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Title: Oedipus and the Sphinx
By: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780 – 1867)
Original Size: 144 x 189 cms / 56.7 x 74.4 inches
Medium: Oil On Canvas
Location: Louvre, Paris, France

From this perspective Christ is the Word, the Logos, the universal light of God manifested through an incarnate person. Cayce’s readings explain that the light of Christ first incarnated in Poseidia in Atlantis around 106,000 B.C. ­ doing so to help souls who had lost their conscious connection with God and had become trapped in matter. The attuned Cayce sees us as spirits and minds; physical bodies came long after our original creation in the image and likeness of the Universal Creator. The Christ spirit realized that it was going to take a series of incarnations in order to fully overcome the influences that had taken possession of our minds and hearts, and it came out of the…

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    “music makers & listeners
    consider the #power of this tuning
    how it affects mind, body & spirit”
    432 Hz #Tuning

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    windy the association radio
    Great music 4 #TheFourth #The4th the #FourthofJulyWeekend #FourthOfJuly #DEM

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    Jay Reid
    She’s a Maniac (Remix) (feat. Jesse McDade) – Single
    ℗ 2013 Trippple Phat Music/Rawcast International

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    Les Claypool
    Of Fungi & Foe
    ℗ 2009 Prawn Song
    Def an acquired taste
    Saw this live & Yes They wore #masks

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    They’re going to blame you
    For every calamity that ever befell the earth
    & You just have to keep on trucking
    & That’s the Way God planned It

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    Martin worked w Paul Winter
    1972 #Icarus album
    Martin taught him “how to use the studio as a tool”
    relaxed atmo diff from pressurized CTRL


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    Though I said it all before
    I will say it more and more,
    Now that I’m really sure
    You love me

    What Would Sir George Martin Do?

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    Though I said it all before
    I will say it more and more,
    Now that I’m really sure
    You love me

    What Would Sir George Martin Do?


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    “I think I have an idea about what to do for John’s voice,” I announced to George in the control room as we finished editing the loop. Excitedly, I explained my concept to him. Though his brows furrowed for a moment, he nodded his assent. Then he went out into the studio and told the four Beatles, who were standing around impatiently waiting for the loop to be constructed, to take a tea break while “Geoff sorts out something for the vocal.”

    Less than half an hour later, Ken Townsend, our maintenance engineer, had the required wiring completed. Phil and I tested the apparatus, carefully placing two microphones near the Leslie speakers. It certainly sounded different enough; I could only hope that it would satisfy Lennon. I took a deep breath and informed George Martin that we were ready to go.

    Setting down their cups of tea, John settled behind the mic and Ringo behind his kit, ready to overdub vocals and drums on top of the recorded loop; Paul and George Harrison headed up to the control room. Once everyone was in place and ready to go, George Martin got on the talkback mic: “Stand by…here it comes.” Then Phil started the loop playing back. Ringo began playing along, hitting the drums with a fury, and John began singing, eyes closed, head back.

    “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…” Lennon’s voice sounded like it never had before, eerily disconnected, distant yet compelling. The effect seemed to perfectly complement the esoteric lyrics he was chanting. Everyone in the control room—including George Harrison—looked stunned.

    Through the glass we could see John begin smiling. At the end of the first verse, he gave an exuberant thumbs-up and McCartney and Harrison began slapping each other on the back.

    “It’s the Dalai Lennon!” Paul shouted.

    George Martin shot me a wry grin. “Nice one, Geoff,” he said. For someone not prone to paying compliments, that was high praise indeed. For the first time that day, the butterflies in my midsection stopped fluttering.

    Moments later, the first take was complete and John and Ringo had joined us in the control room to listen to it. Lennon was clearly bowled over by what he was hearing. “That is bloody marvelous,” he kept saying over and over again. Then he addressed me directly for the first time that evening, adopting his finest snooty upper-class accent. “I say, dear boy,” he joked, “tell us all precisely how you accomplished that little miracle.”

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    Tomorrow never knows

    #GOP #UNIDO Geoff Emerick
    “It’s the Dalai Lennon!” Paul shouted
    George Martin “Nice one, Geoff”

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    1 result

    space – National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law

    The report,prepared by Mr. H. Wexler,was submitted in April. 1959 to theThird World Meteorological Congress, which laid down

    -(resolution T.9 (Cg-III)) the

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    The cameras gave meteorologists, iccording to the Weather Bureau’s Di- ector of Meteorological Research Dr. Harry Wexler, “the first definite proof hat a large

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    a sort of ozone depletion Rosetta stone—is Wexler’s rough note of 1962 that links Chapman 1934, Wulf, rocket fuel and ozone destroying reactions triggered by chorine and bromine as catalysts (slide 21).
    Under normal circumstances, Wexler would have prepared his lecture for publication, but he was cut down by a sudden heart attack in August 1962. The documents relating to his career, especially his remarkable work on ozone depletion and climate control headed into the archives, probably not to be seen and certainly not to be re-evaluated until today.
    The well-known and well-documented Supersonic Transport (SST) and ozone depletion issues developed about a decade later. The idea that bromine and other halogens could destroy stratospheric ozone was published in 1974, while CFC production expanded rapidly and dramatically between 1962 and its peak in 1974. Had Wexler lived to publish his ideas, they would certainly have been noticed and could have led to a different outcome and perhaps an earlier coordinated response to the issue of stratospheric ozone depletion.
    And the issue of a technological fix for climate change—geoengineering— remains very much alive today.

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    Rosetta stone—is #Wexler’s rough note of 1962 that links Chapman 1934, Wulf, rocket fuel & ozone destroying reactions

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    “Syria Danny”
    staged #SAA “attack” 4 benefit of #CNN’s Anderson Cooper
    #GOP #tcot
    CNN pushed #regimeChange Many dead

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    Syrian War Report – July 4, 2017: Army Reportedly Receives BMPT Terminator Combat Vehicles


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    Smiling Phases
    ℗ 1968 Island Records
    Standing in the cool of my room
    Fresh cut flowers give me sweet perfume

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    High Land, Hard Rain is the debut album by jangle pop band Aztec Camera, released in 1983
    #GOP #UNIDO #AztecCamera

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    “¡El pueblo #unido, jamás será vencido!”
    “The people united will never be defeated”

    High Land, Hard Rain is the debut album by jangle pop band #AztecCamera

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    “First off, thx for the mature reply. You have good points, but since I’ve lived longer than you, I have a leg up in that I’ve experienced more and

    I’ve come to realize that anything is possible (in the world I inhabit) once someone believes enuf.

    Now, of course, I don’t know that about these guys, but like you, I wish them well.

    Succeed, fail, somewhat (doesn’t mean money is not important) irrevlevant when relating it to the “experience” imo because that’s the benefit (talk about hard knocks, I learned that the hard way).

    Sorry, will not get all metaphysical on you, I’m not totally naive (some argue that point with me) so will leave it at that.

    As to the bolded, as others have opined (I think),

    it’s a matter of knowing who you are and your place in this silly world we occupy for a short time.

    I can handle a lot of “stuff/descriptions/criticism” better the older I get, not so in my youth.

    For those who are not as old, I see where you might be coming from, but also see “wasted energy”,

    again, YMMV. Mahalo!”

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    Boleros: Regalo de Caricias (Remasterizado)

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    Disgraced #CNN editor
    #Risen & #Lichtblau were put up to do this hit job on #Montgomery by the so-called Obama Deep State

    Disgraced #CNN #editor
    #Risen & #Lichtblau were put up to do..on #Montgomery by the so-called #Obama #DeepState

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    Russian leaders think they already are at war
    1 has 2 wonder if Trump is even aware of the irony of his jab @ Russia

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    “But perhaps the most exotic form of geophysical warfare concerns tampering with the electrical behavior of the ionosphere. Techniques for disturbing radio communication by “punching holes” in the ionosphere with nuclear explosions have been long discussed. So, too, have proposals for opening up lethal windows in the ionosphere to let in the short wavelength ultraviolet radiation which is known to damage biological systems, causing skin cancers in man and damage to crops. What is new, is the suggestion that the natural wave-guide between the ionosphere and the Earth could be used to propagate very low frequency (VLF) radiation through it in such a way as to affect the electrical behavior of individuals’ own brain activity.”
    New Scientist Magazine 1976

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