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Twin Towers: The importance of an investigative background – Torres Gemelas: La importancia de una investigación periodística de fondo

September 11, 2014

Thirteen years later, my 6th graders must be 24 by now. The wound is still too deep for me to even look at this closely. But I’ll archive it here for posterity’s sake. If I had to, I’d guess the most suspect are probably less guilty than we imagine. And some we believe to be innocent are the most to blame.


September 11, 2014


Twin Towers: The importance of an investigative background

September 11, 2014 Category: Opinion

twins some time ago already, Oscar Abudara Bini asked me a couple of hours, he suggested me to sit down and lit a projector. I could then see the documentary prepared based on research deployed by Professor James Fetzer round of the attacks on the Twin Towers in 2001.

Then Oscar told me his vision, well documented. Shortly after I met Fetzer during a meeting in the City of Buenos Aires. Then I invited Kurt Sonnenfeld, photographer, radio. And later I could talk, several hours, with Captain Hector Malvinas Tessey-hero of whom provided with plausible sense articulated essential details about their knowledge of missiles and aircraft.

Although I felt my veracity from the beginning (which is not usual for ground rule most of the complaints that do not lock me in full by that sense combining thought and perception to receive information), I began to question the data and consult journalists from the most extreme confidence. Among others, Stella Calloni and Nestor Gorojovsky.

After a long journey of questions and inquiries, I came to one conclusion: The Sign Media was able to make a full report of what happened on that day in history key present. So, with the guidance of Oscar and Hector military analysis, we present a year ago a multimedia report in the great hall of Grafica Radio FM 89.3.

The material in its entirety was more complete and polished that emerged during the arrival of Fetzer about midway through the first decade of the century. Compelling photos, audio testimonies, video images and documents without altering firsthand allowed to show a panorama that far from described as a dark conspiracy, was a political and military and communications high-flying maneuver.

That report was reiterated synthetically concretized in our radio broadcast hours ago. Furthermore intentionally underwent distrustful journalism students questions to which he was urged to intensify without doubt saved. It is pertinent to note: it resisted all attacks.

ATTACKS. The researchers came to central conclusions. On one hand, the Towers were developed with the main objective to guard an air crash. Resilience easily surpassed the power generated by an aircraft impact. Then, the images allow clear observation-during and after the collapse ataques- implosion.

The testimony of the greatest hero of the day, William Rodriguez, who saved a dozen people with courage and valor, removed the doubts: these people were burning before the arrival of the aircraft because in the basement of the Towers exploded several bombs in advance . Personal buildings said several days earlier, workers and technicians identified as “security” had been working in areas where outbreaks were generated internally.

Returning to the testimony of Torres filmmakers, entrepreneurs, engineers and architects, it added that in a plane crash prevention, prepared mesh, steel mesh calculated for the possible impact of a plane only hurt the entire middle floor construction; any point of view accepted the possibility of the collapse of a building.

As for the Pentagon, Tessey observations are crucial. The hole in the bottom wall corresponding to the extent of a missile. It has nothing to do with the actions of an airplane. Even the impact of trail wings on military strategic center appears. In fact: not even show traces of the plane. The missile was current: I could not have been sent from afar.

Manichaeism. The political reading is linked to the need to fit in a average American mentality formatted by Hollywood films and police: the enemy of the United States must be terribly wrong. Cruel, harmful, fierce. Must be able to kill hundreds of people. Thus, the irregular action of the forces of freedom is justified by opposition.

Thus, it is intended that American society assume that interventions on the Middle East unrelated to oil, monetary reserves, geopolitical power, but the intense work of a democratic state is put shoulder to humanity and in midst of so much evil, roams the planet ordering the outrages of the barbarians.

In light of the evidence (here I detail no names for not tiring arms, everything is raised in the above investigations), the views of Europe and Latin America have ceased to believe the official version of the then government led by George W. Bush. Inside same northern country growing doubts and claims of serious research.

The effort currently is pushed to the limit. Democratic government has taken the Republican narrative as state policy. Prior censorship reigns in democratic power. Managing servers for social networks invisible to raise a fact as I am describing here. And the analyst never fails being unable to hide the objections, devalues ​​critical and identifies them as “conspiracy theorists” to subtract credibility.

What happened is visible to anyone who wants to see. Who inquire a little.

The team effort of International Media Signal proud of all this space and we do not adocenado a segment of Argentine journalism.

Subsequent attacks by the United States and its allies over Iraq, Syria, (all nations with democratically elected governments), their involvement in other regions of the Islamic world, Libya, Palestine, and this body shape of the original offense.

* Chart Area Radio Journalism / Media Manager Signal.





Kurt Sonnenfeld Ground Zero Footage