Patience — A Dimension of Consciousness By John Van Auken



JOHN VAN AUKEN is a director at A.R.E.
and one of the organization’s
most popular speakers.
He leads tours to sacred
sites around the world. His
latest book is 2038: The Great
Pyramid Timeline Prophecy
( or 800-

Patience — A Dimension of Consciousness By John Van Auken


Edgar Cayce has a strange and fascinating
perspective on patience. To him,
patience is not just a virtue but also another
dimension. “Time, space, and patience
are those channels through which
man as a finite mind may become aware
of the infinite,” he explained. (3161-1) But
then, in the same reading, he goes on to
say, “There is no time, no space, when patience
becomes manifested in love.” He explains,
“Love unbounded is patience. Love
manifested is patience.” (262-24)
When patience becomes an active
principle in our lives, we rise above the
boundaries of time and space. Our finite
mind and our human side hold us in the
dimensions of time and space but we have
access to our infinite mind. Our Christlike
side can and will lift us beyond time
and space. “Self in the physical grows weary,
because you are only human, because
you are finite; you have a beginning, you
have an end of your patience, your love,
your hope, your fear, your desire. But
when these problems arise know you cannot
walk the whole way alone, but He has
promised in the Christ-Consciousness to
give you strength, to give you life and that
more abundant.” (3161-1) “In patience run
the race that is set before you, looking to
Him, the author, the giver of light, truth,
and immortality. That should be the central
theme in every individual.” (262-24)
Patience is not passive endurance and
submissiveness. It is active, transforming,
and filled with the power of God in action.
“Taking or enduring hardships, or censure,
or idiosyncrasies of others, is not necessarily
patience at all.” (262-24) “Patience is
active rather than passive.” (262-26)



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