Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, Others, Lord, others.


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Jesus presented love on different levels, identifying the highest love in this often quoted passage: “No greater love has a person, than to give up his or her life for another” ­ not literal death, but giving up self’s desires for another’s.

It is thinking more of what another may need than what self may want.

Cayce said that Jesus had a secret prayer that he repeated to himself, “Others, Lord, others.”

This kept the Father’s power that flowed through Jesus on the right track ­ not glorifying himself but revealing the Light and Love that flowed through him ­ God’s love, our Father’s and Mother’s love.

Jesus used this to do good and glorify the Father rather than himself. Selfless loving is the ideal ­ giving and caring without expectation of getting something in return.

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