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The Dirty War on Syria: Behind the Headlines

September 11, 2019

via The Dirty War on Syria: Behind the Headlines

The Dirty War on Syria: Behind the Headlines

September 11, 2019

the real Syrian Free Press

The Dirty War on Syria

By Tim Anderson

The Dirty War on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory. In seeking ‘regime change’ the big powers sought to hide their hand, using proxy armies of ‘Islamists’, demonising the Syrian Government and constantly accusing it of atrocities. In this way Syrian President Bashar al Assad, a mild-mannered eye doctor, became the new evil in the world.

The popular myths of this dirty war – that it is a ‘civil war’, a ‘popular revolt’ or a sectarian conflict – hide a murderous spree of ‘regime change’ across the region. The attack on Syria was a necessary consequence of Washington’s ambition, stated openly in 2006, to create a ‘New Middle East’. After the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, Syria was next in line.

Five years into this war the evidence is quite clear and must be set out in detail. The…

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UFO Sighting in Lexington, Kentucky on 2019-09-05 03:15:00 – It is an official record of the iss.Please see it.(my video is for reference only. because the image quality is bad.)

September 9, 2019

via UFO Sighting in Lexington, Kentucky on 2019-09-05 03:15:00 – It is an official record of the iss.Please see it.(my video is for reference only. because the image quality is bad.)

UFO Sighting in Lexington, Kentucky on 2019-09-05 03:15:00 – It is an official record of the iss.Please see it.(my video is for reference only. because the image quality is bad.)

September 9, 2019

Filer’s Files #4 2013 – NASA & UFO photo, Crop Circle Beings Pt. 4, Lockheed Martin Antigrav Tech.

September 8, 2019

via Filer’s Files #4 2013 – NASA & UFO photo, Crop Circle Beings Pt. 4, Lockheed Martin Antigrav Tech.

Filer’s Files #4 2013 – NASA & UFO photo, Crop Circle Beings Pt. 4, Lockheed Martin Antigrav Tech.

September 8, 2019

NEGATIVE FORCE GENERATING SYSTEM (NFGS) or anti-gravity The entire craft acts as one big room temperature super conducting capacitor

September 6, 2019


1 1st #UFO contacts at #FTD in 1985 w Kellerstrass, Moore, Shandera, #Doty

2 Robert M. Collins Former AF Intel Officer, Capt, O-3 (Chief Analyst/Scientist in theoretical Physics holding a Top Secret/SCI clearance) #NASIC



Break down of those raw LANL lab notes

Quoting from the raw laboratory notes we have: “The central rotating assembly is made up of four bi-polar sphere-sets held equally spaced in a metallic plate…the base plate was determined to be made of a non magnetic metal similar (but not the same having different atomic weight and valence) to magnesium, bismuth and zinc like material found in Roswell Number 1.”

So what does this mean?
The base plate with the 4-Spheres (surrounded by a toroid with a super conducting electron-plasma (Bose Condensate running through it) rotates at an incredibly high velocity, somewhere on the order of 100,000 rpm or greater creating a loud high pitched humming sound.

This is your
(NFGS) as the technical people like to call it or anti-gravity: This base plate has a hole through which the magnetic flux passes. The entire craft acts as one big room temperature super conducting capacitor.


Chapter 2




In early 1943, J. Robert Oppenheimer, the newly named director of the as-yet-un-built nuclear weapons design laboratory at Los Alamos, had to recruit a scientific staff for a purpose he could not disclose, at a place he could not specify, for a period he could not predict. Adding to these ambiguities was the status of the staff; Brig. Gen. Leslie Groves who wanted a military laboratory where scientists served in uniform, a stipulation to which Oppenheimer originally agreed.


Most of the scientists who had been recruited to work on defense projects, however, worked for universities under contract to the Office of Scientific Research and Development (OSRD) and they were reluctant to don uniforms.


As the troops signed up, Hans Bethe, nuclear physicist (1) at Cornell University, whose summary of nuclear physics in the
Review of Modern Physics
, had become known as the “Bethe Bible,” was one such person. He had worked with army officers at MIT on radar projects, and believed that a military regime would be too inflexible for the work at hand.

The challenge of recruiting these senior scientists prepared Oppenheimer for the task of staffing the Laboratory.

So, Oppenheimer armed with the Groves-Conant letter (1) crisscrossed the country adding to his team.

Despite his successes, of the 33 physicists Oppenheimer set out to recruit, only 15 came to
Los Alamos. None of these recruits would put on a uniform, and although soldiers would play a role in its work, the laboratory was never militarized.


Groves never again raised the issue of converting the laboratory to a military-style organization. Instead, it was to become an outpost of academia culminating in the explosion of the first atomic bomb at Trinity in 1945.


The transition from war to peace is never easy and that was as true in the case of World War II’s “Manhattan Project” as it was for any other aspect of the war. There in New Mexico, the question was how to turn a war-driven, short-term bomb design effort into a stable peacetime operation in charge of producing and maintaining a nuclear stockpile for the nation.


Part of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s answer to this question was to create Z Division at Los Alamos in July 1945. The “Z Division” was later moved to Sandia base just outside Kirtland AFB and renamed Sandia Laboratory on November 1, 1949, and then became Sandia National Laboratories in 1979 (1) (2). However, recent source information and documents seen in Chapter 3 indicate that there appears to be a Z-Division or Division-Z at LANL that is very much alive and well.


Starting in 1947, Los Alamos figured prominently in the recovery and exploitation of recovered UFOs with a Z-type Division undoubtedly involved in the primary effort since most of the UFO programs were hidden under nuclear weapons programs. The nuclear weapons “cover” was suspected to have been initiated by the National Security Act of 1947, and then supplemented by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (See Section 2, Chapter 2, Figure 4). Los Alamos even offered “UFO Crash Recovery” courses in 1954, according to Ed Doty, the uncle of Rick Doty.


It is of interest that according to certain MJ-12 documents, both Robert Oppenheimer, former Director of Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project, and Albert Einstein an adviser to the Los Alamos during that time, were contributing members to MAJIC (Military Assessment of the Joint Intelligence Committee) and Majestic-12 or MJ-12 (see Section 1 Chapter 2). Parallel efforts were later reported at Groom Lake and S4 see Section 3, Chapter 4. Black funds were used to support reverse engineering which more than likely came from a number of different agencies like NSA, DIA and CIA.


In the LANL area map (Figure 1), the reader will note areas marked as A, B, and C:

These are the areas reported to be the three (3) major underground facilities devoted to study of recovered UFO-alien artifacts. The facility marked as “A” is said to be one of the original underground facilities devoted to the study of “alien artifacts” and dates all way back to the early ‘50s. It was dubbed the “
Dulce Complex.”


If one drives by the front gate of TA 49, you will see that it has a simple fence with a lock on it, nothing unusual (1, 2, and 3). Facility “A” was built originally to hold nuclear weapons, but in 1954 it was converted into a complex to study alien artifacts and later used as a “safe-house” for EBE-2.


Nothing is known about Facility “B” but Facility “C” (if these facilities exist at all) is new and reported to be the largest underground facility of its kind in the world with construction starting in 1995 and finishing in 1999. Cost estimates for this “C” facility were said to be over $80 million. It’s considered to be “state of the art” in underground construction. The funds for it are suspected to be “black” and stages II and III were finished in the fall of 1999.


Going back to TA 49 or “A” in Figure 1, Building 113 (Figure 2) was reportedly used as one entry way into the TA 49 underground complex, but sources say this entry point was removed a few years ago, or, 2002. Other entries to TA 49 are said to be through TA 33, 36 & 40 where a “side ways” elevator system is/was used to get from these tech areas to TA 49.


Figure 1


TA 49’s public function is known as high explosives (HE) testing area and was used to do the conventional (HE) lens testing for both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.


In 1960 and 1961, a series of experiments involving high explosives and radioactive materials was conducted at the site. These experiments were primarily designed to improve the understanding of certain safety aspects of operational nuclear weapons. Testing continued using low, non-critical amounts of plutonium until the late ‘60s when it was stopped because of contamination, but conventional HE testing continued.


Figure 2 next showing building 113. That Dulce entry was sealed in 2002 because of security leaks.


We have also learned that part of the TA 49 operations could have been moved over to the NTS (Nevada Test Site) underground facility called ENDO-4 instead of moving to facilities “B” or “C” as seen on the LANL tech area map reference Figure1, but this is pure speculation on the part of the sources and could be wrong. As of this writing, we don’t know if there is a connection between ENDO-4 and S-4 (see Chapter 4 for S4).


Interview with EBE-2 on March 5th, 1983 at Los Alamos National Labs


“The following is an account of the interview I, Rick Doty, was involved in with EBE-2.


On March 5, 1983, I was at Los Alamos National Laboratories conducting business on a counterintelligence project. During my visit, a source I’ll call ‘LANL-1’, asked me to sit in on a very special interview. Not knowing what he was talking about, I questioned him. However, he wouldn’t say exactly what the project involved or who was being interviewed. I accompanied LANL-1 to an underground facility west of the Los Alamos complex.


The area was called Site 30. Access to this facility was gained by entering Area 49. Access to the underground facility was through building number 49-2091 which is marked as building 113 (entry now closed off) in Figure 2.


An elevator took us down about 60 feet I estimated. Once we arrived, access was gained through a large vault opening outside the elevator. We walked down a hallway to another vault door. We entered and turned right. We walked about 200 feet turned left and entered another vault door to a large room. This room contained two tables, several chairs and recording equipment. I sat near the door.  About 10 minutes later, three people, whom I did not know, entered the room. One, an Air Force colonel, asked me to sign a security document, which gave me an upgraded clearance or a TS/SCI/Group-MJ-B-3 clearance. I never heard of this but I signed. The colonel told me I was to listen only and not make any sounds during the interview.


I asked the Colonel who was being interviewed and he told me it was a guest from another planet! The colonel left. The other two people set up a table with a microphone and recording equipment, including a camera.  About five minutes later, in walks a 4′ 9″ nonhuman looking-creature. It was dressed in a tight fitting cream colored suit. It had no hair and was identified to me as EBE-2. EBE-2 sat in a chair across the table from two civilians and the AF colonel.


I did not know the identity of the three. LANL-1 came into the room and sat next to me. I listened while the three asked EBE-2 a series of questions pertaining to its home planet. First question was about the temperature, climate and weather. EBE-2 responded in perfect English, but sounded like a machine-generated voice. Very hard to explain but it was either coming from a device that EBE-2 had in front of him or from something in its body (implanted device?). EBE-2 explained the weather of its planet, which was dry, varying temperature between 65-90 degrees.


There were 35 hours of constant sunshine and three hours of darkness, the orbital axis is tilted 54 degrees from the vertical to the orbital plane. Their solar system has 11 planets. Their home planet is the third from the first star or Zeta 1 (this is third party information).  The second sun or Zeta 2 lies outside the orbit of the 11th planet. The Jupiter-size planet is the sixth planet. It is 1½ times the size our own Jupiter. For a report on Zeta Reticuli please see:

…..Rainfall occurred only during one of its months each year. As mentioned before, a day lasted 38 of our hours. They did not have months but did have years which consisted of approximately 600 of our days (which could mean the planet’s orbit is ~1.39 time’s further out than the earth’s or, just inside the orbit of our Mars).


They used a “society cycle,” which I understood to be similar to our months. During this society cycle, each Eben worked a certain time and conducted business. There was also a rest cycle, which consisted of a regulated period of sleep. I don’t recall the exact number of hours for the sleep/rest periods. EBE-2 discussed weather patterns and how they were formed; I don’t recall the exact words. However, EBE-2 seemed very intelligent and fully explained each weather pattern in precise detail. He used Earth’s equivalents for meteorology terms. The interesting part of this interview was that I didn’t hear any questions being asked by the three humans sitting across from EBE-2. Either the questions were already given to EBE-2 or the three humans were “thinking the questions” and EBE-2 would respond in English.


EBE-2 did state his planet’s name, but that was in Eben, not English. He never mentioned SERPO (see Section III, Chapter 4, page 189). He also liked the cool climate of Earth around LANL and northern New Mexico and that he was a scientist who was providing assistance to Earth’s scientists in the area of space travel.


This interview lasted about one hour. I didn’t check my watch, but I estimated from the time I entered the room to the end of the interview was about one hour and 15 minutes. Considering I was in the room about 15 minutes before EBE-2 arrived, I can estimate the interview to have been one hour. When the interview was completed, EBE-2 stood up and walked to the door.


[Rick mentioned that there was also a robot named KOD, which was built based on EBE-2’s design. They called it Entity III.]


Just before exiting EBE-2 looked at me, I felt a little strange but I immediately felt happiness! I can’t explain it but I just felt really at ease, peaceful. EBE-2 didn’t smile but he did make a strange facial expression that I can only assume to be a smile. He then left the room. The colonel then told me I would be escorted out of the facility by LANL-1.”


Richard C. Doty


Author comment, EBE-2 had arrived in 1964 and left in 1984 or, approximately two years after this interview.


In the next pages are three CIA “leaked” documents (Figures 3, 4, and 5) mentioning EBE-2. These documents are not properly classified instruments. The format is flimsy and they lack certain required classification warning labels and declassification instructions, etc. But as sources tell us these memos were to be read then destroyed. They were not meant to have a long lifetime in the security system.


Ernie Kellerstrass and others have stated that the content of the memos are extremely accurate. Richard Doty would say:


“I saw these EBE-2 MJ-12 documents in a codeword document published by the Air Force Office of Scientific Intelligence dated in 1985.”


Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green, Chapter1, would say:


“In the years I was there (CIA), they corresponded to the dates on the purported memos.” I not only saw often and used the rather odd stationary for my own internal memos, but for the same “kind of” internal memo-routing. The form of type-font–a little eclectic to say the least–I had also seen from the CIA/DDO.


And, it is true also–that I never saw those memos or any others on the (UFO) subject. I also noted however, that references to “IDENT” were correct, in they referred to a U.S. subject DCD-type sourcing.”


Partial list of “Terms” used in the three (3) MJ-12 EBE-2 memos


• TREAD: Transmitted Encrypted Analysis Data;


• IDENT info: CIA term to mean identification of information accomplished;


• KEND-3: CIA term for special secure communication phone;


• OP-KIWI: CIA operation involving EBE-2;


• Song-Dance: Disinformation program to hide truth about EBE-2;


• Class YY-II: Has been identified as an EBE holding facility;


• Sources can’t identify EO 01156;


• D-Site, KERW-302 (but could be a coded message system used by CIA), PETE-23;


• SID (might mean Scientific Intelligence Division), SI-3-TR-WE-EO or 24 Class;


• R2 is Bush 1 according to Bill Moore.





Figure 3


Figure 4

Figure 5


We have focused on facilities in this chapter versus the personalities because of an almost complete lack of knowledge of how the players might have interacted on a day-to-day basis in the MJ-12 arena.


Secrecy was the order of the day. As we saw with TA 49 (HE Testing), facilities were used as covers to support covert UFO operations. Dulce was said to have over a hundred rooms covering five (5) levels (ground level is Level 1) with each level being over a football field in length. We can only imagine the enormous amount of black funds used to build facilities like Dulce even in 1954 dollars.


Reverse engineering is at the heart of what this book is about, so if a UFO did crash at
Roswell and other places what did they do with all that hardware besides what we already know? Why hasn’t reverse-engineering moved more quickly? Why are there so many problems, yet so few solutions? We will attempt to answer those and many other questions in the coming chapters.





History of LANL: How did the Laboratory come to be located in Los Alamos? Who were the movers and shakers who created it? And, how did a small group of people transplanted to a tiny, isolated community in the mountains of northern New Mexico conceive of a weapon that would forever change history?


(2) End of a War: Beginning of a Laboratory, Z DIVISION 1945-1949:


















Chapter 3




Did some of the correspondence or documents on the following pages reportedly come from a “non-existent” LANL Z-Division? (1)


s it the same Z-Division that Robert Oppenheimer (referenced in last chapter) established in July 1945 and which was an operation that was in charge of producing and maintaining a nuclear stockpile for the nation? Named after Jerrold Zacharia,


This was the same Z-Division that was moved to the Sandia base outside of
Albuquerque and later officially renamed Sandia Laboratory on November 1, 1949, and Sandia National Laboratories in 1979, as mentioned in last Chapter (2).


But, in the classified world, Z-Division perhaps never really left LANL and is still very much alive and well. This is from source information and declassified UFO documents with the word “Restricted” stamped on them. We know that many of the more “sensitive” UFO secrets were kept buried under nuclear weapons programs as mentioned in the previous chapters (See Section 2, Chapter 2, Figure 4 where the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 is mentioned in connection with UFOs).


By extension, we can surmise from both the MJ-12 and recent DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency, Figures 2 and 3) leaked documents that a non-existent LANL Z-Division had played a highly significant role on the subject of UFOs since 1947. This effort was named Project Jehovah in the 60s, Section I, Chapter 2 reference 4.


So, where to begin? Let’s start with a series of raw confidential laboratory notes in Figures 1a, b, and c for Eben craft number 2. Then move to an analysis of what those raw notes might mean.



Figure 1a



Figure 1b



Figure 1c


So, what do those raw notes (Figures 1a, b & c) mean?


The craft 3GHz signal reported in the raw notes has been confirmed by a number of sources se
e, UFOs & Nukes page 118, Hastings, 2008 and,


After asking a series of questions, Charles (LANL source) then responded on January 4th, 2004:


“Before answering your questions, you are assuming that ET crafts are made with our technology based on your questions. Many years ago, we made that same mistake and it took us several years to correct the mistake and start fresh from the drawing board.


“Their technology is nothing similar to ours. We do not utilize our physics or chemistry in a comparison analysis. We started from scratch and learned their principles of dynamics, physics, etc.


“The document (Figure 1) I gave my contact was a briefing to people with some basic knowledge of the craft. I used our grammar and basic English comparison phrases to explain a very complex ET system.


“The ET craft was manufactured using ET technology. This craft was built many years before we developed flight. They used a different physics principle that we still don’t fully understand. We cannot duplicate the craft’s material. We have nothing similar to that material on Earth. We have similar substances, metals, etc, but 80% of the craft’s

outer shell is made of an unknown type of material that we do not have on Earth. Some of it is made from a substance similar to Zinc but with a different atomic weight and valence.


“The primary propulsion system is electro-magnetic flux directional positive force (meant negative force?) generating system. The secondary propulsion system is an anti-gravity (using fluid plasma) directional negative force generating system. Remember, these are our terms: comment; see
Alcubierre Warp Drive:


“The entire craft can be a super conductor or a super capacitor depending on how the propulsion system is configured. Like I said, the system is extremely complicated. Unless you understand the entire system, which we don’t, you won’t understand what I am saying.


“The electrical system works on a vacuum vacated energy principle. This system generates an unlimited amount of power. The Visitors have determined that hydrogen has many more isotopes than we thought. H5 is one isotope they harness and use as a catalyst inside the power device.


Author’s comments
for “our” H5 see (5).


“Getting to your questions, it would do you no good for me to answer those questions. You would be completely baffled by my answers. It is best to let the questions sit until the completed information is made public.


“I directed no disrespect to your regarding the “dumb friends” statement. I simply meant people without the inside knowledge makes statements that are dumb. I’ve worked on this project for 12 years and I sometimes call myself dumb because I try to compare the craft with our technology. Doing that is dumb, as all who have worked on the craft over the years have come to understand.”



Charles, LANL contact



Break down of those raw LANL lab notes


Quoting from the raw laboratory notes we have: “The central rotating assembly is made up of four bi-polar sphere-sets held equally spaced in a metallic plate…the base plate was determined to be made of a non magnetic metal similar (but not the same having different atomic weight and valence) to magnesium, bismuth and zinc like material found in Roswell Number 1.”

So what does this mean?
The base plate with the 4-Spheres (surrounded by a toroid with a super conducting electron-plasma (Bose Condensate running through it) rotates at an incredibly high velocity, somewhere on the order of 100,000 rpm or greater creating a loud high pitched humming sound.

This is your
(NFGS) as the technical people like to call it or anti-gravity: This base plate has a hole through which the magnetic flux passes. The entire craft acts as one big room temperature super conducting capacitor.

The July 1947 Air Accident Report supports this.

Quoting from, Air Accident Report on “Flying Disc” aircraft near the White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico; D333.5 ID (16 Jul 47) signed by Twining; page 1 (first numbered page after cover page), paragraph 2d. Sent from the Air Material Command, Wright Field Ohio to Commanding General, Washington 25 D.C.


“2d. Upon examination of the interior of the craft, a compartment exhibiting a possible atomic engine was discovered. At least this is the opinion of Dr. Oppenheimer [government typo, sic] and Dr. von Karman. A possibility exists that part of the craft itself comprises the propulsion system, thus allowing the reactor to function as a heat exchanger and permitting the storage of energy into a substance for later use. This may allow the converting of mass into energy, unlike the release of energy of our atomic bombs. The description of the power room is as follows:


(1) A doughnut shaped tube approximately thirty-five feet in diameter, made of what appears to be a plastic material, surrounding a central core (see sketch in TAB1, not available). This tube was translucent, approximately one inch thick. The tube appeared to be filled with a clear substance, possibly a heavy water (it’s really a fluid electron (e)-plasma, see 2004 LANL raw report in beginning of Chapter). A large rod centered (white out used here) inside the tube, was wrapped in a coil of what appears to be of copper material, through the circumference of the tube. This may be the reactor control mechanism or a storage battery. There were no moving parts decernable [typo, sic] within the power room nor in any of the spaces examined.”


See PDF below which is hard to read in certain places. The quotes on this page were taken from cleaner copies.


Comments about this document:


a) The Accident Report is not a draft. Drafts are not signed.


b) No peer review, hence the typo mistakes, extensive use of “white-out,” or an “eraser,” excessive commas and awkward use of words. Unless the “peer” reviewer had the proper clearances meaning MJTWELVE and or MAJIC the classified/code word documents would never get checked. And, see WWII War Bonds logo in upper right corner of cover page.


c) It was a common practice to choose selected words in a TS/Code word document so they’d have missing letters or other grammar errors to track the document and one reason documents would get “retyped” before being leaked.

d) Sources took extreme risks in leaking documents and therefore created the messy “bleed through” appearance that we see in many of those documents. This gives “plausible denial” to the subject.


What about those James Jesus Angleton’s Einstein notes from 1951-’52?




Americans do not think the way we do. My experiments at the facility Q have me by day very busy and at home, I work on what the creatures tell me. They speak to me telepathically. I have learned much. Disc 1 has been totally dismantled, they lost 4 young men as they opened the propulsion core. The energy core, which operates much more than propulsion is an easy equation to solve, I have done so. Problem is, to get to model stage will take more time. ….”


Below are extracts taken from the hundreds of personal hand written notes taken during classified CIA briefings which belonged to James J. Angleton who was fired/retired from the CIA in 1974 (see, Section II Chapter 1). Graciously, James Angleton provided many of the notes to these authors. It must be emphasized that JJA was not a technical person so the notes are sketchy and unclear in many cases. The reason for presenting this extract is to show readers the similarity between what the Los Alamos sources were saying and what the “Einstein notes” say; example, that the craft(s) can be considered as one big super-conducting capacitor, etc.


The notes go on to mention electron pairs and other technical issues. But, the BCS (Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer) (2) theory of electron pairs called Cooper pairs was not published until 1957. So how can this extract be real? ALF, see below, was the reason it seems they knew of “electron pairs” in the early fifties.


“The qualitative picture is a local field of positive cosmological constants contributing to the local metric field in a small boundary layer around the skin of the craft. The layer was controlled by the EM brainwave of the pilot. The pilot also has a Q* type of field. Dr Einstein expanded…. The fuselage of the craft was more liken to a high temperature super-conductor to which the occupants do not feel the g forces at high accelerations or sharp turns. There is a direct correlation to mind-linkage via headband and hand-panels. There is an exotic field surrounding the vehicle. The hull had super-conducting properties. We watched the craft displace gravity via propagation by a magnetic wave (3). It resonated at first, ALF (Alien Life Form) our liaison, telepathically explained its basic propulsion stating that “N” in the equation (not shown) is the number of pairs in the super-conductor (these electron pairs contribute to the anti-gravity effect)…with a slowly changing component and frequency for the EM field.”


This statement is followed by numerous equations.


This scene seems to be depicted in the 1951 movie, “The Day the Day Earth Stood Still” (4) where in this case the scientist is Albert Einstein and the alien is ALF.


It continues:


“Once our pilots understood the interaction of the craft, they were not affected by the g-forces and that under tremendous acceleration the craft bent gravity or folded it around the outer hull of the craft. The pilots claimed they knew they were going very fast, but it was so fast that they saw things stand still in time. The bow and stern warped under dynamic action. At first our pilots could not interface with the craft. ALF corrected the problem by assisting the interface with 3 fingers on the globe panel then the wave formed and the craft begun to cooperate and generate lift. They also had to use the smallest pilots under 5ft 3 inches to wear the headband and garb, which also helped in g-force displacement.

Encrypted was following: 0800/23/6/52/EODCI/DSC/OSI/E”


What the Los Alamos sources have been describing matches in many respects what we see in the Angleton notes, the Air Accident report and a current Physicist by the name of Modanese has been describing in many of his recent papers, see link as one example.


Title: Possible quantum gravity effects in a charged Bose condensate under variable e.m. field: Authors: G. Modanese, J. Schnurer.


Finally, did Albert Einstein really start the whole reverse engineering process right after Roswell which continues to this day? Paper evidence says “yes” but that never really satisfies anyone. Where do we go from here?


Energy Device (ED), Code Named Crystal Rectangle and H5 Production?


An alien energy device (ED) code named “Crystal Rectangle?” This code name is not shown on the documents. Some sources specifically, a retired chief of security at Area 51 informed this author in September 2005 that the content of the documents are real, but the documents are not; i.e., the serial numbers and code words could not be authenticated by the DIA office at Los Alamos.


However, is the DIA office lying in the interest of National Security? Figures 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are depicted followed by a strenuous effort by these authors to offer some rational explanations. Both Richard Helms (ex CIA Director and friend of the Doty family) and Tom Mack (retired AF major and friend of Rick Doty) mentioned this CR device before they died. Richard Helms is quoted in 1999 as stating: “It was later learned that the communication device was connected to the CR by a small glass tube (fiber optics?), (footnote 6, Chapter 3). There were no wires within this glass tube (more like a crystal-type material).”


Tom Mack (Chapter 4, reference 12) would say in a personal e-mail to this author: “CR was the code for, Crystal Rectangle, which was the material and shape of the device. It could generate a large amount of energy; however we never could duplicate it and could not understand how it worked.


We couldn’t make hydrogen 5 in large quantities; in fact, we made a small amount but it dissipated in a matter of nano-seconds. We had no way of making it and storing it (5a). To the best of my knowledge, the CR is still stored underground at LANL.”


It should be noted that in September 1947 a hydrogen isotope (H5?) for the flying saucer power system was first identified, see (5b).


In Figure 2 it says, “The material contained in this report was received from the Scientific Advisory Group, Special Mission Section, Los Alamos National Laboratories, Los Alamos, NM.”


It states: “During a recovery mission of an extraterrestrial space craft in Jun 1947, several pieces of debris were found. It further says, “Further analysis by Dr. Edward Teller, revealed the debris to be an energy device (ED).”


The ED uses Hydrogen 5 (H5, very unstable unless contained in the Crystal Rectangle) as a catalyst to extract energy from the vacuum as explained below:


“The interior of the device contained six thousand three hundred and sixty-six (6,366) small black circular objects (.003 cm) that spins clockwise within a circular sphere (Spherical Reactor in Sept ‘47 (5b)) filled with liquid when a demand of electricity is placed on the device.


The black object apparently aggravates a liquid material, believed to be an isotope of hydrogen. The process produces a displacement of energy inside the device that is directed to the export tubes. The hydrogen isotope was identified as an isotope similar to Tritium however, this liquid has four neutrons.”













Figure 2a
DIA TS/Pop Strike document



Figure 2b:
DIA TS/Pop Strike document.


As it states in the Figure 2 document, our scientists as of 1995 had no idea how this device really worked except for knowing the role H5 might play. However, in 2001 and later, concerted efforts were being made to fly this device on selected space shuttle missions and the space station (ISS).


At the same time Los Alamos was making concerted efforts in reverse-engineering (please see Figures again).


The Figure 3 document shows repeated attempts to test the alien energy device (ED) on board the shuttle and International Space Station with phenomenal results for its small size and weight.


Supposedly, the ED was used to power equipment during the construction of the International Space Station. It supplied voltage from 9 volts/.5 amperes to 1100 volts/100 amperes where the demand did not cause heat buildup or electro magnetic induction (EMI).


At no time, as the document says, did the ED cause any problems with measuring equipment or avionics on board the space station. In further reading we see terms like “Lorentz force,” “Hall effect” and the “Van der Pauw” effect. Please see:
…for explanations of those terms.























Figure 3a:
DIA TS/Arc Weld document.



Figure 3b: DIA TS/Arc Weld document


A few added comments about Figure 3: TS/TK means “Top Secret Talent Keyhole” data. Talent Keyhole was used to protect sensitive data obtained from spy satellites.


The three astronauts mentioned in the Figure 3 document are real; please see reference 6a and see 6b for what was recovered from the
Columbia.  Also, note the grammar errors in Figures 2b and 3b with the mixing of plural with singular and the word “supply” spelled as “supple.” These grammar errors are used to track sensitive documents.


Magnetic Flux Chamber


The magnetic flux chamber in Figure 4 is reportedly used to harness vacuum energy created by the alien energy device or ED (reference the DIA documents in Figures 2 and 3) or it might be used to harness energy from our own reverse engineered ED (reference Figure 6). No comment or explanation from the LANL source on how this really works other than what is seen in the drawing.


Figure 4


Next: Figures 5 and 6 depict LANL’s attempts at producing H5 and then designing an energy device (ED) supposedly based on the alien design, but using our own technology. Again, no explanation from sources as to how these devices might work other than what is seen in the drawings.



anner-King H5


Figure 5 is a computer-generated diagram for H5 production at LANL classified “TOP SECRET/DANNER-KING” controlled under NSA/DIA Reg 3401.4R. Diagram is by Dr. Larry Terrill and Dr. Mark Kurts LANL/OKART/Team Alpha. This is the same Alpha Team who did the Eben # 2 craft report shown in Figure 1. Note again the grammar errors which are typical of internal documents and it is those same grammar errors whch [sic] are used to track sensitive documents mentioned earlier.


Figure 6: MARV-85: This reportedly represents LANL’s attempts to reverse engineer the alien ED device as described in the DIA TS/Codeword documents.


There are very few details available on this device and most of the questions were answered with, “That’s classified.” As mentioned earlier, we believe this device makes use of H5 which is then used as a catalyst to extract energy from the vacuum thereby providing an energy output for the ED.


H5 is very unstable, but reportedly not for Alpha Team 7. Regarding HOL-3, our source wouldn’t say, and added it was highly classified and the same for Da-4, or classified.


The Cash-Landrum Case Revisited


Figure 7
Artist James Neff’s rendition of the Cash-Landrum incident.


In December 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and her grandson Colby Landrum, were driving along a road in Huffman, TX, when they saw a bright light in the sky. After driving a little more along the road, they came across a large diamond shaped UFO hovering over the road belching fire out of the bottom. Since the flames were blocking the road, they had to stop the car about 65 yards away from the craft and the three of them got out. Vickie and Colby stayed by the car while Betty went on to get a closer look. She spent a long time gazing at it, but then her skin began to burn because of the heat from the flames (Heat and flames generated by an air -cooled nuclear reactor and/or Doppler shifting of the radiation due to the anti-gravity field?). She returned to the car as the object began to rise and then a large number of unmarked black helicopters chased. When they got home, they started suffering from sunburn, diarrhea and vomiting.


Rick Doty and others have stated that the Cash-Landrum (CL) case of December 29, 1980 was one of our reverse-engineered craft gone out of control (7). From what has been learned it seems this craft was a very primitive attempt by the US government to find a fast track, secret way to get us into space and off to the stars using anti-gravity as the propulsion mechanism (part of Project Snowbird?). But, according to the LANL contact, nothing worked and they had to start all over again.  As the contact had said, there were problems with the materials, propulsion system, and understanding the alien’s power system. Edward Teller had supposedly identified the power system as far back as 1957. But as to how it really works–other than the use of H5– is still a mystery according to that DIA document in Figure 2.


However, that plus the other DIA documents must be real enough for an FBI investigation in 2004:


And, according to certain sources there is a top secret astronaut corps at Area 51 that flies these reverse-engineered craft. Donald Rumsfeld (ex Secretary of Defense under Bush II) who is a former Naval Aviator has a reported keen interest in this corps.


The story these documents and drawings tell is stunning and shocking if true. We have no way of verifying much of this material except for the shuttle astronauts. Because so much of the material appears to remain highly classified and sensitive, it is extremely hard for these authors to explain much more than what has been presented. From what we are hearing it would take an “act of god” to force the government to declassify anything like what the readers have learned in these chapters.


Having focused here, let us pursue the ideas of reverse-engineering even further by venturing out to Area 51-S4 and attempt to separate fact from fiction.





(1)  End of a War: Beginning of a Laboratory, 2 /DIVISION, 1945-1949:


(2)  BCS (Bardeen, Cooper, and Schnetter) theory of electron pairs:


(3a) “Experimental Detection of the Gravitomagnetic London Moment,” 2006. By– Martin Tajmar, Florin Plesescu, Klaus Marhold & Clovis J. de Matos.


(b) Gravity/Antigravity “Forces”


Strictly speaking, in the GR point of view there are no gravitational “forces,” but rather (in the words of GR theorist John Wheeler) “Matter tells space how to curve, and space tells matter how to move [21].”


As a result, Newton’s law of gravitational attraction to a central mass is therefore interpreted in terms of the space-time structure as expressed in terms of the metric tensor coefficients, in this case as expressed in Eq. (4) above. Therefore, in terms of the metric coefficients gravitational attraction in this case derives from the condition that g00 < 1 , g11 > 1.


As to the possibility for generating “antigravitational forces,” it was noted that in equation (5) inclusion of the effects of charge led to metric tensor contributions counter to the effects of mass, i.e., to electrogravitic repulsion. This reveals that conditions under which, say, the signs of the coefficients g00 and g11 could be reversed would be considered (loosely) as antigravitational in nature.


Advanced Space Propulsion Based On Vacuum (SpaceTime Metric) Engineering, JBIS, Vol. 63, pp.82-89, 2010


Harold E. Puthoff, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, 11855 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas 78759, USA


puthoff_jbis.pdf (application/pdf Object)



“The Day the Earth Stood Still:”




(5a) “A super heavy isotope of hydrogen that has four neutrons and a proton in its nucleus has been detected for the first time. Physicists have been attempting to create hydrogen-5–which is thought to exist inside stars–for over 40 years.”


(b) Spherical reactor (hydrogen isotope type, H5?) connected to the propulsion motors.


(6a) List of astronauts on the shuttle fights:


(b) Was it a classified communications device or (Energy Device) found in the Columbia Shuttle wreckage?


(7) “Diamond in the Sky: The Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum,” December 29, 1980 UFO incident:


Peregrine Communications; Kindle Edition 2014-2018, ( New 5th edition November 20th, 2018 with highly classified CIA documents.”


[I cannot overemphasize how important these Google results are. They have been and will continue to be manipulated in order to keep important information from becoming widely known.]



UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s) Over New York City

September 4, 2019

via UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s) Over New York City

UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s) Over New York City

September 4, 2019

The UFO Spotlight On...

UFO Similar to Soldiers &amp; Sailors UFO - Slant view

UFO Digest Editor Reports UFO Sighting(s)

Over New York City

By Robert D. Morningstar
(Copyright, 2019 , R. D. Morningstar – All rights Reserved)
The Soldiers & Sailors UFO Passage
June 1st, 2019
I am the Editor/Co-Publisher of UFO Digest and I’m writing to share with you a very special event that happened in New York City on June 1st, 2019. 
On that afternoon,, my friend <name withheld> and I had a close UFO encounter of the 1st kind while waiting for our Tai Chi class to start on the South Plaza of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in the borough of Manhattan, New York City. 
Photo composite image above rendered by Robert D. Morningstar showing     the shape and relative size of the UFO as it passed by in flight.
The Date was June 1st, 2019.  The Time was 4:10 p.m 
and the weather was clear…

View original post 2,155 more words


September 4, 2019

[The following is one long excerpt. I had trouble copying. There are many grammatical errors, a lot of spaces between words were omitted for some reason.

EDIT: Sorry, I’ve listened to so many interviews, they’re all jumbled up in my brain. I may have confused EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE with MIRAGE MEN.

Also I’d differentiate between what Doty actually said and what the narrator said. Still there’s A LOT here.]


[I’m adding this related link. Again, I’d caution, what some may term a “hoax” may in fact be just the opposite, and vice versa. So, not only is your government hiding certain truths, it made it virtually impossible for the average citizen to discern truth from fiction.]

+6 more
posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 01:40 PM

In 1996, according to John Alexander (see Section H5 below) in his book “UFOs – Myths, Conspiracies and Realities”, Hal Puthoff was involved in at least two multi-day discussions with Corso regarding the claims made in Corso’s highly controversial book “The Day After Roswell”. The relevant discussions took place in March 1996 in Stuart, Florida (with John Alexander and George Knapp) and in April 1996 in Las Vegas (with Robert Bigelow and Jacques Vallee).

John Alexander’s book also refers, without giving any relevant dates, to a meeting arranged by Bill

Moore that Alexander attended with Hal Puthoff, Scott Jones and a source that claimed to have been involved in an official UFO project when he was in the US Air Force involving claims of induction into the program at an underground facility at Los Alamos. The source allegedly describing a facility which John Alexander knew “pretty well”, with Alexander stating that “I knew that there were no underground bunkers in that facility”. John Alexander does not name the source, but the relevant claims and the connection to Bill Moore suggest the possibility that the relevant individual was Richard Doty.

John Alexander also mentions in his book that Hal Puthoff was assigned the name “Partridge” in the Aviary, although he was not sure of his recollection since “it was not terribly important at the time”. Robert Collins has, in his book “Exempt from Disclosure”, also stated that Hal Puthoff was “Patridge” in the Aviary. Armen Victorian wrote an article for the Nexus Magzine for October-November 1993 (i.e. Volume 2 Number 16) which discussed the Aviary, naming (at page 15) Harold Puthoff as “Owl” in the Aviary. While John Alexander states that “the vast majority of the material on the Internet concerning the mystical Aviary is simply amusing”, he does confirm that he attended a meeting with Hal Puthoff, Scott Jones, Bill Moore and Jamie Shandera in Dayton, Ohio. He says it was “really quite mundane” but does not give details of the date, purpose or content of the discussions. Bob Collins, in his controversial book “Exempt from Disclosure”, states the following about a meeting involving Hal Puthoff in the fall of 1987:


Ernie Kellerstrass had Bill Moore, Jaime Shandera, Hal Puthoff, Col. John Alexander … Scott Jones (assistant for Senator Pell), and me over to his house in Beavercreek, OH (suburb of Dayton, OH) for dinner. … During the dinner and afterwards many of the conversations went non-stop involving such topics as Area 51 in Nevada where purportedly there was an ET base according to Ernie. … So went the conversations in the ensuing months and years…

Bob Collins also stated in that book that, in April 1989, he attended a “mini-summit” with Kit Green, Hal Puthoff, Rick Doty, Bill Moore and Jaime Shandera in April 1989 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a motel. He claims that “This meeting dealt with the aftershocks from the “UFO Cover-Up Live” show and how to proceed with the new sources” and that “Kit Green took center stage by proposing several lines of attack involving disclosure strategies”.

In 2005, Hal Puthoff co-authored a paper entitled “Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation” published in (with Jim Deardorff, Haisch and Bruce Maccabee). That paper concluded as follows:


Despite the UFO phenomenon having continued now for over two generations, the huge technological head start of the presumed ETs would still come as a great shock to many scientists as well as citizenry, as the Brookings Report indicated. It could be so great as to seriously challenge our consensual reality, a not insignificant danger. The implication that we would be powerless relative to their presumed capabilities and evolutionary advantage may be most unwelcome, with it being no surprise that science would have difficulty coming to terms with the situation. Nevertheless, the reality of the phenomenon and of our having long since been discovered by advanced ETs now may be more probable than that Fermi’s paradox is to be resolved through either the non-existence of advanced ETs or their inability to explore or colonise the galaxy. Hence open scientific research on the subject is needed with special attention paid to high quality UFO reports exhibiting apparent indications that ET intelligence and strategy are involved.

Hal Puthoff was a member of the “Team of Five” (i.e. Richard Doty, Harold Puthoff, Kit Green, Victor Martinez and Bill Ryan) in relation to the Serpo hoax. (Rick Doty is commonly regarded within the UFO community as the author, or at least a co-author, of the hoaxed Serpo material). I think many people that have not looked into the Serpo fiasco would be surprised to hear that Harold Puthoff worked together with the infamous Rick Doty in relation to anything (particularly the Serpo hoax). The nature of the involvement of the Team of Five in relation to the SERPO hoax is a matter of some controversy. Several UFO researchers have suggested that the Team of Five were behind the Serpo hoax (pointing to, in particular, evidence that Doty was clearly involved in hoaxing relevant material and leaked emails between members of the Team of Five), while some of the Team of Five have claimed that they were only investigating the Serpo hoax. These controversies were discussed in various items online, particularly in material on Shawnna Connolly’s website, in Part 9 of the Reality Uncovered’s website “Project Serpo Investigation” and in various threads here on ATS (particularly in a thread started by Shawnna Connolly in 2006 entitled “Project Serpo blown wide open – exclusive expose” and several more recent threads, including 1ofthe9’s thread “Mirage Men is Out” in 2014 and TheGut’s thread “The Men In Black(OPs) The Aviary & UFOs” in 2012.


Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.47.54 AM



The long excerpt actually begins here:

(6) This information reportedly came from Mr. R (Richard Helms) in March of 1999, EBEs 1, 2, and3. This is in source’s own words.“While Ebe #1 was alive, there was apparently a failure to communicate between Ebe #1 and ourmilitary. They failed to ask Ebe #1 about the CR device or any other items aboard Ebe’s spacecraftexcept one. Ebe explained their communication device. It was a small (12″ x 9″ x 2″) device. Itcontained several small holes, two 4″ antennas and two black inlayed “chips”. Of course we didn’tknow the black items were a form of computer chips back then but we know that today. Thecommunication device also had a series of lights that would alternate from left to right when anincoming signal was received. The lights would alternate from right to left when an out going signalwas sent. What was interesting was how this device was powered. It was later learned that thecommunication device was connected to the CR [Crystal Rectangle, see Section 3 Chapter 3 for CR]by a small glass tube (fiber optics?). There were no wires within this glass tube [more like a crystaltype material]. To the best of Mr. R’s (Richard Helms) knowledge, they still haven’t figured out how the powergoes from the CR to the communication’s device. Although we could not operate the communication’sdevice, we used it to manufacture a device that was later used to communicate with the Ebens. Mr. Rstates the device was classified until the late ‘70s, now the military uses it. “Ebe #2 came in 1964, not 1974. He was here from 1964 until 1984. Ebe #3 came in 1979 andstayed until 1989,” comment: or was it 1993?“This information has never been disclosed before. It should be held in the strictest of confidence(Code word and above). Ebe #1 had psychic powers! He was able to move items by just looking atthem. He even moved one of our aircraft (an F-89 fighter) from a runway to a hanger![sic] He also hadhealing powers. He was able to move his right hand over an injury and cause the injury to heal[Similar to the scene in ET where ET moved [sic] pointed his finger at the cut in the boy’s hand!]While at Los Alamos, Ebe #1 observed a construction project going on. A large crane was used to hoist steel beams from the ground to the top of a building underconstruction. Without anyone’s clue, Ebe #1 moved his right hand over a steel beam and levitated it tothe top of the building! Obviously, that impressed a lot of people. As you are probably aware, Ebe #1could communicate by telepathy. But he could actually do more than that. He could read the thoughts of people before they were reading [sic] to express them! He had theability to delve into the mind and bring out thoughts and dreams. Ironically, Ebe #2 and Ebe #3 did not

have this ability. Ebe #2 had some psychic ability but not anywhere near Ebe #1’s ability.”


Chapter 4 RICHARD DOTY: AIR FORCE OFFICE OF SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS (AFOSI) COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE and Raven Addendum, the Wilderness of MirrorsThis Chapter was taken from a set of four interviews done by Bill Moore and Jaime Shandera in the1980s and later updated.Christopher Green MD, PhD in Neurophysiology now at Wayne State Medical Center in Michiganrelates that many years ago one of his friends, Richard Helms, ex-CIA Director at the time, told him,“Always believe what Richard Doty tells you about UFOs.”I was born on February 15, 1950 in New York State and retired from the United States Air Force inNovember 1988 as a Master Sergeant. What you are about to read is some of my 20 years experiencein the area of UFOs and aliens which today is just as much a surprise to me as it was back in July 1969with my first encounter. Hype and exaggerations have been avoided at all costs so the following storymight seem monotonous, but it is unpretentious. I certainly don’t know all the facts and I assume thatby this time some or a lot of the information you are about to read has changed. So, where do I begin? Well, in August of 1968, I began my basic training at Lackland A.F.B., TX,which, lasted until November. After that I stayed at Lackland for a special duty assignment. Afterbasic training, I went through air force security police school at Lackland. I then was assigned to the1041st Combat Security Police Wing, where I went through 14 weeks of combat training in Hawaii.After training, I volunteered for a special duty assignment at Indian Springs AFB Nevada whichrequired that I have a “Top Secret” clearance. There were a total of 10 security policeman selected forthis TDY. After receiving our clearances, we were flown to Indian Springs AFB. Indian Springs AFB is located approximately 60 miles northwest of Las Vegas and containedtactical firing ranges used by combat aircraft. Approximately 15 miles southeast of Indian Springs was located a top secret Air Force facility andthis is where my career as a security policeman began. Upon my arrival at this special facility the 10security policemen and I were given a Top Secret briefing by a USAF Colonel. The briefing was quitegeneric; no details of the special facility were given. All we were told was that the facility testedspecial aircraft. We were housed in a new air-conditioned building containing a theater, dining facilityand a recreational area. My special duty was to guard a very large hangar estimated to be 3500 ft by4000 ft and at least 100 ft in height. The hangar was located inside a high security fenced in area with

two entry points. It was one of the largest hangars I’d ever seen. I was assigned to security flight “C.” My supervisor was a Master Sergeant. We also had two air force officers, one captain and onelieutenant. Another flight of security policemen guarded the interior of the building. These securitypolicemen were E-6 or higher. During an extremely hot July day in 1969 at ~9:00 a.m., and under verytight security, the hangar doors were opened. I was amazed at the size of the object located inside (thisscene was depicted in Steven Spielberg’s “Taken” which was televised on the Sci-Fi channel inDecember 2002). My first impression was that the object was a “flying saucer.” It was pulled out of the hangar by a large USAF tug vehicle and because of my close proximity tothe hangar door (about 50 ft), the object literally passed over my head. I was again stunned by its sizeas it was pulled out onto a runway. It sat on the runway for about an hour while several attempts weremade to start it up, but it would not start. Technicians in white coveralls and civilian suits worked onthe object for another hour. Finally, the large craft was pulled back into the hangar. Later that afternoon, while off duty, I asked my supervisor what the object was. I was told it was anexperimental aircraft. I joking replied that the object looked like a flying saucer. About that time, aman in civilian clothing asked me to meet with him in an unoccupied room. Once inside, the room the civilian identified himself as Mr. Blake. Blake asked me what I knewabout flying saucers. I mentioned that I had read some magazines, but that I was joking when I saidthe object looked like a flying saucer. Blake told me that he knew my uncle and how my uncle (EdDoty) worked as an investigator on UFO sightings. I stated that I knew his and that my uncle hadmentioned this to me in the past. Blake then said, “What if I told you that the object you saw todaywas a real flying saucer from another planet then what would you say?” I said I wouldn’t know what tosay. Blake laughed and then he told me not to mention this to anyone. Blake then escorted me to thedoor saying, “Airmen Doty, someday you’ll know the true story about that object sitting in the bighangar.” I simply nodded and left the room. Little did I know how right he would be? I saw the large “flying saucer” again several more times in the next 45 days. However, it never didfly. The day prior to my departure the same Colonel who gave the initial briefing debriefed me. I flewback to Nellis then eventually back to Sheppard AFB.About two months before departing for Vietnam, my uncle (who had just been promoted)came to the base to visit me. I was instructed to get into civilian clothes and then he took me to theOfficer’s club for dinner. During the meal my uncle asked me about my temporary assignment toIndian Springs. I told him I saw something I wasn’t sure about. He told me that indeed the object wasa captured flying saucer and I was very surprised at the nonchalant way my uncle brought up thesubject. I wondered whether it was safe to bring up this type of subject in the club, but my uncle toldme not to worry. For the next hour my uncle talked about the flying saucer in the hangar and about what thegovernment really knew. Among the things that he told me was that the USAF had an alien incaptivity, but the alien died several years ago. My uncle never spoke in specifics just general terms.Comment: On 21 February 2003, Ed Doty stated to Robert Collins, “Robert: That conversation withmy nephew occurred over 33 years ago. I don’t remember much of the conversation. Richard had been

assigned to a special security detail at the Nellis Test Site (NTS). He guarded a classified project. Hearrived back at Sheppard, his host base. I was TDY at Sheppard and looked him up. I managed to gethim into the O-Club for lunch. He told me about his ordeal at the Nevada Test Site (NTS). To the bestof my knowledge, he did not discuss anything classified. That’s all I remember. Ask Richard maybehe remembers the conversation. Best, Ed.”After returning from Vietnam I was stationed at McChord AFB in Washington State. In the fall of1971, I was involved in a UFO incident that was described as “a thing” by two enlisted Air Forcenavigational site technicians. The “thing” was dressed in metallic coveralls and wearing a spacehelmet. After an investigation, of which nothing ever came of the whole incident, the subject wasdropped.In September 1976, after more overseas duty, I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB, SD, and assigned tothe 44th Security Police Squadron. In this case the UFO incident as described in the DD 1569, AirForce Incident/Complaint Report, turned out to be a hoax and the sergeant involved in faking the DD1569 was punished and dismissed from the Air Force.In the spring of 1978, I was recruited by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) tobecome an agent. I passed all the necessary requirements and tests and was sent to the AFOSIAcademy in Washington, D.C. After successfully graduating from the academy, I was sent to District17 OSI, Kirtland AFB New Mexico in May 1979. Upon my arrival, I was given the standard briefing regarding the base and the surrounding area. Iwas assigned to the Base Investigative Detachment (BID). The BID was responsible for conductinginvestigations on base and the surrounding area. The mission of the OSI was to investigate all majorcrimes occurring on a military installation if the crime involved military personnel, equipment and/orproperty. During that first year, I was briefed into three (3) special programs. The first programinvolved the collection of intelligence and counter-intelligence information. The first part of the briefing was conducted at the Special Security Office (SSO) at the Air ForceWeapon’s Laboratory Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM. The second part (second program) of thebriefing pertained to the collection of information about UFOs. To my surprise and just prior to thissecond briefing, Mr. Blake entered the room. He reminded me of what he had said years earlier. Ilaughed and asked him if he could predict the future. I was also briefed into another very special(third) program that dealt with the safe guarding of the Air Force’s high technology programs. Amongthe methods used to safeguard these programs was “disinformation.” During this briefing, I read from an official Air Force document about the history of the U.S.Government’s involvement in the investigation of UFOs. I saw pictures of a crashed UFO that hadbeen recovered in the desert of New Mexico in the later 1940s (Roswell). I also read about a captured alien (EBE-1) that lived in New Mexico at Los Alamos National Labsfrom 1947 until his death in 1952. The historical account continued with information EBE-1 providedto the U.S. Government about space, our solar system, EBE-1’s home planet, and about the future ofthe Universe. EBE-1 came from a planet, called “Sieu” in the star group of Zeta Reticuli. These areseen as fifth magnitude stars in the constellation of Reticulum. The star group is about 220 trillionmiles from earth. The document mentioned a “Project Aquarius,” which contained 16 volumes of

information collected from the beginning of the U.S. Government’s investigation of UFOs andIdentified Alien Craft (IAC). The project was originally established in 1953 by order of then President Eisenhower and under thecontrol of the National Security Council and an organization called “MJ-12.” In 1958, the U.S.Government recovered another alien aircraft from the desert of Utah, discussed earlier. The IAC wasin excellent flying condition and a technological marvel for the Air Force. However, the operatinginstrumentation of the craft was way beyond anything that our US scientists could understand. TheIAC was stored in a Top Secret facility in Nevada which was the same facility I was at in July 1969 15miles SE of Indian Springs. In April 1964, two USAF intelligence officers met with members of an Extraterrestrial BiologicalEntity’s (EBE’s) alien race in the desert of New Mexico. The actual meeting occurred just west ofStallion Range, which is just north of Trinity. The meeting lasted two hours and communicationsbetween the AF intelligence personnel and the alien was conducted by sign language and eventuallytelepathy. The document finished with discussions of the continuing UFO investigations by the U.S.Government. After reading the document, I was stunned and couldn’t sleep for days. I would awake at nightwondering if the aliens were just visiting Earth or preparing for an invasion; eventually I adjusted. Iwill go into more details later in the chapter.As part of my job, I became involved with an official disclosure program starting in 1979 when theUnited States Government assigned me from one Air Force agency to the role as a special investigatorfor UFO reports. It was my feeling at the time along with my colleagues that the government’sinformation on UFOs and aliens should be presented and made largely available to the public. There isonly a small portion that we have gathered from the extraterrestrials that should be classified orsafeguarded. I believe, that since we are in contact with extraterrestrials, that this informationshouldn’t be hidden from the public. Another part of my job was collecting raw UFO information inthe field and analyzing that information. We then wrote reports and forwarded those reports tosuperiors in Washington, DC specifically, the CIA-DCI and Headquarters of the Air Force office ofSpecial Investigations, Special Projects (AFOSI/PJ), who were our direct superiors. There were a number of us (about 50 in sub units) assigned to Domestic Collections (SpecialProjects or PJ Office) of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, which was not only in theUnited States, but throughout the world. There were two or three individuals that worked with me atdiffering times and at times there were more than three people. The collection efforts were broken into four regions: The Northeast, Central, Northwest andSouthwest region. They are not all located on military bases. One for example is located in Houston inconjunction with NASA. The others are in Seattle, Washington, and Plattsburg Air Force Base (nowclosed). Plattsburg was the only one on an Air Force base. The central region is located near Dayton,OH. We learned in the early days of Project Blue Book, Grudge and Sign that we didn’t always get theright information from eyewitnesses. So, we were out there before Blue Book closed in December1969 (actually it was in 1968) conducting investigations covertly. After Blue Book was closed it was

strictly covert. Our job in the field was to investigate sightings, landings, or contacts with UFOs orextraterrestrials, and in a way that we would not draw public attention. We were disguised or under thecover of military or other federal agencies while investigating UFO sightings. Dr. Hynek of Blue Bookfame was very knowledgeable about the existence of MJ-12 and extraterrestrial contact.In 1968, or sometime in the latter part of 1967, a certain group of people within the United StatesGovernment, known to some people as MJ-12, decided that Blue Book had served its purpose, andthey were afraid at the time that if they continued with Project Blue Book some of the information orguarded secrets that the U.S. government obtained from the investigation of UFOs would leak out intothe public domain. So they decided to end Project Blue Book with an investigation by the Universityof Colorado—the so-called Condon Report—which basically stated that there wasn’t anything to UFOsightings or that there were some unexplained–about 2,000 of them–but everything had beenexplained over the past 19 or so years.The government then decided to go completely underground with the investigation and that’s whenthe remaining parts of Blue Book were transferred to other intelligence agencies. These agenciesalready had on going parallel domestic investigations of UFOseven before Blue Book closed as mentioned before. We then continued the investigation of UFOsightings and landings in an official capacity sanctioned by the government, but clandestinely–withoutthe knowledge of the public-and, I must say, without the knowledge of a lot of government agencies. I believed, as did my colleagues, that the public over the years since the beginning of the ‘50s hadlearned to distort the UFO information in the public domain. Also, the United States government wasafraid that the public would panic if they knew the whole story as bits and pieces of intelligence-technological data leaked out, become distorted, causing further panic. Everyone has a right to freedom of information, except what’s exempted under certain paragraphsof Title 5 of the United States Code. But, the public would continue to ask for information, continue topry into the investigations, and eventually they might harm the process the government was taking toobtain information from the aliens. We would run the whole covert UFO collection operation just like any other intelligence operation.We would solicit either wittingly or unwittingly of associates or of “cooperating people” as we wouldcall them. We would recruit these people just as an intelligence officer would recruit people in aforeign country to provide us with information on UFO sightings. When they would give usinformation about a sighting or a landing, we would use ourselves in a cover capacity, identifyingourselves as some other person. We have even used newspaper personnel, wittingly and unwittingly,and scientists or, we would pose as a scientist. After the information was collected, as mentioned before, it was sent to the intelligence communitywithin Washington, DC. It would go through the Director of Central Intelligence, DCI (CC toAFOSI/PJ) since he was the director of all the intelligence agencies within the United StatesGovernment or was until the advent of a National Intelligence Director. From there, it’s filtered to theappropriate individuals for analysis and filing. How the information was classified depended on thenature of the report. If the information contained sightings with contacts, then normally that wasclassified at the Top Secret Code Word level.


MJ-12 MJ-12 is a group of individuals within the intelligence community of the United States that controlsthe access to the information regarding UFOs and was created by President Truman in the late ‘40s.Their job was to investigate and keep track of information pertaining to UFOs. Part of their job wasscientific advancement, but I believe their primary purpose was to keep track of the informationcoming in on UFOs and to analyze that information scientifically in a way that would advance ourtechnology.MJ-12 policy making is implemented in military units around the world. Within the infrastructure of MJ-12, there are witting and unwitting personnel performing theoperational tasks. Some field personnel collected and gathered information pertaining to UFOsightings, but they didn’t always know they were collecting information for MJ-12. The President of the United States does not control MJ-12. MJ-12 is an entity within thegovernment that provides policy regarding ET and UFO activities; policies are created by MJ-12 andthen the president is advised of that policy. The president gives permission to implement that policyby signing classified Executive Orders. The Navy has the primary operational responsibilities for field activities relating to the MJ-12policies. Besides information going to the CIA, the same information gathered in the field, notnecessarily by Navy personnel, is also transmitted to the Navy for analysis. The Naval research activity responsible for the operational activities of the MJ-12 policy isheadquartered at the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. The National Security Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency personnel are used to implementthe policies of MJ-12. There are government officials and elected officials who are automatically briefed as to theexistence of the MJ-12 projects. These elected officials include, the President, the Vice-President, theDirector of Central Intelligence, and the Director of the National Security Agency.Grudge and SignProject Grudge and Project Sign were earlier public forms of Project Blue Book. They were officialinvestigations of UFOs done by the Army Air Force and then the Air Force.Project AquariusProject Aquarius is a general operation, but there are specific sections within Project Aquarius wherethe received information regarding UFOs is filtered to MJ-12. MJ-12 gets the most secret of thesecret. Project Aquarius consisted of some of the following sub programs: 1. TS/ORCON) PROJECT BANDO: (PROWORD: RISK) originally established in 1949. Its

mission was to collect and evaluate medical information from the surviving Alien creature and therecovered Alien bodies. This Project medically examined EBE-1 and provided United States medicalresearchers with certain answers to the evolution theory (OPR: CIA) (Terminated in 1974). 2. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SIGMA: (PROWORD: MIDNIGHT) originally established as part ofProject Gleem in 1954: became a separate project in 1976. Its mission was to establish communicationwith Aliens. This Project met with positive success, when in 1959, the United States establishedprimitive communications with the Aliens. On April 25, 1964, a USAF intelligence officer met twoAliens at a prearranged location in the desert of New Mexico [Editor’s note: This was Stallion range,just north of the Trinity site in NM] The contact lasted for approximately three hours. Based on theAlien’s language given to us by EBE, the Air Force officer managed to exchange basic informationwith the two Aliens. This project is continuing at an Air Force base in New Mexico (OPR:MJ12/NSA). 3. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT SNOWBIRD: (PROWORD: CETUS) originally established in 1972. Itsmission was to test fly a recovered alien aircraft. This project is continuing in Nevada (OPR:USAF/NSA/CIA/MJ12). 4. (TS/ORCON) PROJECT POUNCE: (PROWORD: DIXIE) originally established in 1968. Itsmission was to evaluate all UFO/IAC information pertaining to space technology. PROJECT POUNCEcontinues (OPR: NASA/USAF).As for presidents who knew, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan were briefed on the subject of UFOs andthe historical aspects of it starting from the early days of the late ‘40s-early ‘50s. President Carter,former Presidents Ford, and Bush and Nixon had all been briefed. All of the presidents were told thetop-secret results and not just a generalized: “Look, we’re looking into this situation.”Public DeceptionThere are times when you deceive the public and you are doing the public a great service, and Icertainly would protect the public with deception operations if it were for their own good. But, someaspects of these UFO investigations that have occurred over the years should not be withheld from thepublic. The general knowledge that there were aliens who landed on Earth back in the late ‘40s– early’50s, and that we have had some type of crude communication with them, should not be kept from thepublic. My colleagues and I decided that this was the time (1983–1988) to come forward with informationand try to present it in a noteworthy fashion in order for the public to be informed on this subject. Thepublic was to be presented with the general knowledge that the United States had investigated UFOsightings, not only in the ‘50s-‘90s to the present day, but that we are presently keeping track ofvisitations to this planet by aliens and their spacecraft.Roswell, EBE-1In July 1947, a spacecraft crashed in New Mexico and one alien was recovered alive, EBE-1. He waskept at Los Alamos after the July 1947 Roswell crash. He was interviewed or interrogated so to speak.It took over a year or so before the military intelligence people were able to communicate with him.

The methods they used were not made clear. But once they were able to communicate with him he toldthem the basics of his knowledge and of the alien’s knowledge in the exploration of planet Earth. His knowledge was not complete because he was basically a mechanic although he knew what hewas taught and what he had learned. He certainly did not know it all and that was the impression andconsensus of the intelligence personnel who were investigating and interrogating him such as Grineand Redlinger, see reference below. He said he came from the Zeta Reticuli Star System, two sunstogether (~10th of a light year apart) or a co-moving wide binary system comprised of Zeta 1 and 2. EBE-1 came from the fourth planet of Zeta 2 called “Sieu” as mentioned earlier and having aperiod year of 432 days. From current information Sieu appears to be the planet SERPO (reference1a). For Grine and Redlinger see 1b & c.Figure 1: EBE from LMH.Matches Rick Doty’s EBE-1drawing. The story that EBE-1 told was astonishing regarding his particular planet. This was obvious to boththe military and scientific investigators that, culturally and technologically, EBE-1’s planet was manythousands of years ahead of us. EBE-1 said they have been able to navigate the solar system inspacecraft for many thousands of years, and they have been exploring planet Earth since some 25,000years ago. Between that time and 5,000 years ago, they populated the earth with a “human helper” inan area now called Mongolia. Over a period of time, they placed “human helpers” throughout our planet, either in colonies or asindividuals. This information came from what is known as the “Bible” or “Yellow Book” within theintelligence community. The “Yellow Book” is the alien’s history of the universe. Another book, called the “Red Book,” is a very, very thick detailed account summary of theinvestigations that have been conducted from 1947 to the present with updates every 5 yearscontaining nothing but official information. This orange-brown book contains everything thatoccurred during the Truman years up through the three aliens being guests of the U.S. Government. Itcontains technological data gathered from the aliens, medical, and autopsy data gathered from the

dead aliens found in the desert (Roswell and other crash sites). Also contained is information obtained from the extraterrestrials regarding their social structureand information pertaining to their views of the universe. The 1977 Carter briefing document camefrom this “Red Book.”Captured UFOsBesides what others and I observed at Wright-Patterson AFB, Indian Springs, Area 51-S4 and otherplaces, that even with a very high security clearance, you couldn’t get close to captured UFOs. Theone UFO I saw was up on a platform. It was a circular-shaped object or disc shaped and it had anopening on one side with a battery of lights on the top. I got perhaps within a 150 yards of it. That wasin the early 1980s.EBE-2 and 3There is a closed circuit/videotape interview of an alien (EBE-2, Figure 2) that was an exchange guesthere starting from 1964 until 1984. An AF Colonel did the interview. I attended that interview (seeSection 3, Chapter 2). From EBE-2, we learned a great deal of information about their race, cultureand spacecraft. A third alien, EBE-3 was part of the same exchange program starting in 1978 or ‘79,‘84 until 1989 or ‘93.Figure 2: Copyright, Intruders Productions 1992.Close copy/fit to EBE-2. It was not until 1951- 52 sometime after the first alien was recovered (EBE-1), that a doctordevised a way of implanting a device in the throat of this alien. The alien quickly learned to verbalizeEnglish words and was able to speak using this new device. The second alien (EBE-2) that came here had a device implanted into his throat, which enabled himto verbalize English words, although the words were not always recognizable.Quarters?The extraterrestrials, who are guests of the US government, reside in a number of different quartersaround the US. They have one in New Mexico that is a simple apartment-style. The alien I’m familiarwith eats a restricted diet; they don’t seem to require fluids like we do. Their physiological structureenables them to absorb fluid from food, therefore they drink very little. They like and do eat

vegetables. Their favorite snack is ice cream, especially strawberry. Their physiology structure differsfrom humans. They have a very simple digestive system. Their heart and lung, or equivalent of a heartand lung, is one organ or all connected which will be discussed under the anatomy of the aliens. The apartments these aliens are put in are all located in secure areas with the exception of one(EBE female, that’s what all the Bird Code was about, see Addendum) in Washington, DC. Theapartment in New Mexico is located within a restricted area; in fact, it is actually a restricted areawithin a restricted area. These aliens enjoy all types of music, but especially Tibetan music, which we understand, issimilar to their music. They like a particular style of Tibetan music played by traditional Tibetaninstruments like Indian style music.Disclosure“Operation White “was one of the many official government programs for public disclosure and “TheDay the Earth Stood Still” is an example of how Hollywood was used to get the message out. Otheroperations were: Red Snow; Long Silver; Kit Kleen; Silver Steam; Sandal Leg; Walrus; Seven Doors; SevenPrinces; Seven Kings; Seven Lights; Seven Pawns; Pawns Right; Pawns Up; Dragger Kings; DraggerPrince; Dragger Lane; Lance Rite; Lance Green; Lance Red; Gallant Horse; Gallant Kings; GallantPrince; Tight End. These are only the ones I can remember. As the reader can see, I worked on many differentoperations or programs. We had many different programs dealing with public disclosure ordisinformation operations against a public entity.CommunicationsThe National Security Agency has devised a communications system to communicate with the aliens.It’s some type of electronic binary pulse. Recent frequencies reportedly used were, 274.750, 377.550and 310.920 MHZ. The communications takes place between the Earth and the alien ships. There are reportedly receiving points in Nevada and California. The communications are translatedby a computer, which gives the landing coordinates to the National Security Agency, so we know thelocation of the landing and the purpose, i.e., collect resources for their spacecraft or to have verbalcontact (6).Unknown LandingsWe investigated unknown landings or the ones the aliens were not telling us about. Why they arelanding at these undisclosed locations is a mystery to the US government (Is it related to the reportedabductions?); the majority of undisclosed landings are in remote areas away from towns. Examplesare southern and central New Mexico, central California, the desert area of southern California,Nevada, Utah and northern areas of the US such as Montana and South Dakota. As to why they only make contact with certain scientists and government officials and not the

general public can only be speculated on. The best guess is, and as difficult as it may sound to us, theyare so far advanced that they cannot communicate with us the way we communicate with each otheron this planet. Perhaps that is a result of them being scared. A corollary to this is described ininterviews of EBE-1 in 1949 and ’50 where EBE-1 was described as extremely scared of not just beingin a strange place, but of us as a different type of creature.Physical Conditions, Characteristics and Anatomy of the AliensThey live approximately 350 to 400 Earth years and can travel from their planet in the Zeta ReticuliStar System to our planet in approximately 90 days (this was later reduced to 30 days). The distance toEarth is approximately 39 light years. The alien’s form of travel is by spacecraft, but they seem to usea form of physics that we don’t understand. They seem to bend the distance between Earth and theirplanet in traveling, which shortens the duration of travel (2). The aliens have a mother ship, whichorbits earth, and then have smaller explorer ships which actually land on the earth. These explorerships are saucer shaped between 30-50 feet in diameter and have a crew of between 3 and 10 aliens. The medical examinations from the “Red Book” describe these aliens as creatures 3’4″ to 3’8″ tall(Figures 3-6 next page). Their eyes are extremely large, almost insect like. Their eyes have a couple ofdifferent inner lids and that’s probably because they were born on a planet whose sun had a highultraviolet output. They have just 2 openings where their nose would be. They have a small mouth. They either have no teeth (hard gum-like area) or flat teeth for chewingvegetables. They have four fingers without thumbs with webbing between the fingers. Their feet aresmall and web like. They wear clothing similar to us, but they apparently don’t require the type ofclothing that we would require. Their society and culture are different than ours. Figure 3 Figure 4

Figure 5 Figure 6 Their internal organs are quite simple (Figures 7-8). They have a one organ, which encompasseswhat we would refer to as heart and lungs. It’s one pulmonary sac, which does the job of our heart andlungs. The digestive system is really simple (Figure 8). Figure 7 Figure 8 They only have liquid wastes and not solid waste; they transfer all the food they eat into liquids.Their bodies extract the liquid out of the food, but they can eat some basic food products like the

vegetables and fruit that we eat. They have problems digesting meat products or they don’t eat meaton their planet. Their skin structure is extremely elastic and hard; probably hardened from their sun.And, their brain is more complex than ours having several more lobes. The eyes are controlled by thefront of their brain while in humans it is the back of the brain (Figure 9). Their hearing is quite better than ours (Figure 9) and almost better than a dog’s; they have smallareas on the sides of their head that function as ears. They have males and females, and their femaleshave sexual organs similar to our females, but there are…Figure 9…some differences in the ovary system. Their kidney and bladder is one organ (Figure 10). Theyexcrete waste, and they have another organ that transfers the solid waste into liquid wastes.Figure 10 The aliens have an average IQ of over 200 and an average brain size of 1800 cc (Figure 11) versushumans with ~ 1350-1400 cc. They can regulate their IQ according to the culture they are in contactwith. Supposedly, if they are visiting a primitive planet, they can “lower their IQ” in order tocommunicate with the culture.


Figure 11 The graphics were dated 1966 and we now believe they are the original Roswell aliens.More Than One SpeciesWe have reason to believe that there is more than one species visiting earth. In the past 10 years andmore, there have been a number of sightings, landings and contacts with an alien that was quitedifferent than the Ebens (nick name for Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), who are small. Theseother aliens are larger and have hair whereas the typical gray Eben has no hair on their bodies. Thesecreatures were blonde-like. They had hair and were relatively tall compared to the other Ebens or almost five feet according tosome recent sighting reports. The domestic collection people within the intelligence communityinvestigated many of these cases which gave them the knowledge that there were other aliens or atleast one other alien race visiting this planet. One of the MJ-12 members indicated that there are nine(9) different species of aliens visiting this planet (see 1d as an example).SecurityAll the above information is/was very closely guarded: Only people with a “need-to-know” haveaccess to the information (SCI). It’s compartmented or specially-compartmented information. Butover the years, I know of some people who have had access to the program. The presidents I knew hadaccess and Mr. Poindexter who was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and headed DARP’s“Total Awareness” Program. Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, who was a former Deputy Director of theDefense Intelligence Agency and former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, hadpartial or complete knowledge of the UFO subject. Secretary of Defense Brown during the CarterAdministration, and earlier Secretary of Energy Schlesinger had access to the information. The government can keep a secret this long by a number of means. One being, compartmenting thedata within the government, or the intelligence community, or they can run deception operations,deceiving the public, or deceiving private UFO groups. They present the groups with faultyinformation, unbelievable data, which in turn, the groups publish, and are then ridiculed. Thatmisinforms the public, and keeps the government information compartmentalized and protected.Contact

As mentioned before, the whole contact with the aliens terminated after EBE-1 died in the early ‘50s. He died of an unknown disease and our doctors and medical personnel had no idea why he died. Laterin 1959 or 1960 we started receiving some communications from some place in the universe but wehad no idea where it was coming from. Over a period of time, this information was translated to aparticular point on the planet or certain coordinates. In April 1964 (Stallion range near Trinity), twoAir Force intelligence officers went to that particular location where a landing was agreed on and theyhad a face-to-face encounter with aliens. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” was based on thisactual event. The United States is the primary country maintaining contact with the aliens. Presently, the extraterrestrials that have contact with the U.S. government have a base in Nevada.These ETs have complete control over this base. Ernie said this in Chapter 1 of Section 1. Russia, based on our intelligence collection, has had a number of alien contacts. In fact, UFOsightings within Russia between 1972 and 1982 almost double that of the United States. The Russianshave had contact since the early 50s.WeaponsRecovered UFOs, to the best of my knowledge, didn’t have any offensive onboard weapons systemsbut rather a defensive system that could cause electronic interference; it’s not an offensive weapon. Asa defensive system, it would cause electronic interference to any incoming aircraft or missiles. Earlier in the 1950s, there had been some cases where Air Force jets had chased aliens and the jetcrashed. There was reason to believe that it wasn’t anything intentional on the part of the aliens. Thealiens were probably just as mystified as we were, and therefore they made some type of defensivegesture on their part that caused our aircraft to be destroyed.GodThey have a universal religion and the simplest way to state it is that they believe in the universe as asupreme being rather than a supreme being creating the universe. One of the volumes of ProjectAquarius has 30–40 pages devoted to details of their belief in a Deity.The Yellow BookI mentioned the Yellow Book earlier in this chapter, but I’d like to add that this book was brought byEBE-2 in April 1964 at the time of the Holloman landing (meaning Stallion range near Trinity). Thebook relates to the alien’s planet, solar system, suns, culture, the societal makeup on the planet, thesocial structure of the aliens, and the alien’s life among the earthlings. The original draft of the bookwas written in the alien’s own language, but EBE-2 translated the book into English. As for humans, itwould take a lifetime to read the book and another lifetime to understand it.Crystal The most intriguing in my experience with aliens is a crystal–an octagon-shaped crystal–which whenheld in the alien’s hand, and viewed by a second person, displayed pictures. These pictures could be ofthe alien’s home planet or of the earth thousands of years ago. The crystal always intrigued me, but I

don’t understand how it operates, nor do I think the government understands how it operates. I haveseen the crystal, but I have not seen the pictures. The alien has control over the photographs. The alienmust be holding the crystal in order for the pictures to appear. A colleague of mine has seen thecrystal and a presentation of the pictures by the alien.The Manzano Weapons Storage Area UFO Incident of August 1980On the morning of August 11, 1980 (documents in Figures 12 and 13), a security adviser for SandiaNational Laboratories informed me of the following incident. “On August 9, 1980, a Sandia securityGuard reported that at approximately 12:20 a.m. he was driving east on Coyote Canyon access road ona routine building check of an alarmed structure. Sandia Laboratories owned several buildings in the Coyote Canton area. As the guard approachedthe structure he observed a bright light near the ground behind the structure. He first thought theobject was a helicopter. But, after moving closer the guard observed a round dish-shaped object. Heattempted to radio for a back-up patrol, but his vehicle radio wouldn’t work. As he approached the object on foot armed with a shotgun the object took off in a vertical directionat a high rate of speed. The guard, a former helicopter mechanic in the Army, stated that the objectwas not a helicopter.” After receiving this information I briefed the commander. I was then instructedto make a report, classify it “Secret” and forward the message to Headquarters Air Force Office ofSpecial Investigations (PJ), Washington, DC. On September second, 1980 the Commander of the 1608th Security Police Squadron, ManzanoBase and Kirtland AFB related the following: “On August 8th 1980 three Security Policemen assignedto his squadron while on duty inside Manzano Weapons Storage Area sighted a UFO in the skies overCoyote Canyon (Figures 12a, b).” This sighting corresponded to the sighting made by the Sandia Security Guard. Because of thissighting base officials were extremely interested in the activity over Coyote Canyon. I completed anAFOSI Form 1, Complaint Form (Figures 13a, b), documenting my initial investigation and forwardedit to OSI headquarters. A few days after OSI headquarters received the report, two OSI agents from the Special ProjectsBranch of the AFOSI (PJ) (Special Projects) arrived on base. They began an investigation into thesightings. Shortly after their arrival, three employees of the National Security Agency (NSA) arrivedat Kirtland to conduct the follow-up investigation into the sightings. I worked closely with these individuals (both NSA and PJ). After a month at Kirtland, bothagencies PJ and NSA concluded the sightings were legitimate and worth further analysis. Both theNSA and PJ agents made a detailed report. I saw a draft of this report in November 1980, but that wasthe last and only time.

Figure 12a

Figure 12b

Figure 13a

Figure 13bTwo years later while at headquarters OSI, I asked to see a copy of the report but was told it wasnot available. Later, I talked to one of the PJ agents who investigated the incident at Kirtland. I askedhim to see a copy of the report he had filed. He was told that NSA took his report and he has not seenit since. Now, back tracking to October 1980, during the investigation of the Coyote Canyon sightings, aNSA agent advised that a Paul Bennewitz who resided in the Four Hills Housing Area directly north ofManzano Base outside the perimeter was directing electronic signals toward Manzano Base. The NSA agent asked me to check into Bennewitz’s activity. I did some preliminary investigationand determined that Paul Bennewitz was a friend of the commander of the 1608th Security PoliceSquadron, the original source of the sightings over Coyote Canyon. I asked the commander to speak toBennewitz and find out what he was up to. This way Bennewitz would think the commander (hisfriend) was making inquiries instead of the NSA. NSA wanted to stay out of the initial contact withBennewitz. The commander spoke with Bennewitz and obtained the basic information regardingBennewitz’s research. When I briefed headquarters on Bennewitz, they immediately wanted me to visit Mr. Bennewitz’shome, take photographs and determine whether further investigation of Bennewitz was warranted.Headquarters, specifically the PJ branch, suggested I take along UFO expert Jerry Miller. Miller was astaff intelligence officer with the Air Force Operation Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC),Kirtland AFB. Miller was a former Project Blue Book investigator. I had met Mr. Miller earlier in1980 during a special security briefing. Miller had a vast amount of knowledge regarding UFOs. Sinceheadquarters suggested that I use Miller, I assumed that Miller was well known throughout the


intelligence community. On October 26th 1980, Miller and I visited Bennewitz at his home. Bennewitz showed some film ofaerial objects flying over and around Manzano and still photographs of UFOs filmed over northernNew Mexico. We viewed electronic equipment at Bennewitz’s house, which was aimed at Manzano. Icovertly photographed all his equipment including some of his still photographs. I also photographedthe interior of Bennewitz’s home at the request of NSA. I assumed that NSA had further plans forBennewitz. The meeting we had was just one of many over the next year. After analyzing the material information obtained from Bennewitz, base officials became veryinterested. The base commander and the Director of the Air Force Weapons Laboratory wanted ameeting with Bennewitz which occurred on November 10th 1980. The meeting, which was tapedrecorded, was attended by a number of base officials and scientific personnel. After the meeting,several base officials decided to continue an independent scientific investigation of Bennewitz toanalyze the information he presented. I was not privy to that investigation since it involved purelyscientific personnel. To this day, I have no knowledge of what the scientific investigation disclosed.For a recent book on this case see (3). For another UFO event in 1970, Ellsworth AFB SD: Real Face on Mars?What the reader sees in the image (Figure 14) is a picture of a wooden “mask:” Pictures of this“wooden mask” came from Bill Moore in 1994 who received the actual mask from Gordon Liddy’sagent Jim Amaresco. The bottom half of the picture shows what has been determined to be “National Security Agency”(NSA) and USAF labels on the lower back bottom of the wooden mask or, “NSA #731” and “USAF-DoD SK (SIC?) 557 or 237” (note, this is even harder to read on a .jpg image). As Rick Doty said, “the reason NSA had it is because this same face appeared in a figurephotographed on the Martian surface in 1978. This same face (and similar impression) was photographed on the ground ~300 miles northeast ofthe other Hoagland ‘mesa’ face”… was photographed on Mars. One might think of the Fish Gods talked about in SumerianAbyssinian legends: Figure 14 next.

The New Paris Ohio Case and Los Alamos, 1989 & 1993In the spring of 1993, I assisted in the evaluation of tape recordings which involved a reported Alienabduction case in New Paris, OH. By this time, I had been long retired from the Air Force, but havingnever lost contact with my LANL sources, we were able to set up a testing session. This involved anLANL contractor assisted by a sub-contractor. There was another person named “Raven.“ This is notthe same Raven that Jaime Shandera talks about in the Raven Addendum. The evaluation wasperformed on tape recordings made in 1989 as well as in 1993. What follows is a synopsis of what wasanalyzed. Bizarre metallic phone recordings made in the winter/spring of 1989 and the spring of 1993. All ofthe recordings were made by Connie Fisher or Robert Collins. Recordings were made using either aregular or micro-cassette recorder. Both a government acoustics contractor and government acoustics expert sat down, listened, andthen evaluated the tapes. Then they gave their independent analysis and compared notes. Here is asynopsis of what they found:1) Sounds generated then transmitted; sounds not generated by phone; sounds came through a phoneline, all sounds were machine generated.2) Robert Collins did not generate those sounds.3) Connie’s true voice was her true voice. The “other” Connie voice was a reverb machine voice.When they filtered out the “reverb voice” the voices were the same. Voiceprints from the two tapesshowed similar voices or same voice.4) Those death threats were made on a tape recorder and then put through a reverb then played throughthe phone. You could hear the click of the tape as it was going on and off. Age of male person on tapewas estimated to be 25-30 years, more than likely having a white-Anglo background. Robert Collins said he had received a phone call from a voice that sounded like Connie’s. Thisvoice told him that “they,” meaning the contractor and acoustics expert, wouldn’t find anything; thatthey wouldn’t be able to prove or demonstrate any differences between Connie’s real voice and the“machine voice.” After all of the discussion and not wanting to dismiss the case, Raven said he would like thefollowing from Robert Collins and/or Connie:1) Need at least a 30-minute covertly recorded conversation either on the phone or in person of Connietalking about these aliens; needed this to do a voice stress test. Robert told me that he had alreadycovertly recorded a 30 minute conversation with Connie. Later, he sent a copy of the tape to me whichI sent on.In the end, I never heard back from the contractor or Raven about the tape I had forwarded to them.

2) To obtain either fingernail or blood samples from Connie for a DNA check. From that, Raven saidthey could determine a thousand different things or whether she had been altered or not. Thatstatement got me wondering how much Raven really knew. Raven made a cryptic comment that some years ago humans and the aliens had done someexperiments using human and alien tissue samples, but wouldn’t go into details with me. For a furtherdiscussion of this hear Rick Doty and Robert Collins’ phone conversation on the New Paris Ohio case: middle of the night Metallic Voices? Below are links to some of the phone recordings madeduring the New Paris case: and, further updates on abductions see alien fluid and tissue samples:Levengood: Alien Tissue and Fluid Samples: Preliminary Report IIFinally, since retiring from the Air Force in November 1988 I have managed to have a successfulsecond career as a New Mexico State Trooper receiving many commendations. From the early 1990sto present I did consulting work for both the Fox Network’s “X-Files” and Steven Spielberg’s “Taken”mini series which appeared on the Science Fiction channel during December 2002. I also makefrequent trips on special assignments to Washington D.C. concerning the UFO subject.Not ending the story here so let us move to a more sinister subject in Chapter 5 which fits neatly intoUFO mythology and folklore.ADDENDUMQUOTH THE RAVEN NARRATIVEThe Wilderness of Mirrors —James Jesus AngletonJaime Shandera writes (4): ‘When Raven came into the UFO disclosure picture in 1991, he seemed tobe laying out a scenario that was to make the information palatable for public consumption. Of course,the nature of the discussion is, unfortunately, never palatable in some camps. In the initial briefingduring the first meeting with Raven, a number of things were revealed. Raven, as we were told, wasvery involved with MJ-12 and can’t surface. He had been involved for over 30 years and worked “out”of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)(8). One of the first surprises from Raven was the existence of an Ultra Top Secret group called the

OROCA Panel: A panel, which had been in existence since the ‘50s. The panel is above MJ-12andmeets at CIA headquarters in Langley, VA, in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility)room underground at Level 3. The existence of this Level 3 itself is highly classified. In fact, it isbypassed when accessing other underground levels. Hawk (Ernie Kellerstrass) once stated that you begin to realize the existence of the inaccessibleareas when you time the elevator rides between different levels as you go down. A discrepancy occursin the greater distance between two levels, a discrepancy not readily noticeable to the casual observer. Regarding Ernie Kellerstrass, in a taped phone conversation (1996) he mentions EBE-2 leaving in1984 and EBE-3 (female) leaving in 1989, perhaps it was 1993. But, before EBE-3 left, she met withsix (6) U.S. Senators, but there were no Senate names mentioned by Ernie. EBE-3 or some femaleEBE was the same EBE Jaime and Bill were set-up to meet and what all the Bird Code was about (seelast two paragraphs in this addendum). Ernie also mentioned that we had 12 more humans ready for anexchange program departing on April 24th 1997 and that former President Ronald Reagan had acouple of meetings with both EBE-2 and 3 while he was president. Continuing: When Raven began working in this area, he thought MJ-12 and OROCA were thesame; he found out later they were not. The oldest OROCA documents he had seen were from 1951.The highly classified section of Los Alamos where Raven worked periodically had a series ofunderground levels and is known as the “Dulce Complex” or TA 49 at Los Alamos. The surface islevel 1 (this entry was closed off in 2002) and there are five (5) levels underground. The undergroundlevels are not accessed by any single elevator shaft or stairwell. The levels are offset and not stackedin any normal concept of construction. The design makes accidental or hostile penetration virtually impossible. The design also makessabotage or even a direct bomb hit incapable of destroying the facility, at least in the total. An age-oldsecurity system is in effect with color badges. The color of your badge indicates what level you can goto. The highest clearance will have all colors on the badge. The subject of UFOs and related areas take up 70 percent of Raven’s workweek. Raven stated thatthe aliens have provided many items of interest to us, but we are still trying to find ways to use them.He said there are two (2) craft in Nevada that have been provided by the aliens (see Doty comments).He said that the aliens were not responsible for our present STEALTH technology, that we developedit, and the Ebens (nick name for Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) used a cloaking effect, much likethe Romulans in “Star Trek” do, which makes them invisible, but not amongst themselves. When asked if the ETs were currently here, Raven said not for several years (big questions aboutthis) as they come periodically. They did not trust Reagan and were last here in 1988. By that Ravenmeant a permanent presence here. We do have a way to communicate with them by a scattered binaryhyper-burst. It sends a signal faster than the speed of light (Comment: the signal is teleported, it’s aseparate space-time that carries the signal faster than light, see link). “Heron” (Jerry Miller, nowretired from civil service in the Air Force) was aware of NASA experimenting with it in its primitivestages. When asked what messages we send, he said, they were responses to questions the Ebens haveposed to us.

Raven said he cannot and would not meet to talk to us, but he will see if there is some way to assist.He was well aware of our research and things we had written. He said he would not discuss detailsabout the Ebens. When asked if there was a human-ET exchange program, he said, “They have been here, we havebeen there.” He said that we know the alien races who [sic] are and will be here; there are no surprises.It continued to sound as though he was addressing things for public consumption avoiding sensitiveissues and the present and putting emphasis on the past. He stated that there were different species ofaliens, he was aware of every one, and when asked if we are in contact with different ones, he said no,only the ones who are here. He went onto say that all this got started in the 1930s when U.S. Army intelligence was providedsome information. The Roswell incident actually happened pretty much as stated. There was one livealien, while the others died. The live alien died after a few years and was picked up in 1964 during theHolloman AFB official contact (actually, that was the Trinity site, Holloman was disinformation).They asked for the return of EBE-1 so we gave him back. We still have the pictures and medicalresearch for EBE-1. Blue Book was truthful as there were many unexplained sightings with the Ebensdoing reconnaissance, exploration and mapping. They took some animals and some mutilations wereallowed, but controlled (serious questions about the truthfulness of this). Raven said that there are about 200 other intelligent, sentient species scattered through out theuniverse that the Ebens have identified and often times interacted with. The Ebens are about 20-25,000years ahead of us; a very long time ago they had a war with another race that is now dominated by theEbens. Betty and Barney Hill were taken on board a craft. They weren’t abducted, according to Raven. Hewas very defensive with his phrasing. Raven said they subconsciously volunteered. Thousands havebeen taken on board alien spacecraft. They have been examined, never killed, and then released. Theabductees have dreams, a lot about souls, which are about souls in the universe. When we die, oursouls travel around until they find a new “home” in a new physical body to animate. All this wasapparently revealed by the aliens. They do not harm anyone during their abductions and they are nowthrough with this examination process; the next phase is the intellect. Raven’s efforts here seem to confirm that something is going on with “alien abductions” (as theyare popularly known), but nothing as extreme as what’s being reported. He went on to say that theybelieve in a supreme God, as we believe, but they are more religious than us; it is embedded in theirsociety. He says Ebens can take the form of human beings. They could not before, but they can now,for the purpose of infiltrating society to obtain certain types of information. Raven says they maywant to be exposed. It is apparently the government not wanting them exposed—not the aliens holdingback––as they have held back only as a courtesy to us, Raven said. When asked about WhitleyStrieber, Raven said he had an encounter; that he was a conduit for something, but that it did not panout. For someone who was not going to talk about the Ebens, Raven had said a mouthful. Ourassessment was that Raven was prepping us for a disclosure that was inevitable. In that process, hewas selective and tended to adjust the information.

It is not that any of it was wrong; it was just being “polished.” The alien abduction area was goingto be sensitive for the government to deal with, no matter what. Raven’s position goes further than anywe had ever heard from the inside. It is easier to accept than the out right denials we had come toexpect in the past. So, was Raven actually telling the truth or is he spinning the reported alienabduction incidences for political reasons? There are all of these stories of “mean spirited” aliens and horrible probes in both books and themainstream media––are they a distortion of the true activity and nature which is more benign? Theredoes seem to be a general dislike and distrust of some individuals within the government for thosedoing books and films about abductions. The real distrust from the government side is directed not atthe people claiming the experience, but at some of the prominent researchers who lack the propermedical license or psychological training while nurturing, confirming, and characterizing the eventsas “horrible” and “traumatic.” The next few months saw increased activity. More meetings were held with Raven. Parrot (SenatorClaiborne Pell) and Crow (not identified) joined the “Aviary” and the numbers began to swell. A listof names to contact was given to Sparrow (unidentified but this is not Rick Doty). One of the nameson the list ran a facility that was known and had a publicly known function. Sparrow was to useRaven’s name to gain access to information when contacting this individual. Once a meeting wasarranged, the individual said since Raven had also contacted him, he would be happy to talk toSparrow. He was escorted into a private room, where an enlightening discussion ensued. “You know the public position of what we do here.” “Yes.” “Well, that’s what I do here 80 percent of the time. But, it’s the other 20 percent that I’m here for.This is the only sending and receiving station for alien communications on the planet.”Aside comment: The ET Communications facility was reportedly located in the ManzanoWeapons Storage Area Plant 3 and moved in the late nineties. “Seriously?” “Quite seriously” “How does that work?” “From the time a message is sent from here until we receive a response takes 22 days. It’s not 11up and 11 back. Our sending takes longer than theirs.” Sparrow was impressed since this was quite a find. The use of Raven’s name opened doors. Thepush on our end now was for us to put together a production deal. We needed to structure a TV showthat could accommodate the information we were getting. We were first asked to outline twoprograms starting with Roswell to begin laying the historical perspective of ET contact. In addition tothe outline of the programs, we were to include a “wish list” of proof that we felt we needed for each

show. We were told that if we structured the show that they would supply the proof. The outline wascompleted and sent off. The next steps were negotiations with a major production company.Negotiations seemed to be going well with one company until their greed exceeded our civil rights, wewalked away. The second round of negotiations went much better and most elements were worked outfor a contract between us. The contract was on the table, not signed, but with a few points still tonegotiate.The End Game that Failed: How Working with the Government Flopped in 1991Raven set up a major meeting. They needed us to define who would be the project director on our end.I was the only one who was skilled in both television production (Jaime Shandera) and thisintelligence game we had been playing for years. The meeting that Raven was convening wouldinclude people from Washington and a CIA contract agent from L.A. Sparrow was going to be at themeeting, but wanted me to fly into Albuquerque to be on standby in case he needed me. There was tobe a complete discussion about the television program. Certain key players in the Bush Administrationwere briefed. An operation was underway to brief the heads of various agencies to gain their support for the kindof rumblings that someone was real serious about going public. When you’re focused on what youwant to tell, you don’t always look at how the administration in place needs to have a game plan todeal with the public. Secretary of Defense Cheney (now the former Vice President) reportedly said hewas against disclosure. The administration had nothing to gain and the Pentagon would need anadditional $20 million. They would need the money to handle the increased staff to deal with the flood of Freedom ofInformation Requests (FOIA). The phones would be ringing off the hook and it would disrupt theirability to function with a normal business flow, let alone a crisis. It was clear that a lot of thought was being put into the impact that this would have on all fronts.Now we were hearing things we hadn’t considered, but that seemed so logical and expected. Thingsnow seemed to be on a fast track of high exposure that would be hard to back down from. PresidentGeorge H.W. Bush (one) was being mentioned often, but always in “careful” terms; careful in thesense that Bush was only supposed to be marginally aware that an operation was underway to test thepolitical climate for release of UFO information. That sounded more like plausible deniability than fact or, proposals, discourse and then deny. If thebriefings were underway– and all indications suggested they were –then they could only haveproceeded with Bush’s express approval. There were hard rules we learned about MJ-12 over the years and that was there was greatconsistency. MJ-12 autonomy from the President worked only for day-to-day functioning, politicaldecisions, briefing agencies, and disclosure. Anything that would impact the public and/or theadministration required a Presidential directive, and this was not the exception, but the imperative andrule.


The rumblings we heard had to do with the difficult adjustments going on with the briefings andattitudes of the participants. Raven and Parrot were carrying out the briefings. Parrot was very cynicalabout Hollywood as he felt they sensationalized too much and could not be trusted to stay on track andremain focused. Raven felt it was the way to go and was the best opportunity to reach the largestaudience with the ability to tell the whole story from historical roots. At first, NASA was negative, butthe President’s Scientific Adviser was very much in favor which was a big plus. As the major meeting approached, I prepared to fly to Albuquerque. I understood my role, whichwas to be on standby. When I arrived, I checked into a hotel near the airport since this was also closeto Kirtland AFB where the main meeting was to be held. When the plane landed and taxied to theterminal, I saw one of the jets out of Andrews AFB, MD. The plane had “United States of America”painted across the fuselage, which was the ones, those U.S. Senators and other Washington dignitariesused on official business. It was parked inside the Air Force base fence at the Kirtland terminal. At the hotel, I waited until I received contact with approximate times provided. I would need to beon standby. Once I got the call, I got something to eat. My first briefing came by early evening.Sparrow had a pre-meeting with Heron (Jerry Miller) and Parrot (Senator Pell). Raven took the Washington visitor to Los Alamos for a briefing. On the previous day, they hadbeen to the ET communication center (Manzano Weapons Storage Area, Kirtland AFB, Alb, NM,Plant 3 [sic]). Parrot did not go; indeed, he said he had never been there, but sees the readouts. Heron(Jerry Miller) referred to the CIA-LA contact as “Washington’s Man in L.A.” He has been in L.A. fora long time and is thoroughly familiar with the Hollywood community and all of its players. The evening meeting had been pushed back to accommodate the Los Angeles briefing. Sparrow feltthis was a huge operation and was sure that the entire cross coordinating with officials in Washingtonwas going on. He didn’t know what the OPR (Office of Primary Responsibility) was, but he saw all thesigns. He had done the same before but never to this extent nor on this level. There was a vastdifference this time as opposed to 1987 when those running the operation were just above him. Whenthey went higher, they were shut down. This time it was coming from the top. Heron (Jerry Miller)said he had never seen an operation interface with the media on this subject––never. They knew that when things started to break, Washington would be flooded with phone calls withreporters wanting to know things. All bases would be covered so that all offices would know how torespond. Heron then spoke of some of the devices the aliens have given us. There is a beam device that candetect nuclear warheads. If it scans areas in Russia, for example, it can tell if there are nuclearwarheads and their size and explosive yield. There is also a box that, when opened, emits what lookslike light rays, but they are not light. They can’t be measured on a spectrometer. When you pass acrystal or prism through this beam pictures show up. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the box tocause the beams. There are no harmful side effects from the beams. The box has been tested andexamined and it remains baffling. Heron says there is a warehouse full of these types of things that thealiens have given us which we cannot figure out. Following the preliminary briefing, I was on my own for several hours. The next meeting was totake place in a vault room on the base (Kirtland AFB, NM). It is in these rooms that the most sensitive

subjects are discussed. In fact, there are some classifications of information where discourse betweentwo people can only be conducted in a vault room. The vault room cannot be bugged. The walls, ceiling and floor are electronically treated and thehallways and buildings are secured at all times. No matter your clearance level, if you are notdesignated during an assigned use, you cannot be admitted. If a document is typed in a vault– ascertain levels of classification require –then the typewriter itself remains classified until the ribbon isremoved. It was close to 2 a.m. before I received the briefing from the main meeting. It was stipulated thatthey wanted television presented in a way that was appealing to the public; they didn’t want a lot ofspecial effects. Every re-creation must be factual. The reason for doing this, they explained, was toprepare the public for the future: We will be visited by ET. We will soon be able to see aliens in spacewith new astronomical equipment and they want the public to be prepared. The Ebens are a non-hostile species, exploring the universe; they go about their lives and let us do the same. The onlyaircraft we have lost due to alien sightings have been from chasing the alien craft beyond the designedtolerance of the plane. We have no knowledge of any offensive weapons on their part. They don’t want any government bashing for keeping the alien presence secret since they had along-range plan and many presidents didn’t want to implement it. Eisenhower said no; Kennedy wasiffy (not true from latest information, he paid with his life); Johnson said get that crap out of here;Nixon had Watergate; Carter was fascinated and wanted to know everything (later refused to talk);Reagan was afraid to deal with it (false, he pushed disclosure); Bush I (one) was, well, opinionated;and later, Kissinger warned Clinton not to, and Bush II said no. Our proposal was received very well. It was taken back to Washington. Certain people still had toget into place. That was understood to mean Robert Gates (the current Defense Secretary) had tocomplete the confirmation process for Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).There was a lot of special information relative to how we were to deal with the government, thenetworks, briefings, changes, time frames, etc…. It was stated that the aliens might be back as early as1993. We are not in constant contact; there is a window of two or three months in the year (thisstatement doesn’t explain all the UFO sightings). There have been other aliens here, several species in the last 60-70 years. One group was hostile,but not known to have harmed anyone; perhaps it was they who had carried out some of the alienabductions, but the Ebens will reportedly protect and shield us. It was said that General Scrowcroft asked to be read into the program the moment he becameNational Security Adviser. He wanted to see the project manager (that was Raven) and asked like achild, “May I see something please?” Following the meeting, I caught a couple hours of sleep and was on the first flight back to L.A. Itcertainly would appear that we were on the line in postcard number 2 that said, “The scene was set:The curtain to rise when the T-I-M-E was ripe.” The scene was et like no other time in this longadventure. But, we still did not know what T-I-M-E meant. Hopefully, that wouldn’t be anothermountain to climb.

Almost immediately after I returned, a major problem began to erupt on our landscape. With theGates hearing just days away, his role in the Iran-Contra affair suddenly loomed large. New testimonyhad just come to light that during the Iran-Contra scandal, that the number three (3) man at the CIAknew what was going on. If true, that put a great big spotlight on Robert Gates. Gates was assistantNational Security Adviser under Scrowcroft in the Bush Administration, at the time of his nominationto the CIA. During the Iran-Contra scandal he was he number two (2) man at the CIA as DeputyDirector under William Casey. The burning question was how the number one (1) man at the CIA and the number three (3) manhad knowledge, but yet the number two (2) man was out of the loop!? Until there were answersprovided to the growing list of questions, the hearings were therefore delayed and we were delayed.Parrot said, “If Gates does not get in, there is no way in hell this thing is going forward.” The briefing of agencies continued. Some conducted their own research as to impact and cost. Thesoundings coming back presented a mixed bag. NASA was now in favor of release. The feeling therewas that it would free up money from Congress for future space projects. The Pentagon was firmlyagainst it. The Auditors General’s office felt we would be facing $2.5-3 billion in lawsuits from angrycitizens and groups feeling they had been lied to and denied access.They anticipated more than 100 lawsuits. We countered that was absurd since the agencies thatdenied the existence of UFO files did not deliberately deceive; they simply did not know those filesexisted; besides, those files were properly classified. One could argue ‘til hell freezes over whether itshould be classified, but not over whether the procedure was proper. It is even quite legal to lie if thereis no way to avoid revealing the existence of certain types of classified “black projects.” Throughout the month of July 1991, the Gates’ hearings kept being delayed, but Bush’s supportwas unwavering. But if the hearings were not going to convene by the end of July, they would have towait until September because Congress would be in recess during the month of August, which is justwhat happened. The date was finally set for the 16th of September for the Senate Select IntelligenceCommittee Hearings on Robert Gates for Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). As August progressed, feedback from Parrot was that this briefing process was requiring more thananticipated and they would be lucky to finish before Gate’s confirmation. They continued to run intoobstacles. The Justice Department was against it. The recommendation to Bush would be to take thisstrictly covertly. Even with the obstacles, the meeting to present the plan was scheduled for the 22ndof August and Raven felt they were ready to approach him. The meeting would take place atKennebunkport, ME. Bush was there for a working vacation for the month of August. The meeting wasto include 15 high level officials from Washington. The hope was that a consensus would swing Bushto “green light” the operation. The meeting was scheduled for 180 minutes; for a perspective anintelligence briefing usually takes 30 minutes or less. Because of foreign visiting dignitaries, the meeting of the 23rd was delayed. It came down to itsthird reschedule of the final weekend of the August break. How they could manage to get that manyhigh level officials into Kennebunkport without the press suspecting the advent of WW III, we didn’tknow. Naturally, the world never sits still while these subjects are being discussed and August was noexception. The Soviet coup attempt and the fall of communism were underway.

My briefing, following the Memorial Day weekend, informed me that the meeting neverhappened. The news was not good. In essence it was dead, I was told. They shut all the doors andthe government locked them. It won’t happen at this time. Of the 15 needed to support, they only had four (4). At one time they had eight (8) and thoughtthose eight (8) could convince the other seven (7), but it worked in reverse as they pondered too hardand too long. They made a lot of enemies. When William Webster, the outgoing CIA director, was briefed on the plan he flew into a rage. Hekicked a chair and yelled, “You can’t do this to me! You can’t do this to me! I’ve had Senators andother high level people sit in that chair and I’ve told them there is nothing to this! You can’t do this tome!” I guess the greater good of an informed public be damned when we had individual reputations toconsider. Heron (Jerry Miller) felt Raven hurt himself and that he should have released somethingfirst, then watched government circles react. They could not move forward because they had noprotection. Bush I, we are told, was never thoroughly briefed. He was only told that a plan was ineffect to see if it was feasible to make a release. We were back to plausible deniability. The reality was that the plan to assess a programmed, gradual release and its projected, potentialaffects were begun in the 1950s. All the dealings with UFO researchers, planting stories, influencingmovie themes, disinformation campaigns, the Emeneggers, Moores and Shanderas had all been thefeasibility study. It has been a long-term plan. But, what stops the efforts of Raven and company? It does not seem likely that it is the ETs. It is apparent to us after hours and hours of conversationsover many years that the Ebens have a great deal to impart to us. But to make intelligent decisions, thepublic must be made aware of what is going on. If, as they say, the Ebens are 20-25,000 yearsadvanced beyond us, it is like saying we can not even fathom how far advanced they are. A hundredyears ago, we humans could not even envision today’s computer age. We cannot predict where we will be in the next 100 years. To even use a number like 25,000 yearsmeans their technological, biological and psychological development is incomprehensible to ourscientists. But again, by all accounts, the Ebens seem to be helping us. They have given us craft tostudy and fly. There have been exchange programs. Instead of destroying or conquering, they seem tokeep trying to help us. If that is what the evidence points to then why does each effort for hard evidence get stopped? Itdoes not appear to be the Aviary that is stopping things. It does not appear to be the Ebens that arestopping things; indeed, they seem to go to great lengths to not force us to do anything. But, it doesappear as if they are trying to motivate us to perhaps save our planet and ourselves. If they are nothere to help us then they are not as smart as their advanced technology would indicate they are. We will find ourselves as short-term playmate without the help of someone else. We are destroyingour planet and ourselves; the hard evidence is everywhere, at an exponential rate and incredible speedand on the cosmic scale of time. So, again, what is stopping the evidence from being released? Themost logical deduction and conclusion is [sic] human greed and power. The old adage goes, “Power

corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Just think of it, the possibility that ETs could provide new technologies that could not just save butrevolutionize the planet. With control of these technologies it could mean world domination. Whobetter to stop an officially-sanctioned release than power brokers who want continued control? Thosewho have it are not about to relinquish it. For our part, we know what exists; we know the reality of the Ebens. Rick Doty has been inintelligence from the inside, he has seen the craft, he has seen the highly classified reports, and he hasseen the photos from the Roswell file showing alien bodies. Bill Moore has seen Unidentified FlyingObjects maneuver before him. He has heard incontrovertible testimony from numerous first-hand eyewitnesses; he has followed an undeniable trail leading to the inner circle. Jaime Shandera has now had the existence of ETs proven to him beyond question. He has followedmuch of the same trail as Moore and heard the testimony. But to say that we know beyond what wecan prove to the reader is only the first step in a long, long journey. If we are successful with the sources and the investigations with new developments currentlyunderway, the promise of more definitive information will be soon forthcoming.’Jaime ShanderaSo what about the forthcoming? Despite the government-Shandera disclosure effort that flopped, whatelse had taken place since 1991? Starting back in 1987-1988, we were receiving what was called ‘BirdCode,’ see (5) for samples from the 17+ pages that were received. This Bird Code exchange involvedErnie Kellerstrass, Rick Doty, Robert Collins, Jaime Shandera, Bill Moore and perhaps the DIA’sFalcon or the CIA’s Walter Ferguson as our Washington DC sources who Bill Moore and Jaime knew,but not the rest of us. This code supposedly gave us directions on how to find the ‘Bird Sanctuary’ or an apartment inWashington, DC near the mall where an ambassador was kept. Was this ambassador an alien namedEBE-3 (female) or some other female EBE who departed in 1989 or was it ‘93? Needless to say we‘blew’ our window of opportunity because some of the information was not interpreted correctly byJaime Shandera and Bill Moore who actually made the trips to DC. Jaime started working again on this ‘Bird Code’ in the early ‘90s and, with the help of ‘postcards’from New Zealand and other places, he was able to put enough information together to make a specialtrip to Washington in the summer of 1995. It was too late to meet our “ambassador,” but it wasn’t too late to meet “Mr. X” (Walter Ferguson,CIA?), Jaime wasn’t too clear on that. He met our Mr. X in front of a building near the mall. As Mr. Xescorted Jamie into this building, Jaime noticed a checkered board in the front entry way (King’sTable) laid in the floor (6) and off to the left was a TS/SCI vault reportedly containing “volumes” onour extraterrestrials. However, in June/July 2012 the CIA Falcon was disclosed as none other than Harry AugustRositzke who died November 4, 2002 in Warrenton, Virginia. Very few people were in a position to

know who the real Falcon was. The two we know about for certain are Bill Moore and Richard Doty.Both had direct interaction with him. Bill Moore provided a name to his friend Greg Bishop in 2005.Brian Parks (see author link, last page) had known Bill closely from the early 1980’s until he droppedout of UFO research around 1994. Just a few months ago he gave Brian the very same name as Bishophad (4).References/Footnotes(1a) The Zeta Reticuli Star System: Colonel John Grine was part of the initial medical team that examined EBE-1. He also assisted inthe autopsy on one of the other Ebens. Colonel Grine retired in 1970 and lived in Austin, TX until1985, when he moved to Albuquerque. Colonel Grine died in 1995 at the age of 91.(c) Colonel Bryon Redlinger, who lived with EBE-1, died in Phoenix AZ, in 1989. He lived with EBE-1 from 1949 to 1952 when EBE-1 died. Colonel Redlinger was a Captain at the time. Rick said hespoke with him in 1980 and again in 1984. He was a very nice man who retired around 1970. He wasfrom the very old school. He served before WW II. His daughter Dennette lives in Albuquerque and ismarried to an Air Force officer who must be retired by now. Bill Moore did interview the Colonelsometime back in the1980-’82 time frame. The agreement was that the interview would be held inconfidence and all information would be safeguarded.(d) Mantis type aliens:http:/ …Angleton circa 1952, “when the bug spokethose in the back of the room fainted.”(2) As reported in the July 1999 issue of Physics Today, two-and-a-half months before his death, theworld-renowned Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov gave a speech in Lyons, France. Included in thatspeech was the following: “…. We are looking into the fantastic possibility that regions of spaceseparated from each other by billions of light years are, at the same time, connected to each other withthe help of additional parallel entrances, often called wormholes. In other words, we do not excludethe possibility of a miracle: the instantaneous crossing from one region of space to another. Theelapsed time would be so short that we would appear in the new place quite unexpectedly, or, viceversa, someone would suddenly appear next to us. I talk of such things in order to show what kinds ofquestions are being raised and discussed at the cutting edge of science.”(3) Project Beta: Creation of a Modern Myth, Greg Bishop, Paraview Pocket Books 2005.(4a) Who is Jamie’s Raven? Still an unknown, but Rick Doty’s was Mr. R or Richard Helms ex CIAdirector. And, what about Falcon? According to Bill Moore and known by Rick Doty it’s Harry AugustRositzke, born in New York, 1910. A redacted FBI memorandum dated in 1961 for Rositzke (not shown) was kept as classified untilJuly 2011, then the classified portion was redacted. This memorandum follows the same formatting ofthe ‘leaked’ CIA Oswald Memo dated in March 1964 mentioning Oswald being trained by the CIA andNaval Intelligence. Brian Parks (who provided the memorandum) stated on 07-20-012:”What happened was that an FBI informant overheard Harry say some complimentary things about theSoviet Union. He reported same to FBI. As soon as they found out who he was they dropped the mattercold. I gave this to Greg Bishop for his online talk, and he did use it, but not many seemed to havebeen watching.The other attachment is a quality photo that is from the cover of “The CIA’s Secret Operations” from1977. An old book that you can get on Amazon. He also wrote “KGB: The Eyes of Russia.” I have thatalso but not read it yet.”(4b) Why now for all of this? Isn’t this just a little outdated? Like so much of the information in thisarea it’s old to some, but new to others, yet in the same breath, this material has never been releasedbefore publicly. The narrative in the main text follows the introduction history as a mix of interviewsand discussion which was originally done by Jaime Shandera. Jaime’s last known place of residencewas in San Diego CA living with his present wife, but recently, within the last year or so, he movedback to Los Angeles.Many will complain that “code names” lessen the credibility of the material. This may be true, but theauthors have to respect the confidentiality of their sources or else there would be no information.However, in this case, most of the code names have been provided where possible.(5) Samples of the ‘Bird Code’ using the exact words. This was the code used by Ernie Kellerstrass,Rick Doty, Bill Moore, a source at DIA and I Robert Collins in an attempt to set up an interview withan EBE (female, EBE-3?) who was reportedly located in a safe house next to the mall in WashingtonDC. The Bird Code effort went on from 1987 through 1988. EBE female left in 1989 or ‘93 accordingto sources, there is confusion on this.In the beginning there was the Falcon and the Eagle87/88: In the beginning there were two birds, the Falcon and the Eagle living in the same

neighborhood. Their light source shone with two bright nesses. Both birds, although bothered by theWoodpecker, lived happily together in this neighborhood of two bright nesses. At the second phase oftheir fourth moon trouble began to develop, for the Eagle became frustrated by the Woodpecker’saction. Falcon made its only mistake, for it sided with Woodpecker. A war, which lasted many moonphases, occurred between the Falcon and the Eagle. Once all the feathers were plucked from theFalcon, it became a rare bird. It retired to its nest and slept quietly.The Eagle Soared87/88: The Eagle soared above the other birds and made nests in their homes. When the Eaglemated with the Blue Jay, the new breed developed. The new breed and rarest bird is called the Condor.The Condor must open the apartment, for if any other bird opens the door first, the other occupantswill flee. The door must be opened with a Special Key mentioned in the third paragraph of the fifthchapter of the written book. The Key will only sleep for one moon phase. Condor must open the doorbefore that time.The Parrot Spoke Three Times87/88: The Parrot three times spoke the latter: One in two parts and the Woodpecker taps thismessage. A few years after tens of thousands of birds flew over Europe: The Eagle acquired three rarebirds. Unfortunately one died a few years after. Many years passed while Eagle learned to talk somerare bird: But, mainly the rare bird learned to speak Eagle. These discussions are referred to in thebook written in the forth repeat of the twin year the Woodpecker was born.(6) King’s Table:—NSA, responsible for alien communications and tracking: The National Security Agency’s (NSA)Deep Space Probes & Space Surveillance.—Rick Doty pinpoints the underground facilities at LANL. Map in Section III, Chap 2:

[I’d really rather not say from where I retrieved this.]