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    Founders Circle
    Investors Warn #Unicorns: Share Info Evenly via @business

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    Boris Bergman et ses interprètes

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    “the mutually agreed upon lie”
    Judicial Watch Chris Farrell
    Will more intel be exposed in the Susan Rice scandal?
    #GOP #dobbs

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    shoulda been long ago But #Soros anti #Détente forces prevented

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    “I override the president for the benefit of the city” #Zoubaidi

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    Igor Presnyakov was Born in Moscow, Russia. He studied classical guitar at a nearby academy and eventually graduated both as a guitarist and a conductor for ensembles.

    In the late ’70s he used to lead several hard-rock bands as a lead guitarist, vocalist and arranger. On that time he also played guitar in a big-band for several years. In 1991 he relocated to the Netherlands to start his solo career, which has now spanned over 20 years. Since he moved to Europe he started discovering fingerpicking and eventually created his unique acoustic guitar-style which is influenced by various musical genres. Igor is a contemporary guitar player, who arranges and composes in an orchestral way; combining percussion, bass, harmony and melody at the same time. His arrangements of popular songs bring a very interesting approach to the original compositions, giving them a totally new perspective and possibilities of the acoustic guitar.

    Igor also sings in some of his works, where his artistic insight chooses the right moments for it, but mainly he skillfully translates the lyrics into a guitar melody, having his instrument sing the words. His popularity has risen since he first debuted on YouTube in 2007.

    Currently the videos uploaded by him have over 300 million views, in addition to over 830,000 subscribers. Igor has performed at several guitar festivals in Europe and is playing concerts all over the world. In the end of 2012 Igor recorded his latest album: IGGYFIED which has been released in 2013, it includes a selection of his finest covers and some originals works.

    “The main goal for me during the communication with my audience is to establish love for the music, love for ‘Her Majesty’ the Guitar.

    I love to play for people. To see the sparkle of joy in the eyes of the listener is the most rewarding thing for me.”

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    “I love to play for people.

    “To see the sparkle of joy in the eyes of the listener is the most rewarding thing for me.”
    igor presnyakov 2017


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    Russia-arms-Taliban remarks ‘red herring’
    Don’t U C? If a Big Lie serves our interests, then a Big Lie it is

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    public perception of solar #geoengineering
    transdisciplinary decision-support process to set up an int’l policy regime?

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    “trying to design an experimental system that’ll do those experiments in the stratosphere”
    Scariest Response 2 #ClimateChange

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    2017 APR 27
    Guerrero Negro is the largest town located in the municipality of Mulegé in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur

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    Ukrainian army has sent about 500 Wahhabis to #Mariupol, #DNR says
    isis terrorists fighting in Syria & Iraq were treated in Ukraine

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    Inside Danger Mouse, Sam Cohen’s Haunting 1960s Covers Album

    Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album

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    Your passing was wrenching for Montrealers & for people around the world

    New Skin For The Old Ceremony
    ℗ 1974 Sony
    Rest In Peace, Leonard
    Well Played

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    Is the Trump administration enabling genocide in Yemen? And will Americans ever pay attention?

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    The Shins Return With Infectious ‘Heartworms’: Listen

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    Chicago, The Doobie Brothers Headed to St. Louis in June

    Chicago VII
    ℗ 1974 Rhino

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    Free Math Resources for CCSS – HS Algebra I/II, Geometry CCSS‎

    Worksheets, lesson plans, & videos aligned to high school CCSS
    Free Reources · Updated Frequently · Formats: .doc, .pdf, .tst · TI NSpire .tns files
    Algebra I
    Regents Books
    Algebra II
    Resources by Topic

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    Little by little, the phony Friends of Syria began shrinking
    There r only 10 left today
    I haven’t the faintest idea

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    Grace Slick Uses Cash from Chick-fil-A Licensing Deal to Donate to #LGBTQ Causes

    Dreams 2nd solo album Grace Slick

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