BLM Kiosk A – Grape Vine Canyon Rd. – Juniper Flats – San Bernardino County, California


via BLM Kiosk A – Grape Vine Canyon Rd. – Juniper Flats – San Bernardino County, California

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    Jeff Ellis: Mixing Philosophy (Frank Ocean, Odd Future, Kali Uchis, Snoh Aalegra, Nick Jonas)


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    “The Greek god #Artemis is often known as a goddess of contradictions as she is both a hunter and protector of wildlife as well as the goddess of virginity and childbirth.”


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    “It’s obvious that it’s theatre,” Meloy says of his tunes’ brutality. “If you were to do a body count in folk songs—[like] ‘Nottamun Town,’ you know—people die left and right. That’s the tradition that we’re working from.”


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    “MIL position concerning #UFOs..acquire superior methodologies, mandate the downing of off-world craft, and impose top secrecy”

    MIL Encounters w Extraterrestrials: The Real War of the Worlds



    #UNIDO #DOTY @DrStevenGreer #UFO

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    Federal Reserve Cuts Rates & Amazon’s Algorithm Under Fire

    #GOP #UNIDO #Gabbard #Recession #tradewar #tradewars #trade

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    #UNIDO @pauloakenfold @JeremyCorbell @area51basecamp @area51research1

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    Gabbard: The only one who doesn’t drink the kool aid

    “And it’s a retaliation against the extreme #sanctions that are on Iran, that’s basically making it impossible for them to sell their oil around the world.”
    #GOP #UNIDO #Gabbard #IranSanctions #Iranian

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    “I read Friedrich #Nietzsche’s book The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music, which talks about ancient Greek dance and tragedy and these #Dionysian tendencies”


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    Who’s In Charge Here? The President Waits for Instructions from Saudi Arabia
    #gop #unido #Gabbard #alqaeda

    via @Yahoo

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    #UNIDO @miracleofsound

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    “you’d rightly conclude that something threatening was going on”
    Where have the wild #birds gone? 3 billion fewer than 1970
    My God! What have we done?

    Germany to Ban #Glyphosate to Protect Insects, #Biodiversity
    #UNIDO #Gabbard

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    “Ken Layne, “UFO Jane” Kyle, retired U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Jim Goodall, Rick #Doty, “Rogue Warrior” Dick Marcinko”


    #UNIDO #StormArea51 #UFOs

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    Area 51 Testimony: Richard #Doty, #AFOSI #Area51

    #UNIDO #StormArea51 @DrStevenGreer @JeremyCorbell @Mixmag @pauloakenfold #ufo #ufos #ebe #eben

    Extraterrestrial Biological Entities – @Earthfiles

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    Area 51 Testimony: Richard #Doty, #AFOSI

    #Area51 #UNIDO #StormArea51 @DrStevenGreer @JeremyCorbell @Mixmag @pauloakenfold #ufo #ufos #ebe #eben

    Extraterrestrial Biological Entities – @Earthfiles

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    Max & Stacy look at the mad ideas being floated by the mad men

    From Bill Gates’ ‘chemical cloud’ to a Swedish economist’s idea of resorting to cannibalism #climatechange

    2 #NASAWorldview –

    #UNIDO #solarGeoEngineering #HARDBALL

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    Truth is Obama/Biden screwed up Ukraine & got a lot of PPL in #Donbass killed
    It’s like we’re living in Bizarro world where we’re not allowed to criticize anything Obama did, Bullsh*t!
    #GOP #UNIDO #HunterBiden

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    “I am sorry that I will not be able to join there in person due to previously scheduled presidential campaign events”
    Tulsi #Gabbard welcomes PM Modi to US, says ‘sorry’ for not being able to attend ‘Howdy Modi’ event

    #GOP #Unido @TulsiGabbard

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    Ex Air Force Officer Says They Faked Alien Contact Experiences

    “I shared..that Elizondo has told me it is a ‘meta-material’ with strange isotopic values indicating it is not from Earth”
    #UNIDO #DOTY @DrStevenGreer @openmindstv

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    Can We Trust Mainstream Media #UFO Disclosure?


    #Doty #AFOSI

    #Area51 #UNIDO #StormArea51 @DrStevenGreer @JeremyCorbell @pauloakenfold #ufo #ufos #ebe #eben

    Extraterrestrial Biological Entities – @Earthfiles

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    Edward #Snowden Sued By US Government After Releasing Best Selling Book @Snowden

    #GOP #UNIDO #Gabbard
    Yes, @realDonaldTrump got a bum rap, but he’s still a bum
    #Biden should get out

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    “Credibility Crisis: No One Believes Iran Attacked Saudi Arabia” & In ‘appalling’ move, Jeff Bezos suddenly cuts medical advantages for almost 2000 low maintenance Whole Foods laborers
    ~260~ Don’t Believe The Lies Again

    #GOP #UNIDO @RedactedTonight #tucker

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    Richard Doty, a retired Air Force counter intelligence officer, tells us about what he did to keep UFO investigators from discovering secrets about classified, U.S. defense technology. Journalists and news stations were influenced to modify their stories about the subject.

    Richard C. Doty Interview—Air Force UFO Counter Intelligence and The Reality of Extraterrestrials

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    Nick Pope ran UK #UFO project at the Ministry of Defense. He spoke about his new video project, Indistinguishable From Magic, and issues raised in the documentary, such as how alien contact will transpire.

    #UFOs & Aliens

    #UNIDO #DOTY #HIKO @nickpopemod

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    ”Indistinguishable from Magic is a deeply private have a look at the query of how 1st contact w extraterrestrials would possibly unfold”

    #UFO expert reveals the greatest misperception about alien technology @HeraldPublicist
    #UNIDO #DOTY #HIKO @nickpopemod

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    This patent for a “craft using an inertial mass reduction device” is fascinating, and is one of 3 patents filed by US Navy scientist Salvatore Cezar Pais
    The other 1..was 1 for a “high-frequency gravitational wave generator”
    #UNIDO #DOTY #HIKO @nickpopemod

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    Salvatore Cezar Pais: craft would ‘engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level’ affecting a physical system’s inertial & gravitational properties

    U.S. Navy patents theoretical ship that bends physics to fly in space

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    US Navy Patents Anti-gravity Anti-Inertia Craft?

    The Tic Tac UFO event around the USS Nimitz which was covered by the New York Times in early 2018 showed us craft that had fantastic abilities.

    Tic-Tac shaped UFOs, flying without regards to inertia, change direction at mindblowing speeds and shoot like rockets from 50 feet to 60,000 feet in a second. The g-forces are incredible but more incredible is the idea that these things can go from outer space down to sea level in a second or two.

    Here’s a new article about the Navy’s new patent on an anti-inertia craft. There doesn’t seem to be any Patent Number for the craft. Why is that?

    Here are some diagrams of this craft in the ‘patent’.
    Triangle Anti-intertia Images of craft patented by the US NAVY 2019. Flying craft cancels gravity and inertia by wrapping craft in bubble of vacuum.(Photo: Salvatore Cezar Pais/ Google)

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    Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances
    Patent documents indicate that the U.S. & China are actively developing radical new craft that seem eerily similar to UFOs reported by Navy pilots

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    NEGATIVE FORCE GENERATING SYSTEM (NFGS) or anti-gravity The entire craft acts as one big room temperature super conducting capacitor
    #UNIDO #DOTY #HIKO #PAIS @nickpopemod #NFGS

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