The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) is designed to test the effects of billions of watts of concentrated radio energy on the ionosphere of our planet – Nick Begich


This is different from what I’ve been posting on my blogs or on YouTube or FaceBook.

Whoever these Benevolents are, the Ones who’ve been guiding me, go out of their way so I know these holographs aren’t real. I believe they are trying to expose the deception.

I’ll go even farther. I believe they are at war, so to speak, with the Malevolents who are really spraying us with real chemicals and maybe even biologicals.

I used to think it charming that I was hearing and seeing things that apparently others couldn’t. But I soon discovered all I had to do was point, and others could see, too.

It took me a long time, but I finally figured out that the engine sounds and the trails were pointing to where and when to point and click.

The Benevolent Ones are trying to warn us. Nick Begich is trying to warn us.



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Mathematically it is possible to stack antennae in a somewhat precise

manner to effectively amplify a radio signal to thousands of times its original source
power. The frequencies broadcasted, as I have proven for over 15 years, have exact
and immediate affects on molecular bonds. When the molecular bond cannot absorb
any more energy, or change it into work, heat builds in a matter of milliseconds. If
this heat is intense enough the bonds comes apart. If the particles come apart with
enough energy, and there is enough nearby mass with which to collide, a chain
reaction begins. Once the activation energy is achieved, like striking a match, the
reaction continues by itself until the source of matter is entirely converted into pure
The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) is designed to
test the effects of billions of watts of concentrated radio energy on the ionosphere of
our planet. Extremely high altitude lenses, formed with billions of cubic yards of
ionic atmospheric particles, are being used to focus radio carrier waves onto the
surface of our planet for military purposes. From my research I know that if the
correct frequency harmonic for that carrier is chosen randomly, the result will be an
absolutely catastrophic release of pure energy. The sky would literally appear to burn.
What cannot be calculated or imagined is how hot the fire would be, or how long it
would burn, or what elements or isotopes would remain after the reaction is complete.
The plain and simple fact is that the risk of scorching every organic
molecule off of several states in a few moments, for the sake of experimenting with a
new weapon, is unacceptable for the world. Only a small handful of scientists in the
world know what is being done by the United States Military with HAARP. The
excitement and zeal of these military children is not checked by the wisdom and
experience of any civilian scientific community. Their experiments are being
conducted and funded in secret. I do not think that the citizens of the world want the
surprise of having half the upper atmosphere turn to flames because the HAARP
technicians didn’t stop to think what might happen if a couple of billion watts at the
right frequency were beamed into the ionosphere during a sunstorm.
Our country has been blessed with freedom largely because we have the right
to speak out against injustice or corruption. It seems most of the media have been
bought and paid for by parties who wish to remain in power no matter what the people
think or say. This paper is to inform you that your planet is under assault by absolute
power. We need to have a civilian scientific review and publication of the results of
the HAARP experiments before any more transmissions are conducted.


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