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This is Part Five. Tying up some loose ends. I think I might upload some pdf files to a 4shared folder, in case anyone has an interest.

Again, I apologize for any redundancy. What remains hidden is anyone’s guess.



Experts Link Evolution of the Species to Spiritual Renaissance: DNA Called “Antennae to God”

Sandpoint, ID — More than a map of life, DNA processes spirituality according to the latest research.

A lengthy review of scientific achievements in the field of genetics compiled by a team of experts indicates that life evolved from spiritual, more than physical, forces.

Three years of multidisciplinary study by a team of health science, mathematics, genetics, and physics experts, indicates that DNA, traditionally considered the “blueprint of life,” appears more like an “antennae to God.”

Led by internationally known public health authority and award winning author, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the group’s research, to be published in October, shows that DNA’s coiled design, vibrating action, and “electrogenetic” function makes spiritual as well as physical evolution possible.


Page 6 of 9


Greg: So in your opinion the global elite are trying to suppress us from reaching our divinity by controlling the DNA?

Len: That’s exactly right. We’re dealing with the pirates of the sacred spiral.

Now you understand why my new book is titled as such. DNA is a sacred antenna to our Creator and has the capacity to deliver power that is unfathomable. As a sane being, which would you choose?

Popping magic pills? Geneto-pharmaceuticals? Gene therapy? Or would you choose to surrender to the power of the universe?

When you make better choices nutritionally, emotionally, environmentally and spiritually, you can upgrade your genetics.

What I’m saying is that you have the power to change from being human to becoming superhuman. When you can realize your potential, you can then manifest your true destiny.

Page 4 of 8 (or 5 of 10)



Dr. Garth Nicolson, a world-renowned microbiologist, and his wife Nancy became ill when their

daughter returned from service in Iraq during the Gulf War.

After their pets died of the same illness, they managed to isolate the microbe that was making them ill.

The Nicolsons discovered that the germ underlying Gulf War illness is sexually transmittable, and is in fact, Mycoplasma fermentans.

They cured themselves with repeated courses of Doxycycline.

Dr. Garth Nicolson now believes that brucellosis and mycoplasma together underlie much of the

systemic illness we find in North America, and in fact, throughout the world.

He has found more than 60% of patients with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis test positive for the mycoplasma.

Dr. Nicolson and his wife continued their research and isolated the carrier for Gulf War illness in

a squalene adjuvant that has been used since the 1970’s to induce rheumatoid arthritis and

multiple sclerosis in experiments.

This adjuvant was put into the anthrax vaccine given to Canadian, American, British and Australian soldiers in hopes that it would boost the immune reaction far quicker than the normal course of anthrax vaccine because the U.S. Military command was terrified of the biological weapons in the hands of Saddam Hussein.

They had sold these same weapons to him for the war in Iran.

They were afraid that they had no effective antidote, so they put the adjuvant in the anthrax vaccine to increase the speed of its effectiveness and they wrapped this mycoplasma in a 40% HIV protein coat, not to give people AIDS, but to evade the normal immune system response and get it into the blood stream and into the immune system.

But they needed a carrier for this. And what did they choose?

Mycoplasma fermentans, because, again, it could outwit the immune system; it could carry this

adjuvant into the immune system and it was supposed to be an attenuated, or killed form of


But obviously, it wasn’t sufficiently attenuated (we find the same problem in other live vaccines today).

Approximately 200,000 American soldiers became very ill. The mycoplasma, of course, spread to their spouses and their children.

[No wonder Burisch was forbidden to testify about his involvement and what he knew. Those who want this kept under wraps probably threatened his children.]


I quoted from the following at length in a previous post, but bears repeating.



Page 39 of 122


FINKELSTEIN, H. Air pollution aspects of biological aerosols (microorganisms). Litton Systems, Inc. September 1969. (Contract BH-22-68-25)

Page 120 of 122

Litton Industries, Incorporated, Applied Science Division

13010 County Road 6,

Minneapolis Industrial Park

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427

At some point, I’ll go through these files to see if either Bush linked with Litton or Tanox.

Previously I’ve stated I’m not a Bush Hater. In fact Bush Haters make me furious.

Forty-seven percent of Americans probably blame George W. Bush for something of which he’s not guilty. That doesn’t make him guiltless.

I’ve never felt the same about his father, though. It’s a mystery to me.

There is a link between Litton Bionetics and Morgellons, though. This I believe.

In this earthly realm of ours, a lot of truth is never exposed to the light. That doesn’t make it less true.

For what it’s worth.

22 pdf files (18 of 22 files – so 4 have 0 instances – “bush” in 18 docs with 1484 instances)


Below please find what Dr. Burisch Crain put forth regarding his knowledge of what really was known ahead of time. Time being the operative word here. The truth cannot be told because what was known should never have been known.

Probabilities, gained from extraterrestrial technology given to us from future human lineage come back in time. Like anyone’s gonna believe that!!!

But the players in this tragedy believed it. For all I know, it could be true.

Dan Burisch Crain on September 11, 2001 Terror



Sat May 19, 2007 11:34 am

dan wrote:

Short Summation, Musings, and Recommendations

(Proofing materials/correlations have been submitted to Dr. McDowell, President, Eagles Disobey, Inc.)

This investigation is not intended to eclipse the more far-ranging investigations, previously completed by others, nor could it.

It was conducted as I felt it my responsibility as an American and former member of Majestic, and as suggested by the fine comments of honest posters who want to know the truth.

It is apparent to me that there remains (out there) many conspiracy theories built on weak and shifting sands, a few replete with a hatred for the present Administration.

(This comment isn’t pointed at Eagles Forum members.)

It is further apparent that while I cannot support theories built on errant notions, I also understand that the present Administration has brought some of such anger on itself.

Sure, there are people who just hate America, but in this case I find it much easier to hear others (some with strange theories) out, as the complicit actions of the top members of the Administration are so glaring.

During the morning of September 11, 2001, it fell to me to explain to two very young ladies that America was under attack and at war.

I told them that I did not know at that time how far the events of that day were going to go, but that I was preparing to do what must be done (as an individual) to keep them safe.

I also told them that aside from an imminent local threat their place was with other members of their generation at school, doing their responsibilities, and not showing fear in the face of such a threat.

I told them that is what Americans do! I am glad that I made that decision, that morning. It was a right decision. That morning I ran a Lotus experiment, in my apartment at Sunchase.

I turned the camera away from the data, as I do not wish to share that at this time, but one can still hear the live action commentary underway that morning…then…click…as I turned it off (while Deborah watched events in another room) so I could carry out my responsibilities.

The machine sound was the stirring apparatus for the experiment attempting to replicate the July 20, 2001 anomaly:

I have recently taken to sharing certain things (including this report) with the girls, and even comments (such as conspiracy theories) made in other locations, so that they are aware of the kinds of “items” lurking in their world. I am proud of them!

They have a grasp and understand more things at their age, than I understood at the same ages, in 1977 and 1982, respectively.

With their being raised with personal responsibility in the foreground, it is easy for them to understand the machinations and generally unremarkable histories of people who hide from it, and those who run from it.

It becomes easier for them to understand how to be patriotic, while questioning a government that has most assuredly lied to us, and to understand what being an American means during it.

All the while, they do not buy into the sob story of “it’s so hard to be me” or “all that matters is just me” behavior ethic (also matching attention span deficits) – so pervasive nowadays – and with such drama queens as to make one shutter for not purchasing stock in facial tissue companies.

(Yes, I am thinking about such a starlight-princess {P Hilton} whom I hear just went to jail for violating the law. How sad.)

When it comes time for them (the girls) to make other “stands” for the right reasons, I can rest assured that they will rise to the occasion, caring for their responsibilities and their loved ones and not abandoning the least of them for their own personal excuses, comfort, or wholly delusional fait accompli to stardom.


Yes, the government has lied to us, and yet we will show the courage to stand with America, as the best portions of her history are yet to be written.

My analysis of the contents of some 400 meetings of the 12 (both part and whole Consistory), indicates that the subject involving the LG was not raised in formal sessions.

(There are certain aspects to the provenance of the data indicating to me that they are complete transcripts. I understand that the word provenance means to some – they got it in the mail – but I can assure everyone it is more than that: it has to do with time codes matching to lengths of subparts of the conversations and how that compares to the actual tapes I asked to hear and did.)

Does this mean that more than the top 3 were not aware of the issue? Not at all. The meetings of the CotM were not made available to me.

It is quite likely that the decisions wrongly taken then, were confined to meetings for which I was not given access.

In any case, the decision to allow an attack on the United States of America, as indicated to me by Dr. McDowell’s sister, and information which has since been directly corroborated to me (with viewing of substantial evidence) by one of the echelon responsible during that time in the history of Majestic, is still wrong!

Yes, I was made aware of the stated “probabilistic alternative”. I will have no further comment on what that may be.

(I have recorded its entirety and all the probabilistic issues and related predictions from the LG, with Dr. McDowell. I am not authorizing the tapes to ever be made public. I will only say that such issues span the gamut of geopolitics, war, and other blood covered consequences. For those so willing to dismiss the workings of the LG, I’m sure you’ll welcome never knowing what you consider useless. This decision is the right one and is final.)

I am sure that some will call for it anyway, as some often think for the sensationalism first, without first regard for the security of the nation. That’s fine!

To those suggesting that such an alternative is complete nonsense (blue smoke…), given the LG, I would only respectfully suggest that they could then easily argue that 911 (the first of the two alternatives seen in the mid-90’s) never happened.

[Please note mid-90’s – Clinton was president.]

This, however, does not remove the culpability of those who had the power to defend the country, and under an oath having sworn to do so.

Being offered the two alternatives, the ONLY RIGHT decision was to defend the country and opt for a third…as unwritten history awaits us all.

They failed, in the most critical decisions of their lives and potentially cost many thousands of lives as a result.

They WILL account, but probably not during this lifetime (given the totality of circumstances which have converged during this time in human history), but I believe that even the least of our actions…and where we have failed to do the right thing…will be tallied.

Incidentally, that is the option (the third option) Marcia and I have decided regarding “ARGGO.” We will do what we can to help.

Well…there we have it…the comments are submitted.

God Bless the United States of America, her fine people, and the people of the world. May the military of the United States of America find victory in combat, and may this damned war come to a swift end. I, just for one, want peace. Now…I again return to where I belong…researching Lotus.



Submitted as an individual for review to the Company President,

Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D.

Director, Eagles Disobey, Inc.

More later. There’s very little I understand about this. My understanding is that this LG – Looking Glass depicts future probabilities. Dr. Burisch Crain is asserting that Bush – Cheney etcetera were shown two possible outcomes, both negative, one worse than the other. They opted for the lesser of two evils. Dr. Burisch Crain further asserts that a third choice should have been opted. He doesn’t state what that might have been. And we don’t know exactly what Clinton and /or Bush was shown. Or if they had any faith in what they were being told.


Interview completed, Dan and Marcia relax with Paola Harris, Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy and Jerry. 


K: Kerry Cassidy

D: Dan Burisch Crain


K: … the “black box” that came on one of the craft.

D: Uh huh.

K: And I don’t know if you’re familiar with that black box.

D: Uh huh.

K: Did you have exposure to that as well?

D: Yeah. It was something that we called the Cube or the Yellow Disc. Yeah.

K: OK. But that was not … Was that a Looking Glass?

D: That is a variant of the technology.

K: OK.

D: However, while the Looking Glass shows probabilities, or has shown probabilities, the Cube (below image) would react with the people present, so there was an alteration, if you will, over what you were seeing from it. It would actually spin out as a yellow disc out of the top of it … where the word “Yellow Book” originally came from.


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  1. rosettasister Says:

    Ich bin hundemüde.


    This has not been retuned to the desired frequency, but I will figure out how to do that.


  2. rosettasister Says:

    I have about 19 days of images to share, plus my first YouTube attempt.

    Backwards in time, I’ll share the last first.

    From this morning, my Friends in High Places were adamant about me going outside to capture this.

    This is one of four of same … craft ?


  3. rosettasister Says:

    These are my most recent pics, taken right here at White Peak these last several days.

    Be sure to click “SlideShow”


  4. rosettasister Says:

    further back in time foolin around white peak also orb

    Be sure to click “SlideShow”


  5. rosettasister Says:

    Later I’ll post pics from our Utah, Nevada, Arizona trip.

    The last shall be first, starting with our last stop in Jerome, AZ which is only a hop, skip and a jump away, thanks to our new stretch of Highway 303.

    Eventually, I’ll get to Las Vegas replete with strange, friendly helicopters.


  6. rosettasister Says:


    Captain S
    User ID: 1532821
    United States
    09/02/2011 08:01 PM

    Re: — I am In The US Navy Space Command And I Have Been To Elenin — Ask Me A Question

    I am the OP of this thread. I apologize for not being able to return as I said I would on August 11th. I did not have access to the internet until just yesterday when I returned home for some much needed R&R. The last mission took much longer than expected. I was never banned from this site. I am currently taking a few days to relax in Key West. I will prove that I am the OP when I return from vacation and I will post to this thread with the original GLP account so it has the OP stamp on it. I return Wednesday evening. I am currently posting from a smartphone which is terribly slow for typing.

    I want to make clear that I HAVE NOT posted anything to any other site. Bluecoat or anyone else claiming to be me is an imposter.

    Elenin did not break up and is still broadcasting.
    A few interesting developments have happened since I last posted. I will explain more when I return and post from my original account Thursday. Don’t worry. There is no chance a mission delay will delay my return this time. I am having a much needed break. BTW thanks for all the interest. I am happy the message has gotten out loud and clear thanks to all of you.

    Chappy heads up. 7(235).2$$$337



  7. rosettasister Says:

    Latest from DonDep


    Sky, I have to admit I didn’t watch “The Quickening” all the way through the first time, mainly because I started to sound repetitive (and also I found the female narrator’s voice a bit too….saccharine, for want of a better word) but after watching the second half (well, I still have the last few minutes yet to go), I have to say they finally did get around the central issue they were tip-toeing around during the entire run-up, which has to do with

    the stark reality we’ll be presented with when the material world – i.e. civilization, with just-in-time truck deliveries of fresh foods, which is the key ingredient to civilized society – breaks down.

    That’s when the rubber meets the road, IMHO.

    I’m still not sold on the “alien invasion”, but it’s still plausible though I think much less likely with Obama in control.

    (He being a kinder, gentler corporate puppet than his predecessor IMHO who just might be a “sleeper” for good after all, though I still don’t hold out much hope.)

    And they even admitted to the “3 Days of Darkness”, as well as the “Purifier”, or “Red Star of Kachina”, though I don’t think I heard the name “Nibiru” in the entire presentation.

    (If it wasn’t the ‘Red Star’ or ‘Purifier’, it was a ‘brown dwarf’ or a ‘thing’, a ‘body’, another ‘comet’, etc.)

    So the scenario ends up being the same, except the possible introduction of the NWO via a faked “alien invasion”.

    It does seem to echo exactly what the “Russian scientists” were saying recently, about the “unified consciousness”.

    While they seemingly make a good case about the limitations of people who think of themselves as “good” (evangelical christians) vs. “bad” (a picture of Marilyn Manson), it’s not the external manifestations that are involved, other than the fact

    the selfish are usually but not always the ones with the most money and power,

    but the ability of the average person to either work cooperatively or to be of the type that will attempt to control others and secure the lion’s share of resources.

    In other words, they seem to be saying we are “all One”, but I think that avoids the spiritual conflict at issue; we are NOT of all one persuasion, or else we wouldn’t be having half the problems we’re having now.

    We wouldn’t see such gross disparities of wealth (though there would still be the rich and the not-so-rich) if we were all “One”.

    The shift will indeed be a sorting out, and we’ll be called upon to make choices in the context of a world in which there will be cooperatives and gangs of thieves and powermongers.

    It’s just like that movie “The Stand”, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, except that in reality, Denver won’t be the capital of the good-hearted but of the selfish (it’s already known as the second capital of the US), and Las Vegas won’t be its obverse.

    The good-hearted won’t have a ‘capital’ per se.

    BTW, it’s hours later and the History Channel is re-running “Nostradamus 2012” yet again, and guess what?

    That dang Cosmic Jokester; they just showed a view of that same intersection that shows up in “The Quickening”, with the broad white stripes at a triangular intersection.

    I think I better turn off the TV.

  8. rosettasister Says:

    From Kerry’s blog:



    Are You Ready?


  9. rosettasister Says:

    Uploaded by ThePerfectMinds on Sep 3, 2011
    These images were taken yesterday. All were taken on the same telescope. The reason the comet looks different in each one or the same is because of the filter used to see Comet Elenin C/2010 X1.

    Luminance filters return a lot of the visible light but they also take in a lot of ambient light from the atmosphere. That’s why those filters are best for very dark skies. The skies around Comet Elenin are anything but dark.

    The Ha (Hydrogen alpha( filter produced a wonderful image of what I believe to be Comet Elenin’s Nucleus or at least the light visible using the Ha filter was return in a compact and tight return. It looks like the nucleus to me. When added together with the SII filter, which looks like a baseball, I have no other choice but to believe the nucleus is intact.

    The “I” filter produced the ice cream cone top. The return was rounded to the north of the image and scalloped to the south. I found each image to be unique. I wish I could get them stacked in a way that brought out the comet with all the parts together. I will be working on that over the next week.

    Last night I was unable to image the comet.



  10. rosettasister Says:

    Bob Dean – NATO’s “Assessment” of Alien Life & The Impact of Disclosure

    August 6, 2011

    Bob Dean retired from the US Army as a command sergeant major after a 28 year career.

    While being stationed in France in the 60’s, he had top secret clearance working in the “war room.”

    Dean claims to have read a COSMIC Top Secret NATO Study called the “Assessment” while serving in the Operations Center of NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe (SHAPE).

    This NATO military study acknowledged and analyzed the implications of the alien presence here on Earth.

    In this interview, Bob tells his story about the document that changed his life.

    In 1991, at the world’s first UFO conference in Arizona, Bob broke his security oath and spoke out about the document and existence of aliens, which he says pose no threat whatsoever.

    He says aliens have been visiting and landing on Earth for centuries.

    Bob mentions the 1961 Brookings Report, the section titled, “Implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life,” which examines the potential implications of such a discovery on public attitudes and values.

    We’ll discuss the impact of full alien disclosure on planet Earth, including the government’s role.

    Bob also tells us about his own alien visitations and belief that various ETs are distant relatives who serve as humanity’s custodians.

    He says some of them are already walking in our midst.

    We end the hour with Bob talking about his remote viewing experience and he emphasizes his message that ET is not something to fear.


  11. rosettasister Says:

    Spiritual Multidimensional Photos taken at ECETI


  12. rosettasister Says:

    [I wonder if James is still getting pelted with chem trails, I mean as bad as before.]

    Intention experiments, interdimensional UFOs, and multi-dimensional beings converge at Mt. Adams WA


    Mother Mary and the feline extraterrestrials visit Mt. Adams

    In the course of the July 2010 ECETI conference itself, both founder James Gilliland and Alfred Lambremont Webre were able to show photographs taken at the ECETI Ranch by Kan, a Japanese monk and teacher, of a number of multi-dimensional beings who manifested as a result of intention experiments by Kan and ECETI founder James Gilliland.

    At one intention experiment, a multi-dimensional being with a Madonna or Marian archetype manifested to be photographed by Kan.

    During the intention experiment, as Kan and Mr. Gilliland would ask the multi-dimensional Marian being to appear more clearly in the photograph, the Marian being responded with a clearer image of herself in the next photo.

    The same positive correlation – between experimenter intention and photographic clarity of the multi-dimensional being – occurred in Kan’s photographs of an intelligent 10-foot tall feline extraterrestrial.

    As Kan and Mr. Gilliland would ask that the 10 foot tall feline extraterrestrial to appear more clearly in Kan’s photographs, a clearer image of the multi-dimensional being materializing in the 3rd dimensional ECETI Ranch reality occurred with each successive photo of four photographs.

    Please see comparative photos showing a clear correlation between experimenter intentions and photographic clarity of the multi-dimensional beings in the special Examiner.com slide show below.


    Chemtrails over the ECETI conference hall

    These interdimensional UFO experiences occurred despite the massive spraying of up to 15 chemtrails daily by United States Air Force transport planes at low altitudes directly over the ECETI conference hall, witnessed by this reporter and many other conference participants.

    ECETI, at the foot of Mt. Adams is next to a designated federal Wilderness area and Native American Yakama reserve.

    Chemtrails, which have been theorized as the atmospheric component of the space-based anti-ET and mood control weapon of mass destruction known as HAARP, may serve as an amplifier for the consciousness-damping effects of HAARP.

  13. rosettasister Says:

    Becoming Gods II

    Interdimensional Mind
    Earth Changes and The Quickening
    UFO’s Their Origins and Intentions

    as received by
    James Gilliland


  14. rosettasister Says:

    Uploaded by Tao2299 on Jan 12, 2011

    Kan started on his path around the age of twenty.

    He had been a rugby player on the All Japan team when he suffered an injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

    Doctors told him he would never walk again and as he lay in the hospital adjusting to the idea of life as a paraplegic, a stranger entered his room and showed him a chi gong posture known as “holding the ball.”

    The stranger disappeared immediately afterward and when asked about him, the hospital told Kan that they had no idea who he was.

    Kan held the posture every day as he lie there watching television.

    After a few weeks, he noticed that he could move his toes ever so slightly. After a few more weeks, he could wiggle them freely.

    After a few months his spinal cord had nearly repaired itself and eventually he could walk.

    Life had returned to normal for him and it was as if the accident had never happened.

    Inspired by his results, Kan pursued formal chi gong training and after twenty years, attained a master level of competency.

    Kan met Max Christensen in 2005 at a seminar in Japan.

    Max immediately noticed that Kan had a special quality to his spirit, and that his energy channels were naturally open.

    As a result, Max allowed cameras to film him demonstrating the “energy games” from the temple, for the first time.

    The resulting footage bacame known as the infamous Taoist Spiritual Power DVD.



    Note: Kan will be teaching in the USA in march so check the website for details , we will post them when we have the details

  15. rosettasister Says:

  16. rosettasister Says:

  17. rosettasister Says:

  18. rosettasister Says:

  19. rosettasister Says:

  20. rosettasister Says:

  21. rosettasister Says:

  22. rosettasister Says:

    Uploaded by MrSon2k on Nov 3, 2010

    Higher Dimensional Beings & Rainbow Light Body with James and Kan


  23. rosettasister Says:






    Posted 08 August 2010 – 03:36 PM

    There seems to be some evidence that Max and Kan Sasaki are able to turn transparent. Several of Max’s students have told me they witnessed this phenomenon.



  24. rosettasister Says:


  25. rosettasister Says:

    Uploaded by KunlunAwakening on Dec 28, 2010

    This is dedicated to our teacher, Max Christensen, and Diana Aubrey…
    for showing us the true light on the path of awakening.

    And to all our relations.

    Blessings & Gratitude,
    Jeff & Janice

    (We do not teach the Mongolian Shamanism or the Egyptian Practices. You must go to our teacher to learn.)


  26. rosettasister Says:


  27. rosettasister Says:


  28. rosettasister Says:

  29. rosettasister Says:

    Hey, I finally made a YouTube Playlist

    Quicksilver Messenger Service

  30. rosettasister Says:


    diana ross supremes et al

  31. rosettasister Says:

    Karen Q Tostado,

    Carolyn Rose Goyda &


    Posted By: DrRobinFalkov [Send E-Mail]


    Radio RMN Friday September 9, 2011

    11am – 2pm PT

    (so Hoagland on 1PM Pacific)


    For the last hour, back by popular demand: Richard C. Hoagland! We will be talking about 9/11, the work of Judy Woods and so much more~

    Listen Live:


    Your questions are welcome by email or by calling in to: 208-935-0650

    Yahoo messenger to DrFalkov with your questions, contact me on FaceBook, or you can join us in chat, where you may also ask your questions.

    Call ins will be available as soon as possible.

    If you are unable to listen to the show from TalkStreamLive, you may do so from the chatroom:



    Also, listen here ?


  32. rosettasister Says:

    If you wish to listen to the above radio show, this link worked for me:




  33. rosettasister Says:

    I believe this is two hours today, so 12 noon – 2 PM Pacific

    Fort Benning Incident ReUnion – Truth Denied w/Roxy Lopez
    by GIC Radio

    Call in number to speak with the host
    (347) 327-9997

    A UFO-cover-up whistleblower recently has added his voice to the growing call for UFO truth within the ranks of the U. S. military .

    Army former Command Sergeant Major James Norton says he’d been on duty in Fort Benning, Ga., Sept. 14, 1977, during his unit’s harrowing, nighttime encounter with what may have been a small group of marauding space aliens.

    On today’s show John Vasquez and Paul Dale Roberts will be reunited with the Commander to share their eye witness accounts as to the days events.


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