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COVID-19 Live Webcast

April 30, 2020

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Can an existing HIV medication slow the spread of COVID-19?

April 28, 2020

A team of scientists from St. Michael’s Hospital, Sinai Health and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre have launched a clinical trial to understand whether an existing drug used for HIV treatment and prevention may work to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Source: Can an existing HIV medication slow the spread of COVID-19?

University of the Witwatersrand publishes first clinical data on COVID-19 in South Africa

April 27, 2020

Health professionals will face difficult ethical decisions when it comes to dealing with COVID-19 patients.

Source: University of the Witwatersrand publishes first clinical data on COVID-19 in South Africa

Why Parents and Children Should Practice Safe Phone

April 26, 2020

Environmental Health Trust: The Blog

By Devra Davis, PhD , President and Founder, Environmental Health Trust, author of Disconnect:  the truth about cellphone radiation, Plume, 2011.

Children are growing up in a sea of radiofrequency radiation that has never existed in human history.  In America today, about twenty million children under the age of fourteen have cellphones.   Increasingly, scientists and policy makers in tech savvy nations like Israel and Finland are concerned that the ways these devices are used imperil the brain.   The iPhone plastic baby rattle case protects the phone’s glass screen from cracking when chomped on by teething babies,  but does not protect the infant’s young brain from the phone’s pulsed digital microwave radiation.

The proliferation of wireless gadgets overlooks a critical health issue for pregnant women, men who wish to father healthy children, and those they produce–non-ionizing or microwave radiation damages the brain and sperm of experimental animals.  A cellphone is a two-way microwave…

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Age group using only cell phones showing increase in brain tumors!

April 26, 2020

Environmental Health Trust: The Blog

The two pieces above appeared within a couple of days of one another. The first mentions a rise in brain tumors in the 20-29 year age bracket. The second piece concerns itself with the fact that the majority of those age 25-29 do not have a landline and use only a cell phone.

It does not take a medical degree to connect these dots. Perhaps a study needs to be done on the population without landlines. A short MRI developed by Dr. Kesari in San Diego could be given to the participants to see if they are walking around with a brain tumor without knowing it. Or those that have been determined to have brain tumors in that age group certainly should be questioned about their cell phone use.

Sounds logical to you and me, right? It is not that simple. The cell phone industry has a lot…

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How can you avoid getting brain cancer?

April 26, 2020

Environmental Health Trust: The Blog

How can you avoid getting brain cancer? Tune in on Monday at 8:30AM EST:

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Dr. Davis on Sunday Nights with Rabbi Bulka

April 26, 2020

Environmental Health Trust: The Blog

Dr. Davis on Sunday Nights with Rabbi Bulka – Tune in OTTAWA on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 9PM

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IT’S BACK…The disappeared YAHOO story on cell phones and DNA damage has resurfaced

April 26, 2020

Environmental Health Trust: The Blog

This time without the headlines that appeared on YAHOO’s home page yesterday.  Bill Bruno provided this information at noon Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here’s the posted story in case it disappears again.

Unless you’ve had your cell phone permanently glued to your ear, chances are you’ve heard the recent health buzz: Mobile devices may cause cancer. While it’s true that the National Cancer Institute has ruled them safe, a growing number of independent researchers disagree.

Those experts point out that the FCC wireless regulations on cell phone safety are largely based on something called specific absorption rate (SAR) levels, or the rate at which our bodies absorb radiation. Most phones do comply with the federal standards, but SAR monitors only thermal effects. (In other words, if the radiation from your phone isn’t cooking your brain, it’s regarded as safe.) But mounting scientific evidence suggests that nonthermal radio frequency radiation…

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Has The Fox Been Caught in the Henhouse?

April 26, 2020

Environmental Health Trust: The Blog

The Cozy Relationship Between the FCC and the Cell Phone Industry

Cell phones emit small amounts of microwave radiation that can be harmful over the long run, and the cell phone industry would rather the public not know it.  But the story behind cell phones and health is not simple.  Recent maneuvers make it clear that the cellular industry wants to keep people in the dark about the fact that cell phones are two-way microwave radios.  This is a key part of the marketing strategy for these ubiquitous devices.

Light was shed on this confusion on June 15, 2010, when San Francisco passed the nation’s first law mandating that consumers have a right to learn from retailers the amount of radiation emitted (Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR) from cell phones.  This “Right to Know” ordinance gives consumers rapid access to data needed to make informed choices.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry…

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“#UNIDO u can download, transfer 2 iPhone, listen in #airplanemode” @saferPhones on Twitter Dark Journalist with Nick Begich

April 19, 2020


I love listening to and sharing music. But I want to go back to the way I used to listen to music. In other words, if I’m listening on my phone, I make sure I’m listening in Airplane Mode (the mp3s are stored on my phone).

This tweet just one example:


See also:

Dr. Mercola Interviews Devra Davis on the Dangers of Cellphones


I’m also very much interested in what Nick Begich has to say. I believe he has a weekly show on this station:

This is his website:

I’m very grateful to Dark Journalist for this interview:

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Scientist Dr. Nick Begich of to go deep into the challenges of 2020 from the COVID-19 virus to the advent of destructive 5G Technology and out of control Surveillance State.