Please say a prayer for the Benevolent Offworlders who are literally saving us from choking to death. Chem Trails White Peak Vistancia Peoria Arizona America Tuesday, October 25, 2011


THIS should scare you!


On Monday, I posted this update.

Update 2 of 2

What have they done to my Sun, Ma?

I cannot say for sure, but if I had to guess, I’d say this morning we were sprayed, prevailing winds blew trails in this direction (NW Valley, south of Lake Pleasant), then chem clouds mixed with natural cloud cover.

I can only conclude that the intent was to obscure the Sun. And it worked, but not before I got off a few good shots.


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I believe they are Benevolents.

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“What a day it has been. What a rare mood I’m in. And it’s almost like being in love. There’s a smile on my face. For the whole human race.”

— Melanie Safka “Almost Like Being In Love”

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I’ve looked at trails from both sides now.

I have a theory.

Those of you who seek the truth have already seen the overwhelming Chem Trail evidence.

Consider this.

What if there’s more than one group spraying? And what if at least one group is helping, not harming, us?

Call them Benevolent Offworlders or Angels or Friends. But whatever name you choose, if there’s a shred of truth to this, that would be AMAZING!

Could those spraying the usually pencil-thin trails which dissipate relatively rapidly be benevolent?

Blinded by the Light or My Life Among the Faeries

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was summoned outside so many times that besides being my Friends, the Benevolents are also my personal trainers. Lord knows I can use the exercise!

Our star, the Sun, is full of surprises.

Here’s the thing about Chem Trails. If it lingers, it kills.

Recently, Roxy Lopez interviewed ECETI’s James Gilliland, who knows a thing or two about being targeted with aerosol crimes.

He concurs and stated that were it not for the Benevolents, a lot more of us would have dropped dead by now.

So, when you go to your House of Worship tomorrow morning, please say a prayer for the benevolent offworlders who are literally saving us from choking to death.



Morgellons Post Script

Morgellons – From the beginning, I knew it had something to do with my skin. I mean besides the obvious.

A few thoughts on the way to a theory.

one cell one light – Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

pseudo skin

each and every living cell within our bodies is likewise “enveloped”

cocoon metamorphosis

plastic loves protein

I don’t know what’s next for me. But Thy Will Be Done.

One of the coolest Friend images yet!

White Peak Coordinates

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This folder represents what I believe are benevolent offworlders spraying in order to mitigate the effects of Chem Trails which, over time, turn into soupy, noxious, toxic, poison-laden Chem Clouds.

On the contrary, these trails are usually thinner, and dissipate relatively quickly.

An educated guess, to be sure. But what choice do I have, given that public servants at all levels cannot be trusted?

These folders represent heavy spraying, what I believe to be benevolents spraying and various Friends With Angel Wings.

I’ve uploaded so many of these Chem Trail images. I do remember imaging an enemy tanker spraying and just behind another plane laying a much thinner trail right alongside. At the time I thought these two planes were working together. I believe I was wrong. I believe the second plane was helping, not harming.

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder … Bird!

This “Friend” was a special experience yesterday. I’ve imaged “it” a few times before. But this time I heard a loud squawk which I first ignored. After a few loud squawks, I finally looked up.

The bird call did not match the bird, sounded like a raven. Pretty funny!


Parts 1 – 3

Friend Thunder Bird



Update 1


Here are the rest of images from Tuesday, October 25.


This is what the sky looks like after a heavy day of spraying.


Also included in this folder are images from yesterday, Wednesday.


White Peak




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Update 2


Please check back later for new RosettaSister post. God Willing I’ll get it up before bedtime. I feel it may help to see the Big Picture, given what some believe is the significance of tomorrow’s date >>>> 10 28 11.


From Barbara Hand Clow: Scorpio New Moon – October 26, 2011; End of Mayan Calendar – October 28, 2011



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