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    Here’s one way Democrats can defeat Trump: be radically anti-war | Mark Hannah and Stephen Wertheim

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    Not all polls are created equal

    Seriously, how do some of these pollsters stay in business with such poor track records?!

    #GOP #UNIDO #Gabbard

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    2020 Democrats at Risk of Being Cut From Debates

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    “lesson one, in ‘Diplomacy for Beginners’: When faced with what is considered an existential threat, a great power will use force”

    Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World

    #GOP #UNIDO #Gabbard
    Judging by some comments

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    I know this is NOT funny
    But TY for the musical reference

    #UNIDO @DrHananAshrawi
    [When I studied Dr #Ashrawi as an undergrad at the Univ of Memphis, I never DREAMED I’d be replying to her tweets What an honor! Americans are ignorant, esp @realDonaldTrump]

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    Bang! Bang! #Friedman’s Silwan hammer came down – on U.S. credibility and Israel’s sanity

    #GOP #UNIDO #Palestine
    #Kushner the Lesser
    I’ve absolutely no reason to believe @realDonaldTrump will ever be a fair-minded individual about anything

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    Better make like a fly if you don’t want to die
    Look out there goes Gordon

    #UNIDO #Elvis #MightyLikeaRose

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