Jesus, as they say, wept So does This Old Man of chemtrails – Will Thomas


“Certainly this man deserves to be heard, as all those deserve who possess a mastery over speech.”



Never mind implacable geophysics. Over at Chemtrails News, Mike Adams sticks another pin in the climate deniers’ favorite voodoo doll, sneering: “Al Gore believes hurricanes are created by Man” abetted by “his quack science Church of Climatology.”


elderly woman who wished to remain unidentified drinks after she was brought by firefighters to the Saint Antoine hospital in Paris during a 2003 heatwave. – Franck Prevel:AP

hospitlilized elderly survivor of 2003 Paris heatwave – Franck Prevel/AP

The same “quackery” we can only assume that is blow-torching the polar ice sheets, sending worldwide temperatures to lethal levelsraising sea-levelsintensifying storms, and triggering record-breaking floods and droughts across the globe.


Oh, and turning the ocean covering most of this planet into a 328-million cubic-mile basin of vinegar that will soon be incapable of supporting life. Including our outraged descendents and the offspring of all currently surviving species.


Remember them?


Socrates was right, some 2,500 years ago, when he implored everyone to question everything. Demanding proof is not the same as the current popular injunction to believe whatever you want to believe.


Guess what? The irrefutable realities of ongoing geoengineering in the skies overhead, torrential rain “weather bombs”climate chaos, and what scientists are now calling “biological annihilation” don’t care what anyone “believes”.


Jesus, as they say, wept.


So does this “old man” of chemtrails.


See my Geoengineering “Chemtrails” Best Evidence

aerosol suppression


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[Don’t fall into the trap of dismissing someone just because you oppose their politics or they’re sometimes wrong, or even often wrong. That someone might possess information the world needs to hear.]



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