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Our Souls Are Eternal And Even Button-Pushing Stan Goldstein, Psy.D. Won’t Be A DICK Forever – The Latest From Dr. Dan Burisch Crain

February 13, 2012

I have to hand it to Dr. Stan – He’s maybe the only one I curse.


Illuminati This … Illuminati That. Geez Louise!

I was about to post the latest from Dr. Dan via Dr. Stan when I saw this:

This is the part that really bothered me:


‘GET ON’ with Kerry Cassidy?!  What a jerk!!!

I know this isn’t worth my time.  I’m just tired of the filth being hurled and the finger-pointing in Kerry’s direction.

Lest we forget:

(The following filth was also aimed at Kerry — I have the entire diatribe saved, I was so disgusted at the time I couldn’t read the whole thing.)

July 30, 2011 at 2:40 pm   

… it’s not good enough to make them anything other than the White Supremacist Prostitutes they are.

(And don’t try to send your racist crap to us anymore. You didn’t see the word AMERICANS after African? Duhhhhhhh.)

We still have our tracking ability. We also have connections to plenty of operatives who’d enjoy a target to practice on.

Many of them are just like us: African AMERICANS. We don’t mind removing trash.


Franklin White (Secret Squirrel)


I happen to like Franklin, but many at Dan and Marcia’s court suffer from a form of mind control, I think.  I do not like Dr. Stan.

Dr. Stan seemed to justify President Kennedy’s assassination, at least that was my interpretation:

Please see:

And it’s no secret I do not like President Obama, but … well, see my reaction when Dr. Stan compared Obama to Kennedy and seemed to imply them both Illuminati.

June 23, 2011 at 12:53 pm   

“Obama, who suggested Majestic defend OIL platforms, REMIND YOU OF ANYBODY? ANY ILLUME?”


[Me: This is why I question Dan and Marcia’s judgment. Obama an Illume? What a crock of sh*t!]


Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:34 pm

stan wrote:

Obama, who suggested Majestic defend OIL platforms, REMIND YOU OF ANYBODY? ANY ILLUME?

He seems too busy reading his law books or throwing balls through hoops, to “MAN UP” about defending people who are fighting for their freedom?

Where many countries only seem to want to back a group that has already won, “in other words they are fair weather friends and cowards” –

MAJESTIC CONFIRMS that ONE OF ITS TOP TWO LEADERS IS ON THE GROUND IN LIBYA and together with a Special Unit, named “TEAM 5″ is preparing at this hour to soon strike at

a pro-government militia group being run by a man who rapes women as their payment to send their children to refugee camps.

Meanwhile, as international support from the air is still not present, the majority of Majestic’s ground units,

tooled as special operations teams NOT A GROUND ARMY,

have been ordered by Operations (MJ1) to pull back with possible retooling and redeployment to help those in Japan.

With Operations in Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt already being completed successfully for people’s freedom,

to date Majestic units have also assisted over 8,000 persons, mostly families, to safely reach refugee camps, fleeing from Libya.

As the U.S. waffles under pressure that seems too great for the man who is in the Office, the Majestic Echelon declares:


Majestic will do what it can, but it will not be handed to the slaughter by anyone.

I must say I do not harbor any ill will toward Dan or Marcia, it’s Stan I abhor.  Leave Kerry alone, you bastard!

But the usual suspects have been less than chivalrous.  Well, we create our own futures, don’t we?  



« Reply #20 on Feb 6, 2012, 12:29pm »

Hot from D’s hands. truly,..

“Wow! Goodness, I get to speak withn a member of the Golden Thread! First: I hear you have AL and Gravy as your Mods. Very cool! While publicly I am just learning of Gravy (HI!), “AL” has an esteemed history not only with any particular forum that Eagles Disobey may hold ToS responsibilities, but also with Marcia and myself. I trust her (Marcia and I both do) and we are looking forward to the honor of continued personal correspondence in the future. We can’t think of anyone better to be the Lead Administrator. (Maybe she can hold our ETM’s and the Media Members (MUMz) to proper conduct. G-d knows we have tried! ;D) Second, I would like to thank Brent for braving the gauntlet to get messages to both Marcia and myself. He recognizes the importance in not only information passage but also Free Speech! I have been made aware that he violated a rule set down for the Eagles Team, as we near the Tier 1 announcement, and that Franlkin (Cybersecurity) pounced on it as he is paid to do. I thank him for his continued vigilance. I am aware that more questions and comments arrive than what I probably see. For that, I apologize to each and every one of you, however the rules have been set in place with not only the best intentions but also what many feel is the most wise course in mind.

(Some questions could have been asked since 2008 and been fully accommodated! That’s 4 years. I know that some are just arriving to certain testimony. No matter how long Marcia would have allowed my interactions about certain testimony, there would have always been one or more just arriving and asking the day after closure. :) What I have not done is treated the public as others do: ‘You want to talk then you have to walk.’ [Disgusting!] We waited and responded for a VERY long time. I am typing RIGHT NOW and am not asking any of you to ‘pick up your pace’ to follow me. Then again…I know I am no better than anyone else.)

There has been much comment as to whether I would return to Little Corona and remove the rock-bed area where I fell? No. Just think if that rock-bed or crust hadn’t been there! I would have fallen onward to the mantle! ;D Hot! :P Will we be returning? Yes! We are scheduled to return sometime in the Late Spring, Early Summer, this year. Yes, I am going back to the exact location! Why? After injury, I reduced the number of samples to the minimum as I knew I was severely injured. We are returning to gather the rest of the samples. What are they for? Trace fossils (MLTF’s) and Magnetite analysis (magnetic pole directions). We are watching how the actions of the thing we called “Lotus” may change during periods of geomagnetic pole flux and stability. On that comment… ;)

Welcome to 2012 and may the entirety of this year bring each and every one of you to your happiest of dreams! :-*

Thank you to everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes. 48, huh? Hmmm. We showed at the “required” dinner…then ducked-out as quickly as quickly as possible. Wearing a Tuxedo is not my thing, even with a black shirt. (When I am required to wear a tuxedo, I wear black shirt with black tie, only.) Will photos of me wearing a ‘Tux’ reach the public: GOOD G-D I HOPE NOT! ;D How about Marcia and Victoria? I believe so, yes…maybe not so long from now. The name is so appropriate for one…I once directed that she carry that moniker: “Tuxedo.”

The question, amongst many wonderful comments, placed before my humble desk is “Are there any new breakthroughs regarding the lotus project?” According to the record I have in front of me, the question was issued by a member of the GT, “dAb_1493.”

Now…I could be very disappointing by responding “yes” and leaving it there! ;D I won’t. The nagging problem with “Lotus” is this: everytime we examine, we find something new. If the phenomenon wasn’t reproducible – if every examination provided something haphazard – I would have abandoned this a long time ago. That, however, is not the case. I am, confident, and if the acceptances to a near future conference provide us a ‘litmus test’ so are many others, that we have found something very important. I think that one of the MUMz may have recently posted that we may have a correlation between the actions of “Lotus” and a very important geothermal cycle? That is true. We are evaluating it. If so, if the positive correlation, the thinker would focus on deep and shallow seas geothermal vents regarding earth’s life origin(s), huh? (hint, hint) This is why such material was included in that tiny presentation in Pasadena we did in March, 2008. dAb_1493 asked the right question at the right time: something about “Lotus.”

What’s going on?

On June 16, 2012, we are convening a conference here in Las Vegas, Nevada. We have nicknamed the conference, The Dolmain Conference. Why June 16, 2012? It is exactly 21 years from the date that Marcia and I re-found each other at the former Sahara Hotel/Casino. So what? 21 happens to be an important game in Las Vegas: Blackjack. ;D Marcia and I will be joining the 19 others, making it 21 people directly engaged in the conference. 19 individuals, from around the world, mostly open-minded thinkers from their disciplines (not tenure-seeking drones attached to their rules and chalkboards like an umbilucus) and a few dogmatic theological-types will be joining us here in Las Vegas for what now appears to be 2 sessions. (Every effiort has been made to ensure gender equality of the group.) While NDA’s are involved, names and initials will be documented and reported in the final book. For those reading the results, and involved in, or aware of life origin(s) research, in my opinion the identities will not be that difficult at all to “tease out.” The first session (starting June 16, terminating June 18) is an introductory session. They have a right to know the overall direction and presentation plan so they can prepare. The second session, (date to be announced, but not to exceed 6 months from the introductory session) will last 20 days, with 2- 3 hour seatings per day. Obviously there is some serious contractual compensation involved for those participating. Their stay in Las Vegas will be “five star” in every respect, but they will be allowed no contact with each other either during the 2 conference sessions or between major session 1 and major session 2. Should they violate that agreement, in any way, the person(s) initiating the rule violation will be paid for the time honestly involved, and excused.

(My previous work’s contract included a negotiated proviso that this conference would be fully covered.)

Personally, I feel that is the least we can do, given what they will be facing during the sessions. (hint, hint) Their order around the circular table is still under debate amongst our private Eagles Disobey forum group. A few have asked Bryan (Sentry) whether they could be included in that private group? I am not accepting new members until a least after the conference is concluded. (It’s a data security matter.)

I assure you, we will not be there to play games! We will be there to force our way toward truths, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable it is for anyone…ourselvses included. Not to be the “poster-boy of understatement,” but this is no ‘seminar’ they will be attending. They are contracted and paid well to participate and work. The pay for 2 individuals (seated at 1 seat, a great husband and wife) will be diverted to a trust fund, that for 2 others (separate seats) will be given to their specified religious organizations, and as Marcia and I are included in the proviso’s wording – our pay for it will be diverted to Angel Eagles. The rest are happy to take their pay and they will earn it. Fine! They will be paid for documented preparation time as well. The participants will be seated in a circular configuration, with multimedia screens surrounding, on the walls. Each will have the capability via laptops to raise their own information on those screens. (Franklin has done a wonderful job preparing the information coordination.) I will stand in the interior area of the circle and present the case…the so called “hot seat.” It’s not to praise me in any way. The presentation of the case my responsibility. How was it popularized by the great man from Cornell again? Ah, yes! “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” In this case: indeed. I bumped into it, or it, me, in, 2001 and continued working it, so there it is!

Marcia will freely walk about the exterior of the circle (behind the participants) and challenge dogmatic and/or unclear statements. You can imagine what it would be like to support your “beliefs” as….say…a fundamentalist “something” seeing (for sake of argument) a pentagram in the data, having misinterpreting the word “m’khashepah” and saying, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live!” (Exodus 22:18)? ::) Yes, what will it be like with data in front of (say) you from little old me, and Marcia standing behind you watching and listening to everything you do and say? They will find out.

They know, now, that we will be presenting 11 years of concrete data, yet rooted in thousands of years of philosophical pursuits, and fused into a metascientific collaboration called a THEORY. The result of this conference is intended to be included in the coming book. We thought about how to write it, and Marcia deferred to me on that issue. After months of consideration, I decided to bring the words of many others into the issue, and not just from published literature.

Marcia and I have decided that aside from ourselves, the other individuals physically allowed inside the conference room are: (1) 2- Media Unit Members (Ayana, and Richard), (2) Fran, (3) Annabelle, (4) no more than 1 family/friend guest of each of the panel participants, (5) Steven (Chief of Security), (6) Brian (Deputy Chief of Security), (7) Frankin (Chief of Cybersecurity//Documentation person), (8) Keith (Documentation assistant to Franklin), and (9) necessary translators. NO ONE may be armed with a firearm EXCEPT Steven and Brian, and save an emergency, their weapons must be completely fully concealed at all times! Any/All commentary beteen anyone not on the panel, unless an emergency occurs, must be exchanged in writing to each other. (I could go on about only vibration will cell phones, but etc.) All commentary between Any/All on the panel must be open and verbal. Marcia and I reserve the right to comunicate in our nonverbal code, brought to a science over the years. The panel members were informed of this by our coordinator (Nicolas), and agreed. If any panel member or attendee has a problem with that: they are welcomed not to attend. Anyway: etc. I believe everyone understands what I am saying.

Other so-called breakthroughs? Well, as you can see, most recent efforts in the “Lotus” work have been dedicated to setting up the conference. I am nearly completely buried in published reports, drawing relationships between them and our data. Theoetical work? It continues. We have finally established the order of Platonic nesting relating to the space-hyperspace involvement of “Lotus” and how that is involved in the “special geometric figure” we call “IC-GO.” I can tell you what the “IC” part pf it means? “Irwin-Crain”! We were to name it “IBMc-GO”…the “I” for Irwin, the “B” for Burisch, and the “Mc” for McDowell, but being Marcia and I finally won our great battle, were married, and I returned to my birth name (she, adopting it to herself), it’s to be named “IC-GO.” I am sorry but I cannot reveal the “GO” portion right now, though, that is to debut at the conference.

While this humble book, no matter the power of the Theory we are working, is not to be held by me against Darwin’s/Wallace’s, I did find an interesting comment, no matter the intrinsic hyperbole through his applied broad brush stroke between the scientific community and the larger population. I think you may be interested to read it too?

It was said by Dr. Joe Cain, from “Science Technological Studies,” University College London, in 2005, video publication: “Ape to Man.”

“1859, Darwin publishes The Origin of Species, and a lot of people think the book was paid attention to, but it wasn’t! Most people couldn’t care a jaw about whether a fish evolved into an amphibian. No one cared!”

Thanks again for the communication. :)


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Dreams Come True John Savage Michael Knight James Gilliland “Contact Has Begun”

February 9, 2012

The Gilliland UFO Ranch (audio)

CSMHRZRadio-E.C.E.T.I.-James Gilliland

by ЋΞVΞ₦₮ĦøяizøИMΛŦяiX

James Gilliland is an internationally recognized author (Reunion With Source, Becoming Gods, and his latest bestseller The Ultimate Soul Journey), speaker, and ET contactee.

He is the founder of the Self Mastery Earth Institute, Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conferences as well as the ECETI Ranch, an internationally known UFO and paranormal hotspot.

After a near death experience Gilliland left his material life in the world of commercial real estate. He began a 34-year spiritual journey which has included the study of religions, the TIC Teachings of the Inner Christ, and studies at the Tibetan Foundation, where is certified as a channel of the highest consciousness and energy. He also holds initiations by lamas and yogis and has been given the name Ridgzin Norbu (“Jewel of Pure Awareness”).

He is also a certified Kunlun Neigung instructor, having dedicated his life to one of service for the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth.

Gilliland was featured in John Savage and Michael Knight’s documentary “Contact Has Begun.” He is also featured on A&E’s “Paranormal State,” the films “Orbs The Veil is Lifting” and “Thrive,” and the History Channel’s “UFOs Then and Now: UFO Hot Spots.”

He has been featured on various news shows including ABC and FOX News, Hannity & Colmes, the BBC, King 5 TV’s Evening Magazine (Seattle), Elaine Smitha, Daylene Gates’ “Simply Spiritual,” and “Off The Record” with Ted Loman. He is also the host of “As You Wish” (, and “Contact Has Begun” talk radio on the World Puja Network.

He has been featured on a variety of radio programs such as William Henry’s Revelation Radio and Whitley Streiber’s Dreamland Radio. He appears regularly on Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense’s “Sightings,” Laura Lee’s show “Millennium Mystery,” and with Malibu psychic Sean David Morton.

On an appearance on Shine Talk Radio, he demonstrated charging 9 D cell batteries in a row by merely holding them. He duplicated this feat with Above Top Secret during their investigation with UK pop star Robbie Williams by charging dead batteries used in the equipment for the interview. He has also been a keynote speaker at the Int’l UFO Congress, Bay Area UFO Expo, and other international conferences.


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SisterRosetta – My Uploaded Videos