Jesus’ sister Ruth and her husband, Philoas


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Marble figure of typical Roman husband & wife.
Photographer:Gjon Mili

The experiences of the entity as Ruth, the sister of Jesus, in the Palestine  period.


So thou in thine experience in the present, as ye may be questioned as to thy gentleness to this or that experience of individual activities, become aware of those experiences through which ye passed, even there – as not only the sister in the flesh of Jesus but as the helpmeet to a heathen; yea, a Roman!

Yet the foolishness of the world and of the earth is the wisdom of God! Just as the foolishness of man may be turned into the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of God.

For the wisdom is indeed to be  willing to be led by the Spirit of GOD rather than to be guided by thine own  concept OF paralleling or classifying or…

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