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    “From there,” Bosley recalls of his father’s story, “He and the two guys from his unit were then sent out to Arizona, to a specific location — all I know is that it was in the vicinity of Winslow — an underground location where they were a part of the retrieval of the pilots, crew, or whatever of another crash.” Bosley’s father explained that the aircraft, rather than being of “alien” origin, had belonged to “a hidden civilization here on Earth, in the underground, and that’s what Roswell had been.” In other words, the aircraft recovered during these alleged crashes, as well as the bodies (one of which Bosley’s father said he had been shown while visiting Wright Patterson Air Force Base), had belonged to hidden civilization that exists below ground.

    [I’d never heard of Bosley, but fascinating stuff. What if there are multiple “alien” species each with their own origin story? Perhaps some are from right here on Planet Earth!]

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    “Des directeurs de projets avec des conflits d’intérêts non déclarés avec Gilead, AstraZeneca et la fondation Bill Gates qui cachent la vérité sur leurs travaux de recherches, qui manipulent l’opinion sur les informations disponibles et qui démontrent à minima une incompétence en donnant des doses massives l’hydroxychloroquine.”

    CovidPapers, Recovery : Incompétence, Mensonge, Manipulation et gros dollars



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    According to Kulyk, in August 2019, he received information that Zlochevsky put forward $50 million to close criminal cases related to the operations of Burisma.

    The initial amount of the bribe for closing the case against Burisma and the Biden family was $50 million, – Kulyk


    “… forward $50 million to close not only Zlochevsky’s case but also the case against a company close to the former US Vice President Joe Biden”

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    Lower Fish Creek, Cedar Mesa
    Utah > Cedar Mesa, Grand Gulch and Comb Ridge > Lower Fish Creek

    #Hiking #HikingArea #Utah #BluffUtah

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    Magdalena RD

    Bear Trap Campground
    Hughes Mill Campground
    Luna Park Campground
    Springtime Campground
    Water Canyon Campground

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    “That is, the Bidens were the suspects but disappeared along the way together with $44 million, which were the main part of the bribe.”




    #Derkach #Biden #PoroshenkoTheKiller #UNIDO

    Biden and other elitists get away with corruption. Some have the blood of many on their hands. I don’t like Trump, but I despise Biden.

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