“Was Donald Young murdered to protect Obama?” by Midnight Marauder


Donald Young, R.I.P.


Contributor: Midnight Marauder

Last Christmas, a man was found in his apartment in Chicago, murdered. Gunned down execution-style, he was in the prime of his life. Like so many other murders in Chicago, the case has gone unsolved. Just another open case in a sea of other such open murder cases on the blotter of the Chicago Police Department.

This one however, is somewhat different. Imagine if you will, a Presidential Nominee from the Republican Party, having an unsolved, assassination-style murder happen to someone close to him — someone who might have “dirt” on the candidate — and the press and mainstream media is totally mum about it. You cannot imagine that, can you? Because you well know it wouldn’t happen.

IF such an assassination occurred, one with homosexual overtones, one with ties to the Republican candidate, the press would be all over it. You would never hear the end of it. There would be books, movies, endless “special reports” in the media, endless front page articles in the New York Times.

But guess what? Such an assassination DID in fact occur! Except you haven’t heard about it, because the person close to the victim wasn’t McCain or Palin — it was Junior Senator Barack Hussein Obama!

The victim last Christmastime, December 23, 2007 in Chicago, was one Donald Young. Donald Young, a Gay school teacher and choir director who just also happened to be the choir director of Senator Obama’s church. Yes, that’s right, the Trinity United Church of Christ, the same one you know about due to the America-hating ramblings of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright, an Obama mentor who married Obama and Michelle, baptized their children, and figured prominently in Obama’s book, “Dreams of my Father.” Yes, same church, with the same connections and ties that you’ve heard quite a bit about — had this tragic, execution-style murder occur. Why haven’t you heard anything about this?

I was able to find ONE media report on the murder, from WLS-TV in Chicago, and that’s all. The local ABC affiliate covered it, and that was it. NO major networks picked it up, no New York Times 2000-word investigative report, no interviews of Young’s mother, friends or associates. Nothing.

How could this be? The choir director of Senator Obama’s controversial church is found murdered execution-style, and there’s NO national media coverage! No way would this happen, were the victim a member of Mccain’s church, or Governer Palin’s church. Right? You know that answer.

So, the question begs to be answered, was there any type of relationship between the victim, Donald Young, and Senator Obama? Scuttlebutt from the victim’s mother and his Gay friends point to Obama having something to do with this, due to an alleged Gay sexual relationship between the victim and the Senator. Are you following me camera guy? Where’s the press?

Is it true that Senator Obama had a Gay sexual relationship with the murdered Donald Young? If it’s perfectly OK for the Obama team to send 50 lawyers and investigators to Alaska to try to dig up “dirt” on Governor Palin, would it be OK for the McCain camp to descend upon Chicago, investigating this and so many other unanswered questions about Obama’s history and associations in Chicago?

If it’s perfectly OK for the New York Times to publish rumor, innuendo and outright lies about an alleged extramarital affair between McCain and some lobbyist, would it be OK for them to investigate the Obama/Young rumors as well? I think so, but it won’t happen.

Donald Young was murdered in Chicago, execution-style. The murder is unsolved. And nobody’s asking why?

“Midnight Marauder Show 8-21-08” (Larry Sinclair)

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3 Responses to ““Was Donald Young murdered to protect Obama?” by Midnight Marauder”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Good story. I have been trying to follow this for several months now but no one is talking about it. Did you try to get some sort of comment/update from the Chicago PD as to where they are in the investigation? Have you spoken to Donald Young’s family?

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Hi, Patrick! Good questions!

    “Did you try to get some sort of comment/update from the Chicago PD as to where they are in the investigation?”

    Since this is an ongoing murder investigation, Chicago PD is not talking.

    Even Larry Sinclair can’t get any information about what if anything was uncovered about the phone numbers he provided to police.

    “Have you spoken to Donald Young’s family?”

    Only in spirit.

    Mr. Young’s mother did indeed make a statement immediately following her son’s death that she believed he had been silenced.

    Since then — nothing.

    One can only speculate.

  3. jeanniejo Says:

    sisterrosetta — my longtime traveling companion – 😉

    Thanks for always keeping the narrative of Donald Young alive and in the uppermost of our thoughts. His memory deserves justice and his family is entitled to a semblance of investigative activity and closure.

    The paltry offer of $1,000.00 for information is still beyond my comprehension. Wright lives in a mansion that is worth many times that amount.

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