, 2013

“Dr. Dan Crain (fmr. Dr. Dan Burisch)”




This planet’s most important resource … WATER by James McCanney

July 10, 2013

mccanney water

“”WATER” is the title of my new eBook released this past thursday July4th on my own show” “WATER IS ONE OF THE MOST COMPLEX ISSUES”


Dr Deagle Professor McCanney “Back for Full Hour – Hour One Tuesday July 9th 2013″

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[Me: I don’t always share McCanney’s interpretation, but I do believe he would warn us if we were in any danger from a “Planet X” object or any celestial object. I should qualify that. He would if he could — using his methodology.]