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Dated, but interesting.

Earth Changes, Evolution of The Solar System, and Planet X

from TheSeventhFire Website

For thousands of years people were aware of earth changes.

They knew that the Earth was in a constant state of change. They knew that sometimes the rivers would overflow and therefore they did not build their homes in the flood plain. They knew that building at the base of a volcano could be dangerous because sometimes the volcano would erupt and spill lava and spout ash that would devastate their community.

They also knew from stories told by their elders that massive earth changes were a natural occurrence and they lived in close harmony with the land so that they would be prepared for the most traumatic earth changes.

Today we have forgotten much of the history of our planet and depend upon science and scientists to interpret the…

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Earth is Losing Oxygen

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Source: Earth is Losing Oxygen

Earth is Losing Oxygen

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Est. 1933


“We’ve been losing hydrogen since the day the planet formed, because it is so light,” said Dr. James A. Gore, UT’s Dean of Natural and Health Sciences. “Well, oxygen is pretty light too.”

According to a new study published Aug. 2 and conducted by a team of researchers, including Princeton geochemist, Daniel Stolper, atmospheric oxygen levels on Earth have declined. They analyzed the air trapped in ice caps located in Greenland and Antarctica. The findings of the study indicate that oxygen levels have fallen about 0.7 percent over the past 800,000 years. That may not sound like much, but some are concerned that this is just one sign of a much bigger problem — climate change.

“The question is, is it starting to accelerate; are we losing it [oxygen] faster now than we did by natural processes?” Gore said. “And I would say the answer is yes.”

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Spirit pushed into Matter Became our 3D world The kingdoms of the earth — The mineral The vegetable The animal Edgar Cayce

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Uploaded by: sisterrosetta — TEXT OF EDGAR CAYCE READINGS


17. These then must be questions; not only questions but answers.

For as they have been asked of us here, they must in truth be

answered in such a manner that we – each of us – may make

them practical, applicable, practical in our experiences day

by day.

18. Then we must begin, my beloved, at the beginning of how,

where, when such things came to be a terminology; or

expressed in such manners that there appeared to be, or

APPEARS to be, or MAY appear to be, a diffusion, a

separation; that only those who HAVE the desire for the

seeking and knowing the truth MAY correctly interpret.

19. For remember, as has been given by Him, flesh and blood may

NOT reveal it unto us – it is the gift of the Father; that we

may be…

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Hillary Clinton “Queen of Monsanto”

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Source: Hillary Clinton “Queen of Monsanto”

Jesus’ sister Ruth and her husband, Philoas

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Marble figure of typical Roman husband & wife.
Photographer: Gjon Mili

The experiences of the entity as Ruth, the sister of Jesus, in the Palestine  period.


So thou in thine experience in the present, as ye may be questioned as to thy gentleness to this or that experience of individual activities, become aware of those experiences through which ye passed, even there – as not only the sister in the flesh of Jesus but as the helpmeet to a heathen; yea, a Roman!

Yet the foolishness of the world and of the earth is the wisdom of God! Just as the foolishness of man may be turned into the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of God.

For the wisdom is indeed to be  willing to be led by the Spirit of GOD rather than to be guided by thine own  concept OF paralleling or classifying or…

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Possibly the greatest moment in history

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In the moment depicted by Tissot, Pilate asks Jesus whether he is the king of the Jews. Jesus replies that “My kingdom is not of this world” and that his purpose is to “bear witness to the truth.” At the conclusion of this interview, Pilate finds that Jesus has committed no crime and sends him to Herod.
Artist: James Tissot, French, 1836-1902

We remember, if we turn to the books of the New Testament, that possibly the greatest moment in history was when Pilate asked of the Master, “What is Truth?”

My Life as a Seer: The Lost Memoirs by Edgar Cayce, Page 278

What Is Truth? By Edgar Cayce

First printed in December, 1929.


… this ONE thing was continually held before the individual; that which you hold before yourself, to create that image you worship, that will develop you always upward, and will…

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Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, Others, Lord, others.

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Fourth Center ­ Thymus Gland ­ Heart Chakra


Jesus presented love on different levels, identifying the highest love in this often quoted passage: “No greater love has a person, than to give up his or her life for another” ­ not literal death, but giving up self’s desires for another’s.

It is thinking more of what another may need than what self may want.

Cayce said that Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, “Others, Lord, others.”

This kept the Father’s power that flowed through Jesus on the right track ­ not glorifying himself but revealing the Light and Love that flowed through him ­ God’s love, our Father’s and Mother’s love.

Jesus used this to do good and glorify the Father rather than himself. Selfless loving is the ideal ­ giving and caring without expectation of getting something in return.

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Folk Roots, New Routes — Davey Graham & Shirley Collins

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“Cherry Tree Carol”


Joseph was an old man, an old man was he,
When he married sweet Mary, she’s Queen of Galilee.

Now Joseph had wedded Mary and home had her brought.
Mary proved with child but Joseph knew her not.

Oh, Joseph and Mary went walking in thr grove,
They saw cherries and berries as red as any rose.

And up spoke young Mary, so meek and so mild,
“Oh, pick me cherries, Joseph, for I am with Child.”

Then Joseph flew in anger, in anger flew he,
“Let the father of your baby pick cherries for thee.”

The up spoke the baby Jesus, all in his mother’s womb,
“Bow down low, you cherry tree, let my mother have some.”

And the very tall branches bowed low to her knee,
And Mary picked cherries by one, two and three.

Now Mary had…

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A. R. Bordon LPG-C Quantum Physicists Ša.AM.e (Nibiru) coming December 2012 closest to Earth Series of precise spiritual exercises Helping in steering Ša.AM.e off course and save Earth — Wes Penre

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Part III: Interdimensional Manipulation in Present Time

Present Time Paper #1:

The Year 2012 Looking Forward — A Deep Dive Into Current ET Situation (Part I) by Wes Penre

Monday, September 24, 2012


4. Latest News: ‘Nibiru’ Coming in Early! LPG-C Wants Us to Prepare Now!

So they knew about the Incoming Planet already in 1984, and of course much, much further back than that, but this is when it started coming out in the Media, just to be suppressed again for another 30 years. Now, some Media, like CNN, ABC, and NBC are talking about the Incoming on and off, to start implanting the scenario into peoples subconscious minds for it to potentially being used in the near future.

Now, LPG-C, the retired Quantum Physicists in southern California, are telling us that Ša.AM.e is coming in much, much sooner than expected, and December 2012 is when it’s…

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