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“everything in the quantum world” “has a dual character”



Physicist Thomas Campbell presents in his lectures on the structure of our reality to the claim that we live in a virtual reality. He bases this conclusion with the results of quantum physics, specifically those of the double-slit experiment. In this article, both structure and results of the experiment in simple terms will be explained.

The content of this article is also available as video is available, in which the key messages possibly even explain better understood with the aid of numerous animated graphics than this self-items is possible:






Final check as instruments set sail to track aerosols over Southern Ocean

Shipboard instruments will collect crucial climate data during a series of routine voyages between Australia and Antarctica



The melt event occurred upwind from an Atmospheric Radiation…

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  1. rosettasister Says:


    Saudi Arabia #condemns Israeli plans to expand illegal West Bank settlements

    Pharaoh first hardened his own heart. God hardening Pharaoh’s heart later

    Not too late for Decider-in-Chief to decide again


    #EastJerusalem = capital of #Palestine

  2. rosettasister Says:

    Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technology Organization therefore has for years been focusing on climate. We were the initiator and key in the worldwide project “Future Climate – Engineering Solutions.” This project started in 2008, where engineering organizations from all over the world working on national plans of how much greenhouse gas emissions in individual countries could be reduced by using available or imminent technology.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    Destructive potentials

    All materials have resonant frequencies which is a product related to its natural state of induced excitability. Buildings along with bodies too have their own particular resonant frequency. (Fig 1 – 3) If you locate this frequency, the value of efficient excitation, and through mechanical reinforcement impart this frequency you can literally ‘ring’ material similar to that of a struck bell. If, through a feedback system, you encourage a phase aligned addition to this wave form, potentials for the material oscillate out of control become possible. In 1898 the inventor Nikola Tesla was working with similar energy imparting devices which was said to be so small ” you could put it in your overcoat pocket.”15
    I was experimenting with vibrations. I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building. I put it up notch after notch. There was a peculiar cracking sound.
    I asked my assistants where did the sound come from. They did not know. I put the machine up a few more notches. There was a louder cracking sound. I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building. I pushed the machine a little higher.
    Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around. I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine. The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes. Outside in the street there was pandemonium. The police

    15Article from the New York World-Telegram, July 11, 1935.

    and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing. We told the police it must have been an earthquake. That’s all they ever knew about it.16
    This notorious event was said to have also created intense sympathetic vibrations two blocks away from Tesla’s laboratory producing a similar extreme reaction which had summoned the authorities.
    There is a correlation between bodies and buildings insofar as they relate to oscillatory motion. The same amplitudes and frequencies have corresponding effects in both. Vibration induced pain in humans is relative to the same value of intensity which causes failure in structures. Both bodies and buildings are excited most efficiently at the same frequencies of between one and twenty cycles per second. Though the Live Room is not trying to actually destroy buildings or cause physical pain, defining this extreme range helps to clarify the potential power resident in the project. This parallel relation also helps to reinforce the concept of bridging through sympathetic vibration and connecting a trace between the body and architecture.

    16 Ibid.


    “JO 171998 – Semantic Scholar”


    [Warning: Above Link downloads pdf automatically!]

    by MS Bain – ‎1998

  4. rosettasister Says:

    There was a short article in the August 2004 issue of The Wire about sound artist Mark Bain. “Equipped with seismometers,” The Wire writes, Bain “can turn architectural structures into giant musical instruments and demolish buildings with sound alone.” His installations have included “sensing devices, oscillators and the occasional sculptural element” – such as the “six metre high inflatable speaker” featured below.

    This is the Sonusphere, formerly installed in the Edith Russ Haus, Germany. The Sonusphere musicalizes the effects of plate tectonics: “Modified seismic sensors pick up the normally unheard movements of the earth and are channeled through the entire building until reaching a ‘crescendo’ in Bain’s sonusphere. Unique in its purpose and design, the sonusphere is essentially a wired, inflatable ball that fills the entire upper floor and takes signals generated from an acoustic network running through the entire architecture. It acts as a low frequency, 360 degree, acoustic radiator translating the sound to its curved walls as physically pulsating sound pressure.”
    Bain’s work, The Wire explains, references “the ideas of maverick engineer Nikola Tesla.” Tesla’s prolific output and avant-garde electrical ideas inspired Bain to develop “a system for resonating buildings that allowed him to ‘play’ structures. ‘The multi-resonator system I designed could drive waveforms into buildings,’ Bain comments, ‘like giant additive synthesis where you get different beatings of frequencies and shifted harmonics. I was basically designing systems that turned a structure into a musical instrument.’”
    Elsewhere, we’re told, “the portable earthquake machines [that Bain] showed in Holland in 2001 produced severe tremors that spread through the surrounding area. Then there was Het Paard, a large music venue in The Hague slated for demolition. The oscillators he attached to the building activated the entire structure, inflicting severe damage on parts of the walls and ceilings.”
    Of course, Bain has been on BLDGBLOG before, where we discuss a musical composition of his made entirely from seismic data recorded during the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9/11 – the trembling of Manhattan turned into a roar of sound. (Listen to an excerpt here).

    (Similar ideas are taken up in this post).

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