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Hello, skyship.

I was looking for this:


Mar 26, 2010 at 6:17pm

And noticed this new thread. I have some Silent Superbug questions. Would this be appropriate place to ask, or would another thread be more appropriate?

Briefly, I think on this board I saw a mention of “CBL” — I presumed that meant “CyanoBacteria-Like” although I’ve also seen “CLB” which stands for “Cyanobacteria-Like Body”

Am I correct on that? Also, what happened to Tam Tam & southcity — does anyone know?

“Southcty” was posting @ AboveTopSecret awhile back:
“The biggest problem facing Life on earth., page 1

Topic started on 13-2-2007 @ 05:44 PM by Southcty

A GMO has been released, and although it appears to be accidental, it will in time prove to be nothing short of a disaster.

Humans infected by it have been calling it morgellons, fiber disease, and most recently the state of Georgia has called it unidentified dermatosis syndrome and started a database on it.

Then all of the sudden, Georgia deleted the website addressing it and nothing can be found any longer. I do still have copies of the original page from the state of Georgia should you wish to see it. I will post it in the very near future. Why would they erase this?

As you will begin to understand, this is a huge problem and the reactions of the general public may become unpredictable in the face of this reality.

You would be correct in the assumption that a GMO is the cause of morgellons, and in the statement that it is affecting other species as well.

The organism is a modified cyanobacterium, all research done to date point at R. Seeberi as the base organism with higher primate, a marine specie and insect gene input.”

In 2010:
“Anonymous says:
July 21, 2010 at 7:09 am

This is really no surprise and was in fact predicted several years ago. I was able to find the post, read below.

reply posted on 24-11-2007 @ 02:15 AM by Southcty

“Understand that many nations work on non disclosed targets in C3 environments, and that a “convenient” diplomatic protocol exists as to how to handle this type of situation.

Its all about statistical significance, and not about a relatively small number symptomatic people, and the fact that people disappear in statistic by way of unrelated cause of death(…)”

Only if major capital gain becomes a factor will the infected be informed how bad they suffer. That’s another ten years to go for the people that are seriously affected.

The successful isolation of this element has also the potential to reveal that microbial resistance (anti-biotic resistance) significantly relates to experimental research done by C3; thus governmental subsidized Institutes.

If such institutes are privatized (e.g Harvard University) or not – does not matter. If consistent, it also may reveal that hospital acquired infections are the product of the same “grand medical institute” that tries to eradicate these types of infection.

Facts that can easily be gathered from this research are so confronting that nobody from the medical community dares to associate with it- simply out of fear for career damage and/ or ex- communication that for sure will result in future loss of capital gain.

But again, a research lab will never step forward to disclose (confirm). Facts will be commercialized and kept inconclusive as long as possible.”

[Sorry, I intended to be brief, but … ]

Also, I am in contact w “Marcia” who is suffering — I’m not sure if her research is spot on — it seems like we’re all over the place — so I’m trying to reestablish just where Tam Tam & southcity “jumped ship” — it’s hard to know who’s still alive


Thank you in advance & thank all of you for your efforts, Rose


I had to add:

I met with Dr Stricker in San Francisco on June 20, 2013, will meet again August 14, 2013. He had a lot of questions, so did I.

But the strangest one had to be “Are you “seeing” things? A lot of my patients claim they are seeing things?” I replied, “I see a lot of things, doctor, but when I do I take pictures.” Stricker: “So you have proof?” Me: “Exactly!”

My two YouTube pages: &

I think we’re all agreed we’re infected w a GMO — does this mean we’re not entirely human? would this explain why some of us are “seeing” things which would otherwise go unnoticed? THX Rose


2 Scribd Docs & 2 Silent Superbug Videos

I share in pdf format for two reasons: Edit → Search

View → Read Out Loud → Activate Read Out Loud

Then View → Read Out Loud → etc

I find I can decode the text, making it my own, so to speak, more easily if I can read and listen simultaneously.

kindred spirit


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    morgboard skyship Tam Tam Van Eeden southcity southcty Silent Superbug Morgellons

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    Strange Universe Sean David Morton 2013 08 05

  4. rosettasister Says:

  5. rosettasister Says:

    James McCanney AND Marshall Masters on same show ???!!!

    In the latter half, author and publisher Marshall Masters shared his contention that ‘Planet X’ is continuing its inbound path in our solar system, drawing closer to Earth. Rather than a planet, he believes what is out there is a mini-constellation, with a brown dwarf sun at the center, that is currently about two Jupiter distances away from us. One of the outermost objects orbiting this sun has been observed and nicknamed “Bluebonnet,” he said. In order for it to be observed, people have to adjust their view, not for the Earth’s horizon, but the ecliptic– the plane of the solar system, he stated.

    Masters said an associate of his captured an image of the brown dwarf from a high altitude viewing spot west of Peru back in May and that has helped his team calculate the path of Planet X. He suggested that the effects of Planet X have already played into Earth’s extreme weather, but according to his estimate, from 2015 onward, disruptions will be far more intense, with a pole shift and drastic flooding taking place, such as Edgar Cayce predicted. For more, check out Masters’ video Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis.

    News segment guest: James McCanney

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    “jorge urena” “marshall masters”

    What is also interesting in this context is that a new updated video of Marshall Masters.

    It’s a pretty extensive movie where he explains how proven by extensive photo analysis that the object we call the Blue Kachina, coming closer.

    So, in that context, it might be possible that it is also in the northern hemisphere is shown.

    He has also recorded new images in the video, made by a businessman during a commercial flight over South America.

    They are unique recordings because without a doubt is to establish that the photos are real because of a unique position of the planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury on that particular day.

    And this is according to Marshall Masters, the businessman Jorge Urena the first non government person the unknown planet Nibiru, is recorded.

    The left of the sun

    A distance calculation based on a comparison with the size of Jupiter shows that the planet Nibiru is at a distance of about 10 Astronomical Units (AU) from Earth, just outside the orbit of Saturn.

    According Masters Nibiru will soon disappear behind the sun and when it comes out again, we will only really start to notice.

    Impact on Earth

    The good news, according to him is that we are talking about a period of anywhere between three and ten years, what people would give to prepare for things to come.

    Themselves for the chance

    There are very good elements in the video below, such as the spectacular recordings and photographs thorough analysis.

    There are also lesser aspects, where you feel that Masters sales talk hangs to sell.

    His books and survival gear It is therefore important to remain critical well and get only really of value.

    Only those elements


    Published on Jul 28, 2013

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    @ approx 49:15 — perhaps McCanney will address on his radio show today Thurs 08 08 13

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    All Images Taken Thu 10 27 11

    especially @ 31:49 (Turn Sound Off)

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    “by rosettasister63394953”

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