Newsreel Bufo / 43 – UFOs, Russia Dossier: the unreleased films Cinegiornale bUFO / 43 – Ufo, Dossier Russia: i filmati inediti di Flavio Vanetti – Giorgio Bongiovanni


[From Italy, I thought this might be fun to check out.]

Flavio Flury
Newsreel Bufo / 43 – UFOs, Russia Dossier: the unreleased films

11 OCTOBER 2017 | of Flavio Flury

Mystery bufo

The Great Mother Russia, you know, is one of the places of ufology election, how will confirm many people and also one of the most loyal to the blog: the legendary Tigrinya, which Moscow has long lived reaching even to talk – being fans of matter – people with a certain level of military and scientific communities.

Well, a few days ago I was reporting a documentary film this for a while ‘(a few years ago, to be precise) on Youtube: summarizes some sort of secret files on UFOs and Russia.

One of the curators, Giorgio Bongiovanni, is a character probably a little ‘discussed and controversial (you’ll understand why), but there is also interesting material on which it is worth to think and maybe discuss.

The newsreel Bufo time is longish, but worth it to see him and to draw a conclusion (not necessarily in favor of the above: rather, they are like also and above all criticism, however justified).

Sit back, watch and comment.

On October 21, “Children of the Stars” Umanitaria Milan

ok-poster-2017Quali amazing secrets hid Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in his hangar and in the underground tunnels since 1947? What went through the Arizona sky before the eyes of thousands of stunned witnesses March 13, 1997?

Questions that intrigue the UFO enthusiasts and which will be answered in Milan on October 21, during the 5th International Meeting “Children of the Stars – Beyond the borders”, promoted by Extremamente and Sabrina Pieragostini http://www.extremamente blog .com in cooperation with the Humane Society and sponsored by the Forum of Associations.

The conference will take part in a special guest Raymond Szymanski, the engineer who worked for almost forty years in the US Air Force base in Ohio where they would be hidden UFO crashed on American soil along with the bodies of aliens recovered from the wreckage. Included ones – notorious – they would die in ‘Roswell incident of which this year is celebrating the 70th anniversary.

Szymanski – author of the book “Fifty Shades of Gray” – for the first time in Italy reveal what he discovered on investigating Wright-Patterson. 20 years on, however, by another sensational episode, known to history as “The Phoenix Lights”, possibly the largest mass UFO sighting ever recorded.

Key Witness Dr. Lynne Kitei, who has conducted his own search to understand the exact nature of the phenomenon on which he directed an award-winning documentary, “The Phoenix Lights,” which will be shown a clip never before presented in Italy. The American doctor will connect live from the United States to explain its findings and will respond to all public curiosity.

Theater of the fifth edition of “Children of the Stars”, which also includes other interesting topics, this year will be the beautiful Hall of Frescoes of the Humane Society, old charity Milan. Appointment then next October 21, from 9 to 19, in San Barnaba 48.

You must book though: you can do it on the blog

The American doctor will connect live from the United States to explain its findings and will respond to all public curiosity.





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    [It wasn’t Trump’s base that got him elected.]

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    “the Father’s patience with a stiff-necked people” #GOP #UNIDO #EastJerusalem = capital of #Palestine

    [It wasn’t Trump’s base that got him elected.]

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    Some will be able to teach Some will be able to heal Some will be able to prophecy Some will be able to minister

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    Physical Evidence of Cloud Seeding Effects and General Weather Modification Aspects—Part I


    Optimization of Aerosol Seeding in Rain Enhancement Strategies (OASIS)
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