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    The railroad ran from Sacramento to Vallejo and thence via passenger ferryboat to San Francisco.

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    The original Cal-P line ran to Vallejo

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    So, bBy 1869, the California Pacific Railroad established a ferry terminal in South Vallejo connecting to railroad lines leading all the way to Sacramento.

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    René Char — à qui il consacre un livre (René Char en ses poèmes, Gallimard, 1990)
    Paul #Veyne reçoit le prix de la BnF 2017
    #GOP #UNIDO #PaulVeyne

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    The bipartisan legislation will require the prez to formally certify that …

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    in-progress album, for which she’s already cut covers of songs by Tom Waits
    Joan Baez

    Tom Waits
    The Heart Of Saturday Night
    ℗ 1974 Elektra/Asylum

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    Larry Kudlow and I and Art Laffer put out a piece in The New York Times recently where we said, look, get a victory.

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    Syria: Western powers ‘give up on diplomatic resolution’

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    #GOP #ScottWerner

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    5th Matrixwissen Interview with Tom Campbell
    #GOP #MyBigToe #Consciousness #DigitalPhysics

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    Donovan & Coco, his granddaughter

    ℗ Originally Recorded 1969

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  15. rosettasister Says:

    Mounting Incitements 2 War w Russia
    Stephen F Cohen John Batchelor cont weekly discussions

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    “How Russian Twitter trolls targeted Republican rivals & covertly influence Trump”
    “5 Revelations from the Senate’s 1st Russia Hearings”

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    Bush & Obama
    cont same plan 4 destruction of societies of Greater ME
    already caused more than 3 million deaths
    #GOP #Meyssan

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    “Globalism doesn’t go down well w unemployed & underemployed workers”

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    ‘Russia’s stance on Syria’s Assad unchanged’
    Editor #Propagandists up2 oldTricks
    1 GoogleNews result

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    Iraq forces retake town of #Hatra southwest of #Mosul on 3rd day of operations

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