Things to Reject: Division, Hate, Obedience and “Being Nice”



Throughout history populations have been pitted against each other by leaders with nefarious plans. It usually ends in profound suffering. History books are filled with it. The Khmer Rouge promoted “narking” amongst their impoverished, starving citizens, for crimes as miniscule as scavenging for food. The East German Stasi planted “narks” amongst the people to sift out those not complying with “The Party”. The Nazis relied on collaborators to identify those in hiding and their accomplices.

Today people choosing Covid vaccination are being encouraged to blame those choosing to decline the vaccination, for ongoing loss of freedoms. “Anti Vaxxer” is the newest buzzword. Which is ironic when people such as vaccinologists, immunologists, pathologists, microbiologists, infectious disease epidemiologists and others with relevant specialist knowledge are maligned with such nonsense instead of being offered a platform to speak, in order that all sides of the debate can be heard. The only side being…

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