From Lockdown to Police State: The “Great Reset” Rolls Out



Mayhem in Melbourne

On August 2, lockdown measures were implemented in Melbourne, Australia, that were so draconian that Australian news commentator Alan Jones said on Sky News: “People are entitled to think there is an ‘agenda to destroy western society.’”

The gist of an August 13th article on the Melbourne lockdown is captured in the title: “Australian Police Go FULL NAZI, Smashing in Windows of Civilian Cars Just Because Passengers Wouldn’t Give Details About Where They Were Going.”

Another article with an arresting title was by Guy Burchell in the August 7thAustralian National Review: “Melbourne Cops May Now Enter Homes Without a Warrant, After 11 People Die of COVID — Australia, This Is Madness, Not Democracy.”

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    [Look, if you’re #antiwar, you probably cannot abide #Biden. Chris Hedges, I think, explains very well what it’s like for those not jumping on either party train.]


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    #Pelosi shoots self in foot

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    [Look, if you’re #antiwar, you probably cannot abide #Biden. Chris Hedges, I think, explains very well what it’s like for those not jumping on either party train.]



    “The Phase I studies aim to establish the safety and appropriate dosing of GX-I7, with the goal of preventing severe COVID-19 progression in people most susceptible to infection, such as seniors or those with comorbidities.”

    Candidate: GX-I7, also known as NT-17 or Hyleukin-7™ (rhIL-7-hyFc)

    Type: Homeostatic T cell growth factor composed of a covalently linked homodimer of engineered #Interleukin-7 (IL-7) molecule, biologically fused with the proprietary long-acting platform – hyFc™.

    #SARSCoV2 #IL7 #GXI7

    See also:

    “Coronavirus found to suppress immune response, but this new therapy can restore immune function”

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    Yes I saw them too and was wondering if anyone would mention them So … would you believe me if I told you “they” can manifest any form and then unmanifest just as quickly if they so choose? Obviously they like you very much. Once upon a time I was with Melinda Leslie and pointed “them” out She said, “Oh, that’s just a plane” But it wasn’t just a plane. Once you’ve seen a plane or ufo or any thing pop into reality out of thin air, there’s no going back You are enchanted and it’s pretty wonderful even if the rest of the world doesn’t get you

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    Nephew of President John F. Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy, and tireless crusader against the tyranny of the mainstream medical establishment, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss his startling discoveries about who really killed his father and uncle…and why.

    Plus, Mr. Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, has been among the most vocal and most successful opponents of the mainstream medical establishment, driven by big Pharma to inoculate and medicate everything that moves.

    He tells the Liberty Report how he very reluctantly decided to dedicate his career to fighting the mandatory vaccines that have resulted in so many documented injuries to the recipients.


    [I haven’t watched this yet, but yes, I want to hear what they both have to say. Remember, vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and should be a rarity. So, don’t skip any steps, don’t rush the process. And don’t lie to us about inexpensive beneficial treatments so we’ll be more inclined to get jabbed with your expensive vaccine.]

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    IL-7 safe for critically ill patients with COVID-19

    “IL-7 was associated with lymphocytes returning to a reference level, appearing to reverse a pathologic hallmark of COVID-19″

    #IL7 #interleuken #interleuken7 #SARSCoV2

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    From mainstream publications like the Wall Street Journal to top government health advisors in the UK, a consensus is building that the sledgehammer of Covid lockdowns has been an unmitigated disaster.

    It’s good news that more mainstream sources are coming our way, but the dark forces of authoritarianism are not about to release their grasp so easily.

    Also today – #Plasma treatment is getting the #HCQ treatment in the MSM

    New York sees introduction of mandatory detention and vaccine bill

    #ConvalescentPlasma #SARSCoV2 #RonPaul #Libertarian

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    “to require an individual who has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease to complete an appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventive medication or vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease and follow infection control provisions for the disease”

    12. In addition to the removal or detention orders referred to in

    9 subdivision two of this section, and without affecting or limiting any
    10 other authority that the commissioner may otherwise have, the governor
    11 or his or her delegee may, in his or her discretion, issue and seek
    12 enforcement of any other orders that he or she determines are necessary
    13 or appropriate to prevent dissemination or transmission of contagious
    14 diseases or other illnesses that may pose a threat to the public health
    15 including, but not limited to, orders requiring any person or persons
    16 who are not in the custody of the department to be excluded; to remain
    17 isolated or quarantined at home or at a premises of such person’s choice
    18 that is acceptable to the department and under such conditions and for
    19 such period as will prevent transmission of the contagious disease or
    20 other illness; to require the testing or medical examination of persons
    21 who may have been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease or who
    22 may have been exposed to or contaminated with dangerous amounts of
    23 radioactive materials or toxic chemicals; to require an individual who
    24 has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease to complete an
    25 appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventive medication or
    26 vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease
    27 and follow infection control provisions for the disease; or to require
    28 an individual who has been contaminated with dangerous amounts of radio-
    29 active materials or toxic chemicals such that said individual may pres-
    30 ent a danger to others, to undergo decontamination procedures deemed
    31 necessary by the department. Such person or persons shall, upon
    32 request, be afforded an opportunity to be heard, but the provisions of
    33 subdivisions two through eleven of this section shall not otherwise
    34 apply.

    [I’m not trying to alarm anyone. Just sharing the bill’s language.]

    #SARSCoV2 #NYState #A99

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    During the pandemic, news outlets have widely looked to Bill Gates as a public health expert on covid—even though Gates has no medical training and is not a public official.

    PolitiFact and USA Today

    (run by the Poynter Institute and Gannett, respectively—both of which have received funds from the Gates Foundation)

    have even used their fact-checking platforms to defend Gates from “false conspiracy theories” and “misinformation,” like the idea that the foundation has financial investments in companies developing covid vaccines and therapies.

    In fact, the foundation’s website and most recent tax forms clearly show investments in such companies, including Gilead and CureVac.


    [“false conspiracy theories” and “misinformation” – This is why when you read or hear terms such as these, or “debunked” or “discredited” etc, PLEASE decode that as a cue to dig a little deeper and decide for yourself. Because the use of these terms is a psychological tool meant to stop you in your tracks. No one wants to be painted as a nutter, so all too often, the ploy works and “The Plot Sickens.”]

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    hello everybody and thank you for tuning
    in to the liberty report
    with me today is daniel mcadams our
    co-host daniel
    good to see you today this morning dr
    paul i’m doing fine and ready and raring
    to go
    and especially because we have a special
    guest today very special guest
    well known and he’s going to talk a
    little bit about
    the subject we’ve been talking about
    we’ll be talking to the expert
    about vaccines and other things but
    our our guest is a graduate of harvard
    university and university of virginia
    has a law degree
    teaches and very much interested in
    environmental things and litigation
    against people
    who don’t take care of our environment
    and he spoke spent a lot of time in that
    but he’s also become known a person of
    indeed a lot of interest in the vaccine
    robert kennedy we welcome you to the
    thanks for having me dr paul well well
    now we we have a lot of questions for
    you so we can flip a coin and take
    something but
    i’m going to start off with with
    something that
    i’ve thought a lot about and you get a
    lot of questions about and
    and it’s just just something before we
    get into the
    uh vaccines and that that is the uh
    you know the very very difficult
    that the kennedy family had to go
    through and i’ve read
    most of the books about uh you know
    assassinations and
    problems and and the viewers are very
    interested in that
    could you give us a little bit of an
    idea because
    the you know for libertarians the cia
    we’re always a little suspicious of
    is there anything that you can say about
    how do you psychologically handle that
    what are your concerns i’m sure there’s
    a lot of things you think about that
    are not factual yet but you certainly
    made an effort to try to find out the
    truth about
    your dad’s killing and we
    really respect you for that
    well you know i wrote a book about this
    and kind of my journey
    it’s called american values um and it’s
    really about
    my family’s 50-year or actually now
    about 75-year battle with the cia and
    fight actually started in the mid 1950s
    when herbert well actually truman
    had to ask my grandfather joseph kennedy
    to serve on a commission called the
    hoover commission that was chaired by
    president obama
    to look at the cia and it’s all because
    as you know the cia when it was
    originally chartered
    was not chartered to engage in
    um paramilitary activities and fixing
    murdering leaders and interfering with
    uh with the business and democracies of
    other countries and
    it was founded created and with great
    reluctance from both
    republicans and democrats because it was
    after world war ii you know we had an
    oss during world war ii and after world
    ii um oss was liquidated
    because the belief was that secret
    police organizations were
    inconsistent with democratic ideals
    democracies with constitutional
    governance and that they would grow
    and that they would end up enveloping
    and uh and subverting democracy and you
    when americans thought of secret police
    they thought of the stasi they thought
    of the kgb they thought
    they’d get this up oh and they said and
    there were debates about this in
    congress when
    when we were you know originally
    launching as a cia
    and both republicans and democrats said
    this is not something we should be
    doing but when they started it they
    started it exclusively as an
    espionage organization which
    it meant intelligence gathering it did
    not mean interfering
    and so then you know alan dulles as you
    know kind of manipulated the law
    and did a lot of kind of backroom deals
    to get these huge secret budgets and
    and began really engaging in
    all of the mischief and my grandfather
    was on a commission that looked at this
    and saw what they had done
    and they were overthrowing democracies
    in guatemala and iran and all over the
    and he said we should dismantle it we
    should remove the
    um the plans division which was the
    dirty tricks division from
    espionage and allen dallas never forgave
    him or my family
    that and when my uncle came in and did
    the bay of pigs
    well then fired dulles so i always
    believed that
    even from when i was a little kid when
    president johnson came into the room
    in the east room of the white house
    i was standing beside my father when he
    said to my father
    that um lee harvey oswald had just been
    killed by jack ruby
    he told my father and jackie that i said
    to my father
    i said he loved jack ruby love our
    and nobody answered that question you
    know later my father did his own
    research and found out that he was
    connected to the mob
    into the cia into all these my father’s
    initial belief which the cia had killed
    his father
    i always believed that and i think you’d
    be an idiot
    not to believe what the congressional
    investigation found out in
    85 which is president kennedy was killed
    by a conspiracy
    um but i never believed that about my
    dad i just believe that sir and
    evidence against him was overwhelming
    and he had confessed to the crime there
    was evidence found in his room
    and and then paul schrade who was one of
    my dad’s best friend
    who was standing beside my father when
    he was shot and paul took a bullet to
    his head
    at that time he took them first of
    siren’s bullets
    and he said to me your father was not
    killed by sarah and
    and i need you to look at the autopsy
    and look at this evidence and as a
    favorite i did not want to do that i
    didn’t want to get into all the
    conspiracy theories
    it is a favor to paul because he was
    such a hero
    he was the one who introduced my dad to
    cesar chavez he was the number two guy
    a united auto workers and was just a
    you know friend of our families
    i went to his house in l.a outside of la
    and i sat down with him for a couple of
    days i went through the autopsy report
    all this other stuff and by the end of
    that it was clear to me that siren
    could not have killed my father my
    father was killed by four shots
    that were all fired from behind him
    sir hand fired two shots he was across a
    steam table he never got behind my
    father my father was
    always facing him he was six to ten feet
    and sir had fired two shots the first
    one hit paul
    trade the second one he hit a door jamb
    behind my father
    passed right past his head and in the
    door jamb
    and then he was grabbed by rosie graham
    rayford johnson and all these other
    and there was a dog pile and they took
    the gun and they pointed away from my
    father but they couldn’t get the gun
    from him
    he fired six more shots and all of those
    hit people so we know who where the
    shots all landed
    there were 14 shots fired and his
    gun only had eight it was a revolver
    with eight chambers in it
    never reloaded so and the four shots
    that hit my
    ad all came from behind and thomas gucci
    was the greatest coroner in american
    his finding is that every one of those
    was contact shots
    the barrel of the gun was touching my
    at the time they were fired and they
    were fired from behind
    at an upward angle and you know i think
    the guy
    who probably pulled the trigger um
    is a guy called eugene caesar who was
    a agent he worked for lockheed
    he was working that night as a security
    guard he had gotten the job
    four days before he was waiting for my
    father in the kitchen
    and when my father went through the
    ambassador hotel kitchen he grabbed him
    by his uh right arm or his left arm
    and was standing behind him when the
    shots were fired
    and he had pulled his own gun which was
    also at 22.
    and he was seen and he admitted that he
    had pulled his gun
    um but he said and my father when my
    father fell he fell
    onto caesar and
    um you know if you look at the mk
    ultra manual about
    you know they have a whole section that
    the cia was experimenting on creating
    these manchurian candidates and what the
    psychiatrist who were working for them
    said is that it
    they can it took them a year
    to turn somebody into a manchurian
    candidate somebody would actually commit
    a murder
    involuntarily but they said they could
    make a distractor
    in three months and they could make it
    out of anybody okay
    uh daniel we did a lot for a couple
    hours but we could really use a couple
    this is a great interview robert i want
    to ask you oh a long time ago when i
    first got interested in politics before
    i ever went to congress
    uh some of these things were interesting
    to me and i was talking to an old lying
    conservative constitutionalist and uh he
    was well known
    uh at that time and he said to me he
    says you know
    he had been somebody that spent time in
    this the fbi and knew
    how the cia originated and he he told me
    it seems like you lean toward maybe
    agreeing with it he told me he says ron
    he says you know the uh this if you have
    a cia
    it’s incompatible with a republic and
    uh i didn’t know exactly what he was
    saying but over the years i think i’ve
    come to that agreement
    is that too radical of a statement or
    would you certainly lean in
    i mean what i would say i would go even
    which is that you cannot have a nation
    that is and this is what our
    understanding you know this is the
    wisdom of the ages
    you cannot have an imperial nation
    and have a democracy at home wow
    incompatible with each other yes
    if you if you be if you may allow your
    nation this is what romans did
    you know romans were a republic for the
    first 200 years but then they became a
    dictatorship because they became an
    imperial you know nation and this is you
    all around the world the spanish and by
    the british
    robert and really the books i’ve read
    have indicated
    that both your uncle and your father had
    opinions that were contradictory
    to those who thought we ought to be
    around the world and might have been
    part of the reasons that the
    assassinations occurred
    yeah i mean i think that’s true my uncle
    two months before his death he signed
    national security order 237
    which ordered all troops out of it on
    the first
    thousand he only had 16 000 advisors
    there he never put combat troops and
    he was surrounded by militarists who
    were telling him you got to put
    a quarter million american troops in
    there and he said i’m not going to do it
    and the day he left for dallas
    he asked his aide for a report about
    american mortalities among the advisors
    mainly green berets helicopter pilots
    who were in vietnam
    and there had been 75 men killed and he
    was horrified and he said that’s too
    many there’s this is not
    worth one american life i want him all
    out he’s signed a national security
    i bring the first thousand men home by
    december of that year he was killed in
    and bringing a hundred percent of them
    on by the following
    and he was killed a few days after that
    yeah you know um
    the one thing that uh we want to do we
    want to talk about the
    vaccines and and you have written a lot
    and you’ve been criticized and you have
    been praised
    all along on vaccines and of course as a
    physician and somebody involved in
    uh in politics and all i’ve been
    fascinated with too because i’ve seen
    some things that happen
    with uh vaccination how did you get your
    interest in that because you’re a known
    expert and been working on this for a
    long time it isn’t like last month
    with coronavirus came up you studied it
    and started speaking out how did you
    originally get involved in vaccinations
    i run the biggest water protection group
    in the world
    and it’s called waterkeeper alliance i
    started out working for fishermen on the
    hudson river in 1984 they had a small
    group of commercial fishermen those
    livelihoods were being destroyed by
    pollution and i began litigating
    suing polluters on the river and
    i ended up bringing over 500 losses on
    odds and then forcing polluters to spend
    almost 5 billion hudson today is the
    richest waterway in the north atlantic
    it’s an international model for
    ecosystem protection
    it and restoration it produces more
    pounds of fish per acre or more biomass
    per gallon than any other waterway in
    the atlantic ocean north of the equator
    the miraculous resurrection of the
    hudson inspired the creation of river
    on waterways all over north america and
    then all over the world so now we have
    we own the water keeper name river
    keeper sound keeper bay keeper etc
    we license these groups get started i
    run the umbrella group which is called
    waterkeeper alliance we have 350 water
    each one has a patrol boat a patrol
    local waterways and they superlooters
    in 2003 the fda published a study a
    multi-year study that showed that
    every freshwater fish in america
    had dangerous levels of mercury in its
    and it struck me then dr paul that
    we were living in a science fiction
    nightmare with my children
    the children of every other american
    could now no longer engage in the
    seminal primal activity of american
    youth which is
    fishing with their mom or dad and the
    local fishing hole then come home and
    fish so a lot of the water keepers began
    the principal source for that mercury
    coal burning power plants
    and cement kilns by 2005
    i had 40 lawsuits against mainly coal
    burning power plants
    in uh in the in the states the united
    states and the provinces of canada and i
    was traveling
    all over north america giving speeches
    about mercury
    promoting legislation and explaining the
    litigation et cetera
    and whenever i started having
    talking to a large group at one of these
    big forums there were
    always these women who would appear in
    the front seats they would come early
    and they would stay at the end and they
    would talk to me
    and they were all the mothers of
    intellectually disabled children
    and they were all women who believed
    that their child had been injured by a
    and they they said to me in kind of a
    respectful but very
    kind of scolding way if you are really
    interested in mercury exposures to
    you need to look at the vaccines this is
    dr paul is something i didn’t want to do
    i was raised on kind of the spear tip of
    rights for intellectually disabled i
    you know i grew up with special olympics
    my aunt you know
    i was also my god mother had me working
    at special olympics
    when i was eight years old as a hugger
    as a
    as a coach i spent 200 hours during high
    school and
    and working in washington for the retard
    and i have been you know my family was
    around that issue as you know
    from the beginning and beginning of time
    it’s not what i wanted to do with my
    life i wanted to work on water and
    energy and um but one of these women
    came to my
    home in the summer of 2005 she was a
    psychologist from minnesota named sarah
    her son had gotten autism from
    a mercury vaccine and he had gotten
    recognition of that from the vaccine
    court he won the judgment
    and they had given him 20 million
    dollars no lifetime support
    she wanted to make sure it didn’t happen
    to anybody else and she brought a huge
    of studies about 18 inches thick
    to my home in my little bungalow in
    hyannis massachusetts she put it on my
    front porch
    and she said i’m not leaving here that
    you read these and i’m very comfortable
    reading science
    you know my whole life has been about
    all of these lawsuits that i’ve won
    hundreds and hundreds of them
    all of them involved in scientific
    controversy versus
    so i’m comfortable reading science and i
    know how to read it critically
    now i started reading these studies i
    read the abstracts
    and before i was four or five inches
    deep in that pile
    i was just dumbstruck about the huge
    delta between what the public health
    agencies were telling us about vaccine
    safety and what the
    actual published peer-reviewed science
    was saying
    yeah you know it really was my
    um you know that’s how i started down
    this wormhole
    and ruined my career and my life by the
    way because it was not a good career
    choice for me as you know it’s not a
    popular subject
    well my first introduction uh legally or
    a campaign
    with legislatively i was first elected
    in 1976
    and there was a swine flu and there were
    two of us that voted against this
    inoculation which turned out i’m sure
    you know about how badly it turned out
    more people died from the flaccine than
    they did from the flu
    but uh anyway politics is involved
    medicine is involved i said i read one
    place where that was not not necessarily
    a friendly site for you
    because they uh they came up and they
    talked about uh
    your position on on
    on on belize in sewer
    vaccine and uh autism they said
    the anti-scientific position
    that you have on on autism and
    and uh on and on on a vaccine
    well i delivered a lot of babies and
    i’ve seen a few bad results after they
    had shots
    and i’m not the expert on autism and
    vaccines but i’ll tell you what
    where my but where my inquiries are and
    my sympathies are for
    with because certainly a lot of people
    don’t buy into the people who write that
    and try to paint you as
    as anti-scientific that’s i know you
    that’s the kind of stuff you’ve had to
    put up with for a long time
    yeah and you know i’ve written
    a book summarizing all the science i
    thought you know
    people are saying this of course that
    you know the pharmaceutical cartel which
    controls our
    public health agencies is telling people
    well there’s no proof that
    um autism is uh caused by vaccines but
    here’s the thing
    you know i’ve done a you know i’ve done
    a book about it and
    the book i thought this you know as soon
    as this book comes out everybody’s just
    going to see
    what the truth is because all i did in
    the book was i took all this science
    about 1400
    studies many of them about 160 of them
    showing that vaccines cause autism
    and i put them in one book and i
    summarize them with links so anybody can
    look them up
    i got 12 reviews in the book before the
    was ever circulated so nobody read it
    you know none of the reviewers read it
    you know and time magazine and newsweek
    all did rewards condemning it
    but here’s the thing is people should
    not listen to me
    about science people have to do they
    you know what i say is not science the
    science is what’s in the published peer
    review and what tony fauci says
    is not science what cdc says it’s not
    science right
    if you want the science you’ve got to
    read the peer use and here
    is what the institute of medicine said
    the institute of medicine is now
    is called the national academy of
    medicine it’s a you know federal
    panel that is
    the ultimate arbiter of medical science
    congress and hhs appointed and said we
    want you to backstop
    cdc and make sure they’re not cheating
    the institute of medicine periodically
    goes in
    and looks at every couple of years a cdc
    science on vaccine safety
    and they’ve specifically looked at the
    issue of autism
    and they have a report in 1994
    in uh in 2011
    in 2013 and 2017
    and all of those reports they say to
    cdc you have never studied the link
    between autism and
    and vaccines and in fact they said in
    their last report they said
    when it comes they said there’s 178
    conditions that we believe
    are being caused by this by vaccines
    chronic diseases like diabetes arthritis
    food allergies asthma all of these
    things that have exploded since
    1989 like you know the vaccine
    generation is the generation born
    after 89. the sickest generation
    in history autism went from my
    generation from one in ten thousand
    my kids generation one in every 34 kids
    and so um see so the
    institute of medicine looked at 178
    chronic diseases that are now afflicting
    this generation
    54 of the kids have chronic diseases in
    my generation 12
    now my generation 6
    in the generation in 1986 it was 12
    these kids at 54 and they’ve lost seven
    iq points
    you know let me just finish this the
    institute of medicine
    said to him you have done no science on
    this and
    it went through each of those conditions
    in each vaccine
    and when they came to this is on page
    of that report they came to autism and
    they said there is
    only one study that’s ever been done
    about about the six vaccines that are
    there’s 26 shots of six vaccines given
    the first
    six months of life that study says
    that the vaccines cause autism we’re not
    going to use that study because
    it was based upon cdc’s system which you
    a data gathering system which we think
    is lousy
    but they said other than that study
    there’s not a single study
    on any of those vaccines that shows that
    they don’t cause autism so they
    the agencies have deliberately not done
    those studies and it’s not me
    saying it it’s not robert kennedy the
    it’s the national academy of medicine
    all right
    uh daniel has a question for you robert
    mr kennedy you’re right it’s certainly
    uh not a wise career decision to
    challenge the prevailing paradigms on
    vaccines in particular
    i can speak for my family as a father of
    three unvaccinated children
    it’s no bed of roses as a parent either
    you know we spent years
    being screamed at by doctors before we
    realized the best course of action is
    just to stop going because it’s only
    a vaccine conveyor belt when you go for
    your checkups but i wanted to um
    to go back to something that’s a little
    bit more in the news and you made
    some waves in your recent discussion
    with uh with alec bold when you had an
    hour-long discussion
    something that you mentioned there stood
    out because it’s something that dr paul
    and i mentioned very often
    on our program you made the point that
    the death toll from the lockdowns
    and from the quarantines may very well
    exceed the cova deaths in our current
    coronavirus situation
    such a great point i would only add to
    it the the the the
    dangerous precedent sent that uh from
    the from the lowly county uh
    commissioners to all the way to the
    governors that our civil liberties
    can be switched off uh at the flip of a
    and you can’t go outside anymore so what
    what what would you say about the the
    the the lockdowns in the cover deaths
    well i you know the the
    civil rights issue is a different issue
    but what i’ve said
    is that you you know we’re listening to
    um anthony falci who’s telling us what
    uh what what kovid may do
    on various scenarios of lockdown
    he may or may not be able to predict
    that accurately
    but the what we need we need a broader
    because we we need to know not only what
    the benefits
    of lockdown on coven mortalities
    is but we need to know what the cause of
    lockdown is
    on non-coveted mortalities and the i
    think the data is really clear
    are really clear that quarantine is
    going to kill far more people than
    covet and there was a study back in the
    1980s back in the 1980s a lot of people
    were studying the question
    of the impacts of you know we had big
    um uh a down
    scaling of the of these huge
    corporations back in the
    you know early 80s there was a whole
    um there was a whole discipline of
    and industry of science that emerged of
    economics a field of economics that
    at the impacts of unemployment on
    human life and and other factors and
    one of the most famous studies that has
    uh has been cited everywhere
    at for every one point in unemployment
    there are 37 000 excess deaths
    it does and it enumerated where they’re
    coming from i think 9 000
    of them were from heart attacks on 900
    suicide in addition by the way this was
    at a time
    when our population was 43 percent
    smaller so you need to
    really almost double that well you know
    to look at the impacts of unemployment
    in addition to that there were 4 000
    extra imprisonments and 3 300 extra
    admissions to mental institutions and
    you know if we have 30 points of
    unemployment which
    are they’re predicting now we’re talking
    a couple of million deaths which is much
    more from the unemployment
    in addition to that we have disruptions
    medical supply chains and food supply
    that there are millions of people
    starving around the world because of the
    we’ve lost already about 50
    000 minority businesses permanently
    in this country what is that going to do
    there was a report from one
    hospital in san francisco that said that
    the suicide rate the amount of suicides
    they were getting in that hospital
    they got in one month they got a year
    worth of suicide so a 1200
    increase wow um i know from my own
    at you know this is really alcohol
    um i’ve read this i don’t know this is
    my experience i know that a lot of
    people are
    suffering from addiction issues right
    now that they’re you know they can’t go
    to aaa meetings they can’t go to 12-step
    meetings they’re locked in
    isolation does not mix with
    addiction you know and um and
    alcohol i read this and i can’t cite it
    anybody can look this up and check me on
    alcohol uh sales are up 600
    wow wow oh in england
    isolation kills people too in england
    and this is true there’s a similar study
    in italy
    england looked at during five weeks in
    april and may
    they looked at deaths what they call
    elder care facilities we call them
    nursing homes
    they said there are 30 000 excess deaths
    only 10 000 of them were from coven
    20 000 of them were from people you know
    who didn’t get their dialysis who didn’t
    get their uh
    heart medicine that who were isolated
    who couldn’t get to a doctor when they
    had a complaint
    yeah and they ended up dying and people
    cancer checks all of these things have
    come back to honest let me
    just say one other thing because it’s my
    party that is pushing
    more than i think the republican is not
    exactly partisan but it’s much more the
    democrats that are pushing the
    quarantine and i
    really think it’s going to come back and
    and hurt
    all the values that my party has
    represented for
    forever we are dismantling the new deal
    all of that you know all the people that
    we got health care reform
    for under obamacare there’s been 16
    million americans have
    lost health care since the beginning of
    those that’s going to be a tremendous
    number of deaths
    probably more than covet and then you
    all the other programs to pay for this
    three bill trillion dollar debt that
    we’re running up
    how is that going to pay i’ve been
    through and you’ve been through
    periods in our country when the states
    are scrambling to pay their debt they
    can’t put off the debt like the u.s
    government has there you know they have
    constitutional provisions that make them
    live in their budget
    and the only way for them to do that is
    to fire
    teachers to stop school lunch programs
    and sports programs at school to
    end special to construct special
    already seeing that happening we’re
    going to see the destruction of
    all the new deal programs of
    unemployment of medicaid
    medicare social security and you’re
    going to see a
    huge shift in wealth from the
    obliterated middle class in our country
    to the very very rich
    and we’re already seeing that richest
    billionaires in this country
    robert you may call yourself a democrat
    but you sound pretty independent-minded
    to me
    and uh
    we have a follow-up question i was just
    going to add to what you were saying
    about and it’s even worse when they
    start opening up because look what’s
    happening in the schools
    they’re basically opening up fire hoses
    of disinfectant
    and spraying these schools down these
    poor kids they are mostly immune to this
    we know that we have the data
    they’re going to be sprayed with god
    knows what kinds of chemicals
    on their bodies to disinfect these
    schools so it’s almost worse for these
    poor kids going back to school
    yeah and i think also
    um you know a kid in this country
    if the death rate among children
    for flu is higher than the death rate
    for a corona virus
    for children or the death rate the risk
    for a child somebody who’s under 20
    years old
    of dying from coronavirus is zero
    now you know there’s a couple of kids
    where it’s happened
    and they headline them and they’re on
    the news all the time but the
    mathematical or
    the mathematical risk to those children
    is zero
    right and so then the question becomes
    what do you you know are we going to
    force these kids
    to live to make huge sacrifices in their
    in order including taking a vaccine to
    protect older people that is a very
    ethical issue are we going to sacrifice
    these kids
    to you know because there’s some
    hypothetical benefit to older people
    and it’s really in their schools that
    you know the one
    i think real concern is the teachers
    um you know with a gonna get sick but i
    think that
    you know the risks that we’re imposing
    on these kids now
    of teaching them that they’re you know
    they can’t hug
    their friends that you know other human
    beings are biohazards that they should
    scared of um you know ron we’re supposed
    to be the land of the free and the home
    of the brain
    right and you know franklin roosevelt
    said during world war
    ii the only thing we have to fear is
    fear itself
    and the reason he said that is because
    he saw that fear
    was the instrument of tyranny and
    authoritarian rule
    and in in germany and spain and italy
    the tyrannical leaders had used that
    fear of the great depression
    to end democracy and to
    you know go to fascism in in russia
    leaders had used fear to go into you
    know communism so
    roosevelt did something different he
    said we’re not going to be scared
    we’re going to stand together and we’re
    going to we’re going to go through this
    and we are not going to give into fear
    that’s the only thing we’re going to
    fear because we’re going to get through
    right you know he’s not scared and he
    preserved democracy
    and he preserved constitutional
    government and you know
    he did that by avoiding fear and now we
    have all these politicians and the press
    which of course
    addicted to pharma okay
    i’m going to finish up because but i
    want to get your opinion on what the
    odds of us
    solving some of these problems because
    we as libertarians want voluntary
    solutions two people get together and
    volunteer anybody mess up
    they’re liable the other option is
    authoritarianism and mandates of course
    we see in a lot of it and that faushies
    and the gates of the world are the
    authoritarians and they dictate
    but then you say well they’ll be liable
    no the congress
    exempts them from their liability so how
    are we going to
    change that mentality which is what we
    face up to we think we have a lead on
    what we should do
    but uh you put your effort up but uh
    do you have uh days that you’re less
    optimistic than other days
    because i think that’s basically what
    has to change is is the people’s
    attitude and dependency
    on being taken care of provide
    everything and then
    and then remove the liability of the
    people are making all the money
    yeah i mean i’m not optimistic
    pessimistic because
    i think either of those is a trap
    um i you know listen i get up and i go
    to work in the morning and i’m gonna
    fight this
    i know what’s right i know it’s wrong
    and i’m gonna fight for what i know is
    and you know if i have to i’ll die with
    my boots on but i’m not gonna
    uh but i’m gonna keep fighting on that i
    think we’re gonna win
    ultimately i think well we’re gonna be
    we’re going to beat them on the streets
    it’s going to be you know this is the
    this is like an apocalyptical battle um
    you know it’s really something i never
    thought it would happen
    in my lifetime but all the values of our
    country are being eroded
    and subverted and uh you know we’ve been
    listen in 1969 we had a bird flu
    pandemic in this country and it
    um it had a higher death rate than covid
    100 000 americans died that’s when we
    had half the population
    and um and we all went to woodstock
    nobody you know we went to woodstock and
    it wasn’t in the press it was just
    it was part of life
    it’s all about perception ultimately and
    you know this is being used
    as you know this biosecurity agenda
    which they’ve been pushing for so many
    is now the dominant agenda of course
    it’s the biggest tool for
    authoritarianism because
    you know as you know you know uh
    jerebel said this said or gearing said
    or garble said it and nuremberg
    he said he said how did you get the
    german people
    who you know to move like sheep do
    whatever you said
    you know and he said it’s easy you know
    it doesn’t have to be a fascist
    government it can be a monarchy a
    democracy it doesn’t matter you use fear
    he said if you tell the people point to
    something and said be scared of that
    and i’m the only one who can save you
    they will do anything you tell them to
    and so for many years we’ve been
    pointing at the communists and said
    you got to behave here at home because
    they’re going to get you or whatever
    now they’ve got something this you know
    fear of this disease
    which gives them a power that no tyrant
    in history ever had where they can
    shut down the entire nation they can
    tell you don’t go to the beach don’t cut
    near your girlfriend
    don’t go hiking it’s crazy and um you
    know it’s not proportional
    it is not proportional to the threat and
    that’s what i don’t like about it i like
    risk assessments
    there you go you know people actually
    are fearful of things they ought to be
    fearful of but you know
    you don’t walk around fearful of
    lightning all the time
    now we’re we’re on we’re on our way
    we’ll keep plugging away and
    uh what we enjoyed so much about having
    you on robert is
    i think it brings people together no we
    don’t have all the
    agreements all the way down initially
    but for something like this which is
    really really
    a serious problem to build alliances we
    need them because there’s no one person
    going to get up and say this is what
    you’re going to do
    so i want to express my deep
    appreciation and our program deep
    for you being with us today

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    Hillary Clinton: Biden ‘should not concede under any circumstances’

    Many political observers have said it is unlikely a winner will be able to be declared on Election Day due to the delays that come with mail-in voting.

    [How long before we know? Exactly what Americans don’t need right now.]

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    Farmington, new mexico
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    Some #Wyoming #camping links
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    Mr. Kennedy spoke to hundreds of thousands in the streets of Berlin, Germany. He spoke of government control by fear.

    He spoke out against totalitarianism.

    He said the government and those with the greatest wealth and control have done a terrible job on public health and will shift us all to 5G and a cashless society.

    5G is being pushed on us as a good thing but it will be used for surveillance and data harvesting.

    Mr. Kennedy added that the COVID 19 pandemic is a crisis of convenience that is destroying the middle class, impoverishing us all, and it makes the powerful elite even more powerful.

    He closed with the message that we must protect our fellow man, our vulnerable children and our freedoms and democracy!


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    Governments LOVE pandemics. They love pandemics for the same reason they love war.

    Because it gives them the ability to impose controls on the population that the population would otherwise NEVER accept – the great institutions and mechanisms for orchestrating and imposing obedience.

    Now, I’ll tell you something – it’s a mystery to me that all of these big important people like Bill Gates and Tony Fauci have been planning and thinking about this pandemic for decades, planning it so that we would all be safe when the pandemic finally came.

    And yet, now that it’s here, they don’t seem to know what they’re talking about. They seem to be making it up as they go along.

    They’re inventing numbers. They cannot tell you what the Case Fatality Rate for Covid is – that’s basic.

    They cannot give us a PCR test that actually works. They don’t have… They have to change the definition of Covid on the death certificates constantly to make it look more and more dangerous.

    But one thing that they’re good at is pumping up FEAR.

    75 years ago, Hermann Goering testified at the Nuremberg Trials and he was asked ‘how did you make the German people go along with all this?’

    He said it’s an easy thing. It’s not anything to do with Nazism. It has to do with human nature.

    You can do this in a Nazi regime, you can do it in a socialist regime, you can do it in a communist regime, you can do it in a monarchy and a democracy.

    The only thing that a government needs to make people into slaves is fear.

    And if you can figure out something to make them scared, you can get them to do anything that you want.

    #RFKJr #Berlin

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    Hollywood writer and producer Bryce Zabel, who spoke to the UFO Congress in 2012, spoke about “Fear and Loathing on the Trail of the Saucers.” It was his personal account of 25 years of making many UFO and alien themed programs for movies and TV, including Dark Skies on NBC (1996). His main “bombshell,” such as it was, was to reveal the name of the government official who reportedly confessed to working in an a secret underground lab near Washington, DC where aliens are kept. This confession was revealed 30 years ago to Zabel’s colleague and partner Brent Friedman, and the name of the government official reportedly was – ta da – John S. Herrington, former Secretary of Energy in Ronald Reagan’s second term. Apparently Mr. Herrington is still living, although I was not able to find an email address to contact him for his version of the story. Perhaps some enterprising researcher will be able to contact him to confirm or deny this.

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    When the Real Men in Black Tried to Hijack Hollywood’s Most Subversive UFO Show

    Robbie Graham February 28, 2019


    No TV show has so effectively blurred the boundaries between UFO fact and fantasy as NBC’s Dark Skies, which ran from September 1996 to May 1997. Created by Bryce Zabel and Brent Friedman, the series presented an alternate history of 20th Century America. Its tagline read: “History as we know it is a lie.” In this case, it was a lie sprung from and built around a covert extraterrestrial presence on Earth and the US government’s quiet efforts to understand and control the alien threat.

    J.T. Walsh as Agent Frank Bach in ‘Dark Skies.’

    The narrative begins with the Roswell Incident (here a deliberate military downing of an alien craft) and the establishment of the top secret working group, Majestic, which, as in the UFO literature, is tasked with overseeing the rapidly escalating flying saucer problem in the United States.

    We then jump forward to 1961 when the show’s protagonists, John Loengard (Eric Close) and Kim Sayers (Megan Ward), a young couple with political aspirations, find themselves drawn into the shadowy world of Majestic 12, headed by the imposing Frank Bach (J.T. Walsh). Whereas in The X-Files’ Fox Mulder was forever on the outside of the cover-up attempting to look in, in Dark Skies, John Loengard was on the inside looking out.

    Each episode saw John and Kim attempting to understand and combat not only the Gray aliens, known in the series as “The Hive,” but Majestic themselves, whose motives and actions are morally dubious at best. All of this plays out against the backdrop of real historical events of the 20th Century, including the Cuban missile crisis, the assassination of JFK, the death of Marilyn Monroe, the Watts riots of 1965, and the north-east black out of that same year. Numerous cultural icons show up throughout the series, including The Beatles, Jim Morrison, Ed Sullivan, and Timothy Leary, as well as real-life figures from politics, science, and UFOlogy, such as Harry Truman, Allen Dulles, Nelson Rockefeller, J. Edgar Hoover, J. Allen Hynek, and Carl Sagan.

    So, how did such an ambitious UFO show come to be? While researching my book, Silver Screen Saucers, Dark Skies co-creator Bryce Zabel shared with me the intriguing and, at times, creepy production history of his show.

    Zabel and Friedman pitched their series to networks in the form of a faux “Top Secret” briefing file, modeled on the MJ-12 documents. The thick, ring-bound file, which they referred to as the “Dark Skies Bible,” contained enough rich UFO lore intertwined with official history to comfortably fuel five full series of the prospective show, which had been the original plan. The file was fronted by a one-page letter “written by” the show’s fictional hero, John Loengard. It was dated 2 January 1995 and was addressed to his real-world creators. It read:

    Bryce and Brent,

    The truth must be told. You have been chosen as instruments to achieve this objective.

    The truth, however, must not be represented as truth. Too many people who are needed in the struggle will die.

    The cover of fiction must be used to present this truth. Those who fear the light will not want to bring attention to you by allowing your death.

    This is the only way.

    Do not be afraid.

    The fight for humanity demands your courage.


    John Loengard.

    The Dark Skies Bible, and the Loengard letter in particular, exemplified the now complete inseparability and symbiosis of UFOlogical “fact” and Hollywood fantasy. Loengard’s statement to his creators that they had been chosen as instruments to tell the truth about UFOs under the cover of fiction, would later ring disturbingly true for Zabel and Friedman, as we shall see.

    Official Denial

    Before we delve into the weirdness that went on behind the scenes of Dark Skies, we first need to mention Brcye’s previous production. A made-for-TV movie, Official Denial was an ambitious exploration of modern UFO mythology, featuring MJ-12, UFO crash-retrievals, and aliens in the custody of the US government. It even anticipated reports to follow of military abductions of UFO experiencers (known in UFOlogy as “MILABs”). Indeed, it seems fair to say that Official Denial was perhaps the most explicitly UFOlogical movie ever produced at that point. Unfortunately, its ambitions greatly exceeded its limited budget, and its special effects were severely dated even at the time of its broadcast. It was not widely seen and has yet to receive a DVD release.

    Official Denial was a passion project for Bryce, and so its less-than-perfect onscreen realization disappointed him greatly:

    The sadness of my life is that I didn’t sell the script to a large film studio who would have spent 30 or 40 million dollars making the perfect version of it. Instead it got sold to a small company, which sold it to the Sci-Fi Channel [now The SyFy Channel], which made it for around $2 million. The result was that I couldn’t even watch the finished product. The alien was a twelve-year-old ballerina in a plastic costume, and the effects were bad, and the acting was bad. It just wasn’t on film what it was in my mind.

    It was the partial failure of Official Denial that prompted Bryce to embark on his next UFO-themed project. “I just felt I needed to sell something to somebody who had more money so that we can do these aliens right,” he recalled. The development of Dark Skies began in late-1994 while Bryce was working at Universal as a writer on M.A.N.T.I.S, Sam Raimi’s short-lived TV show about an African-American super hero. “My assistant on that show introduced me to her husband, who was Brent Friedman. Brent and I started talking UFOs and it turned out he had been told certain things by a government insider.”

    ‘Dark Skies’ co-creator, Brent Friedman.

    Friedman has described this incident as follows:

    A good family friend of ours when I was just getting out of high school was working at a very high level in the Reagan administration. One night he took me aside and told me some of the things he was doing in the government, and he ended up telling me some pretty shattering stories. He knew that I’d always been into science-fiction, fantasy, and comic books, and he very casually just threw out there that ‘aliens are real, they’re here, and I’ve seen them.’ At the time I was just absolutely shocked. This was a person that I grew up with and absolutely trusted, and it just rocked my world.

    With their mutual interest established, Bryce and Brent set about developing what would become their Dark Skies Bible. “Our show was really about blending the UFO phenomenon into documented, accepted world history,” Bryce told me. “Everything I had read in UFO literature ended up in Dark Skies, from Betty and Barney Hill to Majestic-12, you name it. I tried to weave it all in there.”

    Here come the Men in Black

    The inclusion of such intricate UFOlogical detail in Dark Skies apparently attracted the attention of real government UFO spooks. The series pilot premiered on NBC on 21 September 1996. That same night, Bryce threw a wrap party at his Los Angeles home for his cast and crew—some 200 people in total. They would watch the pilot live together. It was a private party, invitation only. All invited guests were issued in advance with a faux Majestic-12 ID badge (loosely modeled on Bob Lazar’s Area 51 ID badge) which they were required to wear throughout the evening. One man at the party that evening wore no ID badge.

    “A guy showed up here,” Bryce recalled. “Nicely dressed, young. Nobody recognized him. He approached Brent and myself and he told us, “We’ve seen your pilot.” This was strange, because at that point in evening the pilot had yet to air. “Nobody else had seen it, other than a few people in Hollywood,” said Bryce. The man stated again, “We’ve seen your pilot and we think you get a lot right, but we want to help you with the rest.”

    The mystery man suggested to the producers that their show could benefit from inside information on UFOs, and that he could provide them with this information. Here, then, was John Loengard sprung to life from Bryce and Brent’s fictional letter, choosing them as conduits to share the truth disguised as fiction. The producers initially suspected a prank, but their Dark Skies pitch had been private. No one had seen their Loengard letter but for a handful of network executives in Hollywood. What’s more, based on his detailed knowledge of its plot, the mystery man seemed to have really seen the unaired Dark Skies pilot, as he claimed. He even knew details about episodes that hadn’t been filmed yet.

    “Who are you?” the producers asked. “That’s really not important right now,” came the reply. “But I work with people who have an interest in what you’re doing and what you’re putting out.” The mystery man then proceeded to grab a napkin and scrawl something on it. “It was a bunch of symbols and stuff,” said Bryce. The man handed the napkin to Brent, who naturally inquired as to its meaning. “The secrets of the universe,” said the man, enigmatically. “Sound, light, and frequency.” I asked Bryce where the napkin is now. “I haven’t seen it in years,” he told me. “Brent has it locked in a safe some place.”

    The man and his napkin were undeniably intriguing, but this was bad timing. Bryce was playing host to 200 people: “I didn’t really have time to stand around talking to this guy. But Brent invited him to our office at NBC to come and talk to us some more at a later date.”

    That meeting happened a few days later, and it would prove both confusing and unsettling.

    Bryce described the meeting to me:

    The guy from the party shows up with two other people, older men, who he said were his bosses in Naval Intelligence. They sat around a table with us and they spoke for around two hours. They certainly had a well-constructed alternate world. They had lots of details, and they weren’t shy. Actually they were a little condescending to us, saying things like, “You guys think you’re such hotshots because you’re in Hollywood, but the truth is that you don’t even know what you’re playing with. Yes, you’ve stumbled into getting most of it right, but there are some things that you haven’t got right.”

    Cemetery at midnight

    Things were about to get even stranger: “At one point the guy puts a little vial on the table and says ‘you don’t have this in your show.’ And we’re looking at it and we say ‘what is this?’, and he says ‘this is what this is all about.’ It was a vial of gold, or fool’s gold, I’m not sure which.” Were Bryce and Brent meant to infer that aliens were after our gold, like the Anunnaki of Ancient Astronaut lore? Or were they supposed to think the vial contained some alien element, perhaps used to fuel a flying saucer? It is impossible to know, but certainly the mystery men were intent on confusing and provoking the producers. “Their whole tone was like, ‘You fucking idiots! This is what it’s about! You don’t even have the truth!’ It was just weird.”

    Bryce asked again precisely who these men were. “So one of them said, ‘look. we’re with Naval Intelligence and if you really want us to read you in you’re going to have to meet the big guy. There’s a ship down in Long Beach right now and we can arrange for you to meet him. But you can’t meet him on the ship.”

    One of the men then provided Bryce and Brent with the location of a cemetery in Long Beach, where they could meet the big guy at midnight on a given date. Bryce was now thoroughly perturbed. He’d heard enough. “That’s when I pushed back from the table and said “Okay, I’m done. I have a show to run, and I have three children, and I am not meeting you or anyone else in a cemetery at midnight. Good day.’” That was the last Bryce heard from them.

    What can we make of these events? Certainly they would appear to be neatly in line with disinformative strategies employed previously against UFO researchers and through entertainment media. Did intelligence operatives get wind of a new X-Files-style TV show utilizing factual UFOlogical detail and see it as great new opportunity to sow its content with self-serving UFO conspiracy mythology, or even simply to manage and guide the show’s existing mythology? “It was very intricate,” said Bryce of the whole affair. “It felt like it was staged for us. Like it was all built around us. It seems to be that we had been targeted for some elaborate disinformation job.”

    I asked Bryce if he felt the men were the real deal, and if there is any chance it was all just a prank by some amateur tricksters:

    Do I think they were really going to read us into a secret UFO program? No. But it did seem like they really were part of some official organization. One of the guys said he was a SEAL, and, I have to say, all of these guys looked like very hardcore military guys. They didn’t look like soft fanboys pulling a prank on us. They didn’t look like guys you’d see at Comic Con. They looked and spoke like military guys.

    I asked Bryce if he believed in UFOs at the time of Dark Skies’ development and if his intention with the show was to educate and inform the public about the subject. He replied:

    Did I intend to inform? No. I intended to entertain. But did I believe in UFOs and alien visitation? Yes. I believed strongly at the time of Dark Skies that Roswell was a real event and that it was probably unearthly in nature. I still believe that today. Whether or not I believed the Majestic 12 documents were real or faked was irrelevant. I just used the name because it was on people’s minds. But I did feel that if MJ-12 didn’t exist, then another group like it by another name probably did. Somebody had to be working on the UFO problem.

    Dark Skies arrived on TV in 1996, and comparisons to a certain other UFO conspiracy show were inevitable. Bryce said:

    People accused us at the time of ripping off The X-Files. But actually we didn’t like what The X-Files was doing, which was teasing everybody. We wanted to do the opposite. We wanted to say ‘we’re not going to tease you about the cover-up. We’re going to take you inside the cover-up and let our character be your tour guide through these events of history.’ It was more direct than The X-Files.

    A 1996 issue of ‘Starlog’ magazine.

    Dark Skies was cancelled before the end of its first season due to low ratings, which may have been a result of its inopportune weekly scheduling. The show was dark in name, dark in themes, and dark in visual content, with violent and intense scenes in most episodes. Despite this, Dark Skies was broadcast at 8pm on Saturday evenings—peak viewing time for families (for whom the show was not entirely suitable), and peak going-out time for teens and young adults. Today Dark Skies retains a cult fanbase, and Bryce is proud of what he and Brent achieved with the show. “It’s about 90 percent faithful to what I set out to do back in 1994, and it certainly succeeds in twisting UFOlogy and history and tying them into this knot. It’s one of the most subversive TV shows ever produced.”

    If you’re a fan of science fiction, and of UFO conspiracy shows in particular, you owe it to yourself to check out Dark Skies… the real Men in Black did.

    Tags Dark Skies Entertainment
    Robbie Graham has lectured around the world on the UFO subject and has been interviewed for the BBC, Coast to Coast AM, Canal+ TV, Channel 4, and Vanity Fair, among many others. His articles have appeared in numerous publications, including The Guardian, New Statesman, Filmfax, and Fortean Times. He holds first class degrees in Film, Television and Radio Studies (BA hons) and Cinema Studies (MA) from Staffordshire University and the University of Bristol respectively. He is the author of Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies (White Crow Books, 2015) and the editor of UFOs: Reframing the Debate (White Crow Books, 2017). Visit

  55. rosettasister Says:

  56. rosettasister Says:

    The development of Dark Skies began in late-1994 while Bryce was working at Universal as a writer on M.A.N.T.I.S, Sam Raimi’s short-lived TV show about an African-American super hero. “My assistant on that show introduced me to her husband, who was Brent Friedman. Brent and I started talking UFOs and it turned out he had been told certain things by a government insider.”

    Friedman has described this incident as follows:

    A good family friend of ours when I was just getting out of high school was working at a very high level in the Reagan administration. One night he took me aside and told me some of the things he was doing in the government, and he ended up telling me some pretty shattering stories.

    He knew that I’d always been into science-fiction, fantasy, and comic books, and he very casually just threw out there that ‘aliens are real, they’re here, and I’ve seen them.’

    At the time I was just absolutely shocked. This was a person that I grew up with and absolutely trusted, and it just rocked my world.

    With their mutual interest established, Bryce and Brent set about developing what would become their Dark Skies Bible. “Our show was really about blending the UFO phenomenon into documented, accepted world history,” Bryce told me. “Everything I had read in UFO literature ended up in Dark Skies, from Betty and Barney Hill to Majestic-12, you name it. I tried to weave it all in there.”


    “Hollywood writer and producer Bryce Zabel, who spoke to the UFO Congress in 2012, spoke about “Fear and Loathing on the Trail of the Saucers.”

    It was his personal account of 25 years of making many UFO and alien themed programs for movies and TV, including Dark Skies on NBC (1996).

    His main “bombshell,” such as it was, was to reveal the name of the government official who reportedly confessed to working in an a secret underground lab near Washington, DC where aliens are kept.

    This confession was revealed 30 years ago to #Zabel’s colleague and partner Brent #Friedman, and the name of the government official reportedly was – ta da – John S. Herrington, former Secretary of Energy in Ronald Reagan’s second term.

    Apparently Mr. #Herrington is still living, although I was not able to find an email address to contact him for his version of the story.

    Perhaps some enterprising researcher will be able to contact him to confirm or deny this.”

    #ufo #ufos #uap #uaps


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