M-CAM CEO Dr. David E. Martin Anthrax Attacks September 11th Plot Civil Liberties Financial Heists version 2.0



Could you refresh my memory on this topic?

Dr David E Martin on VP Dick Cheney

@ 17:20

I will tell you without question that the Greek Olympic security scenario that’s laid out in the book …

and the actors that are described in much greater detail … those things happened at the Vice President’s (Cheney’s) residence.

I have direct experience … 3rd party direct experience … of the nature of those transactions …

that ultimately led to the paying to arm the enemies of the United States … or alleged enemies of the United States …

that ultimately were funds that were deployed to create those military and conflict regions in Iraq and Afghanistan and for that matter in the Gaza Strip that led the Bush Administration …

explaining the war effort …

And there is no question that U.S. Dollars hardware and military technology were used on both sides of the conflict

And so a lot of the men and women who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan did not do so because …

the Iraqis and Afghanis had access to Russian or Korean or Iranian technology …

There is a significant amount of the casualty of the armed forces of the United States that came from munitions purchased by funds transferred around the Olympic security …

That indeed was a Vice President residence plan.

3 of 3 Dr David E Martin

Community Currency – 12/15/11
December 15, 2011

Guest: Dr. David E. Martin Dr. David E. Martin is the founder and Chairman of M·CAM Inc., the architect and founder of the Global Innovation Commons and was the founder of Mosaic Technologies, Inc.. The impressive bio on his company’s websites states that – “Dr. Martin… is the author of the international legal framework …


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    M-CAM CEO Dr. David E. Martin Anthrax Attacks September 11th Plot Civil Liberties Financial Heists version 2.0


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    “Syrian insurgents have acquired chemical weapons”

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    #Syria #Benghazi
    “Syrian insurgents have acquired chemical weapons”

    Doubts linger over Syria gas attack evidence


    Hisham Jaber, a retired Lebanese army general who closely follows Syria’s war, said it would be “political suicide” for the regime to commit such an act given Obama’s warning.

    He also questioned U.S. assertions that the Syrian rebel fighters could not have launched sophisticated chemical weapons.

    He said that some among the estimated 70,000 defectors from the Syrian military, many of them now fighting for the opposition, could have been trained to use them.

    “It is conceivable that one or more know how to fit a rocket or artillery shell with a chemical agent,” said Jaber, who also heads the Beirut-based Middle East Center for Studies and Political Research.

    He claimed Syrian insurgents have acquired chemical weapons, bought from tribes in Libya after the fall of dictator Moammar Gadhafi, through Saudi interlocutors.

    Other weapons from Libya have been used in the conflict, though Jaber did not offer evidence to support his chemical weapon claim.

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    Dr David e Martin “coup d’twelve” “Community currency”

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    “The Greek Olympic security scenario”

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    syria 8200 kenneth timmerman


    Repeating the doctored intelligence doesn’t make it any less doctored

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    [audio src="http://www.ucy.tv/streams/64k/2013914-15-64k.mp3" /]

    Geoengineering Watch ucy.tv 09 14 13

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    Trying to view this on iPhone so forgive if dumb question how do you know we are looking at ison I’ve imaged strange creatures which look just like this not creatures as one would expect really strange multidimensional?


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    “Sit round one table to settle their internal problems”

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