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    15 November 2012, 12:32

    Was Hurricane Sandy an inside job? Why governments manipulate the weather

    Was Hurricane Sandy an inside job? Why governments manipulate the weather

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    Hurricane Sandy was said to be one of the worst hurricanes to hit the US in over a century. The wild weather lashed through many regions, wreaking havoc on thousands. And yet, some theorists believe that this was no coincidence. Was Hurricane Sandy pumped up on steroids of its own genre? Did the government really control the weather to make it worse or is this just one of Mother Nature’s special gifts? Experts Scott Stevens, Dr. Nick Begich, and Rosalind Peterson give their two cents on what’s really happening up in the sky.

    “Weather modification, here in the US goes back, at least as far back as the Vietnam War. At that time it was primarily cloud seeding,” said Dr. Nick Begich, who co-authored Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, to the Voice of Russia. Cloud seeding is quite simple and happens by dropping chemicals on the tops of clouds in order to induce rain or even snow. Massive amounts of rain could be the finished product, or just the opposite can be done with weather control. Another technique used is when planes disburse chemicals at different altitudes making special formations in the sky as they spray. These chemicals can adversely react with the atmosphere and thus alter our weather patterns on a large scale.
    However the why behind weather modification can be seen as a shallow but lucrative business. “Those in the know about these programs can bet on the results and make millions betting in the stock market worldwide. And foreign countries for a wide variety of reasons: ski resorts enhance their snowpack to make money, control of water supplies, initiate drought in some regions while enhancing water supplies in another region and the synergistic and cumulative effects can be enormous and unknown in some areas. This list is a long one,” said Rosalind Peterson of the Agricultural Defense Coalition.
    Governments aren’t the only ones able to control the weather. Private companies, such as Weather Modification Incorporated are in the business of Mother Nature. They offer their clients, rain, fog, hail, snow, and an array of other services which support the alteration of weather. In Arizona, 110 dollars is all it takes to obtain a license to control the weather. These establishments offer such services because they know it can be used for good. When farmers need rain, or if a city is bound to get hit by a controversial storm, it can be such a relief to have tools of this kind on hand.
    “I believe the intentions of those who are doing it are immoral and if we had in this world an honorable leadership, where there’s integrity, then I could trust them with these technologies. But right now, they have demonstrated that they can’t be trusted,” stated Scott Stevens of, to the Voice of Russia.
    As Hurricane Sandy is still the most talked about natural catastrophe, some may wonder if it became more powerful through its weather patterns being modified. Other patrons think Sandy was just a storm that was unaltered. Still, experts are concerned as to how this hurricane behaved and what was behind the “Frankenstorm”.
    “Sandy should have been a much stronger storm. Sandy’s central pressure was comparable to a category 3 hurricane which would have meant at landfall, those winds would have been approaching 130 miles per hour, at landfall Sandy’s winds were only 85. That’s a huge differential meaning that if Sandy had come ashore at full strength instead of fewer than 150 fatalities, we could have had 150 thousand fatalities,” explained Stevens to the Voice of Russia, who was a weatherman on television for 20 years.
    As much as we’d like to point the finger at one particular person, corporation, government, or group, it is near impossible. How come we can’t trace the origin of our homemade weather? Well, there’s really in fact no weather modification monitoring going on by any independent organization. This poses a problem, since countries can have their way with the atmosphere. Not only can altering the weather be done, but also earthquakes and volcanoes can be made. There is a sliver of good news though.
    “In my opinion, it’s much easier for them to disturb an on-going weather occurrence than it is for them to create a wholly original one. And my thesis has always been, you always work with what’s coming and when you begin to engineer storm events, it begins days ahead of time,” assured Stevens, who constantly sees chemical trails (better known as chemtrails), a path left behind from planes spraying substances in the sky, being created in his area of Colorado.
    Nevertheless, as new techniques are being tested out in our skies, many point to the heart of the problem – The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) near Gakona, Alaska. The facility is used to analyze the ionosphere in order to see if there’s a possibility of upgrading the technology which surrounds communication in radio and locating missiles. But in fact, the European Union (EU) raised concerns about the environmental implications that HAARP harnesses.
    The EU should be worried as HAARP is using extremely low frequency waves (ELF) in their antennas to tap into the energy field of the ionosphere (which is the top of the atmosphere), and utilizes all of their concentrated energy there. One theory which many agree with is that heat is being produced from using this concentrated energy, from over 100 antennas lined up in a row. When this happens, it creates the perfect environment for weather changes.
    The repercussion of utilizing the weather to our own liking is unknown and far more dangerous than we may think. “This isn’t just the United States. Russia, China, most sophisticated governments have dabbled in weather modification to some extent. Some being very successful and others not but again this is an area where, as countries gain knowledge we need to be extremely careful because of the nature of the unpredictability and inability to fully model the global geophysics of the planet,” told Dr. Begich of Russia also has an ionosphere heating facility in Vasilsursk, which is said to be similar to HAARP. There are also ELF transmitters in Norway, Puerto Rico, and possibly other discreet locations.
    Even if we could use this form of technology in a responsible manner, one expert believes it is still not the wisest choice. “We don’t know long and short-term impacts on the Earth’s climate system nor do we know the full range and scope of these experiments. The public is in the dark about most of these programs and experiments,” said Peterson who is very concerned about anyone tampering with the weather conditions on both a national and international scale.
    Hurricane Sandy will never be one of those come and go storms, which everyone forgets about in a matter of months. Sandy may likely become a living legend since she has taught us so much. She’s opened our eyes to how compassionate people can be when in need of help. And— most importantly, she’s helped us realize that her strength could have been altered through chemicals and tactful devices. Whoever changed Sandy or in general thinks they are Mother Nature, needs to stop before we as a society, can’t press rewind on our mistakes.

    Sarah Neary
    World, Opinion & Analysis, Hurricane Sandy, Society

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