Did Google Just Control The Weather?!?


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By Lak Lakshmanan, Technical Lead Big Data Professional Services and Matthew Feigal, Google Cloud Customer Engineer

How Google Wind uses machine learning to predict rain and then orchestrate Dutch windmills accordingly

Holland is one of the greatest countries to live in, but the one downside is that it rains most of the time. Rainfall has increased in the last century (18% since 1906, source KNMI), making the Dutch complain about the weather more than ever. That’s why Google Netherlands Cloud Platform team is launching Google Wind.

We leveraged existing Dutch infrastructure to realize this moonshot in record time. Google Wind uses machine learning to recognize cloud patterns and orchestrate a network of windmills* when rain is approaching. Test results look very promising, We’re proud to announce that from April 1st we’re able to help ensure clearer skies for everyone in Holland.

The data processing behind it all


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