Morgellons Disease fibers are composed of keratin produced by damaged keratinocytes – A Chemical and Light Microscopic Study by Marianne J. Middelveen, Elizabeth H. Rasmussen, Douglas G. Kahn and Raphael B. Stricker


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Morgellons fibers at 100× magnification. Note floral-shaped fibers on external surface (top) and pavement epithelium on internal surface (bottom) of epidermal section.

“the fibers are composed of keratin and are products of keratinocytes”



Our three patients had features of MD that are commonly described

in the medical literature, including insidious onset, dermatological

signs and systemic symptoms, lack of response to immunosuppressive

treatment and association with tickborne diseases [1-3]. Case 1 had

skin lesions confined to the hands (Figure 1A), while Cases 2 and 3 had

disseminated skin lesions over the head, trunk and extremities (Figures

1B and 1C). In addition, Case 3 had symptoms associated primarily

with hair follicles, and a sensation of change in hair composition and

texture is often reported by Morgellons patients [1,10]. These MD

patterns have been recognized in prior studies [1,2] and we propose

a classification of localized MD versus disseminated…

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